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1 January 2019
Picture quality: The TV itself is decent - good picture quality for the price. Viewing angles are very good, but loses color saturation at extreme angles. The colors are okayish, but not very punchy. The panel has a resolution of 1920x1080, and the pixel density is good enough so that you really don't notice the pixels from a distance.

HDR: The TV advertises itself as HDR, but keep in mind that the panel does not reach the adequate brightness level to properly display HDR content. It also loses details at the blacks, and lacks local dimming. What this means is that the processor in the TV can decode HDR10 encoded signals, but you'll not see much difference between SDR and HDR content. HDR10 specs require that panels reach a brightness of 1000nits to properly display HDR content, while this TV only manages around 300nits.

Sound: Sound is better than other TVs in this range, due to its 4x 10W speakers. It is adequate for small rooms, although it doesn't have that much bass. You're probably better off with an external speaker system or a soundbar.

Smart features: The TV has a Samsung Tizen based TV OS installed, which is a bit slow. You have/can install apps for Netflix, Prime Video, Google Play Movies, YouTube, etc. I have only used Netflix and Prime Video and they seem to work just fine. You can connect the TV to the Internet via wi-fi or wired ethernet. I haven't encountered streaming issues over N300 2.4Ghz wifi (on a 60dn/10up broadband) connection; YMMV. There are no dedicated Netflix/YouTube etc. buttons on the remote.

Ports: There are 2 HDMI ports (only 1 has ARC), 1 USB port, 1 optical audio (SPDIF) port, 1 RF coaxial port, 1 RJ45 ethernet port, Y/Cb/Cr ports and component AV ports. The TV does not have an in-built digital TV tuner/set-top box or a CAM-card slot. If you are looking for that feature, do not buy the TV online, but get the store variant (43N5370). Note that N5300 is the online model while N5370 is the retail store model. They are identical except that the N5370 has that CAM-card set-top box feature and will cost you around Rs 6000 more than the online model.

Build quality: The body is made of plastic. The covers for the leg stands are of bad quality, and one of the plastic locking tabs broke while taking it off.

Wall mount: This is not mentioned anywhere, but the TV supports a VESA mount of 200x200.

Installation and customer service: This is the only bad experience that I had. I was initially told that Samsung will provide a free wall mount during installation. However, due to a recess in the wall, a standard fixed mount wouldn't have worked and I required an extended/articulating wall mount, which, I was told that I would be provided with, if I paid Rs 2000 extra. However, just in case, I purchased my own articulating wall mount. After the TV had been delivered, I received a call from a Samsung installation guy, and I told him about my mounting issue. At first he said, he will only install a standard mount, and he will not provide an articulating mount. When I told him that I already have my own mount, he straight up refused to install it! His reason was they are not allowed to install customer's products, while at the same time, he refused to provide one himself. I ended up wall mounting the TV myself. I am taking two stars off because of this.

Some tips: 1) Reduce the sharpness to a minimum, otherwise the picture looks over-sharpened IMO. 2) Turn off the Auto Motion Smoothing in expert picture settings if you do not like the 'soap-opera effect'.
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