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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars

on 19 November 2017
1.Design is perfect.Feels comfortable in your hand.
2.Light in weight without water.
3.No leakage of water from opening which you seen in flip lid flask.
4.Heat retention is perfect.No issues at all whether it is cold or hot water.Works perfectly for 24 hours if lid is properly closed.
5.Fully stainless steel,no glass is used inside.

1.This Bottle does not comes with any carry case or holder as you receive in flip lid or plain lid flask.This is the only one disappointment.

So.go for it without any hesitation.
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on 17 December 2017
First of all its Amazon choise. Can buy without any hesitation.
Even though the product looks like Aluminium from outside but it is actually brushed stainless steel.
Low price compared to retail stores but the same quality.
Withstands temperature of the liquid inside for longer duration.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 11 August 2018
These are very durable for kids use. They have a height of about 9.5", in case you want to make sure they fit where they are intended. My son dropped his bottle many times and apparently his classmates misused it (breaking Chikki with it) so there are now many small dents on it, but it hasn't changed its performance. When it dropped from his school bag with full water as it was not inserted properly in the side pocket (from about 3 feet, I was afraid that it might have broken the vacuum seal, but nothing untoward happened other than the visible dents. We fill them with warm water in the morning and it stays the same till the end of the school which I think is pretty good. It performs better than most traditional Tea/Coffee flasks. In summer, we hope to fill them with cool water and make even more use of them.

I also considered Cello Swift 500ml ( and Pexpo Zafos 500ml (, but reviews on this item felt more genuine and trustable, so went with this. The Pexpo flash also has a black paint and was not convinced that it will durable, which will make it ugly over time. Cello Vento 600ml ( looks good, especially for the extra volume, but didn't want to take the risk without sufficient reviews.
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on 27 July 2017
I bought this 1700 ML bottle 2 year back and the quality was just amazing. Keeping the same quality in mind i ordered this bottle but the quality is low as compare to 1700 ML. I had to return this.
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on 2 August 2018
Sturdy Stainless Steel Body. Vacuum insulated Flask.
Claims to be Corrosion-Resistant. No doubt, It looks & feels like that also.
Keeps water hot for more than 3 hours. If the bottle is full, then it stays hot for more no of hours.
Can be used for Cold liquids too. I haven'y tried anything cold yet.
I got the 1000ML SILVER color. @875/- it a good buy.
If you got a few bucks to spare, go for RED, GREY or PINK. Totally worth it.

Note: 1000ML is a little inconvenient to carry/move around. Unless you want to keep it at one place like Home/Office; i would suggest to go for a smaller size : 750ML or 700ML.
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on 18 August 2017
Tried with cold water only! But the experience was just amazing. Keeps the water cool for 18hrs. Of course didn't try after 24 hours. It may keep the water cool even after 24hrs. I like the product very much.
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on 10 July 2017
An excellent flask which not only performs its job of keeping the liquids hot or cold for long hours but is also sleek and elegant to look at. So good aesthetics gets combined with superb functionality; thus making it a total winner.
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on 21 June 2017
Product is good . Hot water remains hot for whole day. But outer part of bottle is have to be more strong . Cause it got dent went it falls from hands even from 1 ft.
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on 15 December 2017
Big enough, price was good compared to shops. You always have to open cap to drink water!(smaller flasks have open close buttons!), this is a drawback
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on 8 June 2018
It's cherry red bottle. Bought it @881/- in lightning deal. It's 1 litre bottle and on top of it, it's Milton!!!
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