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2 April 2016
The BenQ GW2470H is one of the latest release from the Taiwanese company; the other one being GW2760HS 27" Full HD monitor. GW2470H is a 24" FullHD (1920x1080) VA panel display with an amazing contrast ratio. I bought this monitor for my work that includes graphic designing (Ps, Ai), image editing, web designing, programming and suchlike. I have to say I'm love with this monitor because of the features it has at this price. Let's look at the pros and cons now.


1. FullHD - Full HD display means it has more pixels and you get more area to work on. The refresh rate is 60Hz.

2. VA Panel - Being VA (vertical alignment) panel means it has a good color production far better than any TN panel but jut below an IPS panel. VA is the latest of display technologies.Even Samsung has a proprietary VA technology they call PLS. VA panels has one advantage over IPS and that is the native contrast ratio (not the dynamic one). GW2470H has a native contrast ratio of 3000:1 where IPS panels usually have 1000:1. The blacks will look absolutely black, not any grayish black.

3. Viewing Angles - This monitor has a horizontal viewing angle of 178 degree and vertical angle of 178. You can watch movies, play games and view photos without any color, contrast or brightness shift. There is a bit of contrast shift at some angles though, but unnoticeable.

4. Response Time - It has a Gray-to-Gray response time of 4ms which is better than IPS panels (typical 5ms). Such a response time and a refresh rate of 60Hz is usually enough for casual gaming.

5. Flicker Free Backlighting - This is a hell of an advantage ! The monitor uses voltage regulation method instead of PWM control for brightness. So there won't be any flicker that usually will strain your eyes after prolonged use.

6. Stylish design with matte finished body and display.

7. Good brightness 250 nits (I only set less than 50% of the brightness)

8. Low blue light mode.

9. Narrow bezel (1.2 cm) - I really like it.

10. True 8-bit color width.

11. Dual HDMI ports, one is MHL enabled, VGA port and headphone jacks for interfacing.

12. The box I got had an HDMI cable and VGA cable within.

13. 3 Year warranty. Go to BenQ website for warranty details.


1. No DVI or display port. It's not a deal breaker as it has HDMI with MHL (Mobile HD Link).

2. Relatively small number of service centers across India.

I bought this monitor for Rs.11,199/-, a bit high compared to store price because of tax. I'm really happy with this monitor and have no issues with it yet. It fulfills all my needs. If you're looking for an affordable yet feature rich 24" FullHD monitor, you can definitely consider this. It's a latest model, and has the latest features. So I'm giving a rating of 5 (4.7 more precisely due to lack of DVI). Don't just blindly buy anything, but know your requirements, research about the products and choose the best one that fits your needs and budget.

Verdict: It's a great all-rounder monitor for gaming, video editing, image editing, graphic design, movie, web browsing etc.Have a good day :)

PS: An alternate choice I recommend is the Samsung LS24E390HL with similar features and priced at around Rs.14,000/-
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