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Customer Review

25 May 2017

“From Yesterday” is a romantic fiction which has three main characters- Anita, Advait and Christina. The story is written in a flashback. The protagonist, Adi aka Advait, a management professional happens to meet Anita, a makeup artist through Anita is a professionally and financially secured charming beauty with a biiter past. She shares everything about her past relationship with Vanraj and Anand to Advait in their meets. And soon, they fell in love and wanted to settle with each other as husband and wife.
The only hindrance between them was Anita’s age. She was 8 years older than Adi. However, Adi enjoys her company and decided to marry her but Anita’s bitter past continues to haunt her. She was very sensitive, depressed and full of self-doubts. Although she loves Adi but always used to tell him to marry someone of his age, who doesn’t have a haunting past like her.
The voice from the past never let her settle for Adi and she just gets disappeared from his life leaving him clueless. She left a letter to her assistant Hamid as she knows Adi will meet him while looking for her. The letter holds her message that she is leaving the city as she thinks he deserves someone better as he is young and affectionate. Also, she mentioned to keep Hamid updated about his whereabouts whenever he leaves the place.
Adi met a tarot card reader, Ravena, in a club where they become known to each other while dancing. Adi taught her some dance steps and in return she offers a tarot card reading for him. And she predicts for Adi that he will travel abroad and love will enter his life either in a new form or the past will be resolved.
Soon, Adi get to know the company he is working for, posts him in Chicago. He also meets an American beauty Christina who expresses her feelings openly as she feels attracted towards Adi. She was an independent young girl full of optimism. Adi rejected her proposal because of his loyalty towards Anita. Anita was true love of his life. Adi can feel the shadowy presence of Anita around him. About the time, Hamid calls Adi and told he has sent a letter from Anita.
What happens to Anita? Does Adi meet his love of the life? Or Does Christina lose in love? These are the three questions that you’ll get answered when you read the book.

The ending will shock you for sure. I really liked reading the book. The end has touched my heart to the core.
My verdict:

I really recommend this book to everyone for a light reading. The Language is very fresh. The author, Anupam Dasgupta, explained the events very beautifully with perfect choice of words and dialogues. The story has relatively fewer characters which does complete justice to the plot. I like the way this story is explained with minute details that kept me going to read the book in one go. And last but not the least, I love the cover of the book which shows only the shadow of the girl with the boy. The cover itself makes me curious to find out the story behind this scenario.
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4.1 out of 5 stars