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27 December 2018
My drive failed today, 5 months after I bought. 3 YEARS warranty and completely zero physical damage or anything really. Just decided to fail. Let me tell you the horror story that follows:

If you go to avail warranty on WD's site, you'll realize that it does not say ANYWHERE that they can repair it. Because they can't. They can only replace it. That's understandable sure. As long as they recover you data and give it to you on a new drive right?

GUESS what. They don't. If you want to recover your data, you have to pay to do it yourself. Moreover, they have the cheek to first MAKE you fill out a form so that they can APPROVE that you're doing data recovery, because doing it yourself directly voids your warranty.

THEN, you have to somehow scrounge up another completely empty drive to backup your failed drive's data at whatever third party you go to recover data, pay that service from your own pocket, start an "RMA" process, then ship the bloody failed drive to Bangalore, pay for shipping and wait for them to send you a replacement drive, which they'll probably take their own sweet time to do.

I used to really trust this brand. But it's pathetic now. I'll think 10 times before I buy a WD.

Western Digital: If your drive fails, save yourself the burden and just kill yourself instead.
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