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12 January 2019
I record video with my Conon 70D and audio with my Galaxy S8. This is easy to sync later. The camera is not capable of recording the sound in the format I like nor is it as crisp or clean. With my smartphone, the Røde adaptor and an external app I can record clean, crisp sound outdoors at 48khz WAV which is very easy to sync later.
I also trialled plugging the mic into my camera and it had a hum and more noise. On further investigation, this is the camera, not the microphone.
This microphone comes with a Global 2 year guarantee when purchased from this seller, which is really important for me as I live in Sweden. I was shocked to discover last year that Samsung does not as I bought a Galaxy S7 in India which did not work in Europe and was not guaranteed at all. In fact Samsung produces inferior products for the Indian market, even though they are the same price as Europe.
This time I did my homework and am very satisfied with my purchase.
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