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28 October 2018
A good one

Build Quality:
Some what poor, light weight with plastic Bezel & plastic stand
makes it mediocre, though Remote controller is just excellent build,
looks sturdy and performs well.

Picture Quality:
Picture quality is very good for the price but not the best.
Color / contrast / brightness all good, no issues.
No blur or ghosting, 120Hz refresh rate with smooth motion
makes it shine above the competition (for same price bracket).
Low input lag so it could be used as a monitor.
Black levels are good but Poor viewing angles makes the black levels
appear not so deep (hence many reviews mentioned as poor blacks)
Up-scaling is good, HD channel looks very good & even SD channels aren't pix-elated.
(suggested 43" size only if you're in a small room or watch SD & HD content more than 4K)

Excellent sound - Rich, Warm and Loud as expected from a Good TV.
Loud enough for a 15*16 Room. but it you want some thunderous
heart thumping sound than definitely a home theatre or external
sound bar is required.

OS & Apps:
Although android is always a preferred choice as of now for free apps, games
etc. but Lg's webos is a polished operating system without any bugs.
Works Flawlessly and very responsive.
Amazon Prime, Netflix, Youtube, works etc all pre-installed & works very good as expected.
Other stupid kind of apps available at LG store which are useless for me.
After initial update of a few pre-installed apps. Inbuilt memory available is around 380-400MB
Initial update was already available after which OS updated to Version 4.1
Voice recognition is inaccurate, works sometimes only.

I tried playing all sort of video files from USB port all works fine, no lags absolutely stunning.
Plays 10 bit H.265 .mkv files with multiple audios DTS-HD,
All other audio video formats already mentioned at LG official website.
LG UK's official website even mentioned video playback bitrate upto 50mbps,
so I tried playing 10-bit h.265 .mkv 4k bluray remux files with heavy size like 60GB/ 70GB etc
with multiple audios & bitrates upto 70-90 Mbps, all works great,
(generally 4K bluray bitrates are around 45-65mbps)
I even tried those jelly fish videos, played all smooth upto 140mbps bitrate.
HDR effect is Ok it can decode those HDR10 & HLG videos but for real HDR we need atleast
800-900 nits brightness & a true 10-bit panel.
Plays almost all audio format through usb drive, I even tried .Flac files 24-Bit 192Khz resolution, plays smooth.
All apps & OS runs smooth and very responsive. Detects flash drives & disks instantly.

The best part: No time waste like Android OS which takes time loading OS and apps.
You can turn on TV & enjoy watching STB channels instantly.

Lan , wifi & bluetooth all works very well.
I tried bluetooth with my sony headphones MDR-100ABN, cheap
tantra boat earphones & Panasonic SC-UA7 System.
Remote controller in not infrared it's based on Radio frequency RF.
Works from other room as well. It's universal remote, STB or other devices
can be controlled by this.
Other 3rd party android tv box remote is also recognized easily.
My logitech Wireless Keyboard mouse combo also works as it's 2.4 RF based.
Miracast™ works as expected, no lag.
All Great nothing much to mention here.

Other thoughts:

Another LG model 43uk6560ptc can be considered for a 2-3k extra.
only difference is it has 1 additional HDMI port and slightly better audio.
Suggested other Brands at this price is SANYO Droid series or may be MARQ by flipkart.

I purchased the 43" variant from Flipkart for Rs.39500 after all those discount gimmicks.
Available at local shop for Rs. 38500 - Rs. 45000 (you can bargain / depends on your location)

Delivery Installation & service:
I got latest stock item manufactured Sept 2018.
It took 10 days for delivery but installation done next day.
Poor demo by engineer you know what I mean.
Installation wall bracket provided FOC as mentioned.
to my surprise a Jio Dongle was also given by the engineer
which was not mentioned with this 43" variant.

Picture: 8.6/10
Sound: 10/10
Connectivity: 10/10
Build quality: 7.8/10
OS & features: 9/10
Value for money: 9.2/10

Added a few photos for more details.
I hope it helped someone decide choosing a new TV,
The review is absolutely unbiased & my own experience with the product.
if any specific query leave a comment, I'll try to follow.

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