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4.6 | 2,758 customer reviews
2,494 of the 2,758 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
What a wonderful feeling to grab these cards and get to play with them again.

Brought back childhood memories when a gang of cousins and friends used to sit in a circle and play all day long.

Superb quality and packaging.

Includes a special card called 'SWAP HANDS' which was new to me. Have 3 extra empty 'WILD' cards included, which we used to call 🃏 joker and which are used when one of the cards is lost.

Loved the product, the packaging and the price too.
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By GrishReviews
It's fun to have these cards. I always carry these cards in long journey or travelling. It turns out boring journey into playful and enjoyable one. Its very easy to play game. Inside you will find small guide/book which is helpful if you don't know how to play.

It will definitely create memorable time with friends and family. You must have more than 1 set to play with more than 5 people. It will add more fun and you will enjoy it more.
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By Vinay Abnave
The quality of the cards are very good. It also gives three blank cards which can be customised and used along with the existing cards.
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By Sarthak
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4.7 | 391 customer reviews
373 of the 391 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Bought this game after reading the Amazon reviews though I wasn’t very sure whether it would really be fun to play.
We played the game in a group of 4 adults and 1 child(7.5 years old) and surprisingly, all of us had equal amounts of fun. In fact the child could beat most adults as it’s just a game of concentration(no strategy as such required) 😜.
So yes, I would recommend this game as it’s good fun for everyone.
The best part is that there are multiple mini games that you can play with these Dobble cards. So if your group starts feeling bored with one particular mini-game, then you can always switch to another mini game. So that way, you always get a variety.
Also, the game ends very quickly. So it’s an awesome game for parties when you have a mixed crowd and not everyone may be a serious board games type
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By Di
This comes in a good quality tin. Cards are of good quality too. The rule booklet has 5 mini games. But this has enless possibilities. We split two teams and one player from each team comes up and finds the same image and acts it to the team. The team which finds the image in less time wins.

Likewise so many games can be thought of.
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By Padmini Mohan
Fun to play for adults too. Surprisingly difficult in the beginning and good game to pass time. Warning: if you play this for 2 hrs straight, you will get dizziness and headache from all the concentration and frustration :)
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4.5 | 1,345 customer reviews
1,196 of the 1,345 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The size was a bit smaller (than I expected)but very well made, without any sharp edges and smooth. It was instant hit among kids (my 3 year old daughter, 6 years old nephew and 10 years old niece ). I was surprised to see the patience kids showed in playing the game and they did very well. My little daughter uses them to build small structures too like desks, chairs, class rooms :) so yeah, it's giving her a sense of patience to sit and play rather than running around breaking things !
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By Nitin Singh
Great game and great product. Below are some product features observed by me:

The game rules are well articulated inside the box
The material of the wood is very smooth. The beauty of the game lies in the evenness of the wooden block which is well justified by Funskool
The game can be played and gifted to any age group
The quality of the wood is great. It withstands the fall and does not break or get tampered at the sides

Seeing the material costing the price seems to be slightly higher but most of you would settle for the mentioned price for the awesome game it is.

Great delivery by Amazon and overall a good product by Funskool
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By ViP
Good product.....But the packaging did not look new, although inside it was a new one
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By Vikrant suryawanshi
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4.6 | 500 customer reviews
463 of the 500 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very good game, 2 players game,, from 6+ to adult, play hole day u never boored With this, durable, use as travel game also, my daughter, me and and my husband love to play this
Thank to Funskool for good quality and affordable price,, kids love and bless you guys, they all love to receive this,,, good delivery.
Highly recommended 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 go for it, and rock your summer.
Thanks ☺
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By preeti
Its a game for two players. Its a mind game and involves the child well. It consists of a frame and coin size plastic pieces in yellow and red. The game entails aligning any four of same colour in one line. I got it lesser than the market price. My six year daughter loves playing this one. Worth the money. The packing was good . Overall a good product for your child.
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By Neet
There is a mismatch in the no. of Red & Yellow checkers mentioned on the pack and that provided. Lower bracket of the board is loose and coming off every now and then making the checkers fall all of a sudden in between the game.
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By Amazon Customer
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4.5 | 1,036 customer reviews
928 of the 1,036 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Simply loved everything about these star links. They actually remind me of the Chemical Structures, Lol...

Made of high quality plastic just like all the other Funskool products. The shape makes it easy for the child to hold them. Attempting to link and de-link streghthens the grasping skill of the infants and toddlers. Light in weight and comes in bright and attractive colors. I never really supervised my child and and confidently left him play with it alone from his 9th month.

Go for it without a second thought...
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By Vishnu
For my One and half year old daughter this was a good buy. The stars are big enough and there is no worry that she might swallow. Quality is good too. And, the best part is she loves it. One way pf playing with the kids with this thing is that you can rotate the stars as tops, and kid just loves to watch the rotating stars. She calls this toy her 'car'!!
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By uddip talukdar
I purchased it for my 1.5 yrs old niece. I thought it might help with her intelligence growth, but she eventually lost interest in it, because its was very difficult for her to connect the links, its very tight and hard even for elder's. The sellers should have marked the age range suitable for this toy. Feel cheated. May be its good for kids older than 3yrs. The toy material and color are good, but highly not recommended for baby's.
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By Kiren Chandh P R
4.5 | 997 customer reviews
891 of the 997 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
1. Value for money perfect gift option for our dear ones .
2. Material is very sturdy and safe for small kids
3. Learning + play games together is fun
4. Battery slot is fix with screw, thus kid can not open it themselves ...that’s the best part .
5. Recorded music + you can play piano both functions are there.
6. It comes with two packets of shapes and animals kids can fit them in given slot ..learning and fun together.
7. Door lock key is there .
8. The material is very good and generation of kids can play once you buy for one kid other kid in family can also play with it.
9. Washable ,durable,but always be near while kid is playing .
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By Vin raj
Its sturdy, its colorful, its musical, its safe and most importantly, it keeps the little ones busy.. its a great learning experience for them. Go for it..
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By Mr. Sankhyan
Fabulous product with so many features like door opening, animal sounds, gears on side,etc that kidcan be easily play for quite sometime. Sturdy as well tho LO hasn't dropped it yet :p. Would suggest other parents to grab it as well. Felt price lil high
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By Neeraj Parihar
4.5 | 914 customer reviews
831 of the 914 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It gets easy to memorise the geographical locations & capitals as compared to reading from books.
Children takes interest in learning from such types of activities & puzzles.
It is very helpful in increasing the general knowledge of children..
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By Aarti Jain
Price: 379/-
Delivery: 3 days, Prime, Bangalore
Package: came in box pack, no damage
Returnable: Yes

The product is Map of India with all states (removable) and kids can learn to fit them in order.

♦ Material is strong, looks like sponge fiber
♦ Has unique holes to hold flag strong in each state
♦ All 23 states are removable, so it must be placed on floor or on a board (Can't lift)
♦ ~35 flags for all states, islands, etc
♦ Box's back side has India Map
♦ Very colorful and engaging

--> Important note, the Map has a hole in every state and I advice parents to teach how to insert the flag. My son almost damaged two states by forcefully inserting the flag into some other part. It is hard to notice

This is really a good product, ideal for kids from 4-8 years and helps them learn and feel the size of
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By Bala J
The product is absolutely apt for kids of 6+ age.. The quality is awesome and the finish is in line with perfection.I would definitely recommend this product to everyone willing to teach states and capitals. Only negative point is the amount of cardboard and plastic wasted by Amazon to send this box.
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By Suraj Hinduja
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4.5 | 825 customer reviews
727 of the 825 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Product was sealed and intact. Wonderful game to play with family and friends. Love it!
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By Anant
Quality of cards is excellent.. They are so eye catching that kids loved playing with these UNO cards again and again. Also addition of special avenger card is a nice twist to usual UNO card game. I would recommend this Avenger UNO card game to all who love playing UNO and for also those who have not tried UNO yet.. Fun family game!!
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By Paraskumar
UNO is in itself a great game and UNO Flip takes the same game on a next level. It have more difficult penalties than the original UNO, plus the dark side cards looks pretty cool itself. Overall very happy with the purchase.

This is a must pickup for the original UNO lovers. :)
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By Rik Aiox
product price
4.5 | 791 customer reviews
714 of the 791 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
+ The stacking blocks are of good quality plastic.
+ Smaller in size, suitable for children as well as babies.

+ The colours are eye catching and vibrant, so it's easier for teaching your loved ones.

+ Made up of non toxic material so it's safe.
+ Mrp is 175. Best buy for the price of 150 or less.
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amazon so far is good for quality materials i started buying my all needs only from amazon , amazon cheers, keep it up the same quality and less cost compared to market price you will certainly win the race of business
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By vinay p
Nice toy for my 2 years baby to learn colors and to play herself.
The cubes are sturdy with nice colors. The bigger cube height 7CM and the smallest of 4CM height.
Nice Toy overall.
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By Ganesh Surisetty
product price
4.4 | 4,115 customer reviews
3,603 of the 4,115 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It was vry gd baby really like dis toys..Hi was playing..
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By Gitumoni Gohain
Looks good and seems to be decent quality. and very reasonably priced close to 150. would be nice if the orange and red ring had slightly different colors or a different size since the top 2 rings seem to be same color.
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By PK3
Quality is really good and it looks exactly the same it is displayed on amazon... coz its a piramal healthcare product.. so its trustworthy but some how doesn't attract much attention of 1 year old kids.. 1 star reduced for not able to keep kids engaged for long.
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By VSB...
product price
4.4 | 1,160 customer reviews
1,015 of the 1,160 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The description mentions "Swirling beads in the smallest ring", however this is not the case.
All 5 rings are plain. Plastic seems ok, not great, not bad.
I have the exact same product bought in a foreign country & the quality is not on par with the one I bought overseas. Yes, the cost of that one is higher, ( equivalent to INR 500), but considering the difference in quality, Fisher Price should atleast offer same features (ie swirling beads / rattle for the smallest ring)
Overall I am inclined to wonder if its a genuine FP product or not.
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By H R.
Quality is good.But it would have been better if it had a knob at the top.Pathetic packaging it was ok for personal use but if I wished to gift it it would have been a blunder.
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By Preeti
I did not know Fisher-Price manufactured in India as well. The product was badly packed. There was no Fisher-Price logo on the toy like it is on the international, made in China version. The finishing on the plastic rings was awful with crooked ridges which probably would need sanding down before handing it to a child. I returned it.
I desperately am looking for the original china made Fisher-Price Rock-a-Stack.But since this incident I am skeptical buying Fisher-Price products online for the fear of getting another of these very locally Sewri made, QC-skipped, made in India toys. For those who do not mind a little quality loss, this product might be right for the price.
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By P C
product price
4.6 | 291 customer reviews
265 of the 291 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought it thinking it’s for memory game but in real we could do much more. The card is apt size n thickness. It was nice to see that the manufacturer had also sent a plast zip lock inside the box for future storage.
It gets so much creative. Apart from memory game we played grouping ( animals eatables n things ) I pick a card n the Kid names the things. Colors sorting , I show the card n kid runs n finds the thing in the house etc. We totally love it..
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By Seetha
I gave 5sets of cards to my kid first then 10 sets. When kid learnt 1 set than I gave another. Kid is 2yrs. And able to match favorite cards cow, car, hourse, banana, elephant, aeroplane, apple etc.... remaining are difficult for this age. Hopefully after 2 -4 month kid will learn to match and use fully this product.
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By Mishra
This is a fun activity for a while but there's the danger of your toddler not caring to match the cards after some time. In my case, it became a game of identification soon and so half the cards became useless quite fast. However, the cards themselves are of good quality and the illustrations are quite good and your child might love browsing through them just for that.
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By Arjun
product price
4.5 | 441 customer reviews
393 of the 441 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought this for my 1 year old and she loves the stack and nest drums best. I was a bit unsure before buying this as I thought nothing could compare to Fisher-Price in terms of baby's safety but I was wrong. The toys included are perfectly safe. No choking hazard and no sharp edges. The stacking drums have an animal embossed on them. I've included a picture. And the smallest drum has "FUNSKOOL" embossed on it. The nesting eggs can also be stacked although they don't seem to be designed for that but my daughter loves to topple the stacked eggs, so I stack them anyway.

1. Awesome quality. The plastic is quite strong and not at all flimsy.
2. No sharp edges.
3. Bright and colorful.
4. Value for money. I would have bought it even if I wouldn't have gotten the discount because it's really worth it.

1. Linking chains are quite
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By Mrs Khan
Awesome toy set. My daughter has this since she was 14 months old and she is now 30 months and she still plays it with the same interest. Neighbor kids also come to play with those. I have got this to gift.
The box is little bit damaged at the corner. I am concerned about the box because I need to gift this. Otherwise no fault in the product. Kids friendly toy. No sharp edge and bright colours. Attractive toy
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By Madhura Kurdukar
A quality product from Funskool - no sharp edges, vibrant colours that do not go off and not easily breakable. I bought it for my 1+ year old daughter. Best toy set available at decent price. Lot of options for kids to play with that they never get bored. Useful to improve hand & eye coordination in toddlers. Cons: The chain links are quite hard to be detached by 1+ yr old kid. On the other hand, egg shells are loose fitting that they come off very easily.
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By G.K
4.4 | 897 customer reviews
796 of the 897 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Bought for my 3.5yrs old daughter and she absolutely loves it.
It has different aspects related to development of child yet keeping the learning in interactive way.
It has cards for good habits development, various types of coloring and painting, stencils & spray painting, puzzles to make kids identify various types of wildlife creatures.
Nice way for kids to learn.
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By Dr. Aayush Mittal
My daughter really loved this product and it a small package if everything which I really liked. This is a worth buying for kids at this age group. Thank you so much and wish to see more products from you.
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By Sanath Menon
Einstein box is a good educational product with educational activities. The best part was its story books. It has 2 books and the quality of the pages and print was just too good. The papers were glossy with nice and colorful pictures. Stories in these books were good enough to teach my 6 years old son about the concept of habitat and good manners.
Other activities included some cards matching game, spray paint activity and a habitat puzzle.
Habitat puzzle was also excellent as the size of the blocks were big and they were colorful with cute pics of animals.
I liked it and try another box too but they can include some activities too.
Moreover I just received a free gift of an e-book that has parental tips.
Overall my son liked the books and its activities very much!
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product price
4.4 | 823 customer reviews
714 of the 823 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great product for improving the child's fine motor skills. The partitions from the ball are similar to water melon or orange pieces. When my toddler is a little older, I can use them to teach colors and also how to organize the them based on colors or combinations. It can also aid the child to learn counting. Later I can paint them like fruits also...only limitation - it maybe a little big for the tiny hands...
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By Vishnu
A little heavy for kid less than 2 years. My 2 year old son can't open when fully closed. However, after removing 1-2 pieces he can remove other pieces with LOTs of effort. Combining the pieces together is even more difficult for a kid.

Once opened, all pieces can be used to teach colors or other play etc. And while Combining you can hide interesting object in it, to show ur kid when u open it next time.
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By Manoj
It is a fun product for toddlers. The idea is that a curious child will open it up and remake the ball.You can also teach the basics of counting and colours and the child can play with the ball. It works in theory but not in reality in my family.The ball has been taken apart and used as a sort of primitive drum , the pieces are used as impromptu teethers (!), and as a toy to be thrown all over the floor! But it is a fun product. There is only one serious drawback.It is a little too heavy and cumbersome for tiny hands and feet.
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By Domyown
product price
4.4 | 723 customer reviews
613 of the 723 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
A great gift option. The great things about the game is it's a family game. Loved this game to core. Below are my reviews on this product.

The game on Amazon is cheaper that any kirana store in town
The package with box is very handy and gives a proper place to keep when not playing
The wood is of great quality, smooth and same sized
It tests and improves the patience level 🤩

Great indoor game for friends and family. A great suggestion for a good gift.
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By ViP
This product is really fun, full entertainment and good for kids.
Better then wasting time on mobile. This helps to build concentration levels of the kids. This will your kids to stay away from mobile and TV.
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By Amazon Customer
Either there is something wrong with the way this tube package is designed or I’ve gotten a product which was returned by someone. Having said that the blocks were of good quality so I deceived to retain and fix the box myself. It was fun to play.
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By Amazoner
product price
4.6 | 256 customer reviews
222 of the 256 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This copy was bought as a birthday present for our cousin, whom we introduced to the game and who fell madly in love with it. There's nobody that has played that doesn't enjoy the game and that hasn't wanted to be Mr.X. Very highly recommended.
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By Mohit
1. Strangely the plastic frame with 24 holes is called log book. 2. Page 3 last paragraph in the instruction book is not properly composed. Look at the screenshot. a. The open bracket just before the word "punch". b. Full stop after the word "each". 3. Size of fare tickets should be bigger. 4. The font size of stop numbers on the board should be bigger. 5. Note that if you read the instruction book you will see that instruction book itself is not mentioned in the content list. 6. Instruction book is also not mentioned in the contents printed on lower left corner of the bottom of the box. Look at the image. 7. The 24 hole log book should have a feature to hold the tickets in place. The tickets can slide and the location of Mr X may get accidentally revealed. 8. Both sides of all
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By Amazon Customer
The FAQs said the game can be played by 2 people and that’s the reason I bought it. It actually requires minimum 3 players. Why don’t you guys provide such important information upfront!
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By Harsha
product price
4.3 | 3,399 customer reviews
2,903 of the 3,399 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Quality : Top notch

Durability: Very good as it is quite sturdy. My baby has banged it on the floor a couple of times and so far it is still working great.

Functionality: Awesome. Loved the various sounds and music, specially the baby sounds.

Verdict: Go for it. You won’t be disappointed.

Pro Tip: if you are not a fan of loud music for babies, then put a little cello tape on the music outlet. It will reduce the sound a bit. However, be sure to watch your baby so that this tape doesn’t go into your little one’s mouth.

If you find the review useful, please hit the helpful tab!
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By Deep
I bought this in 2016 , i really wanted to write a review about it now, as it is still in working condition. Actually I bought this for my niece and my niece gifted this to my daughter now and she started playing with it. Its been more than three years , it fell more than 50 - 60 times it didn't even have any crack thanks to its high quality and design.Highly recommend this product.sounds and lighting are catchy as well.
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By Sankar
This one has turned out to be my lo’s favourite toy at 7m of age. She enjoys the sound. The best part is, each key has multiple sounds so a lot of variation. There are some creepy baby sounds but my lo smiles (probably understands the baby language). It has provisions at the back so that it can be hung. When put flat on the floor, the sound becomes low as the speaker is at the back but it’s okay because otherwise the sound it pretty loud.
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By Fatema Raj
product price
4.4 | 587 customer reviews
511 of the 587 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Nice product. My 4 year daughter is loving it.
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By KABR (Abhi/RK/Klyn/Bhrt)
There's 4 letter and 5 letter words in this set and 30 of it altogether.. if it gets mixed up then the kids will have to first separate it to 30 different puzzles.. in the beginning i thought I will have to spend time on separating it but u believe it or not I did it only once.. my elder son (5 year old) started separating it himself the second time it got mixed.. i just over looked.. he separated n once all 4/5 pieces of a word was fully found he give it to his younger brother (3 year old) who'll fix it by the time he'll find out other words n the process continues..
You just have to oversee this process during the 3rd time!
Take it out during the eve tv time n bingo your the kids won't even ask about their favorite shows for more than a hours..
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By Kunjumary
My child liked it as soon as it was opened,

But for the quality of the product received, it is a good Puzzle.
We have similar Puzzles, which is more 5 years old.
This is the first time we had an experience like this.

We had to stick the cardboard pieces to the pictures.
More than 15 Pieces had problems, we used glue and fixed it.
We decided not to return it as, my child liked it very much.
as you can see in the picture, if you are ready to fix it yourself, go for it.
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product price
4.4 | 544 customer reviews
454 of the 544 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
A nice puzzle that helps kids in knowing the countries.
My son (5 year old) now can say at least 1 country per alphabet (A for Australia; capital is Canberra etc.,) And, have also taught him the 7 continents showing them where each of them is etc., He absolutely loves this.

However, its only obvious that he cannot do the whole puzzle on his own. I have to sit and help him. Even for adults, it is pretty challenging to fix the pieces which shows just the blue sea - there are many like that.

It could have been easier, if markings are present in the backside of the puzzle making it easier for kids to do it on their own.

The puzzle consists of 105 pieces (7X15). I'm planing to put markings in the back of each piece like A1,A2... A15, B1, B2.. B15 and so on.

Quality - It is made of cardboard.
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By Vijay Venkat
Jigsaw puzzle is a great way of entertaining a group of kids. I bought this for entertaining a group of kids (Ages: 4-8 years) during the monsoon season.

This puzzle not only entertained the kids but it also allowed me to teach geography to the kids. For the 4 and 5 year old kids, I taught continents. For the 6-8 year old kids I taught them continents and countries. As we fixed each continent, we talked about the biggest continent, the smallest one, deepest ocean, coldest country etc. I spoke to them about cold climate (snow), tropical climate (moderate) and desert climate (hot).

The 4 and 5 year old kids needed help in fixing the pieces. They were asked to match the colors to fix the puzzle pieces.
The 6-8 year old kids were asked to look at the picture, match the color and fix the pieces. It took about 30 minutes (the
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By FreeSpirit
Received this puzzle around week back but my kid started using today only... Identified missing of 12 puzzles and unfortunately return policy date completed.
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By Sridhar