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11 June 2019
This is a very detailed review for the FX505DT-AL106T, bought for 62K. The summary is given directly below and the detailed review is given after. This should cover most of the details you might want to know so its recommended to read completely.

Very good performance both GPU and CPU
Excellent 120hz fluid display.
Very fast and capable 512 GB SSD.
Good Design including the RGB Keyboard.
Somewhat satisfactory Batter Life.
Easy to open and upgrade.

Less than capable track-pad.
Poor Webcam
Heating issue out of the box for the CPU ( A solution included below).
Color accuracy of display is not great.
Very primitive BIOS that is very incapable.

Detailed review:

I wont be getting into the specs of most of the components as its easily available in the product description.

The SSD is the Intel 660P which comes with a direct read and write speed of 1 GB/s and 0.8 GB/s respectively. Copy speed within the same SSD is around 400-450 MB/s which is still almost 10 times as fast as the normal HDD. The system starts up within 5 seconds and loading speed of games are quite good.

The GPU is excellent has very good performance in most titles. I am able to get the following frame rates in a few games I tested: Assassins Creed Unity: 60 fps; 1080p; HIGH . Rise of the Tomb Raider 75+ fps; Very High Custom; 1080p . PES 2018: 60 fps (locked); Max Settings; 1080p.

The Display has remarkable viewing angle and has respectable brightness. The matte cover helps very much in visibility even during mid day. The 120 hz refresh rate is a game changer especially if you ant to play games like PUBG, Apex Legends, etc. The color accuracy is below average but don't take it to mean that the display is bad. It is still very vibrant and very good for entertainment purposes. But if you are buying this for professional editing work, expect some limitations in use cases.

The Keyboard is RGB supported but not individually lit or even zone lit, The entire key board will have one color at a time but that color can be any of 16 million options or you can set it to cycle through the colors as well. The typing experience is good but not excellent. Expect to make some mistakes while typing as the spacing is not the same as desktop keyboards. The travel distance is fine but the keys are not firm so it feels like you quickly reach bottom level.

The speakers have very good quality for the price even though it doesn't get very loud. The port selection is good but would have preferred a USB type - C and SD Card reader. The webcam is pretty low end and is just usable. Wifi is fast and is the Wave 2 type which is almost Gigabit level and has low latency which makes it somewhat capable for online gaming.

The laptop is easy to open and upgrade as all the main components can be reached just by opening the bottom panel but take care not to scuff the edges when the panel is removed as it is quite tight.

Now coming to some of the issues:

The track-pad is below average and I have had sensitivity issues out of the box that required a little bit of tinkering to get used to.

The BIOS seems very amateur with just some animations and color which I don't care about. What i do care about is that it offers enough control over the system. For example out of the box the VRAM shared memory is set to 2GB. Even though windows can manage this pretty well to ensure that no bottleneck happens, the problem becomes apparent when trying to play legacy games like PES 2018 which doesn't detect this as dynamic shared memory. Most laptops' BIOS offer the option to select dynamic shared memory or put a very fixed low VRAM memory like 64 MB which I would have preferred to avoid getting errors and warnings. But the BIOS in this laptop seems very less capable.

Then the next problem I had was with heating. I expected very good temperatures from the CPU as the Ryzen generally has very good efficiency. But I found out that even in Turbo mode with the fans at max speed, the Ryzen can get as hot as 90-94 degree Celsius while gaming. The solution to this problem is to go into advanced power management and set maximum processor state to 99% which would prevent the Cpu from boosting. This would definitely reduce performance by 5-10% but the temperatures will be amazing at around 65-70 degrees stable. I would have preferred asus to include dual heatpipes on both fans instead of a total of 3 Heatpipes.

Battery backup is average. Under battery saver mode and very low brightness you can expect 4-5 hrs of life. 3-4 on medium brightness and 2-3 on heavy workloads. Gaming would probably run the juice out in 1-2 hrs.

Now for the conclusion:

I have not mentioned the price so far as that is one of the highlights of the lap. Just taking performance into account just 1-2 years ago a laptop with same performance would have easily cost more than 80k . Not to mention features like Intel 512 GB SSD, RGB keyboard, 120hz Display, GIGABIT WIFI, etc . Compared to that this is a stellar deal. Its not without its problem like I mentioned above. But those are comparatively minor grievances and not deal breakers for most people. At the time of buying this, month of June, 2019, I can pretty much say there is no laptop in this range that offers so much features with so little compromises.

P.S: The laptop with 3750h is not much of an upgrade over this as it only has boost clock advantages and it only usually comes with 256 GB SSD + 1 TB HDD. In my opinion this is the best price and model for the fx505dt.
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