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1 February 2018
(Refer Cons for a very important thing to perform on these HDD as soon as you receive them though that test would take about 11-12 Hours but you will be sure your Data is safe)
Update: Empty/Brand-New HDD with no data should take only about 4 Hours for test to complete (1 Hour per 1TB), if HDD is completely full(data) then it would take about 11-12 hours to complete the test.
Would suggest to run test after filling it up completely.
Also, don't move the HDD while its running and dropping it from height can damage it .. Head could hit the platter leading to Physical Bad Sectors and Data Loss. (Minor Safety Measures)

1. Transfer Rates (About 115 MB/s Reads and about 90-110 MB/s Write Speeds | Also reads/writes depends on how data is on the HDD Fragmented or Defragmented)
2. Looks Good from outside
3. Capacity of about 3.63 TB Usable.
4. Cheapest option in India if you want to store large amount of data at a low price/don't want an Internal Drives/NAS Drives which you can access anytime, factors why would you prefer this over NAS/Internals: Power outages & you don't have power backup(assuming you have a laptop), want to save 2-3k INR.(You can buy a number of these)
5. 3 years Warranty from the Date of purchase (Make sure to head to the WD website and register you product)

- I wanted to give this My Passport HDD a 2 Star, but cannot let my personal experience to affect this drive.... (But don't know if its just me with this kind of unfortunate experience)
- I Bought two 4TB WD My Passports from Amazon in a span of 2 months...
- And it took me about 1 Month 26 Days to fill up 4TB..
- After which i realized one of my HDD had Bad Sectors... and i lost about 64GB of data due to it
- And then while i was creating a RMA on WD Website...
- I thought lets run the SMART Extended Test on my another healthy My Passport HDD and i was suprised my 2nd HDD had Bad Sectors as well

How to perform this Test which checks for Bad Sectors/Phyically Damaged Sectors:
1. Download :
Western Digital Data Lifeguard Diagnostic from WD Website
2. Install, Connect your My Passport HDD, Launch the program.
3. Double click(left click) your My Passport Drive from the list of drives.
4. A Menu pops-up, Click Extended Test. Another pop-up will appear Click OK. ( Make sure no program is using your My Passport HDD)
5. Let it run would take about 11-12 Hours to complete and if it finds too many Bad Sectors Program will abort with error.
(If you have some different error you can google "Data Lifeguard Diagnostics Error Code List" and find what kind of error you are getting..)
6. If It aborts you know you need to Return the drive or you need to get it replaced under warranty.
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