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28 October 2018
Got it for 3k (all discounts inclusive), this ssd is worth every penny. I have a hp 360 convertible with basic configuration (i3 7th gen, 4gb ram and 1 tb 5400 rpm hdd). Since day one, laptop was superslow, boot time was around a minute n half and it used to get stuck very often (couldn't open more than 4-5 tabs in chrome at one go). Tried every tweak youtube videos had to offer but there was no visible performance improvement. Somebody suggested to buy an ssd ( i dint want to spend much on it honestly). After searching and reading comments i finally decided to go for this one. Below is my view of this product to help you decide make an informed choice if you are wish to get one:
1. Boot time on my machine is less than 15 seconds
2. MS office opens as soon as you click on a file (haven't seen taking more than 3 seconds)
3. Chrome is never stuck (can open 10-12 tabs, never tried more than that but pretty sure it can handle more)
4. Significant time reduction in transferring file from pendrive, hard drive, phone
5. 3k for a 240gb ssd is the best deal, can't say about the coming times as technology improves but this is the best deal you can get for now
6. There are people who have written non satisfactory reviews on this (n they have compared it with samsung evo, let me tell you, i am sure that is among the best ssd available, but it comes at double the price with may be 20% extra performance, you can do the math to figure out which is better option when it comes to a value buy)
7. Honest opinion: If you are someone looking for an ssd that offers decent performance (8-10x better than 5400rpm hdd), and don't wanna spend too much on it then this is product for you

I hope this review helps you in making an informed decision on buying an ssd.
Thank you.
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