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3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
Hollywood Prince
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on 28 February 2017
Funnily enough the author mentions the key problem with this novel during the scene where Amelia explains to Brooklyn why his story sucks - if one character is superior to the other it is hard to make the readers get why they fall for each other...

The problem with this story s Brooklyn and how Amelia's character is connected with his... First off- the name!!! Brooklyn as a guy's name is just meh..
Secondly- there are very few things to like about the guy. No good job, not the best personality and no character strength...
He mops around, doesn't do anything solid to get the girl and is so much more weaker character than Amelia. He really does nothing for her other than take her to some parties.

In fact towards the end of the story it's hard to understand why a girl like Amelia would want this guy especially considering how picky her character was portrayed initially.. I think the author kinda lost track and just wanted to somehow mash both of them up together.. and np, when a guy says you're a great lay it is nothing to swoon about cos he s neither complimenting your looks or your personality...
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on 5 January 2017
Okay! So first let’s take a moment to appreciate Brooklyn James because holy hell he is hot!!!

Amelia Waters is a sweet goody good girl who always wants to please her father. Now, Amelia, is the sister of Camden Waters, yes, the one and only from No Pants Required. I didnt knew her at first but at the mention of ABC I was like ‘I’ve heard that one before.’ I mull about that for some time and Camden Waters come into my mind who had B tattooed on his chest for his brother and how we got that in his book.

Now, here Amelia wants to find her prince charming. She thinks she had already kissed enough frogs to waste any more time on them. So, at the request of his best friend Amelia goes on a blind date where she meets Landon. Landon checks all the boxes she made but further into the night she discloses the real reason why her family is broken.

By upset with all this she does what every girl does it in this situation. She goes off to meet his brother, Camden. But Amelia didn’t know that he wasn’t home and that’s how she finds herself in heavy rain sitting on the porch of Camden and his girlfriend’s house.

Now enter Hollywood prince Brooklyn James, who on a motor cycle returning home from a party finds her like a homeless, seeking roof in rain. Brooklyn is the son of famous actress turned director, Emma Fairchild, he was starred on a reality TV show years ago, and still now he is famous for it.

Amelia and Brooklyn, were instantly attracted to each other but there was barrier named Camden between them and neither of them wanted to sour their relation with Camden for a fling. But that attraction was so much that they weren’t able to control their emotions and atlas cave it in. Afterwards when they were together they were addicted to each other but now there were different parameters which would hinder their fling. Amelia’s supposed to leave, Camden, Brooklyn’s relationship with him when he finds out and Landon. Don’t you forget him. Landon is still waiting for Amelia in New York and both Brooklyn and she knows it.

Landon’s supposed to be the Mr. Right and Brooklyn is Mr. not so Right. Now can Brooklyn be the one Amelia wants? Can he be the Prince she imagined or is he another one of the frogs?
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