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4.4 | 120 customer reviews
110 of the 120 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
You'll find more expensive options on this website as well as bajaao or rajmusicals but this one looks good and works just fine. Of course there are similar stand for 300 or 350 rupees but most of them have a number of critical reviews. Spending 100-150 more to avoid damaging the obviously expensive guitar is a no brainer.
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By Smeetd7
A quality guitar stand by Kadence, after using it on daily basis for more than 6 months, I can say that build quality is good and does beautify the corner where Guitar is placed. Good buy at this price point.
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By Manish K Verma
Amazing packaging and timely delivery. Product is totally worth it and value for money. Pls dont hesitate to invest on this stand to protect your precious string instruments. Nothing to not go for this.
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5.0 | 18 customer reviews
18 of the 18 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It is a nice big for beginners and Intermediate as it is durable, cheap and fits to all kind of Cajon. It is value for money. But the only thing is that it has only one pocket where u can place ur Cajon and no other place for keeping the shakers or brushes or other Cajon accessories. But overall it is superb and u must buy this bag.
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By Dipanwita S.
Had to admit about the quality pf the product. Its fitness is a go. it even feels great when we put it on. The comfortability of the straps are good too. They haven't compromised the quality and hats off to that. Overall, I am satisfied to the most andy trust in Amazon continues to cherish.
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By Adithya. S. George
Perfect fit for the Cajon.
Allside padding.
Top handle and also for backpack type.
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By Sudip Basu
4.3 | 149 customer reviews
130 of the 149 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Strong enough to hold it extremely sturdy and makes a dull wall look so much better.
I bought it to save on space and save my guitar from the nudges and abrupt falls and the overall protection.
Does me well and does look neat.
5 stars
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By ShoWin
It holds guitar perfect. There is a trick if you want to use it for electric guitar as I am using. Just install the hook a bit tilted, ma be 30 degrees left and you can use it for hanging electric guitar.
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By Anil
It is better to have guitar hangers than keep placing/removing guitars from their cases. Hangers also help to keep the neck straight. It has been a couple of months, and the hangers seem to be doing their job well. This is important because a bad hanger can damage the guitar through failure or other ways.
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By Sam
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4.5 | 41 customer reviews
37 of the 41 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The name "Yamaha" speaks volumes about the tone and quality.

Recently I took to classical music and this is my first classical guitar and my sixth guitar in total. The tone is so sweet that it's really tough not to fall in love with it...

After a wholesome amount of research, and reading articles on the net about classical guitars, I finally decided to have this... Initially I was sceptic how the tone would be... But after I played this I was just stunned...!!! The tone is so well balanced... The lows are so sweetly balanced with the dynamic mids and highs. Also the sustain to decay ratio is really very good with respect to a classical guitar...

Really value for money. Close your eyes and go for this. You can't just expect anything better at this 7k price range.
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By Shankha S.
Nice but the strings are a bit high from the bar and no truss rod to adjust, quality is good
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By Thejangulie solo
Good sound quality
Best value for money
Genuine yamaha product
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By Akash Pardeshi
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4.6 | 22 customer reviews
19 of the 22 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Best Value for money. It is really imported and I could see labels from USA on the product. It is a little old but anyone who knows a thing about music will know that old is gold. It was imported in 2015. The price is really good. Just be careful not to drop this or any other rosin as they will shatter. It doesn't stick to my hands and doesn't melt in the hot Chennai weather. The Rosin is much easier to apply and the bow tension has greatly increased leading to much less effort on my part to produce sound with bowing.
Bottomline - If you are a person learning Violin, western or Indian classical, it doesn't matter, this rosin is worth every penny. The cheap 50 to 150 rupee rosins are useless. One rosin should last you pretty long and it is much better than local rosins. For hotter
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By Murugan Madurai
Gives very good friction to the bow hair and the violin sounds amazing. It's comparatively a large rosin, lasts longer. Not sticky at all and very little dust falls on the 🎻 as I play.
It's by far the best rosin I've ever used. If you are looking for a good rosin, just go for it, you'll not regret buying this.
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By Esther Kanthi
The Good Part:
👍It's quite a big sized rosin for MRP (Incl of all taxes): Rs. 350/-.
👍Comes in a decent thick paper case.
👍Has a plastic case to comfortably hold the rosin.
The Bad Part:
👎Two edges of the rosin had brittled to tiny pieces.
👎One major deep crack.
👎One minor crack.
👎Planning to get my rosin replaced but Furtado Music is not responding to my calls and one of the customer care number is not functional.
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By Elroy AS. Rebello
product price
4.3 | 54 customer reviews
46 of the 54 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
So lucky....Very much above expected product it is. Very happy with this product. Even I'd say that 5-stars are also less for this product...
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By Suman
The flat rack is split into 3 sections connected via hinges, so it can be folded. This way, it becomes easier to transport to gigs. A very practical approach, towards gigging.
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By Santosh
it's looks only very strong. in pictures. but we can't put laptop or any thik books,slowly fell down, i think it's suitable max 1.5 kg
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By Ishwaraprakash
4.1 | 700 customer reviews
533 of the 700 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Having thought of starting my YouTube channel we all know how importance of a good microphone. However placement of the microphone is also equally essential and as per what my research stated the flimsy tripod stands always prove faulty. Therefore it was clear in my head that I need a professional microphone stand for my desk.
But with all startups budget and finance is a notorious issue.
Having found this on Amazon for under 400 bucks I was highly skeptical of the products quality but due to a tight budget ordered it to try my luck. Boy oh Boy i was delighted when I unboxed and installed this stand.

1) Build Quality: Spectacular quality with a very study design and material quality is high.

2) Flexibility: You can literally spin this 360 degree. The angular design helps adjust the microphone height to exact requirement.

3) Effortless assembly: Simply unbox it and fix the stand to
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By Karan Gill
The stand is fabulous and its quite sturdy. The quality is also very nice. You can go for it blindly. One more thing People who are looking for over the top mobile recorder for youtube videos or tutorials, you can buy this product, get a TRIPOD PHONE MOUNT & use it instead of Mic Attachment and you will be good to go for recording you videos over the top.
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By Ketul Juthani
Its a verry good stand but its hands are small but not much small can be used as begginers great qualit at this price.very hard everything is made up of aluminium.its just awesome..
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By vatsal bhanushali
4.1 | 360 customer reviews
287 of the 360 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
A little bulkier than I expected but still really good, very firm. Although you actually receive silver screws with this, it looked very bad on the black panel so I replaced them with similar black screws! Seller should provide black screws!! Otherwise it's perfect!
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By Amazon Customer
Great product and was fairly easy to install. (obviously you have to drill holes in your wall etc, but as far as installing the product goes, no issues with the size of the screws and holes etc).
Its extremely sturdy as well, using two of these , one for my washburn and one for my squier se strat which is a fairly heavy guitar but the stand has no trouble holding it. The padding is great for not only does it prevent scratches to your paint, it also secures the guitar in place a bit better . So you wont have your guitar swinging around in the stand etc, the foam grips the neck well. (The best analogy i have to explain this is like memory foam in sneakers? if that makes sense ).
Now, great stand, but its not whats shown in the pictures. The picture of
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By nikhil lobo
I was really happy when I received this - a tuning fork shape, with nice foam grip on it, although I was skeptical if it'd hold a guitar firm but I'd never know it until I fit it on the wall, right? So, I asked my carpenter to fit it on the wall and he drilled the holes without looking at the logo & so it was a bit skewed & so he gave it a little twist to bring it to the right position.

And it broke.

I was kind of relaxed that it broke on its own. Had I been hanging my guitar on it & had it broke then - you can imagine the frustration I'd have gone through.
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By Deveedutta Maharana
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4.1 | 134 customer reviews
103 of the 134 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Really serves the purpose without any compromises. Solid build.
I placed it at the corner of my bed instead of the floor, but it still serves its purpose without any problem.
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By Ranajit D.
Quite light, so the guitar may topple on slight nudge, doesn't support the neck. It has good cushioning on rods. The base support has 2 size bends, one for electric guitar , and bigger for acoustic, quite clever. Overall it's a good deal in this price. Not for professionals though.
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By Utkarsha
It's a decent stand.
Pros: Foldable, and comes with a bag to put it in, which is great.
Cons: I got it less than a week ago, and it has started rusting in the form of spots, here and there. I think the coating is of inferior quality since it gave in to rust so soon (just a matter of days).
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By Kindle Customer Seb
product price
4.2 | 54 customer reviews
49 of the 54 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Good quality and very useful. Takes little space being foldable and is very light weight. Strong material. Keeps guitar in place properly.
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By Amazon Customer
I am glad that I didn't made mistake buying another product. This is a perfect stand for my Acoustic Guitar. Very useful and hold guitar very firmly
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Light. Compact. Foldable. And can easily hold my Yamaha RBX 170 bass guitar. It serves as a nice reminder for other things that i have given up on.
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By Shrey Pacheco
2 Offers from product price
4.6 | 15 customer reviews
14 of the 15 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought this rosin for violin and it does the job great. With minimum effort I could apply rosin on my new bow it was ready in seconds. The case or packing could have been a bit better. Overall no issues so far. I recommend this product.This rosin does the job well. Tried it on various bows worked well. Got it for good price from amazon. Only suggestion is the case/cover could have been strong enough to protect the product.
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By Mind and Melody
This is an updated review after a long time use , the quality is very nice , very low dust particles , lasts for atleast 4-5 days after applying once ( played everyday for minimum one hour )
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By Violinist Sachin Satija
I'm a adult beginners, and with my experience dark rosing produced good sound during winter. While light one was good in summer.
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By TechMaster
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4.1 | 80 customer reviews
66 of the 80 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I been playing guitar since 4 years and playing ukulele was my Wish So from the last week i was thinking to buy one for myself and here on this ukulele Review in saw the other people reviews there were only two but most important thing was that they were positive so i ordered it And today i got it delivered. Packaging was so well and when i saw the ukulele i just feel in love with it.
Really its Well made
And Dont judge it from the picture that amazon has uploaded in reality its far far more better.
And i played it and the sound was awsome.
Guys look this is the best deal you can ever make in this price range.
Build is Neat And Clean
Sounds Great
Have a look at the pictures that i have uploaded You will get to know what i am trying to say.
Wrote this review for you
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By Karan Soti Magar
I am a guitar player playing for 4 years and i must tell the quality is comparable to guitars costing 9000 to 12000. The size is quite good and comfortable. Don't go for the kadence ukes which come with tuner and equalizer, and if you are a begineer trying to decide between guitar and uke or different sizes of uke, stop you research and just buy this one, trust me. And if you are left handed all you need to do is put the second string in place of the third and vice versa. Happy ukeing...
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By Hardik
concert ukulele 24 inches . The body is bigger and the neck is longer with more room between the frets, thus making it a little bit easier to handle. It has — like the soprano — that typical and classic ukulele sound and is a bit louder. It's worth the price. Recommended for beginners like me. And yes it came with a bag 😊
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By renpuppypaws
4.0 | 472 customer reviews
369 of the 472 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
There is absolutely no question that this is a very good Uke. Really pleasing sound. Please do not compare it to Tenor or Baritones.
If you are a beginner, go to and learn how to use it, like I did. Tuning is very easy. If you have a bit of music experience, you do not need a digi tuner. Stays in tune for a couple of days, if you leave it like that. But it is recommended to loosen the strings a bit when you are done for the day. This is better for the nylon strings durability.
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By Prasanth Ajithkumar
I'm a beginner just like most people opting for an ukulele but I had gone through alot of ukuleles before buying this. As you can see from the fingerboard to the base of the uku this product is damaged. Do check for all the places I have shown on the ukulele when purchasing anywhere as this should cover all the flaws there can be in the instrument. Btw there was broken pieces of wood inside the sound hole too but I couldn't get a clearer image to show.

Earlier I had given this product 1 star and for the obvious reasons but I got easy replacement and my new ukulele is just superb. I'm changing my review but keeping the pics uploaded so others can check for flaws which may be present. Good luck and peace to all
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By Armaan S.
4.0 | 211 customer reviews
160 of the 211 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The replacement from wright was very fast and hassle free!☺️☺️

This stand can hold weight up to 900g

It can hold Blue microphone ,blue yeti too!
Quality if 5/5
Adjustment is 5/5
Base strength is 5/5

But drawback is it vibrates when pedestal fan is blowing towards the direction it's place but it's negligible anyway!

Overall satisfying product!!
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While the clamp to hold this to the tabletop is pretty flimsy, it does not come loose or buckle under the weight.

I use a fairly heavy microphone and there is also a goose-neck pop filter that gets attached to this. Everything stays secure and does not move around.

The clamp is dampened with rubber grips on the inside so as to lessen any vibration from reaching the mic even more.

The springs are noiseless and so are the hinges. The connector that came with it is very well made and of heavy duty thick plastic. But since my mic came with its own connectors, I am using that instead.

All in all its a very good deal for the price. Its very cheap for the function and I am very happy with this.

Highly recommended for any desktop use. Especially if you are going to keep a laptop or the CPU on the same
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By amit sharma
This review is revised on 19.12.2017. I reported my problems to the seller and they assured to send me an updated Mount Clamp within a month, which I received today. I am posting five pics (new one is indicated by a red arrow) wherein difference between old and new clamps can be seen clearly. The new clamp design is much better and now the stand feels rugged. With this new clamp, this stand is highly recommended. VFM product.

Old review (wrote on 22.10.2017): While fixing the stand on my table, it was noticed that the body of stand doesn't snugly fit within the clamp provided. Though I tried to tighten the same in the clamp, but the entire stand shakes freely and it appears that, if pulled, it will come out very easily. Thus, I am worried about my microphone mounted on the same.

I am attaching four pics of the joint,
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By Vivek Gupta
4.6 | 12 customer reviews
12 of the 12 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great tone. Good quality for the price
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Satisfied with the quality. Definitely better than most other brands available in the market in this price range. This set can be purchased for regular practice.
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By Ppaul
Nice.good for good actually and the sound is as like all other string.
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By Abhi
4.0 | 87 customer reviews
69 of the 87 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Got this cute ukulele for 1,745 rs.

Few important things :

Some people might mistaken that this is for kids because of its size, but its for everyone and it clearly says SOPRANO which obviously is smaller than a CONCERT ukulele.

Personally, i like wooden finish compared to the glossy counterparts and this one looks absolutely good.

As it is shown, it comes with Aquila's nylon strings which stretch, so you might need to retune overtime. Also,

It IS normal for an ‘ukulele to drift out of tune if you:
¬Haven’t played it in a while
¬Just changed strings
¬Or just switched environments (like temperature )
Some ‘ukuleles simply stay in tune better than others.

The gig bag is of low quality but you cant ask for more for that price.
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By Tejas
Pretty good.
If the strings are going out of tune, use your thumb and fingers to stretch the strings to help them settle faster (watch a YouTube video to see how)
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By blah
This sounded amazing ... it will be out of tune at the beginning ....but it's common...nice packaging... thankyou Amazon and looks cute too...and best available for this range ... especially the Aquila string for this low cost 😎... overall satisfactory for a beginner
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By jane
4.8 | 8 customer reviews
8 of the 8 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
They sound great. Much better than my default string. The G, A, D strings stay in tune very easily. The E string takes more time to adjust. But the E string sounds brighter than the other strings too. You need to play it a bit softly so that it does not ring more than the other strings.
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By Supriyo Banerjee
Very good strings
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By Sanchita Robey
By Nandita
product price
4.6 | 9 customer reviews
9 of the 9 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Beautiful product!! Amazing for beginners. It's better than C40, If some one can extend the cost then must go it. Liked it at the first sight after the unboxing. One must make his/her mind to purchase it over Yamaha 310 only when he/she is a beginner. Otherwise, it may sound little less sharp then 310. It's fist 3 strings are of nylon so, action is little higher and neck is thicker then steel string guitars which help beginners to learn well. It's an easy to play and learn guitar so one should not compare it with steel strings guitars. If you are starting and really want to learn then this is the best option. Packaging was beautiful. Outer box was packed by Amazon and inside you get a Yamaha box.
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By Abhishek Lamba
Owned a C40 for some time and liked it a lot. The C80 is a definite improvement over an already good C40. C80s sound is better and more rounded than a C40. Definitely a very fine guitar for a discerning student.
One small quibble I had is that the exact strings used in the guitar is difficult to find out so I do not know what to use as a replacement.
Overall a very good guitar. Comes in sharp packaging, delivered very promptly. Definitely recommended.
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By Rajiv Chandran
I got pretty much what I had expected. The guitar is well finished. The sound, especially on the three bass strings, is nice and deep and robust. The manual is a generic one that has not much to do with this guitar. It talks about some adjustment on the "winding machine". There is no such thing. Also talks about some truss that you can adjust. Again no such thing. Gives a list of support centres but there is none in India. But the guitar is fine
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By aj
3.9 | 219 customer reviews
166 of the 219 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
While I would have much preferred buying a more expensive Ukulele such as those by Kala, their lack of availability led me to buy this Ukulele by Kadence.
Bought it for ₹1990/- in a lightning deal. It was delivered in three days with Prime.

I have been using the Ukulele for just three days now and, coming from a guitar background, I immediately felt at home. While it took a while to get used to the smaller sized frets, very soon I was jamming some sweet tunes.

The Ukulele sounds lively and is comfortable to play. There is not much action(distance between strings and frets) which makes it very easy and comfortable to play, especially for beginners.

The finish of the Ukulele is good. I did not find any flaws in the fixtures and workmanship. They have not used a lot of wax on the surface but I feel this gives the Uke a
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By Shravan
Absolutely authentic kadence brand. This is in every aspect perfect. This is the best gift from amazon. The gig bag though not very high quality is very much utilizable. The tuner is authentic kadence. Sounds great. And the tuning stays for really long period. Thank you amazon. Thank you very much.
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By Diptanshu B.
Looks are awesome, but that's it. Sounds like a toy. If you see ukulele's reviews in youtube, even a 20$ ukulele sounds sweet. This one costs more than that but it makes lifeless sounds like "tung" "tung". No amount of tuning will improve it. Waste of money.
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By Raj
product price
3.9 | 187 customer reviews
135 of the 187 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is a really good Ukulele for such a reasonable price. The quality is excellent and the sound is alright.
1. It has geared tuning pegs. So the tuning stays. I've been playing it for 3 days. Only the last string goes out of tune after playing for a while, which I hope will set soon.
2. This is a soprano sized Uke. Would be ideal for kids and people with small fingers. However, if you have big hands, I would recommend the Concert size instead.
3. The strings are at a proper distance from the fret board. So even kids will be able to play it comfortably.
4. The sides of the fret board are smooth and there are no rough edges. Very careful finishing. The fret board is a little dry, but other than that, there are no major complaints on this Uke.
5. It comes with a basic tuner and a gig
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By Durga
I’m a guitar player and wanted to try Ukulele.Ive visited furtados/bharatmusical and what not but the prices were 3k and above for a decent Ukulele.At this price, you’re getting a very good deal. Plays well, built quality is good, comes with a tuner and a cover.Finishing could’ve been better but at this price, it’s too much to ask for.Also, this does NOT have a truss rod. Hope this helps(packaging is intact, don’t worry about damages)
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By Anirudh
After years in latency there was this phase when my desire to strum and create music (apart from loving listening it) sprung maximally. So out of hesitancy i decided to pick up the simplest string instrument. Chose this one. And my review here shall reflect utmost honesty. Anytime in life when you decide and actually get started with any instrument the essential qualities you would need is PASSION SKILL AND LOT OF PATIENCE. So passion is something like a seed that has capacity to grow for centuries skill is how DEEP that plowed seed take roots inside soil and how faster(The more practice paves way to growing skills and eventually HYPERSKILLS !!) Finally patience that needs help of perseverance and discipline i.e the tree grows big and strong but need its own time. I gave small amounts of persistent time and i grew from NOTHING TO LEARNING HALF A DOZEN
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By Amazon Customer