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3.2 out of 5 stars
3.2 out of 5 stars
Lenovo Z2 Plus (White, 64GB)
Colour: White|Size: 64 GB|Change
Price:₹ 10,990.00

on 15 December 2017
Lenovo Z2 Plus (4GB RAM, 64GB ROM, Black)

Coming to the phone, I've read a lot of critical reviews about this particular model and I was a bit skeptic buying it, even after 5-6 months after launch.
But it turned out to be one of the best decisions I've made in my life.

Out of the box comes straight the supercharged phone with a sublime matte finish screen guard on top, with a stealth black matte cover at the back which feels very premium in hand due to its rubberized grip along with the matte feel.

Along with the handset, received the Documents, USB to Type-C cable, Wall charger, and a SIM ejector tool. ( ********No earphones included ****)

1) Absolute lag-less experience. No issues with performance at all. Fluidic switching between apps (even games).
2) Amazing fingerprint scanner (To be very frank, I've tested OnePlus3 too, and I found Z2 Plus is faster. Gets faster as you keep using it).
3) Sound output through 3.5mm jack is just crystal clear. For an Audiophile like me, Treble output was decent, Bass was amazing. The Speaker was decent enough; easily heard in outside crowd conditions (Although I rarely use the speakers).
4) UHealth app works fairly accurately, Pedometer sensor is pretty good.
5) U-Touch option is one of its kind (Best feature)
6) The 4G speeds on this is just amazing. (Apparently, I found that its always active on the 4G bandwidth so whenever I switch on data it displays all the messages instantly).
7) The charging rate is pretty fast too, takes around 2hr 15mins on an average to charge.
8) 5inch form-factor is wonderful, and just what I wanted.
9) Looks like an iPhone Jet Black series due to the backside glass.
10) Double Tap to wake is an awesome feature.

1) No arguments, as other reviewers have stated too; the camera falls off in low lit conditions. Does a decent job in outside daylight. (Both front and rear).
2) I found that Google Keyboard (Gboard) is making the device lag while typing on keyboard ( Yes, I almost fainted ). But it's probably due to the new update and the lag only appears very RARELY and that too doesn't affect other device performances (switching and using other apps). Only happens in the gboard while typing.
3) The notification light was one huge backdrop for me personally since it's only a single white light LED on top right, which is usually not visible at certain angles but is very bright when viewed face front and around. Although you can change whether the light blinks or stays constantly lit.

*My Personal Opinion*
There were many critical reviews about the heating issue this device has, but I found nothing which is out of the ordinary. Playing heavy games, yes sure the heating is kind of accentuated by the black body of the device, although is not a huge issue since it's particularly present in almost all the devices of this era. I'm using it for a college lifestyle; using it for sometime in direct bright sunlight causes it to heat up a bit which is very normal.
I guess some of the devices which are present are faulty or maybe just due to consumer based usage.

In the end, clearly the PROS outweigh the CONS by a huge margin.
Definitely the best Smartphone device in under 20K range.
Snapdragon 820, Adreno 530, 441ppi screen display. All under 20k.
Enough said.

Alternative to OnePlus3?
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on 18 August 2017
To the people who are techi is the best phone under rupees 15000.i did lot of research before buying this phone, Snapdragon 820 define all about phone u don't need to think more.i thought that camera may lag with respect to other like Redmi note 4,Honor 6x, but camera is more than average under low lite condition also. dosto under 15000rs me aur kya kya phone I am fast phone.i am reviewing after 5 days of uses. Editing my review after months of uses it has two major issues during charging it's difficult to perform operations and mobile getting over heated after use of wifi or we are using internet normal on phones it goes up to 45 degree .Lenovo please solve this problem?
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on 12 October 2017
Hey Guys!!
purchased this awesome phone for 9700 rs.(11000-1300 cashback) about 6 months before and this is my detailed review about this phone...
DISPLAY: the display is very nice...crisp and detailed..night mode is excellent..i oftenly use this mode.
2. sound : the sound in earphone is just awesome...even the sound from its single loudspeaker is not so is pretty much crispy,clear and loud...
3. Battery :- battery is 3500 mah and gives more than a day back up easily even with high usage..but i think software of the phone is not well optimized for the battery as i am little bit disappointed from the phone standby..but battery back up is still good one..
4. performance:- the sd820 gives a buttery performance, believe me guys i am a high user for social media, calls,music, gaming etc...and it never disappointed this proce range no phone can beat this...
Camera:- and now the camera ...the persons talking about its camera as a bad one, are i think want to compare this phone with either with high end phone(50000 or above) or with professional DSLRs.Hey guys! come on!! the camera of this phone is too good at this price tag ...both cameras are good at this price regret for it...
overall i would say that this phone will not disappoint at all on every aspect...i love this phone...
5. i thing that i want to add in my review is that i have also tried custom rom for my phone...but went back to stock rom as i have experienced each custom with few bugs...and stock rom is much stable and least bugs as campared to custom i recommend this phone... it will not let you down...
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on 20 August 2017
Good phone.Pretty well performed.Snapdrangon chipset is a monster.Great time with gaming and battery backup is awesome.only thing I do not like is the glass back which can be protected by the back cover given.No Custom back cover are available still,so customizability in terms of appearance is less.Customising in terms of OS is amazing, if you put a custom rom in it you will see the real monstrosity of the phone because the stock rom is basic but well and good for all kinds of users.I don't like it because I'm like a custom rom guy.So others would just love it.The phone kinda resembles some or all of apple devices.and it has a physical button like apple but unlike it has many functions which is customizable,like switching over apps by sliding left or right over the button.And the "turn on and offs" and "notification tray" are seperate which I like.Overall best buy.
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on 4 November 2017
Although a year old model, Lenovo Z2 Plus is by far THE BEST Android Phone you can currently get at this price tag. Even when it was launched back in 2016, it must have been way ahead of its time in terms of its features. In fact, while this is being written, this phone outperforms most of the latest flagship devices costing over twice as much from other competitive brands.

What you get for INR. 10,299?

1. QSD 820: This is one of top 3 processors around and you get it with other brands with price tag above 20K.
2. 4GB DDR4 RAM: This performs at least twice as much faster than the DDR3 RAM which you get with most of the latest devices around, even the midrange ones (15K-20K) - this is subjective :)
3. 64 GB ROM
4. OOTB Android 6.0.1 - Upgradable to Nougat which takes the experience with this device to another level.
5. Unibody Premium Design with back panel of glass. Although it's fingerprint magnet, you get a case OOTB which I would recommend you put on always.
6. U-Touch: This is something that you will admire a lot. The Physical Home Button that you can customise to do multiple functions like:
a. Extremely responsive fingerprint scanner
b. Switch between Apps - This is awesome.
c. Other functions for 'Double Touch', 'Long Press', 'Long Touch' as per your desire.

The Cameras:
Both front and rear, are not as great as you would find in other devices. However, since I use this as my secondary device, this does not bother me much. Besides, they are not a total let down and you can go away quite well with them. HD Recording is supported by both the cameras.

The Battery:
3500 mAh lasts for a day with regular use & the screen time of less than 5 hrs. Supports Qualcomm 3.0 fast charging, but does not include the charger OOTB. It takes over 2 hours to fully charge the device with OOTB charger.

I'm not very fond of games. However, while I was reviewing this device before going for purchase, I learnt it performs quite well with heavy games like Asphalt 8. Even better than OP3/T.

Thank you!
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on 8 September 2017
1. Camera :- Performs good in sunlight. Poor low light performance. Shutter speed is fast, but lacks burst mode.
2. Battery Life :- Lasts me 12-13 hours daily. Sometimes the battery drains tremendously when the phone gets warm.
3. Processor :- Fast processor, can manage 20-30 apps at a time. The phone lags when more than 30 apps are loaded at once. The phone gets super hot if 50 apps are loaded and we have to switch the phone off.
4. Built quality :- Feels premium in the hands. It has a glass back but sadly it is not a gorilla glass so it is prone to scratches.
5. Speaker :- Sufficiently loud.
6. Additional features :- Finger print is super fast, upto 5 finger prints can be added. The home button can be used to navigate between apps, to turn on and turn off the screen and many more tasks can be done using the home button which is a very handy feature. My phone is currently running on 7.1 Nougat and Google assistant is available.
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on 2 September 2017
This is an awesome device at an awesome price. Just buy it.


1. I owned galaxy s, galaxy note 3, galaxy note 4. All purchased on their release dates at premium prices. All died in one way or the other without my fault. My last mobile galaxy note 4 just died without any reason. MMC failure! Samsung service centre asked 25k to change motherboard. Really? It is samsung fault that MMC died.

Lenovo Z2 Plus beats galaxy note 4 by twice the speed. Check benchmarks, do not trust me blindly here. Note 4 coated me 60k. ZUK 2 is just about 10k. I can buy SIX ZUK in that cost!

2. I also own professional SLR cameras. Best pro cameras you can think of. I own professional lenses for these cameras.

Though you can not compare a SLR camera with mobile camera, this one is a decent shooter for mobile. 13mp is good. Main thing is that the shutter is instant! You do not miss the shot. Backed by a flagship processor that process and saves that photo equally fast. Other brands claiming 20mp or dual cameras may have a little bit better edge for taking photos but must of them are running on two generation older processors or inferior ones, not flagship like ZUK. You can get maybe 25% better image but you cannot take enough shots as quickly as with ZUK.

3. Heating. Every single phone heats. Every. My galaxy note 4 also used to heat. If you are gaming or using processor continuously, it will have some heat generated, but thank God it will not explode like note 7. It cools down quickly when you stop pushing the processor performance. Same happens with every computer. Mobile us just a miniature computer in your hands. Do not get filled by claims of other brands.

4. Built. ZUK is a very good built mobile. Magnesium alloy roll cage with carbon fibre casing! It is like a tank of mobiles. Try dropping iPhone or any other expensive device. They all break. This one is built from the bones of it, to its teeth, to bear all that rough handling. People scared of breaking glass can put a cover over it.

5. Ease of use. This one is an awesome one hand usable mobile. Galaxy note 4 required me to use both hands or a stylus. This I can use very easily. Sweet. Short. Blazing fast. Easy to grip. I added a good silicon/rubberised cover for extra grip.

6. Connectivity. It connects blazing fast on 4G and voLTE networks. 5ghz band on wifi. True 40mbps downloads if your internet if that fast. I use 100mbps internet connection. Entire amazon prime movie in a matter of minutes.

7. Screen. Very visible in all conditions. Blue light filter is awesome. It does not affect your health adversely. Makes you stay healthy. Of course, never use mobile for prolonged hours.

8. Speed. ZUK 2 is BLAZING! All other brands eat dust when you see the performance of this. Literally! You will love it.

9. Storage. 64GB is a LOT of storage. Auto sync all photos free on Google. Files on drop box. Videos on you tube. What else you need storage for? Do that and all your files, photos and videos are still safe even when you lose or change mobile. You can use 64GB to store games and movies or songs.

10. Price. Flagship features. Flagship camera. Flagship storage. Flagship processor. Flagship fingerprint sensor. Flagship everything. At the price of entry level mobile.

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on 9 April 2018
I bought this phone after seeing positive reviews, but it's not even close.

The biggest plus point is said to be performance, and it's not true. This phone actually just shuts down apps without warning, something I haven't seen any other phone do

This is not Android, but Zuk OS... Which is pathetic. It cannot be upgraded beyond N, and doesn't even have most of the features of the stock OS. I can't emphasize this enough - if you've used any other Android, this phone is 5 times worse than it.

The battery barely lasts a day

The screen is not Gorilla glass, and cracks at the smallest drop. Worse, even the back is made of the same glass.

Don't buy.
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on 14 August 2017
Best snapdragon 820 with 4GB ddr4 ram and 64GB storage under 15k.
The stock rom is having some issues with performance otherwise hardware quality is best (camera quality is good in daylight conditions but average in low light conditions).
I've received the incomplete order i.e the sim ejector tool and user manuals was missing from the box. I've requested for replacement and I hope amazon will deliver the product as fast as possible.
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on 16 August 2017
Using this phone for last couple of months. It is a great phone for the price (I got it for 10999 on sale).
The SD 820 is very capable and does everything thrown at it easily. The storage is also decent with 230 +Mb/s sequential read and 100+ MBps sequential write speed.

As many other reviewers have stated, the software is bad and with default android rom that this device ships with, there is heating issue.
The first thing I did was unlock the device and install a third party AOSP based ROM. There has been no random reboots or slowdown with the 3rd party ROM and battery life is also great with a higher clock speed (I have mine at 2.3Ghz with no overvolt)

In case you are ready to get your hands dirty and install a third party ROM. this is a great device. If you are planning to use it with default ROM, you will run into random reboots and heating issues.
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