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4.6 | 38 customer reviews
35 of the 38 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Points to be noted while buying musical instruments online-
Be extra sure about the seller.
Read their reviews.
See if returns are accepted.
About the product.
No eqs, no outs, no bag attached. Just plain original size soprano ukulele.
Best ukulele for the budget.
Sweet original sound.
Good quality wood (mahagony which is best for indian climate).
Really good quality strings (nylgut).
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By atheeth muthava
Voice and quality of product is astonishing. In love with the product.

MRP on the product as per Box is 3740 but the Seller @BanjaaoMusic is selling it at 6700 (with 32 discount comes around 4541). Rs 801 Higher than MRP.

Still product is great. Very happy.
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By Gaurav Kataria
The best thing about the Kala KA-15S Mahogany soprano ukulele is that doesn't get out of tune easily. Intonation is nice, produces a sweet and mellow sound when fitted with Aquila Nylgut strings. This one came prefitted (And I'm glad it did.)

But why buy a ukulele that is priced at INR 8000 when there are a lot more cheaper options? Well, try them and the difference is quite evident. This ukulele is for those who are serious learners but want to invest in some quality product.

If you are a guitar player, you'd probably think that the sound is not "whole" OR "FULL" enough, but trust me, that's how it is supposed to sound. The rosewood fretboard is sturdy, which is nice. Haven't tried using a felt plectrum with it yet. Will update this review once I do.
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By Shreyasee
4.0 | 503 customer reviews
395 of the 503 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
There is absolutely no question that this is a very good Uke. Really pleasing sound. Please do not compare it to Tenor or Baritones.
If you are a beginner, go to and learn how to use it, like I did. Tuning is very easy. If you have a bit of music experience, you do not need a digi tuner. Stays in tune for a couple of days, if you leave it like that. But it is recommended to loosen the strings a bit when you are done for the day. This is better for the nylon strings durability.
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By Prasanth Ajithkumar
I'm a beginner just like most people opting for an ukulele but I had gone through alot of ukuleles before buying this. As you can see from the fingerboard to the base of the uku this product is damaged. Do check for all the places I have shown on the ukulele when purchasing anywhere as this should cover all the flaws there can be in the instrument. Btw there was broken pieces of wood inside the sound hole too but I couldn't get a clearer image to show.

Earlier I had given this product 1 star and for the obvious reasons but I got easy replacement and my new ukulele is just superb. I'm changing my review but keeping the pics uploaded so others can check for flaws which may be present. Good luck and peace to all
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By Armaan S.
product price
4.0 | 226 customer reviews
167 of the 226 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is a really good Ukulele for such a reasonable price. The quality is excellent and the sound is alright.
1. It has geared tuning pegs. So the tuning stays. I've been playing it for 3 days. Only the last string goes out of tune after playing for a while, which I hope will set soon.
2. This is a soprano sized Uke. Would be ideal for kids and people with small fingers. However, if you have big hands, I would recommend the Concert size instead.
3. The strings are at a proper distance from the fret board. So even kids will be able to play it comfortably.
4. The sides of the fret board are smooth and there are no rough edges. Very careful finishing. The fret board is a little dry, but other than that, there are no major complaints on this Uke.
5. It comes with a basic tuner and a gig
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By Durga
I’m a guitar player and wanted to try Ukulele.Ive visited furtados/bharatmusical and what not but the prices were 3k and above for a decent Ukulele.At this price, you’re getting a very good deal. Plays well, built quality is good, comes with a tuner and a cover.Finishing could’ve been better but at this price, it’s too much to ask for.Also, this does NOT have a truss rod. Hope this helps(packaging is intact, don’t worry about damages)
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By Anirudh
After years in latency there was this phase when my desire to strum and create music (apart from loving listening it) sprung maximally. So out of hesitancy i decided to pick up the simplest string instrument. Chose this one. And my review here shall reflect utmost honesty. Anytime in life when you decide and actually get started with any instrument the essential qualities you would need is PASSION SKILL AND LOT OF PATIENCE. So passion is something like a seed that has capacity to grow for centuries skill is how DEEP that plowed seed take roots inside soil and how faster(The more practice paves way to growing skills and eventually HYPERSKILLS !!) Finally patience that needs help of perseverance and discipline i.e the tree grows big and strong but need its own time. I gave small amounts of persistent time and i grew from NOTHING TO LEARNING HALF A DOZEN
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By Amazon Customer
4.0 | 124 customer reviews
105 of the 124 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Ordered on 27 June 2015 (2.40 pm)
Delivered on 28 June 2015 (1.30 pm)

The packaging is adequate and doesn't use excessive cardboard or packaging material. The tuner and 1 single-cell round battery are within a small box

The tuner is the perfect size - not too small or big and quite ergonomic. The clip on is sturdy, tight and stays on quite robustly on the guitar. It swivels 360° and thus can be used easily by both left and right handed guitarists.

A very good product at an excellent price (Rs. 499). The MRP listed on the product is Rs. 1100.
I have an acoustic box guitar and it helped me tune it in under a minute!

All in all - a fantastic product at a great price. I'm very happy with this purchase and definitely recommend this for beginners and advanced players.
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By Karthik Krishnan
It's pretty good, works fine. I can tune both my Guitar and Violin in no time.

And people who said that it doesn't work for violin, don't believe that. It works perfectly with Violin, some people said that the clip is too small for violin, I'd say that's bullshit. You have to attach the clip on the scroll of your violin, not on the neck or fingerboard. Overall it's a decent product, now my only concern is for how long will it last. I'll let you know once I find that out.
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By Srabandhara
what I don't like = it's a tad bit slow, . slower than the app on my phone.
what I like = it's reasonably accurate and does help tune in a noisy room.

I recommend this Eno music China tuner rebranded as Hero Gadget only to beginners / freshers.

But if ur ears and fingers are skilled. u need to look else where for a better and faster responding product.
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By Isa A Piramal
4.0 | 92 customer reviews
73 of the 92 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Got this cute ukulele for 1,745 rs.

Few important things :

Some people might mistaken that this is for kids because of its size, but its for everyone and it clearly says SOPRANO which obviously is smaller than a CONCERT ukulele.

Personally, i like wooden finish compared to the glossy counterparts and this one looks absolutely good.

As it is shown, it comes with Aquila's nylon strings which stretch, so you might need to retune overtime. Also,

It IS normal for an ‘ukulele to drift out of tune if you:
¬Haven’t played it in a while
¬Just changed strings
¬Or just switched environments (like temperature )
Some ‘ukuleles simply stay in tune better than others.

The gig bag is of low quality but you cant ask for more for that price.
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By Tejas
Pretty good.
If the strings are going out of tune, use your thumb and fingers to stretch the strings to help them settle faster (watch a YouTube video to see how)
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By blah
This sounded amazing ... it will be out of tune at the beginning ....but it's common...nice packaging... thankyou Amazon and looks cute too...and best available for this range ... especially the Aquila string for this low cost 😎... overall satisfactory for a beginner
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By jane
product price
4.0 | 83 customer reviews
68 of the 83 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I been playing guitar since 4 years and playing ukulele was my Wish So from the last week i was thinking to buy one for myself and here on this ukulele Review in saw the other people reviews there were only two but most important thing was that they were positive so i ordered it And today i got it delivered. Packaging was so well and when i saw the ukulele i just feel in love with it.
Really its Well made
And Dont judge it from the picture that amazon has uploaded in reality its far far more better.
And i played it and the sound was awsome.
Guys look this is the best deal you can ever make in this price range.
Build is Neat And Clean
Sounds Great
Have a look at the pictures that i have uploaded You will get to know what i am trying to say.
Wrote this review for you
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By Karan Soti Magar
I am a guitar player playing for 4 years and i must tell the quality is comparable to guitars costing 9000 to 12000. The size is quite good and comfortable. Don't go for the kadence ukes which come with tuner and equalizer, and if you are a begineer trying to decide between guitar and uke or different sizes of uke, stop you research and just buy this one, trust me. And if you are left handed all you need to do is put the second string in place of the third and vice versa. Happy ukeing...
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By Hardik
concert ukulele 24 inches . The body is bigger and the neck is longer with more room between the frets, thus making it a little bit easier to handle. It has — like the soprano — that typical and classic ukulele sound and is a bit louder. It's worth the price. Recommended for beginners like me. And yes it came with a bag 😊
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By renpuppypaws
3.9 | 239 customer reviews
180 of the 239 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
While I would have much preferred buying a more expensive Ukulele such as those by Kala, their lack of availability led me to buy this Ukulele by Kadence.
Bought it for ₹1990/- in a lightning deal. It was delivered in three days with Prime.

I have been using the Ukulele for just three days now and, coming from a guitar background, I immediately felt at home. While it took a while to get used to the smaller sized frets, very soon I was jamming some sweet tunes.

The Ukulele sounds lively and is comfortable to play. There is not much action(distance between strings and frets) which makes it very easy and comfortable to play, especially for beginners.

The finish of the Ukulele is good. I did not find any flaws in the fixtures and workmanship. They have not used a lot of wax on the surface but I feel this gives the Uke a
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By Shravan
Absolutely authentic kadence brand. This is in every aspect perfect. This is the best gift from amazon. The gig bag though not very high quality is very much utilizable. The tuner is authentic kadence. Sounds great. And the tuning stays for really long period. Thank you amazon. Thank you very much.
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By Diptanshu B.
Looks are awesome, but that's it. Sounds like a toy. If you see ukulele's reviews in youtube, even a 20$ ukulele sounds sweet. This one costs more than that but it makes lifeless sounds like "tung" "tung". No amount of tuning will improve it. Waste of money.
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By Raj
product price
4.0 | 43 customer reviews
37 of the 43 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
300-days use product review! (Pineapple Ukulele)
Instrument played on average for 3 hours a day, everyday for the past 300 days odd.
Well, I'm a music teacher and a instruments aficionado based out of Bangalore and I can tell you this is the BEST instrument you can buy to kick off your musical impulse. Compact, clean, easily stored, effortlessly transported and affordable, Very few wooden instruments can be bought online of such quality. I have recommended this to everybody with no age barrier interested in learning an instrument or the ukulele.
Also perfect for small parties & occasions to show- off your newly acquired musical talent. A great topic for conversations too.
This is stringed with average Aquila ukulele nylon strings that haven't lost its tone for 3 months now. Fret height and spacing is just perfect.
Perfectly packaged, Delivered on time, Not the slightest of blemishes. I cannot stress enough about the surprising premium
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By Rayvin Bruce
I received it yesterday. It's really sounds great.. I tuned it through an Android app and it was very easy. I guess it is the best ukulele for the beginners. Just love the color of this ukulele, it is very elegant and those who saw it for the first time, they loved it. I would recommend to those who have no idea about ukulele, go and order this one. It really worth buying. Best thing with the best price. I ordered it when deal was going on and I got 300 Rupees discount. 😊
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By Prem Kumar
Very happy with the product because of its exceptional sound and wonderful finish,i've been playing guitar for 8 years and wanted to try my hand at some other easy instruments so i thought of ukulele.i'm truly very pleased that I chose this ukulele as my starter is just about perfect in almost every way imaginable,except for the part that it cannot be connected electrically to amplify it or record it using laptops.


- all the strings hold their tuning for a reasonable amount of time,as opposed to other cheaper ukuleles where i have seen users complaint about strings going out of tune very easily,this instrument seems to work just fine. yeah the E string initally had a bit of a problem of going out of tune,but it got resolved as i played along ( have been playing it daily for over 40 days now).

-the body of the ukulele looks
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By Mister Roboto
3.8 | 217 customer reviews
150 of the 217 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
First of all thanks to Amazon for quick delivery. I got this product as it is shown in picture. equalizer is also good. Sound is also very good. Secondly I ask a question to Amazon about any kind of gig bag supplied with this product. some customer said no, it does not.but I am lucky, that I have received a bag with this product. Also a battery for the equalizer and a Kadence tuner is inside the packet.Packetting is also very good.
I can recommend this product as good ukelele in cheap price.
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By Satyaki Mandal
Was really skeptical about buying a musical instrument online but went for it...Received it in perfect condition and of a good quality...Thanks
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By Binzo
When connected to the amp, there is a lot of noise when the volume is less than 100. When the volume is 100, it has almost no noise. Bass and treble slides work well. High treble induces noise. Build quality is good, but not great. Few frets edges are sharp. Finishing of the product could have been better. Action is good. For the product I received, the equillizer is well fit. Tuning machines are smooth. Bridge is proper in height.
Open string and 12th fret notes do not match.
The tuner that comes with this is good and does the job.

It's a fairly good deal for the price it comes for.
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By Imran K
4.6 | 7 customer reviews
7 of the 7 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I am really enjoying this piece. The sound is soothing. You can't get a ukulele this good with this price tag. I seriously don't have any complaint from it. It's been 3 months since I am playing this ukulele and I have learnt a lot. It takes less than 3 min to tune it and tuning lasts for 2-3 days. It was my 1st instrument and I am loving it. Any query? Contact: @.predictablly_irrational on Instagram.
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By Vishwas Sachdeva
The product is very good, the finishing & the packaging everything is good , sound quality up to the mark. Best for beginners, but the price is quite high for rs 2650 u’re getting only the product & the bag , it would have much better if they also provide some other accessories with it like plactrums or it could just lower the price a bit.
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By bharati m.
Like the sound but tuners are bit loose repeatedly need to tune the ukulele again and again...!
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By sid mark
product price
4.0 | 24 customer reviews
18 of the 24 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very satisfied with the product ...amazing quality ...I was hoping the black color isn’t a dull black ...and it wasn’t’s perfect...recommend to buy especially for beginners
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By Sneha
I received a damaged product, but itherwise the built quality is better than I expexted. Looks premium, the Nylon strings do go out of tune pretty fast but overtime it should stabalize. The sound quality is a bit underwhelming but it's just a 50$ Ukulele so I'll be getting the same product back one the replacement is done. Worth the money!
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By Pranjal
Just a very basic Ukulele..
The finish is not what I expected.. black is not matte.. but rather a cheap look finish. Can’t say if the price is justified..
The gain on the wood is ugly, and whole uke look like painted black on a cheap plywood.
Quality is not up to my expectations & there are many issues here and there. But it is what it is.
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By Vipul
product price
4.0 | 24 customer reviews
18 of the 24 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I had decided to buy my first instrument and so my search began. I wanted to buy a Ukulele and I knew it had to be a Tenor. I'm all for deep sounds and warmer tones. Could have bought a Baritone but could just as easily have bought a smaller guitar I'm that case! Anyway, the minute I saw this online, I knew that this was my Uke. Sleek in design. It's comfortable to play in both settings - sitting and standing. Has a rich tone. Great gear! The wood is mahogany - everyone knows what that means - BEST FIRST UKULELE EVER!
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By Prachi
The instrument arrived properly packed and in time. It has a pleasant sound and a very classy finish. Basically i was in love with it the moment I received it! Since these are nylon strings they get de-tuned very fast specially when new. Once you have used it for a long time the strings get adjusted.
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By Divya B
It's totally a fine little thing that can cheer u up with its music....
Amazon has delivered it in a really good condition 👍👌
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By Sakuntala Roy
3.9 | 23 customer reviews
18 of the 23 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I got the wrong colour.I got the green apple burst instead of the green burst but I loved it so I didn't complain or return it.As for the ukelele goes it is amazing to play on and has exceeded my expectations.
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By Amazon Customer
Really nice uke, writing this review after a week and initially the tuning would go off in a bit but now not so much... I had an Ashton uke before and compared to that this is a gazillion times better.. good action and sound is nice and bright.. I guess the Aquila strings really do make a difference ...
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By Amazon Customer
The make and the build quality were excellent. However, the strings weren't sounding right, even after tuning, especially the A chord. I wouldn't recommend this to a beginner since music isn't something you should have to unlearn. Two stars for good delivery, a bag provided in the packaging and great aesthetic contours.
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By Vishal Kamalaksha
3.7 | 278 customer reviews
180 of the 278 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is a cute little tuner. Very handy and worth the price. I used it to tune my guitar and now it sounds perfect. Pretty Easy to figure out it's usage and yeah it sometimes doesn't catch a note, but when you play a little louder it finally catches it. I've been looking for a nice tuner, used some apps also. And finally settled for this one. You can tune violin also with this. In the institute where I learnt violin and guitar everyone has the same piece. so just go for it guys! ☺️ you'll have no regrets.
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By Pratz
My personal experience with the product has been amazing. I do have android app to tune my guitar but find this worth every penny. I have tried using three different tuners but have found this to be closest to what I desire. Recommended.
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By Sandeep Bhasin
It's okay.Clip,machine,screen,battery all are fine.But it CANNOT detect sound with an wide range.For a tuner app any sound whether high frequency or low is captured and showed scale and freq.But for this tuner only sounds originated from violin,guitar,ukulele and bass are captured and not in an wide range.I bought it to tune violin and guitar.The sound is required to be played right in front of the tuner,right at its face,then it will show scale....Well,it's a decent one in this price.
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By Souradip P.
4.1 | 10 customer reviews
8 of the 10 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Thank you dear Team Musoo. It is a very good ukulele for beginners. Al the way from Shanghai to Bengaluru, came in just 8 days.
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By tusar
After placing the order I was a bit nervous about the product and its quality. When I was delivered to me I found out that it was beyond my expectations and I don't regret at all for purchasing it. The color is elegant and the size was what exactly I was looking for. The sound quality is also okay. The delivery was sooner than expected. Quiet satisfied. Thanks Amazon for the quick delivery.
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By Kekhouravi K.
Nice product. Nice sound quality. I was little bit nervous to buy ukulele in online. But, it is really aswm. In this money the extra things that u will get freely is expensiv in market. Extra string, Kepo, a guide book, plaketerm,and two other things also. It seems to see 21inch ukulele that it is so much small. But, don't worry, it is so much light in Weight, easy carriable. Buy it. Don't go to buy this in Market,because what you Will get freely you have to spend more than 300 rs, in market.
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By Kalyan Biswas
product price
4.0 | 9 customer reviews
6 of the 9 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I was sceptic when i first ordered the product, as Kadence was a new brand i had doubts regarding their product but surprisingly it turned out to super awesome. The build quality is very decent and the sound it produces is just marvelous. Only down thing i say about it is that it doesn't have a builtin pre-amp on it. It has been almost a year that im using this for mainstream music production and I've been nothing but happy with it.
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By Sahil Maharjan
The build quality is very decent .
But it is a bit small for grown ups, this is a soprano type.
I will suggest others to go for concert or tenor type of ukulele
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By Sumit Khandelwal
The product is nice, however I did not receive a bag with it to store it or carry it conveniently.
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By Riti Nauharia
4.1 | 6 customer reviews
5 of the 6 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The UK190 looks cute, sounds great. Got it as a birthday gift for my mum, and she is in love with it. It has good quality strings. Stays in tune once tuned properly and thoroughly. Although, it was quite dusty when we received it. But apart from that, Killer!
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By shweta
Ukulele is better in sound and design..But while claiming warrenty on it is not accepting order id...
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By Amazon Customer
Tuning problem. Not good for beginners. Costly Enhance your budget and go for Hertz concert ukulele.
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4.1 | 5 customer reviews
4 of the 5 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The best ever beginner ukulele
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Its very good I like it
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By tongmenlemtur
Not satisfied. Build quality very poor
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By Roy
product price
3.7 | 16 customer reviews
11 of the 16 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
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Perfect little bag for my Ukulele. Easy to carry around. Handy. Straps and pockets.
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By Prachi
Terrible product at a crazy price. It offers no padding or protection at all. I bought cheaper Bajao Gig bag for a friend and it has way more padding. Also there is no branding at all which would atleast impart some brand value to it.

Complete waste. DO NOT BUY
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By Triambak Kala
3.7 | 14 customer reviews
11 of the 14 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This product is amazing!! Strings are perfect. Pegs are okay. Wood quality and design is amazing too. Strings are attached perfectly. Came on time. Sound is beautiful. Bag isn't of best quality and doesn't have any straps like backpacks. Though, it can still protect the ukulele. I could really make some nice music out of this! If anyone is planning on buying it.... GO FOR IT!!
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By P. B.
After using for 2 and half months, I’m writing this review!.

It looks so good.
Sounding is good.
Handling is good.
Premium quality.
Extra set of strings.

Nice packing.

It takes some time for the new strings to stay on tune, as they were new strings, until the elasticity of the nylon string is gone, you will see the ukulele going out of tune when ever you play!.. after couple of days, it will be fine!.. ukulele stay on tune.

Some times I hear uzzz vibrating noise while playing, it is maybe because I’m playing little harder!.

Over all, this Ukulele is awesome and worth buying for this money!.
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By Jonathan Casio
It is lovely and good. I have enjoyed with it Ukulele. The other things was that when I tried to make a tune of string it got lose and lose and I can't adjust the proper sound for the tune so, but other else was all good
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By Jonom Bru