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23 June 2016
I can write a one line review and make the author's day by saying "Reading Diablo was somewhat like reading a novel by authors like Clive Cussler or even Robert Ludlum" .... (as a matter of fact, i did get that feeling in the beginning and i as very happy about that).

BUT, Douglas is still a long way to go before he reached those levels ... but he is very much on the path and he is pretty good at it.

The book is well written ... international espionage, global conspiracy, secret group of men and women trying to twist fate of the world, tight edge-of-the-seat action drama including an exploding ROCKET (don't remember any other book which has that except a rocket explosion in space) ... the story line is well thought out and the book definitely is a good read.

And yeah, dont know about others but i liked the idea of the author himself taking on a role in the story :) ... Nice touch !! I was half expecting my own name to appear somewhere as a minor character who appear and disappears or gets killed (more likely in a novel like this) in a matter or a few moments (read: one or two pages)

Why i said Douglas has a long way to go to read CC or RL levels is the missing humor. I loves Ludlum cos he would write suspense filled action thrillers and there in the middle of it, strewn everywhere in the book would be one liners that would make you smile. Douglas manages to do that a couple of times (so i say he is heading in right direction) but there needs to be more of it ...

The novel overall has a good storyline and the basic plot is around a global problem that exists today so people reading it can identify with it.

The climax was well written ... and very hollywood'ish :)

Looking forward to the next Kirk Ingram action thriller ... way to go !!!
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