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on 10 October 2017
Must Read.
The open loot of public money during UPA time is well described.
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on 14 November 2017
worth reading Book. Gave insights about a civil servant life in his official capacity.
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on 2 November 2017
Language is good and simple and quality of book is also too good
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on 29 March 2017
good read.. value for money
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 2 February 2015
The former Controller & Auditor General of India (CAG), Vinod Rai proved himself to be an upright and bold IAS officer who reported, through auditing of the account books, compliances and performance of various Ministries of the Central Government led by Dr. Manmohan Singh, scams that were unprecedented in magnitude. CAG's reports tabled in the Parliament brought to light massive corruption in the issue of 2G telecom licences, management of the Commonwealth Games, acquisition of new airplanes by Air India, allocation of coal mines to private parties, and prospecting for hydrocarbons (crude oil and gas) by the Government jointly with Reliance Industries.

Rai has clearly explained in the book how the established procedures and systems were manipulated with impunity by D. Raja of DMK, Suresh Kalmadi of the Congress Party, Praful Patel of NCP, Jaiswal of the Congress Party, etc., with Dr. Manmohan Singh playing the role of a benign and helpless Dhritarashtra. Inspite of the senior positions he held with distinction at different times as Economic Adviser in MOF, RBI Governor, Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission and Union Finance Minister, and his impeccable personal integrity, Dr. Manmohan Singh turned out to be a puppet and ineffective Prime Minister and a mute spectator to looting of the country's resources by his political supporters in the Congress Party and its coalition partners. Moreover, Kapil Sibal, Digvijay Singh and Manish Tiwari, who had vociferously put up defence of the Congress Party and its coalition partners embroiled in various scams, proved themselves to be unreliable spokesmen, which was only expected of them.

Rai writes that whenever a politician of the ruling party is caught red-handed in a scam, his or her party loftily declares that "the law will take its own course", but he goes on to add tellingly that in all most all such cases the law is not allowed to take its own course and the culprits are allowed to go scotfree.

Rai faced a lot of criticism for his audit findings and reporting but escaped retribution by the Congree Party-led coalition government only because CAG's is a constitutional post and therefore he could not have been removed from office without impeachment which requires approval of at least 2/3 members of the Parliament, and which the ruling coalition parties did not add up to. (In the case of a highly respected and competent banker, R.K. Talwar, in the mid 1970s during the Emergency, his tenure as the whole-time Chairman of the State Bank of India was abruptly and vindictively curtailed by Indira Gandhi-led Congress Party government by amending the State Bank of India Act only because he denied bank loans to a business group of Jaipur with a questionable track record, that Indira Gandhi's younger son, Sanjay Gandhi who had no locus standi in the government, had recommended for financial assitance to.) There was also a move by the ruling coalition parties to appoint 2 more members of CAG like the Election Commission has, in order to clip Rai's wings but the Indian Constitution does not have a provision for such appointments and therefore the move was not pursued. Clearly, constitutional protection to his tenure, the massive scale of malfeasance in the government and Rai's inherently upright nature emboldened him to report on the functioning of Dr. Manmohan Singh's government.

The book is well written, interspersed with some interesting anecdotes, explaining in simple language facts as they unfolded during CAG's audit. It does not have literary pretentions and whoddunit suspense and drama because the print and TV media had extensively covered the scams, but that does not make the book less interesting to read.
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on 1 November 2014
A concise book written in simple English. It contains many irrefutable facts. The author comes across as an upright bureaucrat with wide ranging experience. I am not surprised he was a thorn in the path of corrupt politicians. This book should interest readers who want more than a glimpse of the machinations of government and how, even in the corrupt environment of governance that exists today, an upright officer can stand his ground and not be browbeaten. Mr. Vinod Rai has done a commendable job and has led by example. He is most certainly 'Not Just An Accountant' and he has proved to be 'The Nation's Conscience Keeper'. May his tribe increase!
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on 26 October 2014
A Grand Salute To Vinod Rai for doing his duty honestly throughout his career .. Every Indian should read this book .. This book will tell you the reality .. This book has unbiased accounts of every scam , that how it unfolded , what were its repercussions and all ..Vinod Rai should be given Bharat Ratna for doing his duty properly under such immense political pressure..
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on 15 November 2017
An amazing book that highlights poor and corrupt decision making process of the UPA govt between 2004-14. Systematically and in almost every govt dept, rules were flouted, cronies were favoured and politicians flourished leading to the country suffering huge financial losses. The author is well in a position to say so, having had a close view of decision making at high levels. The author, Vinod Rai, in his concluding chapter makes a passionate plea for probity in high places, Accountability and Transparency which are the hallmark of a true democracy. We can't help wishing that Rai continues such committed work even after his retirement from the bureaucracy.
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on 2 August 2017
A shocking revelation of the working of the Congress govt. for past 10 years. It looks like the big bosses have lost the art of replying answers to letters. Scam after Scam,how the citizens have been looted of their tax payers money by the same reprasenatives they elected.WELL DONE MR. VINOD RAI.
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on 29 April 2017
Overall, a good book. While the author brings up good points, he has added so many details that it becomes a little too tedious for a lay reader who is typically looking for an overall analysis to understand the issue. Does not make for easy reading in some sections. Further, I sensed a tendency of the author slipping into a defensive mode vis-a-vis CAG. Otherwise, the book throws good light on some of the biggest scams in India. Worth reading...
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