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on 23 April 2016
Mi India Amazon India Purchased One Assist Insurance in Dec 2015 for my Mi4i (Cust ID: 688199_Membership ID: 1000449578_Sr.No. :- 1326398). Due to liquid damage, I gave it for repair on 25th March 2016. On 7th April 2016 got a mail saying that the claim is rejected. The reason given was very flimsy.
I have very candidly written that I am not aware of how the liquid fell on the device and the Xiaomi service center person has told me that there has been a liquid damage. What is so mysterious about this? Water could have been spilled by anyone in the house- the maid could have spilled water and quietly cleaned it before i could notice, or a small child could have done it. In good faith I have written whatever I know about the reason. If someone does not know how the water could have entered in the device should he lie and make up a big story? The main point is the water has entered in the device and it needs to be repaired. Whether the maid did it or some child did it or any other person did it, will not solve the problem right?? Or are you trying to tell me that I should name that person who has spilled water on the phone so that you can send him to jail???
Besides, when a person develops some ailment like kidney stone, tumor, cancer etc. does he know the exact reason? Does the insurance company reject the claim saying that the exact cause for disease has not been disclose. Any person takes insurance and pays the insurance premium only because when something goes wrong he will be insured against it.
I feel One Assist people are deliberately rejecting the claim because they are not interested in providing insurance but only minting money by fooling people. There are plenty of complaints about this company on the internet. Below is one such forum where customers who have taken insurance have said that this company is fraud and at the time of buying insurance they speak nicely and then at the time of claim they reject it on baseless grounds.
I am surprised how Mi India, Amazon India, Flipkart, Snapdeal have tie-up with One Assist and is also recommending their customers to purchase insurance service from One Assist as the service quality of this company is pathetic. Their customer care executives are clueless about what’s happening with my mobile. Every time I call to check when my phone is being returned they say within 3 days, but the three days never seem to get over. Please note that the phone was given on 25th of March 2016, the rejection of claim was intimated to me on 7th of April 2016. Since One Assist is not going to repair my phone why should they keep my phone for 20 additional days from the date of rejection of the claim???
Is there another type of fraud happening at OneAssist??? I feel the only reason to keep my phone at One Assist service center for so long is to remove the original parts and put duplicate parts in the phone. Or else it should not take so long to return the original device back to me. I am feeling completely cheated and I am sure they have some evil intentions in keeping my phone for so long even when they are not going to repair the device. I guess I will have no alternative but to approach the consumer court for resolution of the matter.
I am also surprised to know that your products are being sold at Amazon India, Flipkart, Snapdeal and even at Mi India stores. I would like to warn, Flipkart, Snapdeal and Mi Mi India to stop promoting ans selling One Assist insurance as it is a fraud company and is only interested in looting people.
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on 24 March 2017
I received their kit today. Tried activating the protection via the given voucher number. Did not work and received an error on their website. So I callled their customer care and gave them the voucher. They said "We are receiving the same error. So please contact Amazon." LOL! This is laughable. They do not even know that Amazon just sold THEIR product. Even the shipping was not handled by Amazon. What has Amazon got to do with it?

I would stay away from such a company that does not even have basic knowledge about their OWN product.

I have blacked out a part of the voucher for obvious reasons but attaching a photo to show I did buy the voucher.
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on 31 August 2017
One Assist - A fraud company

If you are thinking to buy #oneAssist from MI App or online. I would request you not to buy it!!! Recently, I had got my touch screen damaged and I had nightmare with follow-ups. At the end, I finally gave up and got it repaired at my own expense at MI service center.

The mission of #oneAssist is to exhaust customers till they are frustrated with the process and finally lose patience and get phone fixed at their own expense.

The torture I went through:

1) There is too much process, impossible for a lay man to get through it.

2) They want customer to upload pictures of damage phone, detailed description, IMIE Code, invoice number, identification proof etc..

3) They want in-depth description on how exactly damage took place. Rediculous thing is they aren't going to call you, its you who have to remain intuitive and figure out on what's keeping things on holld.

4) Even after submitting a detailed 250 words plus explanation, they keept things on hold for childish explanations (like: when damage took place while, walking, standing, driving etc...)

5) Once everything was clear from my side they told me the phone will be collected within 48 hours, which they never did.

6) After 48 hours when there was still no pickup done, I called at customer service center to check status. The agent gave me a weird reply that, "your location isn't in the pick up zone and you will have to courier the phone."

7) The shocking thing is, one of the most premium location like MATUNGA MUMBAI - 4000019, is not in their pickup location!!! And these 'bastards' mint money with their sales in Matunga. Their insurance are sold almost at every shop in Matunga.

8) They try to act fools, their system has all the information and details of their customer. Every single time, the customer care representatives verify details and after that conversation continues. Its in their strategy to frustrate a customer by saying we aren't going to pickup. These people exactly know the art of exhausting a customer mentally and emotionally.

Till I reached here, it was already 5 to 7 days passed. It's common sense no body is going to wait after all this torture. If at all one has patience, its more 25 days for phone to get back.

One Assist is only looking for their gain and nothing else! They aren't interested in any customer service. Its a fraud company.

A total waste of time and energy!!!
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on 19 July 2017

I have submitted my phone and documents to OneAssist. The problem with my phone is that it is not taking a charger into the port. I have written the following when I Submitted.

"I have put my phone charging in the night. Kids might have played with it and in the morning the phone was on ground. I have tried charging my phone and charging pin could not fit in. I think there is a problem with charging strip"

For this they said that it is a mysterious circumstance. Their explanation was that I am not sure why my phone is damaged because I used the word "KIDS MIGHT HAVE". Moreover, a person named Deepak from OneAssit says how could you give the phone to such a kid who would throw the phone down on the floor. Airtel has an advertisement in which kids were speaking about protection plan. What Irony these frauds play on people.

To top it up, my phone display was working fine when I tried witching it on as I found it. The service center bill they have submitted has 12565 rupees in which there was a LCD display worth 8600 rupees. Now that I have not said anything about the display, why did they submit a LCD display to the insurer to be repaired?

OneAssist is a fraud company in which people are literally eating your money with these clauses which they think are intelligent. Damn you frauds I would make sure I drag you to the court of law.

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on 16 May 2017
Service Request number 1940985, My handset fell and screen broken on 25 April 2017, filed claim and handset got picked up on 3rd May 2017 and I was told that I will get estimation or further update in 24 to 48 hours it's been 13 days and after several calls and attempt to get any I do I get only 1 response that had set is ent to Service Center for estimation. Guys don't purchase this companies Insurance if you want to check other victims you can see their FB page post are full of ppl asking about their claim Status one guys I saw has been asking do their handset repaired and awaiting from past 7 months. Seriously guys please please dow buy this insurance as you will not get claim for. This company.
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on 27 April 2017
do not purchase they will make u cry..........
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on 13 May 2017
I do not have an option to give less than one star. The mobile was picked up on April 3, 2017. My mobile has fallen down from bus so wanted to claim the damage insurance policy. As the mobile was getting overheated and its automatically switching off. They told it will be done in 15 days. I have waited till then without asking a word. When I called then they say it is for 25-35 days as you have choosed a normal policy(not so particular what is the name given by them). They gave finally on May 5, 2017. After using on the day one sh** it is same my hand literally burns when its getting charged. When I use can it gets heated and when GPS is on too. What should I do guys. Please suggest me. What's the procedure to file a case in consumer court and get help. Let me know guys
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on 29 June 2017
service is too poor...
i took this plan for my lenovo z2 plus phone Sr.No. :-1990156
not at all satisfied
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on 17 November 2016
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on 7 October 2016
review imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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