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25 October 2018
I'm not a speed freak and have a very modest 50mbps cable line but the one feature that had me interested in fancy, pricey routers was the USB 3 port and the potential for having a NAS for cheap. Now this isn't the cheapest router with USB3 but it surely is one of the fastest. If you look at the router reviews at SmallNetBuilder, you'll find that not many routers can give you true USB3 speeds.
While a PC might give you around 110MBps read/write with portable HDDs, ~180MBps r/w with powered HDDs and ~450MBps with portable SSDs over USB3, most routers can only manage around 30-50MBps r/w.
But this one gives me 90-110MBps read and 60-80MBps write (over gigabit ethernet) which is very respectable. File transfers over 5GHz WiFi is around 30-40MBps. Transferring a 17GB image folder did slow it down to 20-30MBps vs 60-70MBps on PC.
So for the price that I paid (9K) and with the multiple hard disk that I had lying around which got converted to NAS for cheap, I'd say this was a great deal.
Oh and the routing feature itself is fine I guess :) In my 1300 sq. ft. house the reception is just not a problem, even with the old ISP router (D-Link 615). I compared their strengths from my balcony which is the farthest point away from the router. This got -56dBm the old one dropped to -60dBm. So again, not why I bought this!

Update 1: Make sure to change your Hard Drive sleep settings otherwise the drive will keep spinning (unnecessary wear). The router can't put the drive to sleep like windows but thankfully you can set that separately with a manufacturer specific software like SeaGate Dashboard or WD Ware (don't about other brands)

Update 2: Ok, so the dual core CPU, 512MB RAM and decent sequential file transfer speed is not enough for using this with Adobe apps. Premiere Pro hangs when loading footage from the drive. So I'm just going to use this purely as a file storage drive from now on.

Update 3: The file transfer speed when transferring a folder with several small sized files is really slow (around 5KBps!) and the only way is to archive them into a zip file. I'm changing my review title from "Great" to strictly "Okay".
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