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15 November 2018
Tab spell correction is horrible. But I think that's Samsung.. this does look and act like a large phone and the reason to buy it. Earlier got the j tab which is a similar model and dual SIM but no volte. This is cheaper but single SIM and 5mp camera instead of 8mp. Both feel the same and 5mp camera is just fine. So if dual SIM not important then get this and volte without an app... battery lasts an entire day due to slow a57 quad core CPU which is enough to do most things. Memory is tight so sdcards formatted as internal memory is a must. OS not upgradable unlike 8' COUSINS SO STUCK at android 5 and this is not a problem as Samsung added a ,or of features for battery life and sped into it. This will work fine for a couple of years without problems hence higher cost compared to peers and feels well made. If kids are using it this is a must as they will destroy expensive stuff fast or cheaper stuff will just breakdown. The 8 tab a bought in 2016 now with os7.1 for 20k was great buy and using to write this. But it's too big to use as phone. Hence these 7 ones to use as situation demands for use by kids or travel.
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