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22 July 2019
I got it upon release, during the prime day sale.Delivery and packaging were satisfactory.
Coming to the real deal.
The display looks crisp, cover wide color gamut over sRGB spectrum and 144Hz is a pleasure to the eyes, there is a slight backlight bleed but you wont notice it though.
The RAM was Dual Channel to my surprise, clocked at 2667 MHz.
The temps were getting a bit high so I did an undervolt of -0.135V which took down the temps by about 10-12 degrees to low 80s ~85 on the cpu.
The GPU remains cooler throughout and I didn't see temperatures rising more than low 70s.
Gaming performance is great, i'll name a few games that I tested and list them below:

Rainbow Six Siege: Ultra: ~120FPS High:~150FPS
Overwatch: Epic: ~140FPS Ultra:~195FPS
CS:GO: High:~225FPS
PUBG: Ultra:~90FPS High:~120FPS
Witcher 3:Ultra ~80FPS High:~90FPS
Battlefield 5: High(DXR OFF) ~ 90FPS
Gaming is great but don't forget to undervolt to get the max performance out of that i7
Only cons I'd say is the position of the Webcam and below average battery life, but then again I never use the webcam and stay plugged in mostly so can't really complain.
I play with an external KB,Mouse plugged in all the time so I don't feel comfortable to comment on those, the performance has been great and it's all that matters for me!

Would Highly Recommend for the Price!
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