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2 October 2018
 Its a very cheap price for a very good quality bluetooth. 4.0 is noticeably faster than my older 3.0 there is a high speed option you can turn on in the bluetooth settings so definitely dont miss that out. For other devices than a pc, which dont have any settings that are accessible, the high speed function is turned on by default so dont worry about it. The pc just gives u an additional option of turning it off for older devices that don't support 4.0 speeds well. With it off, i noticed it has gone back to approx the same speed as my older 3.0 dongle. (What surprised me the most was the dongle has a flashing blue light. didn't expect them to go all out on something with this price point,

Best dongle, best price. No bull.
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3.6 out of 5 stars
₹ 259.00