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19 November 2018
I have been using this camera for a long time now. I bought this camera back in 2016 from Amazon. This has been a constant since then but then it is not the best constant you would wanna have that's why I shifted to cameras like 77d and a6300. You would wanna change the camera after a certain point of time. Because of its poor ISO settings and also picture quality is pretty average. It is plain and kind of bland. The focus points are less comparing to its competitor d3400 even the ISO kind of gives you a better performance in 3400. The ISO goes up to 25600 where as its pretty ordinary when it comes to canon. Paying some extra 6000 rupees for a better camera and a lens is definitely worth it. You won't regret on buying it at the end of the day. Because you would wanna stick to what you have with the satisfactory level getting fulfilled. Being a film student I generally shoot a lot of videos but trust me this camera is pretty trash when it comes to video and specially in low lights. The colour production is very ordinary. It gets really really grainy when it comes to low light shots because it doesn't provide you with a manual video mode where you can set your iso aperture and all that. Though it shoots at 1080p but trust me the video does not look good when brought down to premier pro. And if you generally prefer canon cameras then you can go for cameras like 1500d 4000d or even 200d I mean 1500d being an entry level doesn't fill up the whole criteria of better video but definitely gives you better photographs than 1300d and the other two kind of matches up to the mid range camera with pretty good specs. In fact better than 1500d. Don't end up buying something wrong in the process of saving money. Buy a better camera adding some extra bucks but that will be worth it.
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