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9 July 2018
The book cover may have been a tad bit more creative as it doesn’t really reciprocate the title of the book. The story is written in third person narration and is a mixture of mystery and science fiction genre. The language used is very lively and this helps to bring out the jumps of the story between two worlds; one here on Earth and the other on the different planet. The title of the book is justified in the story concept although neither the blurb nor the book cover seems to support it. Overall, it is a good story for one time read.

Ishita has moved on with her life and she is determined to start fresh. She is very hopeful for the future and has resolved that she will not let her past infiltrate her present. However, her past has a broken relationship with an Ex who refuses to let her go. He stalks Ishita of every chance possible. Meanwhile, Shweta has quite literally forgotten her past and has no memories of it. Apart from this, she has been placed on a planet which not known to her. Shweta, along with Alexander, strives to find answers. What is the connection between Ishita and Shweta though? Read to find out.
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3.8 out of 5 stars
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