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3 April 2016
Karishma Ahuja-
Ho'oponopono, Metaphysics, Law of Attraction & Vibration Practitioner and Speaker
has authored
'The Healing power of words' and intends to share with you this amazing guide book. This book helps you to clear whatever is keeping you away from living in  this moment.
It could be anything, a minor decision to a complex one or that is related to your work that is tiring or stress related troublesome issues, your thoughts, your injuries or physical pain or any unconscious issues that keeps you stuck in negative manifestation and you're so tired about it that you find it difficult to figure out the solutions and even find difficult to express sometimes. This book plays a vital guide book that help you with simple and easy tools that can be used to cater your present situations, and thus you benefit to the glory and understand the tiny miracles that unfold as you start your day practicing them on daily basis.
You would not experience a reindeer flying but you would see the things you've always wanted to appear as you've visualised, as it is all about the energies.
The more you practice the tools the more positive energies would flow to attract the abundance. Because magic of words works invisibly real and more you practice more miraculous are the results.
Look for the best things happened through out your day be grateful for everything you have received in abundance.
As you practice the 9 tools on daily basis you would find  yourself completely in love with your life.  Everything would work effortless making you feel contented from within. You would feel light as feather and happier than you've ever felt before. While you may feel challenges and troubled issues but you'll know by than how to overcome them. And you'll prepare yourself in accordance to face all that  lies ahead with your changed perception and willingness to accept and attempt. Count your blessings everyday and be grateful for the early morning light feel good about things that around you.
Be grateful for your health as it's a gift. Be grateful for this moment as it's a gift.
The whole life is charged and changed with this power of healing words that act as if a magical wand and helps to fulfill the real meaning of your life by showering over you abundance of peace and happiness.
These tools are applicable for all situations and persons, whether you are a student, teacher, parent, executive or entrepreneur, especially for those of us who have ever felt that we have been victims of fate and other people's mistakes and wrong doings. A must read for everyone.
9 Tools that will change your life forever!
A well deserved 5 star recommendation.

Inderjit Kaur
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