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21 October 2018
The laptop looks great. The design is pretty simple and slick. Extremely light weight, therefore highly portable.

However, battery life is terrible - it goes down to 25-30% with just about and half of web-browsing and YouTube/Netflix content viewing. Also, the screen is quite lacklustre - it seems a bit dim, even when the room is not very highly lit. The biggest deal breaker is the slow speed - launching apps to opening sites often takes about a minute. Opening word or exel files and picture files take well above a minute causing major frustration. Similar slowness is observed even during saving changes.

Already placed a return request.

Am updating my feedback. Given the very poor performance of the product I wanted to return it and buy another one with higher specs. Turns out Amazon only offers replacement in such a scenario and not return. Now am stuck with a dud that I don't want thanks to the amazing non-returnable policy! #frsutrated

Updating the review - after a few calls with custcare I had finally settled for replacement of the product based on the report turned in by their tech assessment personnel. I would have ideally liked it to be returned, but I had no option but to go for replacement. I was told that replacement will be initiated and pick-up for the product will be scheduled. Till date no update. In fact now my purchase is well beyond return and replacement period. Probably that's what they wanted to do, as now my queries are not being entertained anymore with the reason being the expiry of the return period.

Terribly cheap tactic - didn't expect from Amazon.
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