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4.4 | 1,556 customer reviews
1,342 of the 1,556 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Thanks Amazon for wonderful packaging..
Good product..saves some bugs
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By Sharath S
Genuine product, completely satisfied. Having been using this for quite long and used to buy from departmental store, but now I get this at doorstep along with a discount every now and then!
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By Amit Sareen
First i thought its a Great value in such low price,but after using it i realised it a fake one guys. The product is diluted. Better to give some more money and buy the real product rather than saving money and getting a fake one!
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By Pallavi
4.3 | 1,735 customer reviews
1,447 of the 1,735 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This works! Especially for 10-15°C kind of winters for people with very dry skin who needs whole body moisturisers even during light summers. & Yes ideal thick & nourishing oil based moisturiser for whole body use, including face within these params. Usually lotions are milk.cream based & are hardly effective for winters. DVence being oil-based & thick, yet spreadable, is a big plus.

Pros: Good oil-based winter cream for very dry skin, spreadable yet thick enough for >~12hrs protection, no parabens used as per tag, great ingredient list - tea tree oil, sheabutter et al
Cons: Price/MRP slightly higher than competing products

Have not tried during light summers & don't intend to use any lotion during heavy summers, of course, but looks like that for oily skinned people who live in warmer climates this one may not be ideal, at all, being oil based & thick & all that. For me, it's a
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By Deeps
1.The smell is pleasant.
2.Moisturizes well and lasts long.
3.Suitable for extremely dry skin types. I feel its a bit similar to Nivea cream. As mentioned, its suitable ONLY for extremely dry skin types. I have moderately dry skin and after applying i feel a bit oily/heavy on face.
1. Feels slightly sticky when applied bit more.
2.Main drawback is the bottle design. There is no pump design for 100ml pack, only a small hole is there on the top of the cap (though the cap is removable) and you cant even squeeze the bottle to get the cream out. Its REALLY a tough job to get the cream out everytime. Needs to put your finger or anyother object inside. MESSY.
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By Jayanthi
The product is not bad. But the packaging is flawed. The tube of the pump is way too short for the container. Because of that, a lot of cream is left at the bottom which doesn't come out through the pump. I had to take the dispenser off the container and place the bottle upside down to drain out the remaining cream. I could collect an entire pond's container full of cream! If I decided to throw away the bottle without checking and draining it out, I would have lost so much cream. I think that manufacturers deliberately make the tube small so that people think they have run out of the product and go and buy it again sooner. It's just not cool!
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By Amazon Customer
4.5 | 480 customer reviews
431 of the 480 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Over the years my skin has gone from very sensitive to very dry. I have tried so many different products to combat these problems and I always end up back at the dove. I love the soap bar because you get so much product for such a small price. They last ages and are easy to travel with.
I never get a tight feeling after washing my body with this and I find it holds moisture better than other moisturizing body washes.

As far as bar cleansers go, the Dove Beauty Cream Bar is the holy grail, a classic product that I have returned to over and over again throughout my life. The Dove Beauty Cream Bar is a great option for those with sensitive or dry skin. I have very dry eczema prone skin and this is always my go-to bar cleanser. I love the smell and texture and it always
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By Vibhor
Dove is an excellent moisturizing cream soap. Using it for my kid for 7 years. It makes skin more soft.

Block buster deal bought it at a price of Rs.154 and the actual MRP is Rs. 265. Thank you Amazon and seller.

One thing makes me confused is that in the outer box manufactured date printed as 08/17 whereas in the soap box flap it is 22.09.17.

Overall dove soap is excellent but authenticity of manufacturing date is really a question mark.
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By Nandhakumar S
Happy to purchase the house hold items during Super value period (1st and 2nd day every month),
saves money (30% approximately), and the saved money in the form of cashback from which other items can be purchased.

I hope this scheme will continue forever, so that we can save money and buy items with that saved money :)

Quality and packaging is good

Super Value Scheme Rocks
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By Venkatesh N.
product price
4.3 | 1,000 customer reviews
844 of the 1,000 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very Good Product. Very Useful For Daily Life In Winter I learned of this product when I was reading on Marilyn Monroe, no wonder she was so beautiful, this stuff reeeally loves your skin. Yes, it is extremely thick and it takes forever to absorb but wow, it makes you feel like Cleopatra and her goats milk. Like a queen.
I would not recommend putting this stuff on just before you need to get dressed because you will probably stick to your clothes but I would recommend putting it on before bed and letting it soak in overnight. You wake up feeling a million dollars. Oh and it smells like a beautiful dream.
With Nivea creme a little really does go a long way, it's super thick and creamy and richly moisturising. It can be used for practically every part of your body. I even like to rub a little bit into
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By senthil
Creame is perfect for very dry skin but not the best to use in very sunny or humid weather as its a bit greasy. Also, it does not get absorbed in the hands quickly, takes time to fully absorb. If you are to sit in an AC room for most part of the day then it is very good.
My hands are very dry and this creame moisturises them well. Removes dullness on the back of the palm making the skin glowing and hyderated.
Creame is very thick so make sure to buy only if u need a HAND CREAM and have very dry skin... you will not feel comfortable applying it to face or arms...
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By Vineet
Very Good Product. Very Useful For Daily Life In Winter, Very Good Smell.I Have been using this product many year & very helpful in my life.After use this cream face will get soft.
Will recommend to Amazon customer
Thank You so much Amazon
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By My Choice
4.3 | 943 customer reviews
808 of the 943 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great Product and Smells GREAT.
No Damage.
M.R.P : Rs.250 ( I got it for Rs.175).
Check Images for Height Comparison.
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I am from north and it is extremely cold here. The skin feels so dry these winters. I apply it daily after shower and have keep applying few more times. Overall i would say that it is good body lotion. The fragrance is chocolaty. Consistency is good and thick. Found this great.
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By Arunima Rana
I liked the thick texture of the product as it server my requirements and its quickly absorbed by skin as well and gives a soft and moisturized skin.I absolutely liked the product.I keep on experimenting with different brands for all my makeup ranges,I must say I would buy this again.
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By Debjani
97 Offers from product price
4.2 | 2,622 customer reviews
2,169 of the 2,622 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
One of the best facewash for oily screen and pimpuls issue.
I am regulary using from last 5 year and i 100% recommand you to bye this product. Bottle is huge on size and it runing day on day.
Again good expirance with amzon. Got product before delivery date.
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By Gunjan Kumar
Himalaya Neem Facewash leads to a feeling of freshness - you can literally feel your skin pores unclogged. However it does not lead to dryness. Feels great to be able to come home and splash it on and feel fresh. The price for the 300 ml makes it much more inexpensive than going for the smaller size packs. Highly recommend!

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By Sajeev
Hi! I have been using this product since really long time. I had a very bad oily skin and I tried most of the good face washes available in the market, but from the day i started using this product my pimples are just vanished.

Now about the new packaging in bottle, then let me tell you you need to be really careful about using this bottle. This bottle dispense more than the desired quantity. So if you are using it for the first time you may end up wasting a lot of quantity.
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By Bhaumik Shah
4.2 | 2,560 customer reviews
2,097 of the 2,560 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have extremely dry skin and this works well for me in the summer months. Other lotions are too light an doesn't provide enough moisturisation. THe Pump is also nice since it can be closed off as well. Update - I’m using it during the winter too and it not only moisturises my skin but softens it too over time. Love it. No scent and gets absorbed fast.
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Hydrates the skin very well. It can be used in summers and winters. It is Non sticky. Strong smelling perfume is added. Easy to use with the pump.
But really disappointed with lousy packaging by Amazon. The product was leaking when I opened the packet. The cap of the bottle was open.
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By Isha M
I purchased this product and many other cosmetics from Amazon but it's seems that the product is not original and quality is very low graded. When the same product Ibought from the market it was totally different. Please consider the same issues as people are trusting amazon for its quality and if such things happen how i will buy expensive things.
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By heena
32 Offers from product price
4.3 | 880 customer reviews
728 of the 880 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Excellent Deal, I bought this for 139 rupees and the Local market price was 185 almost 50 rupees less. Top brand
Nivea works excellently as compare to Dio. This is better than Dio not harmful to underarms and stays for more than 8 hours.
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By Amazon Customer
The only deo I use, it's the best of the options out there. However, I don't like the fact that it is anti-perspirant too - who knows the harm it could cause to the skin.
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By Smita
Nice smell and feels refreshingly cool. However tends to coagulate into white pigments along the creases of the underarm in the sweat of the Indian summer
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4.2 | 2,219 customer reviews
1,791 of the 2,219 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Its really a amazing product. Its a very good moisturiser with a exotic, strong but soothing smell which keeps you fresh for a long time. The moisturiser seems to be evenly absorbed by the skin keeping the skin soft and supple. There was no problem with the pump. The product was intact but some air bubble packing can be used as an extra safety for the pump. A value to the money and Definitely worth a try.
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By J P
▶Packaging- Not very appreciative as I ordered combo in which one of my bottle buckled. Hopefully didn't leak.

▶ Chemical Free- Do yourself a favor always go for chemical free products as it increases your body life and obviously protects from carcinogenic skin diseases.

▶ Ultra Lightweight- Keep this in mind while purchasing you may not be satisfied by this product if you are looking for a heavy moisturising body lotion.

▶ Container- Bottle provided with pump and also locking option, which makes it travel friendly ( Experienced It)

▶ Texture- Non-Sticky & As mentioned by the manufacturer it does have quick absorption feature. Which makes it light on skin.

👇 Now a few points in detail for this product.

✔Formulated for daily use
✔Provides complete hydration to the skin and keeps it fresh, glowing and silky smooth.
✔Enhanced with Almonds, Jojoba oil and Vitamin E components it conditions your skin by penetrating deeply in the multi-layered process
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By Inzy
Just go for it, nice smell although a bit runny texture compared to other lotion brands like Vaseline and Nivea, I still like this product because it does the job of moisturizing the skin. I got it on discount too. I wished they have the smaller version of this so it would be good for those who want to try the product first instead of buying the 300 ml right away.
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By Priya Beauty Picks on Ytube
product price
4.2 | 1,385 customer reviews
1,128 of the 1,385 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Hey everyone! I bought this face wash a few months back and have been using it 4-5 times a week. I have this acne prone skin which needed a good face wash ,previously I was using himalaya face wash which also was good enough to keep my skin fresh .On seeing this garnier product on lightning deal ,I thought to give it a try. So I bought ACNO FIGHT face wash + PowerWhite moisturiser .

To be honest I never faced any problem with this garnier face wash. Although the other garnier product ,Powerwhite moisturise didn't prove any good for my skin as I started noticing redness and eventually pimples. So exactly after 1 week I stopped using the powerWhite moisturizing.

Now coming to this face wash ,this foaming gel face wash forms a cooling lather to help cleanse your skin of excess surface oil and dirt and to refresh
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By Abraham JOSEPH
This face wash is one of the best.
Fragrance, quality is awesome. AFTER Using u feel a fresh vibes on ur face.
It's really good.
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By Iqbal Afzal
I have been using this facewash since 6 months. It's too foamy and creamy. This facewash can definitely help you to get rid of oil but not acne.
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By Nikhil Patil
4 Offers from product price
4.4 | 432 customer reviews
370 of the 432 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
One of the best soaps in the market place. Guys always chk TFM on the pack before buying a soap...any soap having TFM 76% and above is a good soap..
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By Amazon Customer
Nice smell and Big soap
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Foam/lather Good
fragrance is ok.
Long lasting soap.

One thing that is not good is the shape. You cant handle it properly specialy when its new (full size).....the width should be more n breadth should be less. (125gm)
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By Sharad P
35 Offers from product price
4.3 | 610 customer reviews
532 of the 610 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Dove feels like the most gentle of all soaps. Contains oil (probably artificial mineral oils). I have been using it in place of shampoo, for the last few years. It had stopped my hair fall significantly. I would recommend anyone with hair fall issues to try this soap for a few months. I use it on body only during the winters. In summers it feels too oily.
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By Amazon Customer
For bit oily or "non-dry" skin do not go for it ,or else you will face breakouts (pimples)
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By Damini
Dove is a soap that can be used on the face also and does not make the skin corrosive after repeated use.But dove over the years has changed it composition mix , thus not as great a quality of product as it use to be.
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By Amazon Customer
4.4 | 408 customer reviews
369 of the 408 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is a moisturiser that gets absorbed by the skin almost immediately and keeps the skin hydrated for several hours.
I am usually apprehensive about applying such products on my skin for fear of rashes,but,I had absolutely no problem with this product.
Slowly but surely,I am becoming a loyal and confident customer of Wow products.
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This is my favourite lotion of all times, makes normal skins feel truly nourished but it also kind of healed some dry patches with regular use for about 3 days, smells heavenly as well
(Ishita Saraiya)
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By Amazon Customer
I have tried a variety of moisturizers including medicated ones to take care of my severely dehydrated and dry cracking skin. And I can say that I'm pretty happy with this moisturizer. It definitely made my skin better when I used it. And the best part is it's smell. I'm not sure if everyone would like it but it's a warm and comforting scent to me and I personally loved it! It's not too thick or sticky and is perfect for everyday use!
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By Anji
4.2 | 1,121 customer reviews
935 of the 1,121 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is the best facewash for men. It rejuvenates the skin well amd provides fresh and cool feel on the face. But after using this you should use a moisturiser else ypur skin will be dry.
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By Soni Saxena
Nice Product
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By Neeraj V
The face wash is good for cleaning your face from dirt and oil but I dont get the fresh feeling after using this face wash. No visible skin tone lightning after use. Plus point the foam cleans easily with just one splash of water, I mean you don't have to continuously splash your face with water to remove the soapy feel on skin like most of other face washes.
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By Abhishek Kr Jha
4.2 | 1,084 customer reviews
910 of the 1,084 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I just hate wearing anything on the face as I sweat like a pig. Will have sweat drops on D nose even in ac sometimes.. So this has been extremely surprising. Stays like a hero. N keeps me sweat-resistant for atleast an hour.. For normal skin this will be a boon.
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By siddhi gada
Its a really good sunblock. I've tried neutrogena earlier and did'nt like it. Good consistency and easy to apply. Does'nt make skin oily or sweaty and i feel fresh after applying.. not heavy on skin and does its job fine.. Goes as a primer too for my daily use.. Too happy with the purchase :)
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By Rumaisa
It will be so good for oily skin.. It wont make you sweat or wont feel greasy.. It gildes and penetrates into skin nicely.. The only con is that it have parabens.. Cant believe lotus company uses parabens as it claims to be herbal.. So if u dont have any problem with parabens.. You can blindly go for it.. You wont be disappointed.. Its filp cap is tight and wont leak.. Its travel friendly also.. -Sri
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By sri
4.4 | 395 customer reviews
347 of the 395 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Nice product at low price compared market price my favourite soap for summer vacation
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By Suraj Gaur 07
Can't cut marks anywhere..purchase it in subscribe & 10% discount for that and 5% pay balance cashback..Worth buying.
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By arnab Saha
This soap is highly overrated. You can get better soaps for less price & even better ones for the same price.
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By Unnikrishnan S
4.2 | 938 customer reviews
794 of the 938 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
📝️ My Overall Opinion-
The lotion is a bit sticky, but does feel smooth over the skin. Since its meant for very dry skin.
As per the price its cheaper than the other lotions.
Instead by Nivea the following could be used :
Nivea Whitening Even Tone UV Protect Lotion, 400ml

👍 Pros.:
- Aqua smell.
- Whole day Moisturizing.

👎 Cons.:
- Not meant for all types of skins.

As per my conclusion this product is good for the usage only during winter.

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By UmeshTechYT
This is one of the useful product in my recent times. This is my second bottle and I must say it has a long lasting effect when it comes to hydrate your body. I have normal skin (not dry) but it works good for my skin also. I think this lotion is for all skin types.It is good for almost all season But for the summer you should not use it otherwise you will get a sweating effect (for obvious reason). It has a very mild smell and medium dense creamy texture. From the price point I would say,it's worth buying because i got it at discount price. It's a good product,you can definitely give it a try if you get bored of using your regular body lotion.
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Winter is here and this is probably only time when most of us think about moisturizing our skin.
No one likes to have a flaky and dry skin. I have been a loyal Nivea user for years. However am trying out this variant for the first time
Following is my experience after using it for a month.
1. The product is thick and a little towards the sticky side
2. Very good as a moisturizer.
3. Has the typical "Nivea Smell", a subtle smell that blends in well with any perfume you wear.
4. The Moisturizing affect stays for almost for 7~8 hours (Don’t be driven away with ads claiming 24 hours moisturizing effect)
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By Reviewcrucible
26 Offers from product price
4.3 | 514 customer reviews
426 of the 514 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Omg.. This s soooo mesmerizing.. I loved the smell and was lost for some seconds. I bought this as an addition to my soap, just to use it when im in a hurry. I just don't feel like using soap now. I am flat. Smells wow.. Feels wow n when i finish my bath, another hour or so its still a wow feeling on my skin.. Biotique i am ur big fan.. I use ur pdts to my baby boy too.. U guys r too good. Thank u for ur pdts.
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By ChaitraNaveen
Would never have tried this if I hadn't stayed at an OYO, and I'm so glad I did coz I got to try this along with 2 more products ,one of which is currently my daily moisturiser.Love the fragrance of this shower gel so much that I got not one but two bottles when they were on offer for Rs 112.Skin feels refreshed and supple although the fragrance doesn't linger for long.Will buy again till I'm bored of it.
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By Sophia
I use a lot of biotique products. This one is also good. But as the bottle gets over, it's tougher to remove the body wash as the bottle is hard and cannot be squeezed. I hope they change the product packing.
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By Radhika
product price
4.3 | 493 customer reviews
419 of the 493 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have a very oily face, my skin keep secreted huge amount of oil and grease all the time whether it's Summer or Winter.
Earlier even after wash my face I can see the oiliness and due to excessive oil secretion my face looks very dirty and dark.
After using this facewash Iam totally satisfied with the results:-
1) This facewash deeply cleans my very oily and greasy face.
2) No dryness feeling after use.
3) Reasonable Price and very effective for oily to very oily skin.
4) Due to deep cleaning of pores and no more excess oil and dirt on skin.
5) It's really help in prevention of Acne/pimples breakouts.
6) This product is Non Comedogenic so it will not clogs or block pores.
7) Pour very small amount of facewash on you palm and from there take the gel with the help of you fingertip massage on your face and neck till lather forms then rinse
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By Er.Raj Jen
This is the best face wash available here. It's easy to find and inexpensive too although I have seen it cheaper in other places.

It's quite mild and soothing and I make it milder still by diluting it with water. I use it as a second cleanse after oil cleansing in the night. I also use it on my back.
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It contains salicylic acid and other ingredients that not just cleanse your skin but keep it hydrated, fresh and prevent further breakouts which are the biggest pain points for oily skin.
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By Ria Sengupta
4.1 | 2,530 customer reviews
2,043 of the 2,530 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It's a must in winter !!
A little amount gives quite good coverage and hydrates skin well.
The nozzle is useful to get just the right amount of body lotion.
The smell is mild,gives a feeling of freshness and also lingers for quite some time making the skin smooth and supple.
Got it in deal price of 176/- which is quite good.
Got the product in good condition.
Delivered within right time by Amazon!!
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By Amazon_Customer
Best....purchased 3 packs ....luv it
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By Amazon Customer
Awesome Product
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