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23 September 2019
The price of 34k for a 55 inch television itself is a great option. One needs to know that it's a budget television, so do not expect Oled, Amoled etc quality of picture. But how big of a difference is it from such a premium screen, reality is very low. Bright pictures do not really have a problem and one would not see much of a difference in quality from a premium television. Now when it comes to dark screen visuals, in most situation the screen handles quite well, in few cases a dark grey scaling shows at times, which is still negligible, that's the only difference between a premium quality screen and this screen. One easy way to see this screen is when the TV is switching on, the OS is on a dark grey scale which clearly shows the difference.
I have to add that this is nitpicking, not really a huge issue or even a slight issue in comparison to a premium television.
Now coming to the smart TV features, it is not android or apple universe, so there are limited applications in the store. But importantly Netflix, Amazon Prime and Youtube are available, which solves most of the user requirements, for the rest, you can cast your screen, which is built in the OS. Even if the casting doesn't work, a chromecast should cover all other requirements.
When it comes to gaming, the picture quality is amazing and add Xbox One X to the mix, the 4K gaming makes it a pleasure.
All things considered, it's a great price and good quality and without spending a lakh or more for a premium TV.
The installation was also smooth, sent the request on whatsapp and the engineer would come and install, of course wall mounting is why you need an engineer else you can install yourself.
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