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Best Rated in Sunscreen

Compare the most helpful customer reviews of the best rated products in our Sunscreen store. These products are shortlisted based on the overall star rating and the number of customer reviews received by each product in the store, and are refreshed regularly.

Top rated products in Sunscreen

4.7 | 105 customer reviews
102 of the 105 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
If you are planning to buy this, I'm reviewing this product after 20 days of usage so it will be HELPFUL for you to make a decision towards buying this...

It's the second purchase. Liked the product. Works really well for oily skins. Just apply it and puff little powder and you're good to go.
Just remember SPF50 doesn't mean it will last you all day. The number denotes how much UV ray it can block. An SPF 15 product blocks about 94% of UV rays; an SPF 30 blocks 97%; and an SPF 50 blocks about 99%. None blocks 100%.
It's recommended to reapply your sunscreen gel/lotion every 2-3 hours. Don't forget to puff a little powder after reapply.

And then once in two weeks, use some herbal or professional DeTan pack like O3+ or something

Pros -
1. It will be helpful in protection of your skin from tanning upto 70-80% :) Hence giving
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By Deepika
Very nice product. It suits all types of skin especially for oil skin. SPF 50 may block nearly 100% UV rays. Usage is very easy just apply a small amount evenly on the skin before few minutes stepping into the sun. It is very necessary to reuse after 2-3 hours. No need to use anything on its application. Its flip flop cap is very much helpful which avoids spillage.
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By Vishnu
I used to go office by two wheeler in noon. So sun is directly impact on face.

Skin becoming Tan and dry.
Due to pollution. Skin getting dry.

It helsp to protect skin from sun impact.
reduces dryness.
reduces dark circles.
nourishes skin.
Reduces itchness due to pollution.
Remove skin redness.
It helps to detan face by regularly using while going out.

It is really awesome and I am happy to use it.
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By ⓙⓐⓥⓔⓓ ⓚⓗⓐⓝ
4.6 | 149 customer reviews
136 of the 149 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This sunscreen seems to be a budget-friendly pack. It has a very strong floral smell which fades away in seconds. The cream also glides to my skin very easily and quickly gets absorbed. It also acts as a nice base for the foundation. It is a nice sunscreen, which surely protects against sun rays and prevents tanning. However, gives a slight white cast especially on dusky skin, my skin is a little bit wheatish. It also claims to be Non-Oily sunscreen. But I could feel it gives slightly a greasy finish. Overall, it is a nice product for the price.
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By M.Archana
It’s an amazing sunscreen you can own. So this is one of my favourites. It comes with two variabts spf 15 and spf 30. It’s lught weighted and oil free sunscreen. You can easily carry it with you anytime and anywhere. And it works really well.
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By Arushi Verma
Delhi heat is scrotching these days. I have been huge fan ponds products. My favourite has been it's face wash n body wash.
Recently I got my hands on its sunscreen.
My views:
Best part is: it is non greasy. Perfect for my oily skin.
This is ideal for Delhi like humid weather.
When u apply don't feel like apply anything as it is very light textures.
You can actually see the difference on your skin.
It leaves a light scent all over.
Considerable point:
Not at such.
Great product at good price. Dermatologist tested. So safe to use.
Go for it. Trusted brand.
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By nadia kohli singh
4.6 | 139 customer reviews
124 of the 139 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought it since i found sunscreen spray unique concept. It comes in a spray form and is off whitish color, quite liquidy.
I’m not a big fan of its spray dispenser since it is dripping all over.
But apart from it, the sunscreen lotion that is working decently. I am not having any pigmentation, I’m using it for last 5 days. I hope it keeps working just fine.
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By Kritika Sharma
It's very light weight sunscreen spray, doesn't leave the white caste and doesn't make skin oily or sweaty. Spray nozzle is very nicely made and spray evenly. It's free from chemicals and provide spf 40, great deal at the price. A must try.
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By Shivi
Its light weight bt let me tell u it shines on ur face 😔. And i bet if it was little thicker it would hv. Clog ur pores bt at this stage thankfully it doesn't. It has harmful chemicals like benzophenon-3.. And kiwi extract is sec last ingredient so now u know what it is.. Would say it better than those lotus ones as they have heck lot more chemicals bt it is not that good too. Sun protection is ok and my skin is moderately sensitive combination to oily and acne prone too.. And it was stable on my skin
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By Shriti s.
4.4 | 236 customer reviews
213 of the 236 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Used the Product and happy with results I previously used Vitamin C Hyaluronic serum of same brand, and it was really effective . Based on my experience I am sharing with some point of Sunscreen:-

--> It was SPF 30.
--> Protects from UV-A and UV-B rays.
--> Fragrance was just Awesome.
--> Feels very refreshing after applying this.
--> Antioxidant rich as it was combo of Vitamin C and B3 and vitamin E provides healthy and glowing complexion, and Reduce photo Aging Effects.
--> Helpful in Dry and soothing Skin condition.
--> It will enhance your natural radiance.
--> It contains lemon peel extract, orange peel, tamarind seed, saffron Turmeric, sandalwood, Amla extract .
--> This is free from materials like Mineral oils, Sulphates, Parabens.

--> --> For usage just wash of your face with normal tap water or using your regular facewash. And then directly apply on your face 15 mins before sun exposure and
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By Ankur Shrivastava
I thought I liked Elta's UV Clear spf 40, but this is better. It's the best facial sunscreen I've ever used. I have very dry skin, but an oily T zone. My skin is light olive so I'm prone to getting a white cast from mineral sunscreens. This formula is thick and rich but it absorbs perfectly so there is no residue, white cast, heaviness or greasiness. I wear it over a serum or moisturizer and under makeup. Most sunscreens run into my eyes, but this one never has; I also find a lot of mineral sunscreens to be drying (like the Elta ones), but this is not. I just love it...
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By D.N.A
My wife’s new purchase is St. Botanica Vitamin C sunscreen. She ordered it because she liked the Facewash of the same St. Botanica range. She is overwhelmed with the sunscreen’s effects. Some significant benefits are written below:
1. She loves the fragrance of the Sunscreen. The smell of this product is so refreshing like some citrus fruit punch.
2. She finds this sunscreen quite lightweight because it gets absorbed in the skin instantly without leaving any white cast. Plus, it does not feel sticky.
3. The packing is classy, and the pump dispenser bottle is travel-friendly.
4. What she likes most about this sunscreen is that it does not contain sulfates, parabens, and mineral oils. This sunscreen has safe ingredients. It incorporates an impressive combination of beneficial pure oils.
5. It has skin brightening ingredients like extracts of liquorice, tamarind seeds, amla, saffron, lemon peel, turmeric, sandalwood, rose flower, orange peel, and many others.
6. She
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By Jai Sabharwal
4.9 | 37 customer reviews
37 of the 37 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
My mom using it and love it lot
It's water resistant with mineral based with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.
And comes with SPF 50+++
It's paraben free
Protect your skin in summer
Planning to beach at summer then go for it.
For regular use product.
No side effects
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By Vivek Kumar Singh
There are sunscreen of several companies available in market, but somehow this one is different. The midus effect on your skin can be easily recognized. And the effect stills for long time. It is playing best role in saving your skin from sunburn. The regular using of this cream can easily repair your skin for betterment. It is a must buy household product for any season.
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By suman
It's a classy product. It is best for dry skin people. It does the job for oily skin too. It is very useful for the scorching summer days. While applying on skin it feels like oily for the first few minutes and when it's allowed to settled on the skin it's not really oily and definitely it's blocking the skin from sun tanning to pretty much extent and adds a little glow to the face. Overall satisfied with the product.
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By Sakshi chibber
4.4 | 122 customer reviews
109 of the 122 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is "The product" for Oily, Acne prone skin. The product was prescribed by my Dermatologist when i was breaking out. I must say i can't think of any other Sunscreen Gel better than this out of so many lotions i have tried. Those who have oily, acne prone skin, then you must try this. This has a light texture & gets absorbed by skin so well & you don't have to use any powder & your skin will have fresh look untill evening without much hint of oil.
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By Sushma
My dermatologist recommended this sunscreen for my for my acne pron skin . This sunscreen is really helpful to avoid sun damange but make sure to reapply after 3-4 hours for beat result. Even if you are working in front of computer
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By Amazon Customer
I’ve tried many sunscreens in the past 12 years but this one is different , one it’s gel like consistency works great for my skin .itdiesnt make it oily but not too Matte. My skin absorbs it quickly. It also acts as a great makeup base (if any one cares)

But now for its actual use , the sunscreen is actually great . Plus it’s helped my acne .
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By Rishi Mehra
4.4 | 108 customer reviews
96 of the 108 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Perhaps the best sunscreen available in India right now. Feels light on the skin, 100% oil-free and does not cause a breakout.

Bought this from Care Medicos (dealer) at the lowest rate on the Internet. Appreciate their prompt delivery and awesome packaging.
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By Deepika Pradeep Sahithi
One product which doesn't make your skin oily. It leaves a matte finish without a cake-like feel. Though it's pricey, it's worth the price.
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By Raghini
This is a very good sunscreen, it has zinc oxide and titanium Dioxide and also a few other filters. over all. I love it.
Also if you are looking for a sunscreen to work under your makeup then this doesn’t perform well like most. But otherwise love this fordaily wear.
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By nikita k
product price
4.2 | 316 customer reviews
252 of the 316 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is the first gel based sunscreen I've ever used. Though the spf is quite low I prefer it that way since high spf based based creams feel harsh on my skin. The texture is exactly like aloe vera gel but settles into complete matte finish in just 2 minutes. I apply my daily moisturiser over it and after 15 minutes of application I'm ready to go out in the sun. As I've not used this much, I'm not sure how much protection it provides from the sun, but it definitely helps control oil on my face especially on my T-zone and acts like a primer for me. So it's good for trial. Will definitely be trying out a few other sunscreens from this brand.
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By Truffle
A lifesaver for those who have sensitive skin. I can't use chemical sunscreen as it sensitizes my skin a lot, over time, and this is the only line that's available that is mineral and soothing. The product needs to be shaken well, but comes out exactly like a regular aloe gel. I don't know how they managed to formulate a clear gel with zinc oxide, but it truly has zero residue or white cast. I use it on a daily basis when indoors, and when my skin is extra sensitive or acne prone. It's very cooling and soothing, and I'd recommend it for anyone staying indoors in summer, especially those with very oily or acne prone skin. Only con is that the full ingredient list isn't provided! Which isn't great, coming from a "natural" brand.
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By P Ram
This is a good light sun screen gel that does not leave sticky and oily feeling on the face. Although it provides minimum sun protection protection for daily use which might not be as good for people who live in tropical countries. I wish it comes in higher SPF though. Overall, my husband and I like this product regardless of very low SPF because it suits our combination skin type and doesn't cause any clogged pores.
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By Wasabi_Kimji
4.2 | 314 customer reviews
258 of the 314 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I had been using Neutrogena's Dry Touch sunscreen forever. But when I recently read about the harmful effects of Oxybenzone, I started looking for alternatives. In fact I even purchased another sunscreen from Neutrogena- one with zinc oxide, but that left a white cast on my face.
This sunscreen is like a blessing for oily skin. This is really (really!!!!) lightweight, spreads like a thin lotion but feels like a matte cream. It doesn't make the skin feel too matty, which I think is a good thing- the skin looks like it's moisturised but doesn't at all look dry or cracked (which some mattifying products can do)
Great product!
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By chhavi mahajan
This is one of the best sunscreens I've ever used on me. The quality and packaging is top notch. Has a light, fluid texture that absorbs instantly. No white cast. I'm a dude, 25, and i have super sensitive skin that reacts to pretty much everything and finding the right sunscreen is incredibly hard. Thank goodness i took the plunge with this one! No irritation whatsoever and my skin looked bright and healthy at the end of the day which is amazing since most sunscreens tend to make you look dull afterwards. This has the feel of typical European sunscreens that i have used in the past like avene, la roche and vichy etc MINUS the exorbitant price! The product has a scent that is mild and not too bothersome. Seriously, go ahead. Thank me later. Or not, it's upto you.
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By runes6333
The cream-based sunscreens that I have used so far make my skin really oily and the gel-based barely work. But this sunscreen feels like the perfect balance. This product worked so well with my skin. My tanning has clearly reduced and it doesn't make my skin oily at all. Works as a perfect base for makeup too. Very surprised with how well this sunscreen turned out to be.
Recommended. Totally worth the money.
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By Sahithi Palaparthy
4.3 | 114 customer reviews
101 of the 114 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This sunscreen is an amazing option for summers.. with SPF50 its a perfect solution for sun protection. I love its fragrance and ultra light texture.. you will never feel an extra layer on your face.. I surely recommend this for summers . Do check my pictures to get fair idea about light texture. It Absorbs completely in skin and provide perfect nourishment with protection
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By Yogita Joshi
Sunscreen I today’s time is a must have product but the only problem with sunscreens are they are heavy, greasy and make me white .. have tried this new product by mamaearth.. loved this product .. can’t even imagine that spf 50 can be so light and quick absorbing .. also it is have a light tint of yellow that goes well with our Indian skin tone .. after using the product it is clearly understood why they are writing Indian sunscreen.. big fan of this product
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By Smriti Khatri
Mamaearth's ultra light natural sunscreen lotion with SPF 50. The cream is ingrained with the benefits of turmeric & carrot seed which are essential to protect the skin from sunlight.
The cream is especially made to suit the Indian skin, that is entirely different from what is developed for the westerners.
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By Shivam
4.9 | 24 customer reviews
24 of the 24 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Organic product. It makes my dry skin smooth.
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By Sastri
Quality and absorption absolutely good and this product like real aloevera gel
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By Anisha
Helps remove pimpels and clean face
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By Gangadar
4.2 | 245 customer reviews
201 of the 245 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is a product which is made by natural ingredients like murumuru seed and butter straight from the jungles, It saves our skin from harmful UV rays and pollution. And it has the ability of sun protection. After using you feel smoothly and coolingness, which is awesome like baby skin.
No paraben no silicon and no alcohol which is make this lotion premium. This is my first product and I fell in love after my first use. Worth buying.
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By JayKishn Mahanta
super quick delivery. comes in proper packaging. my skin is combination and I hate applying suncreen to an part of my body. It makes my skin feel heavy and greasy. but this day lotion from Greenberry organics is just perfect. perfect for summer and as well as monsoons. Not greasy at all. Quickly absorbs. Totally natural no harmful chemicals at all. (I read whole ingredients list and did Google search too) so I am certain about the ingredients. The lotion has made my skin super soft, tan free and impart dewy glow (if regularly used). Must buy, worth Evey penny!
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By Drishti
This review is post 5months of usage. The cream does nothibg for the skin. On the contrary, skin breaks into uncontrollable sweat the moment u apply. Quantity is sooo much that can't even throw it away. Would not buy
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By Vivarsha
4.6 | 36 customer reviews
35 of the 36 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I've tried multiple sunblocks over the years, which have not agreed with my sensitive skin, and have finally landed on this. Been using it for over a year now, in a place where the sun really burns down on you, and it is the best sunblock I've experienced. The skin on my nose used to peel off due to the sun, which doesn't happen any more.
While it doesn't do much to moisturize your skin, it doesn't dry the skin either. If your have dry skin this may feel a little cakey. But I normally use a good moisturiser before this and that takes care of the cakey problem.
I would definitely recommend trying this atleast once to see if it suits your skin, since it's sunblocking capabilities are good.
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By Tamanna
It is one of the finest product of Lotus. 3in1 product with matte finish. It gives sun protection as well as gives even tone.
Promptly delivered too.
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By Vikash
Quite satisfying creame, protects your skin against harmful sun rays but sometimes for different skins it may not affect. Therefore it totally depends on the skin of user.
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By Yogesh Kumar Bhatt
4.1 | 3,207 customer reviews
2,519 of the 3,207 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have read many reviews of this product who say that they have received expired product. I want to clarify it. The date written on the FRONT SIDE CRIMP of the tube is not the expiry date but the MANUFACTURED DATE. The expiry date and batch number are written on the back side crimp of the tube. Please check properly before giving negative feedback as it can hamper the reputation of the seller.
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By Lipsa
I read a rather absurd review of rating a product fake because the volume of the product is written in Ml and not Oz.

Check the country where it was manufactured. Clearly Shows Korea. Korea country follows ml and not oz for their measurement unit. check any Korean beauty product measurement unit and you will know. Google also exists!

Neutrogena has manufacturing units in many countries. Your supplier imported from Korea.

Ml and not Oz alone doesn’t make a product fake.
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By Nidz
In contents its clearly written parabens...I think I got fake abt amazon
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By Preet
4.5 | 40 customer reviews
37 of the 40 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Awesome for oily skins like mine. Powder like finish. Matte finish in skin. Best sunscreen till date. Loved it. Will buy more.
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One of the best sunscreens I have ever experienced... Gives fair matte appearance.
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I have been using this product for a few days it's light ,completely bendable and works great for my oily skin
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By zara
4.2 | 139 customer reviews
106 of the 139 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Have used this for a long time now and hands down the best sun screen lotion in the market.

A bit pricey, but that’s something ignorable for the quality and results
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By Komal
Nice product with herbal ingredients......better than any other brand....smells good too
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By sharda siroya
Pleasant fragrance. Easy to spread. Does the job. But it contains paraffin.. Ok for the price.
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By sreenath
4.2 | 106 customer reviews
86 of the 106 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I moved to Leh to stay there for two years. The solar radiation there is 4 times of what we would receive at Delhi. Within a week of landing at Leh, I developed a condition wherein skin from all exposed areas would fall off in large dry patches on a daily basis. I tried 2-3 super expensive sunscreens but they made the condition worse. Post a 10 day treatment by a dermatologist, she prescribed this to me. It has been an amazing experience. I've used 6-7 tubes till date. No irritation, feels light on face and very effectively prevents tanning. Use liberally.
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By Saurav Singh
I used and loved the Lotus Herbals matte gel sunscreen for years till I realised it was full of parabens. Since then I've been on the lookout for a paraben-free sunscreen gel. I bought this after reading recommendations by dermatologists on various sites. It works well, but it's not a gel. It's a cream. I used it on vacation recently where I was out in the sun all day and there was no tanning - I tan easily. The drawback is that my face sweats after I put it on.
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By Archana Correa
This suncreen is a duplicate one as i have using this brand for the past 6 months. This brand is good but this one supplied by Amazon is duplicate. My skin got tanned fully and my full face has turned black due to sun burn. I am very disappointed with a reputed trade brand like Amazon for sending me duplicate product. Will Amazon compensate me for the skin damage caused to my face?
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By Mohd samsuddin
4.3 | 55 customer reviews
45 of the 55 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is THE BEST sunscreen for all those beauties who tend to tan quickly and I have been using it from last 4 days. I love the finish and after look. As compared to other sunscreens, it doesn't give you a glossy and weird dark look and gets absorbed into skin super quick. Make sure to apply it 15 mins before stepping out in Sun and re-apply every 4 hours for max benefit.
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By Dishu
I waited before writing a review. As I was apprehensive. I have oily and aging skin with dark spots and pigmentations using it now for 5 days and now two of my colleagues have ordered the complete set from face wash to serum. My face has brightened. The down side is spf is 50 and a bit oily.
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By Neera
Super awesome
Firstly I got it delivered in just 6 hrs.
This is my second batch of purchase of anti ageing creame and conditioner. Must try product.
My cost of hair spa has reduced drastically. Coz this conditioner gives u a spa effect.
Also very less quantity of creame is used becoz of its texture.
Everything re’equil has is worth the price.
Full marks
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By Nidhi Vijh
4.1 | 184 customer reviews
158 of the 184 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This sunscreen is non sticky/non greasy.I have dry skin and I used it with Moisturizer and no white patches occured.
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By Sansriti Mishra
A light sunscreen that has been protecting my skin from tanning and only a small amount of the sunscreen is enough. One thing I like the most about this sunscreen is that it is not greasy at all.
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By Tanya
Helped preventing tan lines and it feels very light on the skin. Bonus: it has a pleasant smell.
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By Priya Thacker
4.1 | 143 customer reviews
111 of the 143 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Guys i really dont use any fairness cream nowadays bcoz this Lakme' sunscreen lotion has everything.. especially fairness & maximum sun protection.. Scent is very nice. Over all high recommended product 💝
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By Sbz
Received 3 days earlier! Packaging was also good! M.R.P of this product is Rs. 580! Checked the barcode(Original product of Lakme)! The product is excellent and I can feel the difference from its first use!!
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By Shatadru Paul Chowdhury
My second time repeat purchase. Partial coverage sunscreen but is thick and yet easy to glide. It is moisturising as well so I slather it on directly after washing my face. Good staying power. Stats for more than 3 hours unlike other drugstore sunblocks. (I live in a place where the summer temperature touches uptown 48 degrees Celsius)
It is on the expensive side for a daily wear sunscreen. But considering its harmony with my acne prone skin, I am willing to pay despite it burning a hole in my pocket!
Deducted a star coz of the smell. Smells like a dishwasher gel :(
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By C R