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"The Excellent laptop" - by Deepak mohan
I could say it that, this laptop is way more excellent. I have no words for it. The laptop works like super computer. I'm very satisfied.but two things are bad at:
1) The Amazon package was crushed.
2) The laptop battery is upto 2-4 1/2 hours
Even though it only for low-end to high games can work. Also for web designing and animation.if you want a gaming laptop for college and work. I will recommend you to buy it. IT'S A VERY AWESOME LAPTOP.
Here are the great about the laptop:
1) The speaker is good and loud
2) The graphic is RX 560X (which is compared with GTX 1050).
3) It has a backlit keyboard and smooth mouse pad.
4) The screen is big enough for the gaming development.
5) The ram can upgradeable to 32GB (16x2)
6) The built quality is plastic, but great quality and smooth.
7) it's budget gaming laptop
8) Very useful for gaming industry and office ... full review

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"Good product nice cooling" - by Sameer Sharan (New Delhi)
Nice build quality, cool led specially it matches with the color of my laptop
Cooling is very good on my Acer Predator Helios 300
Height adjustment is also very nice and easy
Even without stopper my laptop does not slides down

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"Absolutely a 5 star!" - by Arush Dev
This bagpack is amazing! Compact plus spacious. It can store a 15.6 Dell laptop with charger, books and other stuff like a t-shirt and jeans.

Overall quality is very good with smooth zips, texture of the bad, padded traps and backside. It sits softly over your shoulders and comfortable to the back too!

Don't waste time reading this review just buy it. :)

by HP
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"Amazing laptop with Amazing cashback offer" - by Jason
Well, my first laptop in almost a decade. It works well. Well enough. I love the built quality, the bright crisp LCD, the keyboard clickiness with reliability , trackpad is great and of course the sound system.
I will only list out the things I didn't like,
1. Autorotation is slow.
2. There's a Mcafee antivirus installed asking me to BUY it.. sorry, I am not going to. I am still stuck at how to uninstall it. BLOAT
3. NO BACKLIT keyboard.
4. Battery life is poor at best.
Also, Order this Laptop from vqr .in/83 and Get 10% cb+ 6 Month Extended Warranty
Hope this helps! If helped then Please Press the Helpful Button.
Happy Purchasing.

"It's the best laptop for gaming" - by Rudra Deshpande (PUNE, MAHARASHTRA)
It's the best laptop for gaming,
Ventilators do their job perfectly,
Ram is pretty good and expandable,
Graphics card is amazing,
Overall a perfect laptop to buy

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"The beast." - by NRG
After a Use of 2 weeks. I can say that this machine is a beast. After doing some configuration regarding battery , I've got a backup of around 7Hours on Normal use and 4 hours on hardcore use. The sound Is amazing you can even customize it . Keyboard backlit brightness can be set accordingly ( using FN key) .
I've got the product in excellent condition (Thanks to Dehlivery).
The Laptop is working fine with no regrets.

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"satisfied: but a few cons to consider before purchasing" - by Nachiket K.
Review after 2 weeks of usage:
This works really well for my laptop. I can actually feel the laptop running much cooler than when not using it with this cooling pad.
The build quality is good.
The front hinges used to hold the laptop in place on the cooling pad are sturdy and do a fine job.

Cons for this product:
1. My laptop won't detect my WD My passport HD connected to my laptop via the back USB port of this cooling pad. I'm not very sure if the USB port is meant to connect a hard drive.
2. On several occasions, I've observed that the left fans won't work from the moment I connect the cooling pad to my laptop. This can be fixed by adjusting the speed dials on the back of the cooling pad but it is annoying to have to deal with this.

The fans on the cooling pad coupled with your ... full review

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"If you 're keen to use / purchase an i7 Laptop in low budget then this is a best ever deal you can get" - by Amazon Customer
As of now its been 4months I have been using it. If you 're keen to use / purchase an i7 Laptop in low budget then this is a best ever deal you can get. It will come with DOS so you have to install a fresh windows.
8/10 - Battery Backup
8/10 - Performance
Do install "Driver Booster" for updating all drivers like Nvidia and others.
Good Luck. Strongly recommended.

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"Review" - by Amazon Customer
Its a great gaming laptop, especially the config you are getting at this price is unbeatable presently with any other company.I am currebtly playing Far Cry 5 at Ultra High settings with 0 lags..all AAA titles works very smooth.I wish the display would had been 120hz..but the product is excellent

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"Excellent product must buy" - by Nikhil (JODHPUR, RAJASTHAN)
Great little cooler, plenty of fans. Adjust the speed for the fans. The laptop stays very cool. This is one of the best coolers I have ever used and I've used 8 or 10 over the years. Keeping your laptop cool will help it last, especially if you have an HP. Heat in a laptop is not good.

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"Clarification need" - by Krishnakumar B
Good purchase experience overall. Had one small clarification my 10% off for citi bank Emi purchase not effected in my payment otherwise everything is good

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"A complete package" - by Amazon Customer
This laptop is all you need if you are really not sure that you want a gaming laptop or a light weight notebook , when you go for gaming laptop you compromise with weight and battery and in notebook you compromise with the performance ,but this laptop is complete package you get the performance as well as the light weight notebook felling . Laptop looks so premium

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"Couldnt find any better deal under 60k.!! Absolute delight" - by Chid (Bangalore, Karnataka)
Hope the attachment(found on MSI forum) helps ppl not to get confused over "warranty void on hardware upgrades".

Now back to the laptop,
Although, I did wait through the course of BBD to find a better value for money.!! No other product could better it

Battery is quite decent.!! 5Hrs+ without gaming.
Slim bezel looked too good for the price. Major reason to buy this over another similar laptop of MSI on flipkart @64k (after discount that included an 128GB SSD and an extra mini display port)

And for the rest config speaks for itself.

We are in 2018, I don't understand the idea behind having a 1TB 7200 HDD, why not replace it with a mere 256GB SSD, as they anyway cost the same.!! And, no complains regarding the omission of another 2.5", as they have designed it so well to give us a Gaming laptop under 1.86Kgs.

And I wish they had ... full review

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"Best budget gaming laptop" - by Arun Singh
This is probably one of the best budget gaming laptop in the market right now.

Pros: 1. 128 gb ssd. Boot preety fast within seconds
2. Drogon centre for customization
3. Different inbuilt profiles for Different usage.
Can be selected as per need
4. Fan speed can be controlled manually
5. Speaker loud enough to enjoy while gaming
6. Large multiple air vents for cooling
7. Clarity of webcam is also very good
8. Light weight.
9. One of best thing is gaming keyboard by steel series. Backlit large keys placed at gap from each other. Very convenient to use while gaming or typing
10. 3 months extended warranty on registration
11. Not sure but some websites claim that on registration, it covers accidental damage too. However this has to be confirmed.

Cons: 1. Screen clarity is not good. Laptop has TN panel, has fastest response rate ... full review