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3 March 2019
Hi friends. I am reviewing this product after 4 months of usage. I am spending some time here to give my genuine experience with this product so that it would be useful for other people. Because I spend many hours, days to read all products reviews before purchasing a product. So I understand the pain.

Overall rating : For this price its a very good product. 3.5 is the correct rating for this but as the price is very low compared to all other brand, I gave it 4.
Good quality sound. No need of additional speaker.
Wifi connectivity is good.
Inbuild apps like youtube, hotstar, facebook, netflix
Eshare app for Android and also an app for IOS. During power on it will show these app names. Dont use any other app to manage the TV, bcoz it wont work perfectly.
Using Eshare you can share your phone screen to TV and even to other mobile phones who are connected to the same wifi and Eshare screen mirroring. That means what ever you are doing in your phone will be viewed in TV and also in other mobiles who all are connected to same wifi and Eshare app.
Using Eshare you can connect the TV to your phone. (Both phone and TV should be in same wifi. Hotspot sharing with same phone to TV will not work).Once connected to TV you can control everything via phone. Youtube, etc .....
You can even use the TV without Eshare app. Need only wifi connection and with your tv remote you can type and also have a mouse button in remote which will give you a mouse icon which you can move four side using the left-right-up-down buttons.
Playstore is available to install apps in TV. Not sure which all app will work.
Autoconnect wifi when its available. ( Same like phone. need one time connection with password and it will remember and autoconnect).

Day time picture quality is not good but when you think of price its ok. I am uploading some pics which I took from TV while playing quality videos in Youtube at night time.
Forget about installation. Better to call someone and install. Or if you prefer to keep in Table stand then do it your self. I kept in table by fixing the stand ourself. The installation people called me after 2 weeks and that too from Tamil nadu. ( I am from Kerala ) :-)
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