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22 March 2018
This is a must have for those, who wants to bypass the Manual Labor for washing Clothes without shedding much money.
I bought this for Rs. 5,100/- (unfortunately I didn't get any discount or offer at that time).
First of all, this is a Washer Only. This doesn't have any Drum & Spinner. So, after the wash your clothes will be wet. That is the purpose of this washer actually; it washes and the activity ends there.

Build Quality:
What you see is what you get. The fiber-plastic used is really of good quality. Doesn't feel cheap. It has a Good Powerful Motor. The propulsion is really heavy. You can see it during wash. It has two pipes, inlet and outlet -- both are of average-good quality.

The price -- only around 5k
The Build Quality @5k is really impressive
The Motor is really strong and powerful
Easy to Operate -- only two Knobs available -- One for Soft\Heavy Type selection & Drain, the other one is for time selection
Loud Buzzer sound after the Timer is complete\reaches to Zero
You can put water into it using regular bucket or Mug or pipe connected to Tap
Drainage is pretty faster and drains the water fully
Really light weight, even women can move it easily

At this Price Range, I didn't find any cons so far.
It does what it is meant for.

If your family have 4-5 members and if you have an habit of washing daily, then its perfect fit your you.

Put clothes in it
Put detergent in it
Fill it with water (using bucket or Tap\Pipe) -- water level should be as per clothes
Turn the Knob for Timer to minutes you want -- (generally I put it for 6 mins for regular wash)
then Drain the water, and fill it with water again
Turn the timer again and drain it again -- (generally I put it for 3 minutes on second iteration)

That's it!!
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