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4.7 | 447 customer reviews
426 of the 447 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Good packaging by amazon, but some kind of rubber smell is coming. I hope it will be gone after am using it..
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First time buyer of any Gym equipment. Looked various online portals for a good set of Dumbells and finally after reading multiple reviews and user opinions, I bought 7.5KG x 2 set. The product was delivered on time and in perfect condition. These dumbells feel well balanced which I later confirmed by weighing them on electronic balance. Near 7.5 kg each. Been using them for around a month now and no complaints.
PS: Go for these if you are care even a little for your biceps ;)
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By yogi
Looks good. Pricey (bought it for Rs 5499, or Rs 183 per kg). Seems slightly inaccurate in weight.


Used a simple Omron weighing scale to weight them. One of them weighed 15.3 kg while the other one weighted 15.5 kgs. To reduce bias used the same scale at the same spot for weighing Cockatoo's round 12.5 kg set. They each weighed 12.7 kg. It that set is accurate, the 15 kg set is overweight by 0.1 and 0.3 kg respectively. Tolerable for amateurs like me but for professional who knows?

Pricing: Below is a list of different sets I have bought and the price per kg for each of them:

2.5 kg * 2 set : Local store : Rs 135 per kg
5 kg * 2 set : Ecowellness : Rs 1952 or Rs 195 per kg
7.5 kg * 2 set : Local store: Rs 135 per kg
10 kg *
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By Vegan
product price
4.6 | 250 customer reviews
229 of the 250 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Amazing product for runners. Prevents from rubbing of inner thighs
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By Prashanth
Worth for the price range, best compression shorts to buy. Quality of the material also good. Fits perfect,
Stitching should be improved to reduce bubble formation on stitches. Stitching can be made of anti-friction material to improve the quality.
I am satisfied with the product.
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By Mithun
Quality is better than I expected and the size just fits right. Bought this to handle Thigh Chafing while running. Already had similar model from different brand for much higher price. This seems cheaper with almost same quality. Happy with the purchase. Will update this review if the product breaks prematurely.
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By Santhanakrishnan
product price
4.3 | 1,136 customer reviews
967 of the 1,136 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Reviewing this product after using it for 3 months
Quality: The plastic of the bottle is Strong and Bpa free, hence not harmful
Leak proof: The product is definitely leak proof and air tight, so can be carried in any position
Compartments: There are 2 compartments attached below the bottle; you can use the bottle without the compartments too. The compartments are useful for keeping tablets, protein powder, small snacks. One thing to note that , when you attach both the compartments, the bottle looks weirdly long.
Mixer: The bottle comes with a round spring kind mixer as well as spider mixer. The round mixer ensures that the power mixes with the water easily without any lumps, the spider mixer helps reduce the froth that is formed due to the shaking.
Overall a great product for those who need an immediate shaker. Its also compact and lot of things can be carried in one bottle.
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By Subho
*Review with only 1 day of use.

*Completely Air tight (Seal is leak proof).
*Sturdy Built Quality. Looks strong.

*The spring and the net inside the cap ensures that lumps are not formed. It seriously works very well unlike other shakers.
*The bottom most compartment can hold upto one scoop (around 150 gms) of powder.

After almost 15 days of use.

*No Leakage whatsoever.
*The bottom compartments actually hold slightly less than 2 scoops. But wont make much difference. It negligible.

Con: Cleaning the Cap can be a slightly difficult as there are many gaps and cavities in which the shake gets stuck.

-Just submerge it in water for 5-10 minutes and it will be cleaned. (Do not use hot water. I think it might change the shape and cap might not fit well after that)
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By Rajas
I am really loving this one.
As they promised, the plastic quality is great.
Also this shaker has a separate compartment for keeping your multivitamins and protein powder.
Earlier I used to carry multiple bottles of my multivitamins and no more I need to carry multiple bottles.
If I only need to carry my multivitamins, I can just took the small compartment which is specially designed for it. Overall I am very happy with my purchase.
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By sruthy
product price
4.3 | 342 customer reviews
285 of the 342 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
really good quality! it feels sturdy and the resistance is adequate. you can also change the resistance by removing one or two springs.
seems difficult to open for a regular person like me. have used it maybe 10 times in three months, wish i wasnt so lazy!
its made entirely out of steel and wood, so no plastic, good for the environment.
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By vishal
Nice product. Very good build quality, good for upper body workout. This is a piece of equipment used by Strong men of yesteryear. Very effective, you could feel the difference in just a week.
No manual / wall chart included but there are many videos available on YouTube that one can watch. Beginners should start with 3 springs that way it becomes rather easy and won't over strain. Additional springs can be added once you gain strength.
Some people complained about springs losing tension, quite possible but consider this as a consumable product , buy a new one if that happens , no big deal this won't cost a bomb , hardly Rs 238 bucks
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By Suhas M. Gokhale
I would rather use bands. Whenever I use it, I twist something or get a catch somewhere. It is not intuitive to use, and the spring detach mechanism is also quite tight. It maybe better suited for people who are doing this more professionally, and not meant for the casual user.
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By Vinod
4.3 | 214 customer reviews
186 of the 214 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It's nice, rop Quilty is good and handles are nice grip , if you are 6 fit it's ok for you. Go for it...
I will give 4.5 rating.
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The product doesn’t have spring nor looks same as some other purchasers had posted. but definitely this one is light and can be used as a speed rope . so beginners might have some difficulty in skipping as it doesn’t give any feedback . pricing is on higher side . definitely it should only cost around ₹200 mark.
only thing i hated is that i had to wait close to 2 weeks after ordering to get the product in my hands .. and i should say they provide a lousy logistics experience
ps : i have done around 10k skips and product still holds up
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By Achu Sudha
I wasted my money...figured this is too heavy to be able to skip more/fast. Shortly after you start skipping you feel your wrists aching. If you need to skip fast buy something that has optimum weight and certainly not this.
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By Sam Neil
product price
4.3 | 199 customer reviews
173 of the 199 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It very good product,feel very comfortable and ur service is best..
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By Pawar krishna.
the shoes are very comforable due to the bouncy sole. good looks.
but the adhesive finishing was bad. there were creases on the base foam. it says piliofoam rather than xtremeconfort. perhaps an update from the company. the shoe retains heat well hence good for winter. the sole is a copy of ad**as' terrex.
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By Honest reviewer
After using it for a day, I found that the left sole isn’t properly supported, the shoe inner padding is tilted o one side resulting in leg pain.
To top it all after the first 5 km run, the sole stared to peel off on the first run itself (see the picture ), the sole is made of some plastic material rather than rubber
If your even slightly serious about your run / walk, avoid this shoe
On the other hand if you want to wear it to the mall or just outside, go for it - it’s cheap and looks ok
But for this price you can get something better surely
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By Mahesh
product price
4.2 | 481 customer reviews
406 of the 481 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
5 reasons for buying this shaker:

1. High density, high quality plastic construction
2. Rubber grip on the cap
3. The shaker is wide
4. Has a ball inside to help in agitating the mix
5. Has a handle, which can be used for carrying or hanging the shaker
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By epic_snugglebunny
ishake is now a dominating shaker company that every gym going person knows about. This shaker is of robust quality and one of the best shaker I have used in my 15 years of gym experience.

It can mix maltodextrin based protein supplements (mass gainers) too in water with ease which is generally difficult to mix in a shaker.

Their caption on the bottle are always the best :-). This company knows how business is done and doing tremendously well.
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By Aditya Prakash
A very good and sturdy product. Was delivered on time and packed well by amazon. However there was no sayings or anything as such printed on the shaker bottle as shown in the pictures. It is just a plain translucent shaker with ml markings upto 700 ml. The reason I opted for this over other shakers is the large handle it houses, which is very convienient in carrying it by hand or while cycling. And the storage container at the bottom makes it all the more convienient to store around two to three scoops of protein powder or any capsules as per your wish. Found no leakage while shaking it. The plastic ball helps in stirring the powder well. Overall a good product.
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By Jithesh Tony
product price
4.1 | 1,413 customer reviews
1,094 of the 1,413 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
** Product Verification **
● I have seen many reviews where buyers have concerns over the genuinness of their purchase. You can verify your purchase at Yonex website using the serial number
● The serial number can be revealed by scratching the hologram label. Goto the website 'sunrisetnt' and enter this code there; it's case-sensitive. The site will tell you whether your purchase is genuine or not

** Performance **
● I am an amateur and play on outdoor clay court
● I normally use 350, but have played extensively using 10 for a long time
● The nylon cap makes the shuttle a bit heavier and is quite fast
● The flight behaviour is very different and starts losing flight quite late
● The skirt does not develop cracks quite fast and the base also stays strong for longer
● This shuttle is for people playing only for exercise who does not see the game seriously
● After a
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By Friendly Sparrow
I am used to play with birde ie feathered shuttlecocks
but they used to wear out so soon some times even in one session.
But these ones last atleast for one week (can go for even 2-3 weeks).
The quality is great and so is the durability.
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By Subhasis Dash
Pros : very light
Colour is very nice
Quality product

Summary : badminton players can go for this shuttle
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By Amazonn Reviewer
4.4 | 88 customer reviews
77 of the 88 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
A Place for Everything

As a frequent gym goer, I quickly found my old gym bag falling apart from heavy use and decided to get it online this time.. And what better than Amazon.

This Sports Bag seemed ideal in pictures, and upon receiving it I can confirm multiple features and their usefulness.

Firstly, the storage is great. It neatly fits a single pair of sneakers on a hard surface, and has vents to allow the shoes to breathe and not smell bad, stinking up your bag.
Then there 2 side pocket It's a is great for a place you want to put higher risk shampoo or soap you're worried might explode or leak. And of course there's the main compartment, which hold a bulky towel and gym clothes with room to spare, even with the shoes already placed inside their compartment. This is a good sized bag after all, but that can pose
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By Rohan Bhateja
This bag comes with multiple compartment so you can easily separate your thighs easily,and this awesome quality chain keep dirt away . In my opinion this bag is the best in this range.
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By Hpzhd
Very good at this price

I love the size and side pockets and how there is a pocket for dry and wet stuff but the reason I gave 4 stars is because of the shoe compartment, it is where the product needs to improve. I love the idea that you wanted to make more space for other things, but having a little more vent would have helped reduce the smell. I feel like it would make more sense to have them separated somehow, like put some kind of sturdy liner down to keep the shoes towards the bottom of the main compartment and everything else could be placed on top.

But overall it's a good looking useful bag.
Personally I do not use this for gym or sports. I use it more for traveling.
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By Prannao
4.3 | 109 customer reviews
94 of the 109 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Amazing knee cap by obliq. Super comfortable to wear and gives instant relief in knee pain. Very helpful in moving leg joints in outdoor games.
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By Preeti
I am a Marathon Runner. I was suffering from Calf and Knee pain while running or doing leg workout. However, after using these Knee support, I don't feel that pain at all. It's absolutely giving comfort and relaxing my muscles. Now I will start using it during my hiking program as well. They look good as well..
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By Manoj Pradhan
This knee cap pair with a dynamic color is made up of a superior fabric. Size is large enough to cover the full knee. I often use a knee cap while hitting legs workout at the gym to avoid any injuries, this will surely serve the purpose.
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By Kartiknagpal
product price
4.1 | 452 customer reviews
361 of the 452 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I like the quality of this Gym Bag. The bag is very portable and compact. It has separate place to keep your Gym shoes. The main area of the bag is quite spacious to carry water bottle, towels and other necessary accessories. There is a separate place inside to keep your valuables like key, mobiles, etc. Even with all these, the size of the bag does not look odd for a woman to carry. The stitches of the bag are good, so I think it can be used well for considerably good amount of time. At this price, in my opinion, this bag is a good value for money. The bag looks trendy as well.
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By Tamali Mukhopadhyay
I started gym around a year back and my requirements were below

- Easy to carry with enough space for shoe, a pair of clothes and other Gym materials
- Wanted a separate compartment for Shoes, as I don't want the stink affecting other materials

Finally decided to give this a try


- Compact size. Not too big, the way I like it
- Easy to carry
- Separate compartment for Shoes. Highly recommended
- Has a small netted pouch inside with a Zip for keeping keys/mobile/Bluetooth earphone etc
- Ample space even after keeping waterbottle and a few gym materials
- Good stitching all around

- May not be liked by everyone as it is compact. Hardcore Bodybuilders may need to look somewhere else
- Quality of material needs to be tested. So far holding up very good

I would recommend to anyone who doesn't carry many things in their gym bag. Best fit for Casual, Beginners & intermediate Gym goers.
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By Bhaskaran
The bag is slightly smaller in size, but it will easily carry a pair of shoes, towel and change of clothes for gym. If you are thinking of using it for travel, don't bother because of capacity. Use this strictly as gym bag.

The product arrived on time and did not have any defects.
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By Tushant Pandey
4.3 | 101 customer reviews
86 of the 101 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought them for my dad who lost his ligaments in a football match and also to my boyfriend's mother,an atherties patient. They are having a great relief from the pain.. They use it only for 15 minutes a day. They say the hole on the knee cap makes them easy to have a normal walk.. simply a great product..
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By Sylvia
It is a very good product specially the grip and the way it supports the knee. I usually face issues with the size, but this knee support fitted well and it completely marvelous. I would recommend this product as its worth the money I paid for it.
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By Gurinder Man Singh
I bought this product for my father who had osteoarthritis. While it definitely gave him some comfort but there are certain things that can be improved.
The velcro as well as product material gave rise to several small boils which made it initially difficult to use the product. He now uses it with cotton handkerchief but is unable to wear it all the time.
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By Pritika
4.8 | 32 customer reviews
31 of the 32 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Awesome product great quality every thing in combo is of superior quality... The price they charge is so economical. Thanks all for this product. Must buy for gym going people
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By Renu
Value for money combo
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By Himanshu Gangwar
The product quality is excellent and impressive. I will recommend this to my friends as well.
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By Vishnu
4.2 | 119 customer reviews
96 of the 119 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I am a Physio and have been using loop bands since 8 years.
At first other brand bands were very costly and in sets of 3 where as this set of bands are in set of 5 and well priced.
I used it in many patients for knee and hip strengthing and the bands are of good quality.
Also for people who dont know how to use these bands there is a manual that comes with it and its self explanatory.
Will buy again .
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By Neeraj Sachdev
Reviewing after a week use.

Quality is good, infact better than I had expected.
Length of band is almost 55 inch (without stretching) form both hand-grip to hand-grip
Hand-Grip (handle) provided with the band is excellent and makes your workout session more effective and comfortable.
Would definately recommend the Red band for beginers for home workout, or for intermediate for pumping before going to beach or for a warmup before workout session.
Almost all body part workout can be done through this resistance band (even legs), would definately recommend to check youtube videos on exercises on Resistance Band.

Would advice to buy all three colors for people who are thinking of working out at home.
And the best part its a way less space consuming and way less expensive than Dumbells, Specially, if you have kids at home, dumbells are just a accident waiting to happen.

Final Verdict: Go for it, you wont regret it.... AND MAKE SOME
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By Mr.Sanju
it is uncomfortable to perform exercise except a few...
Price must have been under 400.
It is too costly...n delicate...
Manufacturer n distributor should notice it
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By Pankaj
4.4 | 57 customer reviews
52 of the 57 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Best shoes under 600. Perfect size and comfortable. Worth buying. Stylish and suitable for young men. Best quality, light weight and durable. I am very happy 😊
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By Parth Sushma Patil
I like it
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By saibin
Great product under this price range. Light weight and elegant.
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By Yashwanth reddy
4.0 | 910 customer reviews
653 of the 910 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It’s a nice and thick mat and serves the purpose. Grips well and lengthy as well. 2 feet in width and 6.25ft in length. But the thickness is around 10mm and not more than that.
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By shinuak
Very Slippery
Some standing and moving practices are really tough to do
Body is not able to balance itself
I recommend to try some other
6 mm yoga mat is just perfect for this purpose
I have used that before
This one was a mistake !
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By Marshall
Do not buy!
The only plus point about this mat is that it is thick. But that is it
It is just a thick piece of sponge, not a yoga mat.
It does not have the grip that a yoga mat must have. Keeps slipping.
Also, after hardly 2 months of use, it has developed scratches and tears.
It also expands in every direction and makes doing yoga more difficult rather than easy !
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By Amazon Customer
5.0 | 22 customer reviews
22 of the 22 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I purchased this for my mom and dad to help keep them active. They don't like going to the gym. They keep it under the desk, and pedal while watching tv, browsing net, etc...
I had to gently remind them a few times to use it, but now it has become a habit, and they do it automatically, so it doesn't interrupt their routine, while still giving them some exercise!

The machine itself is of surprisingly sturdy construction, and feels heavy and substantial enough that it should last a long time. There is no need of assembly.
Works perfectly.
Not alot of resistance but good enough for movement purposes. Way better quality than I anticipated. Sometimes you just have to try it for yourself.
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By Swapnil D. Jadhav
Awesome exercise center cycle. Generally excellent item for home rec center. The material utilized is of good quality. Extremely simple to collect and light weight. This convenient rec center cycle is anything but difficult to move and space sparing at home... In general great item and incentive for cash..
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By Shouaib Ahmed
Great product who have less time or want to work at home. Portable Mini Home Pedal Cycle was very effective for cardio and weight loss. I got for my Mom as she can't go to gym n we don't have park near to our home. My Mom n Dad loved this Cycle.
The informative LED training computer circularly shows the calories burnt, time, and moves per minute during your exercise. It can ensure you stay focused when your workout. You can adjust the appropriate resistance mode according to your own needs
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By Nisha Mittal
4.8 | 26 customer reviews
26 of the 26 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Nice products
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By Angad Soren
Carry bag not included as mentioned in the product listing when it was delivered first .
The seller has however sent the bag, it is now easier to carry and store the ladder.
the product is very good
thank you
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By Vinayak
Easy to use and aptly priced, good quality 👍
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By Mona
4.2 | 84 customer reviews
69 of the 84 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Good quality product for making and but the pic shown of the product is not same it looked like metal but was plastics and was not even so shiny as shown. but good product must buy. Better than other products
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By Hyatt k.
I am writing this review after one week of use. The product has full value for money. It is the best in range. It is very easy to use and you will feel the results on the very 1st use of product.
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By Karthik
The product looks as it is shown. Quality is amazing. It is better for core exercise.
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By naimish dobariya
4.1 | 121 customer reviews
92 of the 121 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Was very surprised that I got such a cheap product within 18 hours at my doorstep. Amazon continues to enthrall, so hats off to them!
The strap is perfect, very comfortable and it does restrict wrist movement which facilitates healing (if you have an injury like I do).
It can also be used while lifting weights, as it prevents your wrist from being strained at a weird angle.
Do note that this includes ONE band only, for one hand. If you want one for both your hands, you will have to order an additional unit.
Overall very satisfied with the product and Amazon's service!
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By Amazon Customer
I was a bit confused while buying this product, but once I bought it, it does the work beautifully. It fits properly and gives support to the hands. I bought two for both my hands. Excellent for using in the gym while lifting heavy weights.
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By Maroof
Good one for using in gym..
Can go for it.. adjustable, comfortable, quality of elastic is not bad at all.. stretching is fine.
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By Shubham