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on 29 August 2015
Received brand new & in well condition. The book I must say that it is well written. Didn't have too many difficult words to understand. Simple English language is used by the author. However the story seems a bit unrealistic & some things I found to be plot-holes.

1. There is no apparent reason for Veer to ignore Rihana. He was the one to do 100 swims to propose her. Then why ignore her after marriage?

2. If this was written in the smartphone age - also smartphone is used in the story, then why Veer's phone bills reached 16,000 rupees? Could he not simply use an unlimited prepaid plan to talk to with anybody he wanted?

Otherwise there are some very good things to learn about society. The erotic scenes were good & limited and not overly used.
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on 22 July 2015
Clear blurb will lead to read the book. Story will be hooked from the prologue to epilogue. Author’s Story narration was impeccable and characterization was defined clearly. Best part of this book is author‘s narration style she had narrated the story very well .Writing style also good she used Simple and understandable language. I could not stop myself till I finished in one sit. You can flow to entire pages . Story revolved around the love, sex, betrayal, Emotions, lots of twists & turns with the perfect page turner. Story conveyed very well by author. Climax was really interesting. As a debut author she deserved in this book. I recommended to those who want light read books. I feel not disappointment after I had finished reading this book .It’s good but not too great. Overall Perfect title suitable for the Story. Go for it!!! - See more at:
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on 3 December 2016
Every human being has it's own personal and physical desires. And you should not take him or her lightly for his or her presence in life. Most of the extra marital relationship occur due to your partner not satisfying your needs. This all is the story.

The narration of story and feelings of characters are very touchy and you can find them around you in real society too.
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on 14 November 2014
This book actually tells the Mediocrity of Indian Society.
For people only the Respect in Society matters, not the happiness of one's Girl Child matters in marriage ...
Its a Story of a Girl who dares to take the Difficult path after ending in with a wrong/pathetic man as a Husband.
She finally realizes that To be happy we don't have to listen to what SOCIETY says. For the society wants only the Female to be forgiving and virtues of forgiveness and caring are not seeded in Males.
And she just takes Control of Life and Stays Happy. A girl or i would say a women should start make their own decisions rather than depending on others. Specially on such matters. This matter should not be treated as a Taboo in one's society.
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on 29 October 2015
A good story. The author delivered what she wanted to in a very good manner. Bachelors should definitely read it, it will tell you a great deal on how to make a marriage work and how to keep your partner satisfied.
Though if you are going after the title and the cover page,it is going to turn down you expectations but you will still find the matter interesting.
Young adults should definitely read it.
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on 19 August 2014
It is avery neatly written fiction. It is a must read book for parents & young generation (boys & girls).This book keeps u engrossed & keeps u guessing ... wht next???.It is written in simple & modern English.Climax is apt for d title of d Book. A very good novice effort.Iwish d budding writer a great success.
Col M Arora
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on 10 March 2018
Women needs freedom and they also have equal emotions as man.
Total plot is good but totally revolves around Sex.
Except that its an average.
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on 4 December 2015
I just finished the book and believe me this book is awesome , sexy and realistic. I like the brave woman character of Rihana who is very aware about her physical needs . The way she demand her satisfaction is incredible and right . Every women have their own right to get same pleasure as her husband in sex. Veer is an embodiment of today's husband who wants his own satisfaction and take no interest about his partner's satisfaction. I also like the end that Rihana does not loss her hope in love and againe takes a chance to fall in love with Avinash. And the ending line provides the perfect justification of the title " the deliberate sinner". The most important thing is that buy this book and read and make your own comments .
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on 28 June 2017
The story of troubled relationship. I always feel that the writer takes a lot of effort in writing book.
The subject is relevant and the character as well but seems odly written
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on 11 May 2016
A very awesome way to express youth, friends, love, fantasy, marriage, and an egoistic husband.. Loved the climax of the story..
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