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3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on 18 September 2013
How would you feel if you got what you really wanted? What would you do if you were given the power to change the world?

Turbulence is the latest novel by Samit Basu, Turbulence is fast phased fantasy fiction novel featuring super humans. Super Heroes are always being loved by fantasy fiction fans, Super Heroes like Super Man, Iron Man and Bat Man.

Everyone on BA flight 142 from London to Delhi got off it with a unique superpower. The power they willed, the power they wanted the most, the power they dreamed while on the plane and when they woke up from that dream they all got the power they dreamed of (Interesting, right?).

The story revolves around the few Indian passengers from the flight 142. Vir is an air force pilot who got the power of flying and now he can fly like fighter jet or like superman. Uzma, a British-Pakistani aspiring Bollywood actress, now possesses infinite charisma. Tia, a housewife from the troubled Indian north-east, can now live out all the lives she dreamed of by splitting into herself in multiple bodies. Aman Sen who got the power from which he can manipulate all the communication networks including internet from his mind.

Some one is killing the passengers from BA flight 142 randomly and many passengers from the BA flight 142 are missing and only person knows about this is Aman Sen due to his communication powers.

They are not the only ones on that BA flight 142, there were other people on flight, Criminals, Politicians, Cricketers, Foreigners and many more. Aman Sen Communicate with the persons on BA flight 142 and unite them to fight the super powered villeins or super-villeins who are killing all the other people on that flight. They all must decide what to do with there power and decide quickly because there is no time!

This book has superhuman with super powers, politics, end of world scenarios and limits of human responsibility. So “What would you do if you were given the power to change the world?”, Will you help the world? or Try destroy it? or Make yourself Billionaire with help of your power? How will you use your power?
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on 24 June 2014
Turbulence was one of the books that exceeded my expectations.The story starts in a comic and usual super-hero style intro but from second chapter Samit Basu shows his skills. The narration was good,had really good funny dialogues at some places. The book is a big relief in a way that it describes the deeds of a group of super-powered people who tries to shun away their powers and lead a normal life rather than being like Avengers or X-Men.
The plot was definitely unique and interesting. All the characters had some true justification for their deeds. The author uses simple words to narrate and it makes easy to go with the flow of the story.
There are interesting powers for the chatacters. Tia can replicate herself and do multiple tasks and combine later (if that replica survives! ) She goes for fashion designing, attacks an army base,watches multiple TV channels etc. Aman,the guy who can connect to any network in the world has one interesting and unique power. A group of such people is opposed by mighty powered invincible super-villains. The clashes between them and its description was really thrilling and presented in front of my eyes.
Overall, this book is a funny,comical yet serious at places when needed. Heard that it's sequel is going to be launched soon. I'm eagerly waiting for that !
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on 2 January 2017
Brilliant fun. Super engaging and funny
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on 7 June 2017
If you are fan of super hero novels then you will like it otherwise, it would be a waste of time and money.
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on 26 August 2016
Turbulence is what happens when you are a fan of super heroes, comics and an active imagination. The author imagines a world where humans have super powers and yet end up fighting each other like we mortal humans do just with super gadgets and super powers we usually dream of having. Take away from the story - while it will make for a not so fun movie it will remind you to think what you wish for as you might just get your wishes granted.
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