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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
This Was a Man
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Price:₹ 300.00

on 17 November 2017
Last year when I picked up the first Harry Potter book when it came highly recommended by my couple of friends and a cousin – until that moment I always thought it was a case of “Much ado about nothing” and today after finishing another series of 7 books from yet another British writer – I post this review having a “Severus Snape” like hair style, wearing a Harry Potter T shirt. Imagine what impression these books leave on my fragile soul :). Another friend told me that she cried while ending the seventh book and it wasn’t any different for me too as a tear actually almost rolled down my eye (twice) as I finished the last chapter “The End” and as the German wall came crashing down and at the very end – WOW!. Fantastic, Mind-blowing and just terrific was this book series which will be on the back of my head for a long long time. Amazon yet again goofed up the delivery of the last book as I always wanted to read the last book as a paperback but had to settle finally for a kindle version as just couldn’t resist waiting another couple of days for the delivery to arrive and I am glad I did that. And if I didn’t mention earlier – even in this series one of the main character happens to be named “Harry (Clifton)”, couldn’t just be a co-incidence you see.

Much against the general opinion of people who read the series and claimed that the last book was underwhelming – I would like to counter that because I totally loved it and will call it a perfect ending. Yes, it doesn’t comes any closer to the first two for sure but is certainly way better then the last four and a perfect finale I will say. Here too Lady Virginia bounces back with a vengeance and her story takes an amazing (hilarious) turn as we expect no less then what actually happens to her – Karma at its best. The way Jeffrey has covered the seven decades in the life of the trio of Harry, Emma and Giles progresses in life and achieves what they achieve together against all odds is simply commendable, from kids at a primary school to great grandfather and grand fathers respectively plus the added important episodes from history make it a damn good read. Also as Harry’s last book comes to an end (book inside a book) – I guess all the fans will definitely look forward to the same booking coming to stands this year some time soon by Jeffrey Archer named “Heads You Win”, what a superb idea. I wish I could come across Jeffrey Archer in real life so I get an opportunity to take out my pen and raise in respect – if you know what I mean.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 21 April 2017
Great book. Jeffrey archer sure knows how to weave a tale spanning over lifetimes. Was hooked from page 1 and couldnt let go till the last page. There were a few dull moments in between and a few unnecessary side tracks, but overall a great book. Fantastic packaging and delivery by amazon
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on 11 December 2017
Wonderful writing skills displayed once again. A story so harmoniously weaved that it makes the reader feel as he is a part of a powerful family. Details of the functionality of the British offices of power, life of an author, success and fall, are all woven with a flow that it simply dissolves into the reader’s mind enlightening him of realities, making him pick up one book after the other!
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on 7 May 2017
The book was culmination of Clifton Chronicles a saga spread over four generations. It had become slight drag however it merited reading as to know how the author ended the entire saga.The last of the sereis was on expected lines as characters had become too familiar. Over all a good book.
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on 10 March 2017
"This was the man" mark Anthony says this of Julius Caesar in Shakespeare's eponymous play, not about Brutus!!! What happened - were the editors sleeping?

And the final novel in the series is a complete damp squib after the highs of the previous novels in the series
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on 25 September 2017
This book along with the predecessors in the series makes one a believer of the mightiness of the pen in the hands of the gods weilding it. It's not just an excellent example of storytelling, but also an illustration of the best human values that the world could emulate. I would recommend it to anyone who could possibly read. My words definitely fall too short to do justice to this work.
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on 27 December 2016
Thoroughly gutted at how dull and drab the plot was. I was hoping for a grand finish, instead the novel and series ended so abruptly that I was left wondering what I'd just read. Even for a die-hard fan, it's difficult to praise the maverick author for a lacklustre piece in an otherwise riveting series.
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on 14 June 2017
Jeffrey Archer's earlier works were much much superior. His later works seem all forced, following expected lines.
So yes as a writer his writing is good but as a story teller he is waning. Sad. Because he is still one of my favourite authors.
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on 7 March 2017
It isn't in the range of his other books, it isn't gripping and can't hold its own... I believe Archer was in a hurry to finish the series....
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on 29 December 2016
I must say I reading him for the first time but he did made me hang to his book.
Impressed by him
ordered his previous books too now .hoping a great reading time.
Thank you to him
and Amazon too.
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