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4.1 | 609 customer reviews
475 of the 609 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Fitting is perfect..... Material is great..... Light in weight...... Perfect shoes for gym training.....
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By Prasad adsul
This shoe is awesome! I was skeptical based on the price alone because normally you get what you pay for. But, in this case, my expectations were exceeded 10x. I use this shoe primarily indoors and at the gym. I rarely use it outside, except to and from the car to the gym and car to home. So, your mileage may vary. But, the shoe is extremely comfortable. I was worried about the durability, but working out at the gym has really pushed the shoes limits. It is pliable and not stiff. All in all, I want to buy another pair before my review spikes sales. LOL. I think I'll get the other color (black) this time. Also, the shoe looks really cool, is comfortable, durable, and the price is unbelievable. Don't even think about it, just buy this! Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Puma, Converse, New Balance, Sketchers, Saucony, etc. are
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By A. L.
Great product under this price range. Light weight and elegant.
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By Yashwanth reddy
4.1 | 322 customer reviews
251 of the 322 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought this at a deal for 699. This is one of the best racquets at best price.This product consists of two racquets each with a cover. The weight of these racquets is especially light. The guts are really tight and it has a high tension. Hope you find my review helpful!
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By Anonymous
The racquets are good and lightweight and the net are tight enough and very well for intermediate and semi-professionals. Best item in that price. Nice experience
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By nijay shah
Happy with it!
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By Neeraj
4.0 | 485 customer reviews
318 of the 485 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Perfect for me as shown in the picture and very comfortable sweat is being absorbed and sent outside of it I wore at the temp of 40 still comfort my shoulder is 39 medium size was perfect for me
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This is a very must product for gym. Initially I felt little bit uncomfortable after wearing it but say after 3 4 times you will realize why it is must. No more sweating in the gym and feel very fresh after workout.
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By Vaibhav Akankar
Caution: Product is no doubt the best in class available here.(compared to SG and other skins).
Problem is manufacturing is a little smaller than standard size.
So If you are a L buy XL.
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By Chetan
4.0 | 246 customer reviews
168 of the 246 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
My purpose to buy this to prevent hip chafing while running in the gym. It does its job.
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Trust me, I am a full time athlete, in my whole 7 years I haven't seen such product at such price. Make sure you take M if you're havin a 30inch waist.
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By Honest Reviewer
°I like the quality of product.
°Select the size according to the size chart it is pretty accurate.
°Provided the price, quality of product which we receive is pretty decent.
°If you are exercises conscious go for this product.
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4.1 | 66 customer reviews
51 of the 66 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Good product... balanced racket and bag is also good
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By deepak
Racquet is light weight .. luks are also good...
The bag is just awesome .. better than those of boring yonex bags...
Not for pro players...
n concluding myself I can say that... Zada fark ni h... Yonex ya li Ning me... Mne dono use kr rkha h.. bs it's all on your mind... How u gonna take it...
However it a good product to be bought...
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By Dhanmay Singh
First impressions were great ! Strings are good ( I haven’t played much from it ) the bag with it is not of that decent quality , but is great as it comes at a great price..
Would recommend it definitely
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By Sarvesh kumar
product price
4.0 | 155 customer reviews
119 of the 155 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Perfect tees.
Perfect fit.
Very comfortable.
Quality seems to be really good.
Pricing is cheap/nominal.
Tees color in the picture seems to be faded,but it's not actually faded. Due to over exposure it seems faded. In real it's vibrant orange.
I would recommend others to go for it without any choice.
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By Anand
Good material, great stitching, strong durable fabric and such a nice vibrant color. I am happy with delivery and packaging. You can go for it without any second thought but if you order a size larger like me, then it would be too too comfortable. It dries too quickly and easy too wash. Overall good product.
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By Shi So
Fit is okay , but brand new t shirt received to me smells sweat and wrinkles Tshirt, when i openedit to wear it. Better to wash it before use.
There is no other remarks as per quality.
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By pavan kumar
product price
4.0 | 134 customer reviews
104 of the 134 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought it on a discounted price and its worth the amount I paid. Its firm and very light weight. Its hard enough to take my body weight . Even the color is as shown on the website and was delivered on time.
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By sushree
These will not last long but they were very reasonably priced. You get what you pay for. As I will only be using them for 6 months, they suit me needs adequately. If I were to use them for a longer time, I would invest more money in a sturdier product. After 2 weeks, they are already a little dented.
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By Marta 71, Sweden
I bought urbancart yoga blocks before. Because of no availability of that, i bought this. I wanted to practise handstand. That's the reason behind buying this. But when I started using, i understood the quality of the block is very less comparing to urbankart's blocks. So I returned. I don't know how this got 4 stars. May be those who want just a block as support for back this is enough. But those who are planing advanced training this is not recommended.
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By JOhn
4.3 | 25 customer reviews
22 of the 25 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It’s exactly as shown in the picture.
Good Quality Product
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By Resha
Good for workout
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This glove is fine as long as you wont flex your fingers. But they dont understand that while riding one needs to flex the fingers to operate.The web part (where the fingers meet) starts to bite once start operating the clutch or break levers. What s the big deal in not being able to design it properly and test it before selling, wasting people's time and money !!
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By Amazon Customer
3.9 | 566 customer reviews
411 of the 566 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Its a good product. Its firm, not too soft or too hard. Serves the purpose well. The only problem(mild one that too) i can point out is the smell, which might go off on use only. The bag is good for storage. Using it roughly might cause the zipper or bag itself to tear off,So just be careful with how you handle it.
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By Reenu
I am a Yoga teacher and I am Highly Impressed with product quality,i was little worried about the product as I read few reviews that the mat stinks but it doesn't, it's just a rubber smell which will not come after 2-3 days of regular use. The bag quality is also good and mat sticks with the surface and fits perfect in the bag. I got the timely delivery by Amazon. I bought this mat from Shopbooz seller and got the exact product which is mentioned in the picture, not sure about other sellers but I recommend Shopbooz to others and my clients.
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By manoj sharma
This is a rubber mat, not PVC. While this is a great eco-friendly option, note that this will not be as soft and smooth as PVC. The cutting is not precise. It smells (which is natural and will hopefully wear off with time). The bottom of the mat has a round bumpy texture which makes it stable on the floor. The mat will not slide around, but you might. Because the upper is not as sticky as PVC mats, your hands might begin to slip in downward dog if you are sweating too much. Also, it does not lie flat, the ends curl and have to be weighed down with cushions for a while to make it stay flat. The top is textured in stripes and is hard so will leave imprints on skin but provides perfectly adequate cushioning. The bag is a joke: the zipper broke in approx 1
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By Debapriya Basu
4.0 | 76 customer reviews
57 of the 76 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Product is made of good quality and durable but the velcro may damage in time with use. The size make it uncomfortable to carry jn waste belt. It just manages to fit my Mi Max phone 6.44inch.
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By Manish Gomes
Been using this for a month. The built quality is good. It's sleek design enables ease of movement. It's part of my EDC. Totally in love with it.
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By Dave
I just received my Saco mobile pouch. I found it well made and of correct size. On putting it on on my belt I found that it got in the way of the seat belt when I belted up to drive my car. Another issue was taking it out as I had to open my belt to do so. An additional clip could have would have made it easier to stick it into the belt or take it out. A magnetic button on the cover instead of velcro would also have been welcome. All in all a sturdy, good looking product which could have had better ergonomics.
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By Manjit B.
3.9 | 315 customer reviews
240 of the 315 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Good product.
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By Amazon Customer
Bought a large size (my waist is 34cm), and it fits well. The quality of material is great. I wore it for 2 runs, and it was comfortable. However, I will not wear it for a swim, because the material doesn't seem suitable for it, and also the crotch can be tight for a swim. The crotch is OK for a run. I would highly recommend this product.
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By Regular Buyer
Will divide this review as functionality and review on that functionality

1) Avoiding thigh chaffing: This was my main reason for purchase. I go on long runs and all kinds of chaffing occurs leaving me sore for a couple of days. This works remarkably well for this stated use. Chaffing completely stopped. In fact even when I wore it the first time with a raw inner thigh, i didn't feel pain. So five stars for this stated goal.

2) Price: This seemed to be the lowest cost good solution for dry-wear. Since it adequately meets the purpose at the lowest cost amongst competition have to give it five stars here as well

3) Looks: You can wear it inside any other clothes only. It's meant as inner sports wear, and it adequately meets the purpose. 4.5 stars

4) Maintainability: Super easy as with all clothes in this segment. Unlike cotton and other such, synthetics
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By Rahul Madhavan
4.1 | 38 customer reviews
32 of the 38 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Good balanced racquet. It says material is carbon graphite. String tension is good. I am able to place shots from baseline to baseline.
Before buying this I had a old racquet which had metal connector. So the strings were not replacable. As the string tension was falling and I was not able to play long shots anymore, I had to buy this one.

With this I have noticed an immediate improvement to my game. I am able to play shots fast enough to hit opponents body before he is able to move out of the way 😁. Also long shots don't need so much strength anymore. Very good.
Bag is ok, you can see in the picture. Don't expect to put your water bottle and shoes in it.
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By Ramakant
big fan of Li-Ning SS series. this is a G5 (generation 5) racquet. a brand new colour and this can string up to 30lbs. Value for money, every bit of it.
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By Rakesh
Wrong description is mentioned.
I received this product in unstrung condition.
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By Dheeraj
3.9 | 180 customer reviews
130 of the 180 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Was very surprised that I got such a cheap product within 18 hours at my doorstep. Amazon continues to enthrall, so hats off to them!
The strap is perfect, very comfortable and it does restrict wrist movement which facilitates healing (if you have an injury like I do).
It can also be used while lifting weights, as it prevents your wrist from being strained at a weird angle.
Do note that this includes ONE band only, for one hand. If you want one for both your hands, you will have to order an additional unit.
Overall very satisfied with the product and Amazon's service!
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By Amazon Customer
I was a bit confused while buying this product, but once I bought it, it does the work beautifully. It fits properly and gives support to the hands. I bought two for both my hands. Excellent for using in the gym while lifting heavy weights.
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By Maroof
Good one for using in gym..
Can go for it.. adjustable, comfortable, quality of elastic is not bad at all.. stretching is fine.
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By Shubham
3.9 | 156 customer reviews
111 of the 156 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Fits all right. Good quality of fabric.
Durability - will know about it later.

One suggestion - A different colour for each of the two pieces in pack would be appreciated.
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By Amazon Customer
I have bought two supporters of this brand. Its almost 15days, I am using this.

I am heavy weight and I must say this is best and very sturdy. I am having it on daily basis and supporter quality, elastic is really Good.

I recommend to buy :)
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By Uttam Sharma
Issues with relation to size chart....As per info provided I bought an L which is slightly loose...suitable for physical activities like running and cycling wherein you don't require a snug fit..however if you are looking to use it during heavy weight lifting like squats and deadlifts you would require a size smaller...fabric quality is change in size after washing....
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By Geetabhi
3.9 | 126 customer reviews
95 of the 126 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Cloth is super but be care full about sizes , i have ordered L ( 40 ) but i received 42 size . same time it exactly fits for me .

Stitching is excellent.
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By shivashankar
The t-shirt quality is superb.......
I recommend to buy......
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By Tejesh
It's not perfect fit... Very thin material... plz go for fitness brand material
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By williams
4.1 | 28 customer reviews
24 of the 28 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Good width and just enough elasticity to give you a good hand wrap without coming loose or cutting off your blood supply. Velcro attachment too far away for my wrist but I'm just moving it back a bit.
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By F
Not very elastic, feels like a normal bandage. Velco is good bot the stitches cane of the first day. Had to get it stiched again
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By Santoshgiri
Material is good but the velcrooes are little loosely stiched.
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By Rishabh sonkar
product price
4.5 | 11 customer reviews
10 of the 11 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great set of balls. The best we had tried so far. Longevity is great. The selling price here is way too high. Got the can at ₹300 from tennishub.
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By Ankur Verma
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By Sonu negi
Though it is advertised as to be developed with same specifications as Wilson Australian Open Tennis Balls, which was recently discontinued, this feels more like Wilson US open balls initially. Only when you have played for half of its life time, you get the feel of the old Australian Open, but by that time it's too late
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By Gangs
product price
4.6 | 9 customer reviews
8 of the 9 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Material is of good quality and color also was the same. Fitting was exact for size Large
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By Amazon Customer
Good t-shirt for running and its sweat proof. Length is pretty decent not short and makes you feel comfortable when wearing in the gym. Happy with price & quality
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By Puja
Great workout t shirt..the length is little more than your usual t shirts.but that's a plus point for some
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By smriti sharma
5.0 | 6 customer reviews
6 of the 6 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
A heart rate sensor is a must-have for me while exercising. It feels rather incomplete when I workout without one, and there are no charts at the end of the session. Though its more than the charts. For people who are not super-fit, when they get into intense cardio based exercises, it is extremely critical for them to be aware of the zones in which their heart is operating. I regularly hit 180 BPM when I go all out in my workouts, and I might just keep going, push a little more, for just a little bit longer. It helps to have a heart rate sensor to tell me that I need to ease off. It's downright dangerous to breach maximum heart rate and stay there for extended periods of time - even if the 220 minus age as a heart rate formula might not be the most scientific measurement.

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By Himanshu Modi
Excellent monitor for my purposes--which is to track real-time workout heart rate. Can be used for other activities in real time. Used with an appropriate software you can record the history. I use it for my workouts on DDP Yoga on my iPhone. The DDP Yoga software syncs with this on tablets as well via Bluetooth & ANT, but not on computers. It is also linkable on GPS watches like Garmin & Polar to give readouts in real time. The tracker belt around the chest is very comfortable to wear unlike others like Polar which I have tried in the past.

I find wrist band monitors pretty useless for this purpose as they do not track pulse rates, but rather they monitor blood flow optically and this is not accurate. Further, any ambient light leaking under the band while exercising throws the readings off. The last one I tried ENHANCE Limited
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By Nalin Nirula
I have been using this product for more than 1 year and its performance is great. It greatly pairs with any app and gives you live data.
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By Induprakash Nayak
4.3 | 14 customer reviews
13 of the 14 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Got is today. Little damage but can ignore. Am 60kg and run easily without any issues. Easily fold.
After one day belt is making noise, called customer service, immediately they sent service engineer to my home located in west Bengal. Service engineer came from gurugram, within day he reached and solved problem. Very satisfied with service. I will recommen every one to purchase this.
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By Anjani
This is delivered on 14th. A very nice product. It has bluetooth connectivity. Your statistics will be displayed through Fitshow MobileApp. This is important to track your progress. You will love this machine for its simplicity and digital features it has.
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By Nikhita Panchangam
Got the delivery prior the date. Very happy with the installation and demo.
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By sudipta