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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
This Is Not Your Story
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on 26 August 2017
At first i would like to thank savi mam for writing such a beautiful book, and I'm glad that i read this book even in such a busy schedule but 'this story is worth telling'. The book is all about dreams that we see as our future , our passion and love towards our dream , family and friends , it's the story of dreams that are kept hidden it's about the dreams that are kept chained it's about the courage and faith in our dreams to fullfil them ,to give life to them and most important part that we have someone special to share our dreams with be it our parents , friends or our love of life.
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on 23 March 2017
Popular quote by Sylvester Stallone'' Don't discuss your dreams. Pursue them'' is diamond quote which inspires youth during young age. To follow your all dreams, ambitions,aim takes lot of courage and perseverance attitude and support from family which is neither difficult nor easy. This is plot which is spoken in new book'' This is not your story'' by C.A turned writer Savi Sharma. In this book she explores fact what it takes to dream fearlessly and follow your path. Author brings 3 characters Shaurya, Miraya, Anubhav. All this characters have different perspectives and ambitions. Shaurya is CA student who wants to be writer. Shaurya lacks courage to follow his owned dream of writer. Miraya is talented interior designer but she has been in worst experience in her love life which has made her scared. Anubhav is young entrepreneur who has dream to start new business start-up with his parents blessings but he faces tragic incidents in his life which brings Anubhav, Shaurya, Miraya together. All characters are well sketched specially character of protagonist Shaurya. Shaurya has been layered with emotions and feelings which connects with readers quickly.Can Shaurya follow his dream? Can Miraya get back her love life? What is story of Anubhav? Will Anubhav take Second chance? Entire narration of story is aspiring and honest. Writing style is too good and simple.Writer explores fact every person has right to listen to his heart to follow dreams and passion fearlessly,life always gives second chance to correct your past story to create new one. The pace of book is fast and grips readers throughout story. Don't miss it to keep your dreams fearlessly alive.
4 stars from my side.
Reviewr- Kaushik Shrotri
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on 6 May 2017
The story is about 4 people who have seen hardships, failures, success, passion and death in life and meet at the cross roads of destiny. Upon meeting they discover each other and stand by each other and help realize that life is worth living, life happens only if you take action here and now. I thoroughly enjoyed the story telling. Its a good, decent book. You also get a complementary quote book by the author which includes an array of inspirational quotes. I definitely recommend this book. Check it out!
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on 10 January 2018
I know how difficult it’s to write a book. Well done. But the book is overrated by the readers that’s what I feel. Most of the times I felt boring. The narration was not up to the mark. Good but not the best as described by others. I would have given three stars but to decrease the overall rating I gave it one.
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on 1 August 2017
After her first debut novel ‘everyone has a story ’, savi sharma has undoubtedly won millions of heart with her second inspiring tale “this is not your story”.
By the name itself, one can get an Idea of what message the author wants to convey in this story.
“remember, there is a cost for every story in your life..........So decide carefully what you want. Which story you want to tell. ”

Basically, the story revolves around four entirely different people- shaurya, Miraya, kasturi and anubhav.

Shaurya, final year CA student, from Jaipur, brilliant in academics. But he wanted to go to Mumbai and become a film maker. This is his story of following his dreams.

Kasturi, shaurya's friend and secret crush of him. She was doing MBA in finance and was happy with her life. The way she motivated shaurya to live for his dreams is lovely.

Miraya, kasturi's cousin, an interior designer from mumbai. She had lost her ability to trust and love due to her past. This is her story of believing in love again.

Anubhav, a successful entrepreneur, moved from Jaipur to Bangalore for his career and dreams. But everything changed when he lost his parents. This is his story of giving his life a second chance.

Either you are a reader or not, read this one for sure. And yeah savi ma'am, we are eagerly waiting for your next story. ❤❤
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on 14 November 2017
This is not your story,,

Somewhere it connected my life....

"life always deserves a second chance, a chance to make things better"
"Some stories are hidden deep within you. You just need to find them"
"You are not alone in the world, remember that"
We choose to change our life path; it does not happen by chance"

No words to say , absolutely a brilliant inspirational novel ever. This is my first novel I ever read.
All that incidents from this story I seen it in front of my eyes.
No words to say; I'm really waiting for Savi's next novel
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on 8 November 2017
One of the best book that I've ever read. Truly Inspiring, Love it:)) Savi Sharma is the best the way she writes Awesome . Plz Ma'am keep writing such stories which always inspires so many people. The book is about the battle between you and your dreams and how the people see your dreams like Is it Worth it or Not. But at the end you have to decide what you are good in and if you truly believe in your dreams and put all your efforts and dedication then you will surely going to make a better career in that and most important "You will be always Happy in what you do" And yes it also shows that if you have true friends then they will always guide you and support you and how the power of true love can make a person better in life. Without even second thought, Just Go Fot It:))
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on 19 April 2017
It's amazing book the author takes u to an amazing journey filled with emotion and it asks you the question whether you are doing what you love.Do you have courage to chase your dreams ? It talks about the importance of people in your life and how you need someone to share your success with it. The same incident written with different perspective of Shaurya and Miraya makes it interesting. The author's has magnificently illustrated the love between the characters. All in all while reading the book you fell in love with author's writing and start searching for the answers in your heart about whether this is your story or not.
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on 26 October 2017
Happiness creeps in when you read a good book. The best feeling tempts us to surround ourselves with positive thought. That’s how it was when I completed this book.
This is not your story, was indeed my story. I felt myself, completely in the motif of Shaurya. The aspiration to be oneself motivated me throughout. We should give our alter ego another chance.
Savi Sharma,
Thank you, is a small word. Keep inspiring, motivating.
The story was awesome. Reality can be compared with the present-day society, where our dreams are monitored by our peers.
Shaurya, Anubhav, Miraya. Characters were ecstatically written, I can relate to them personally.
I felt, Kasturi character, should have been written more, especially through the last pages.
#positive vibe
Thank you again,
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on 20 February 2017
The TINYS is an awesome novel, it has everything to keep you motivated and happy. It tells you a beautifully written story by savi sharma about four people that how their lives was a wreck but after meeting with each other by destiny , they find themselves again to be positive & brave in life.
Savi wrote beautifully & I liked that how characters meet with each other. She shows love, passion, emotion, fear, doubt, bravery & determination , all these in her makes the story so interesting that I kept reding & read it in one read.
I read her first novel by chance , when a friend gave ' Everyone has a story ' to me. I felt so happy to read that & I thought that whenever her second novel come, I will definitely read it. After reading this I feel positive towards life & I want to write my story with all new optimism & aspect.
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