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25 February 2015
“Life is what we make of it!”

Ever wondered if you are running too fast to chase you dreams; that you fail to
cherish every special emotion of life?

You live just once and if you can live it right one would never have to struggle to survive.

Just while I was in a middle of a chase, I happened to sit by my coffee table and pick this beautiful novel LIFE AND PROMISES by Pulkit Gupta and Ila Garg. The cover of the book gives a simple yet etching impression… So you can guess that my expectation with the book was set right high! No its not really a main stream love story… it has an unexpected yet beautifully lasting end.

The story is about Rachit who is a dream chaser, yet a quitter. The story begins with Rachit narrating his tale to Khushi at Appolo Hospital Delhi..Khushi happens to be a bubbly, happy go lucky 19 year old girl who has occupied the bed right next to Rachit’s in the ward..

It dwells majorly into an interplay of flashback and the present. Rachit finds love in Radhika his batchmate at IIT-Madras. She is characterized as a very charismatic and a beautiful girl who loves Rachit beyond limits. Soon while the romance is budding; Rachit gulps a harsh fact of his serious ailment and his dream to become an engineer shatters right there. With all his might he stands again not wanting to give up and aboards a new profession in Delhi; to become a CA… Rachit and Radhika try to juggle their lives and balance a long distance relationship.. but Rachit falls short of commitment and unintentionally withdraws himself away from Radhika… he loses her to fate..

The book runs through different colours of emotions.. The book has elements of love, compassion, energy, hopes, desire and helplessness. The Author has very artistically maintained the absolute mood and tone with his choice of words to crisply depict every emotion. There are wide and well spread use of poetic verses in the book which are every aptly placed to set the essence right.

This book takes one to a journey within oneself.. you realize that the reason to be happy is within yourself.. it will for once force the reader to introspect if he is doing justice to his life .. is he fulfilling his promises to life…The narration in the book is so befriending that readers can easily connect to the situations. The delivery of idea and perspective is very strong. The Authors have ensured that there never is an off beat pause.

The book has a very surprising ending.. I bet none can guess until the end. All in all the book is a wonderful story that helps the reader to reflect back in life. The Authors effortlessly carry the readers to a beautiful journey within self. Very much up to my expectation!

A positive read for young readers and a personal recommendation for those who have lost the run to chase their dream!
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3.7 out of 5 stars