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21 September 2018



There are two stories moving in the same line interconnected to each other.
The book starts with Kafka Tamura who is 15years old who has on runaway from his home hiding from a dark prophecy made by his father.Kafka character is a silent focused and a guy who talks with his subconscious mind named crow.On his runaway journey Kafka has some extraordinary experiences which are hard to believe.Also few days after his runaway his father is found dead in his own home.. stabbed in his own house..
The second story that is about a Special old man name NAKATA....frankly I loved nakata character more than Kafka....the reason I said special...because Kafka has a differential way of speaking ..Dan normal man and also he can talk to cats😉but nakata was not always so...he had experience at school which changed his life for ever....Nakata character is mysterious and full of life and addictive....
And there is fish tumble from the skull; a ghost like pimp deploys a hegel spouting girl of the night....and complete package of wide imagination..
This book was recommended by one of @helly video and I'm thankful for it

☁the books has various parts which are really hard to digest so it is slow absorbing book so one cant read in one set how addictive one might find
☁You should keep ur mind to all kind off possibility
☁the language is ❤❤❤❤ ...the main reason is to just enjoy it
☁if ur impatient reader den the book is not for u..
☁the are several unanswered question In the book..the book makes u think
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