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4.6 | 151 customer reviews
142 of the 151 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Superb product very easy to install .it has very good speed . Best quality and very light and slim i would insist you to buy this ssd because of good speeds . At this pricepoint its performance is best . I use it in my lenovo y 50 laptop . My laptop opens and boots up in max 5-7 seconds . You can also use it in your desktop
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By abdul hasan
We installed this disk in an Intel NUC box (Linux, ext4), and it's working fine. This is not a performance-critical system, but the disk is quite fast enough in ordinary desktop use.
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By Abhijit Menon-Sen
This a reasonable product. Works like a charm on my Dell xpx 14z. The writing speed has gone up to more than 100mbps which is awesome compared to HDD. The system has become very fast and works just fine.
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By Nk
4.3 | 154 customer reviews
129 of the 154 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought this for my Toshiba Satellite C50A-i2012 laptop at Rs.429 (incl shipping) from Punjab Online to my place Kollam, Kerala. It was delivered through Delhivery. I've been thinking of upgrading my laptop with an SSD for a while now. Recently I bought the Sandisk 120GB SSDPlus SSD for Rs.2.3K from PrimeABGB.

1. I bought the 9.5 mm version and fit perfectly inside my laptop.
2. The product is as per the description and images shown and is of good quality.
3. It's made of Aluminium and had a protective plastic coating on one side when I opened it. You need to remove it before installing.
4. Comes with a small Philips head screw driver. It is compatible with all the screws.

1. The instructions were ambiguous and labelled in the wrong orientation. They say about a "caddy latch" but nothing like that was found on the caddy itself.

1. Remove the protective plastic covering.
2. Use
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By Vishnu M
Looking at the price of similar products and then finding it relatively cheaper, I had my doubts while placing the order. But this seems to be doing what it's supposed to be doing.
- Works as expected
- Comes with a small star head screw driver

- Nothing as such

I took out 1 star:
- There are no brand names
- There is a white plastic at the bottom plate, not sure of its use, but had to take it out (so that it could slide in) my laptop

PS: If this review was of any good, please like it to encourage :)
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By TechBuff
I have replaced the optical drive with this caddy and my 1TB hard disk is inserted in it it is working gud they have provided the screwdriver along with the caddy which is nice but they have not provided any supporting screw which will fit for HDD so the HDD is relaying only on support of optical drive port , which is disapointing hope it this will not damage the port
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By sai kiran
4.2 | 243 customer reviews
217 of the 243 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This has been the primary drive in my laptop for the past two years. I am satisfied with its performance and will recommend Seagate to anyone who wants to upgrade their HDD. The customer support is great and they help you out promptly.
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By Matruprasad Chand
Works like it should. No hassle and the packaging was great.i bought this Hard disk for ps3 which fits perfectly and no technical knowledge required as I followed the YouTube tutorial.
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By Sud
Please please don't buy....after installation system get very slow. I have purchased it and after installation my system become extremely very slow.

This is biggest mistake in my life.
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By Chandan Yadav
4.1 | 202 customer reviews
157 of the 202 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Delivery was appropriate - 4/5
Packaging was Good - 4/5
Product - 5/5

Things you get - The caddy itself + a screwdriver

The first time i booted into windows with the caddy installed. There was a constant 30% CPU usage even if the CPU was at idle. Opening the task manager i found that 'System Interrupt' was consuming the CPU. So i thought the caddy was the problem. But after a little googling i found that there is a switch beside the SATA connector which should be shifted right or left depending upon the computer. And by default this caddy came with the switch shifted to left. So i shifted it all the way to right and booted and to my surprise there wasn't any CPU Usage at all when the CPU was idle. So, anyone facing a high CPU usage after installing this caddy just flip the switch to
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By Biswaraj C.
This caddy is well fitted in my Lenovo G580 -Ideapad. Best option is to put your SSD in the caddy and put the prev hdd in its place. Clone the SSD from HDD and then change the boot sequence from Bios (set SSD as primary). This will save some of your valuable time swapping 2 disks.
Seller was very prompt answering my presale questions. Caddy is well built. Also very happy as a small screw driver has been provided.
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By Pranoy S
i have tired all possibility Like all combination of Abcd Kyes and all settings from laptop but it doesn't show my hdd so i placed return.
after replacement
i got a new caddy
i switched off my laptop install my hdd with this caddy via dvd writer slot
i was completely surprised when i opened the laptop and saw all the partition was showing without doing anything extra i was overwhelmed but suddenly
i notice some lagg using the contents of hdd install via caddy i will update soon after 1 moth uses
now i am 70% satisfied.
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By Amazon Customer
4.0 | 979 customer reviews
747 of the 979 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Packing, while not great, wasn't too bad either. Mine came wrapped in a healthy amount of bubble wrap placed inside a appropriately sized cardboard box. That said, it wasn't a snug fit. The HDD had some wiggle room inside the box. More bubble wrap or perhaps some foam/thermocol would have made it even more secure. Plus, a bit more tape on the outside wouldn't have hurt.

Quite a bit lighter than the drive it replaced, a Seagate 1TB 7200rpm (ST31000524AS) HDD. Probably the lightest 1TB HDD I've held.

Much faster than my old Seagate HDD. I don't recall its exact speeds but the max read speeds it could hit was only about 110 MB/s with average speeds under 100 MB/s. A quick Google search shows similar results.
This thing on the other hand gets close to 200 MB/s with a max read speed of 196.5 MB/s and an average read speed of 156.5
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By XenolithicYardZone
Hello Friends, Hard Drive is good and working nice, You can get 931.51 GB and when you installing the Window & Partition the Hard Drive you can get 929 GB. You can register your product at WD site for warranty. MRP is 4300 Rupees and I got it for 3299 Rupees. You can go for it. Amazon is Amazing.
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By Abhay Shukla
Very quiet and good performance HDD previously had bought Seagate which used to make lot of noise. This one is silent and good. Only thing to note is that only in 1 TB you get 7200 rpm in higher storage (2 TB and above) it is only 5400 rpm. The 7200 rpm performs nearly 30% faster than 5400 rpm one but it depends on your personal choice. As far as the WD hard disk is concerned have used it for the first time and have become a fan of it. I would highly recommend this as this is the most dependable HDD out there in the market.
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By Syed Salahuddin Ahmed
4.1 | 141 customer reviews
118 of the 141 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have installed this HDD in my dell xps 15 and its running smoothly.
Takes some time to boot up the OS because of 5400 rpm quite obvious. The design is quite sleek than my previous HDD (seagate), which had stopped working because the head got stuck with beeping noise.
I find something not acceptable with this HDD,when I try to copy multiple files from one volume to another it lags little bit.I guess the writing is not up to the mark or maybe I had been using Seagate (Momentus)7200rpm I don't know.
If I compare with my previous HDD (seagate) obviously its 33% slower than any 7200 rpm HDD but, it's good if you want to store data,for quick boot you can go for 7200rpm or SSD.
Overall it's a good HDD
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By Raheel Hasan
I find WD hard disks the most reliable these days. I bought this for my laptop. I have removed the DVD writer which had stopped working and installed this in its place using a caddy which is also available on Amazon. Only point to keep in mind is to ensure that the caddy thickness is correct. Most laptops use the 12.7mm caddy. If yours is a slim laptop it may require a 9.5 mm caddy (both are available on Amazon)
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By Manny
Bought new disk from amazon.... Giving error after installing to my machine.... Please sell checked and working products to customer. Now will have to go to care center for replacement. Dont by this hard disk. Worst experience. Amazon u should make it eligible for return if customer faces such issue
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4.6 | 23 customer reviews
22 of the 23 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Product is good at this Price. Best to buy.
Delay in delivery(1 day delay) but it's fine.
Before buy, make sure the size of the caddy as per your laptop dvd bay. Either 9.5mm Or 12.7mm
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By Syed Mahmood
Product received was different from what was advertised. Instead of caddy with a compatibility adjustment switch I have received one without any switch. But when I installed the caddy, it worked well and I am satisfied with it.
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By Amazon Customer
I bought this for HP-P073TX and the caddy fits perfectly into the system. Metal body build quality is ok. But the optical drive baffle (See part no.6 in demonstration pic), I had a tough time prying it out of the metal body. Infact I broke that entire part into two as it's 3 legs (press locks) got jammed into the slot in metal body. Be very careful with this past as it is made of very cheap plastic.
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By Bivz
4.9 | 15 customer reviews
15 of the 15 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Easy to use. Just the plastic cover is damn too tight. I broke it while detaching. The given screw driver is a nice touch also. Gets the job done.
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By Gourab Mukherjee
All good no hassle easy to use...
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By vishal Singh
If you are willing to add ssd on your old window laptop, this one is the way to go! excellent product
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By Mayankk
4.0 | 149 customer reviews
111 of the 149 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
First things first - the package had:
1) The caddy
2) A generic phillips screw driver
3) 4 generic phillips screws in the caddy to hold the HDD/SSD drive.

I was little bit hesitant because there were way too many review claiming that this is a bit fragile/flimsy product. But after I got my hands on it, I was amazed to find out how well built it is. Even my HP SU-208 optical drive looks flimsier/ weaker than this. I don't know if others got flimsier batch of these or they are just metal experts.
I even unscrewed the top cover to see what's inside and guess what, there was only one cable ribbon which goes to back side of caddy for the light output.
Both WD SSD and my internal HDD supported out of the box (I didn't have to adjust the 4 way switch). But there is no 4 way switch
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By Amos Amos
Its really a nice product, works fine.
I had a small issue with product as I swapped my regular HGST 1TB HDD to the optical unit, which went to wrong configuration in bios. Because of that I was unable to get the drive recognized. This silly thing I didn't noticed or in simple word I can say I was quite ignorant to it and tried every other thing. I finally make an inquiry with the Dahsha people. I soon got call from Mr. Sunil Patel, who helped me and finally suggested me to replace.

I got a replacement and the same problem I faced, then I figured it out as ITS MY DEVICE MANAGER'S MISTAKE, I then uninstalled the drivers associated with IDE unit and it worked.

I'm very much impressed and thankful to Mr. Sunil Patel, who called me every time and didn't get irritated. He has taken out feedback from me
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By Jayashish Pandey
I had to remove the SATA interface and install it in the Lenovo caddy (involved some cutting/installation).
However, this should work for most laptops out of the box.
Unfortunately, this didn't sit directly with my Lenovo laptop. The reason was that the edge isn't curved, and the newer laptops have a curved side. Apart from that, no issues with the actual product.
Once installed, I'm getting a huge increase in OS speed because of the additional SSD installed in this caddy.
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By Aamir
product price
4.0 | 116 customer reviews
99 of the 116 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Perfect fit for my super slim 12 GB ps3 (CECH-400x series). This 7mm thick disc perfectly fit in the ps3 hard disc mould also.
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By Jagan Mohan
In my dell inspiron 1545, the original HDD is a little thicker then this product. When I slot in this new hard drive, it could not detect at first and I almost got panic. Adding a thin film of plywood/cupboard material for the little extra space is all it takes to make it work.

It's been a while since I am using this product and so far so good.
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By Amazon Customer
This one works like a charm, but for Lenovo Z series this may not fit properly as the actual one is little bigger than this. Do some patch-up and you could make this HDD seated in the slot
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By Amazon Customer
product price
4.0 | 101 customer reviews
79 of the 101 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought this drive for using my old sata hard discs lying around after my old PC had become non-functional.

USB 2.0 speed is good for most work .No need to go for USB 3.0 version from other companies and pay more than the double price for usb 3.0 DRIVE.
The cover is of sliding type which is movable from left to right vice versa.
The SATA HDD sits tightly in the lower casing without any free movement or vibration.
Close the drive by sliding the top door and you are done is ready for action.
Connect the power supply(12 volt DC adapter supplied along with USB cable to connect the drive to your PC/Laptop)
There are LED indicators on the top of the case to indicate power and functioning og the drive.
On the back side of the drive there is r on/off power switch too.

The DC adapter is having power plug-in
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By rdgreat
I am really happy with HDD Casing. I was wondering about the negative feedback from lof of buyers. But in my case I received a good casing it was perfectly working condition on my Seagate HDD 3.5" it was working good as external drive on PC and Mac. Casing Build quality was very good. This casing should be work with extra power adapter it was supplied on the box. I hope we can't use this casing with only the USB power source. Anyway Nice Building quality Hardisk was fitting perfectly. Thanks to Seller and Amazon for providing the good quality product. Product delivered in good condition without any damage Packaging was good.
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Before buying this product to be honest I was bit skeptical for the negative reviews so i enquired first with Amazon whether I can return the product if there will be some problem, After the confirmation I bought it, What I received looked bit over priced as this was a low quality plastic box with a SATA port and a switch where you can connect your Hard Disk and work or get your data. Problem was it hanged my Gaming Desktp PC every time I connected it, for some unknown reason, so I couldn't copy the big files then I connected my old Dell Laptop and it worked but slowed it down many folds, like moving the mouse pointer was almost impossible, so used key board and copied some files and that worked for me. Though the thing works but it definitely got some problem. Only buy if u desperately
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By Amazing Abhi in Amazon
4.2 | 35 customer reviews
29 of the 35 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Went to the local market to buy a caddy but end up buying from amazon as price is low compared to the local market. Quality of the caddy is pretty good. A small pk screw driver is also provided. Fixing an ssd is very simple and it took me around 5 mins. Ssd works smooth without any issue. A small notification light is also present which glows in red/blue. Overall very much satisfied 🙏
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By Deba
This product has made installation of second hard-drive very easy. I have installed 120GB Kingston SSD as second hard-drive and installed windows 10 as my secondary operating system for testing purposes before doing final up-gradation from windows 7. Now both windows 7 and 10 works great and i have got enough time to upgrade to windows 10 as my main OS as extended support for windows 7 is finally ending in Jan 2020.
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By Amazon Customer
Its ok, It did work ! The quality does not look great, but does 90% of the job.
I was unable to add the clamp screw to the Lenovo laptop, as the hole size did not
match-up. There is a gap, that I will one ay close, so its not pretty to look at.
However electrically the drive is hooked up and working. The material of the
caddy looks flimsy. However since its plugged in, and may not be removed, it
may last a while.
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By Amazon Customer
4.1 | 42 customer reviews
33 of the 42 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is Seagate barracuda 7 mm 2.5” hard disk. Worth for money and easy to install. I bought it for 2999.the data processing speed is really good and give a new life to my Acer Aspire 4743. A little expensive compare to other models but the speed is really good.just go for it.
This is day one review. Let’s see how it’s going to work on coming days.

I am disappointed with product package. This product is not shock free. Any medium shock may affect the life of HDD. Amazon have to consider to pack with bubble pack. I had received the product in a polythene cover.
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By Somanathan K
Pls go ahead with this product. Windows booting become faster with high data write speed. Replaced older Laptop HDD with this, now feeling like new laptop due to its high performance.
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By R B Mahato
Awesome thanq "cloadtail" i got it from just 2,280 rs only...This is new and genuine product. Out of box mfd and labelled as "SEP 2017".Write speeds from Pc to HDD as 55mbps. and HDD to pc as 90mbps don't except much speeds good enough.iam using these one as external HDD..I recommended if u got from 2,300 rs.
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By Harish
4.0 | 60 customer reviews
44 of the 60 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Hi, I have got one and it corrupted my hard disk. I have tried all the switches present. So I have contacted seller by Amazon email and they have contacted me by Mobile. They agreed to provide a replacement unit and it arrived after three days. I have no hope this would work. But, this works just like that. I didn't even selected the HDD in disk manager. It was visible in my computer.

Now I have a Samsung 860 Evo as my primary storage and my 1 tb HDD as secondary storage. Speed is insane. My system boots in just 3 secs and no problem with the caddy

So for customers, please contact the seller by email if something went wrong. This actually a good product. If you are having any issue, then it might be a compatibility issue. (Please don't forget to format the old c drive which would
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By Jeevan Raj
Received this in good condition.

I own a Dell Vostro 3750 and I got this to extend my HDD after removing the Optical drive.
It is easy to install and now I've added my 1TB HDD using this Caddy.
I like this product and it nicely fits in my laptop.

No issues with this so far.
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By BetaVictory
This Caddy worked fine on my Dell N4110 and I can use my hdd at first go. Five star for that.

2 issues because of which I am givine 2 stars-
1. Can't booth from Caddy drive. Though was able to boot earlier from CD drive.
2. Caddy screw position is not aligned properly due to which I am unable to tight screw to attach it to CD drive screw.
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By Saurabh aggarwal
4.0 | 55 customer reviews
49 of the 55 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
SSHD is simple mishmash of both drives
You play competitive stuff over&over this will give you ~almost SSD levels of loading time
Boot time is little faster
Basically it will be a SSD like drive for the stuff you usually do but a somewhat alright HDD for stuff you dont.
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By Syed Gouhar
Performance far ahead than a typical 7200 baracuda HDD but does not match the SSD performance. Those with tight budget and want balance of performance and space can buy this one.
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By Siddhesh Tengse
Good Product, Fast as well, I am using last 10 months , no problem found so far.
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4.0 | 48 customer reviews
36 of the 48 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Significantly faster sequential performance than the wd blue. Very satisfied with the build quality and performance.This drive is basically an older RE series drive from wd made for consumers, has extra features the blue lacks which i suggest u check on wd's website before purchase. Packaging is horrible from cloud tail. try to buy from some other seller if possible.
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By Himangshu Borgohain
Worth every penny. The best hard drive in the world! Seller: Appario Retail Private Ltd. is the best seller for WD Black Hard drive I have seen, they sold it to me for Rs. 6,349.00 (very limited offer) and the product is 100% geniun and also got very fresh one (January 2019 stock).

Thank you so much!
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By Ali
I purchased the WD 1TB hard disk on the 27/11/2017 and the hard disk started to click within a month. I had to do a RMA from WD. All my data was gone. The packing of the hard disc was very bad when shipped. No bubble wrapping at all.
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By Darrell Netto
4.0 | 40 customer reviews
33 of the 40 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Hard disk is working smoothly with out any noise and heating in my Ps4. But this is a refurbished item and has no true warranty and no return because it is imported item from USA. So I purchased it on my own risk. And I don't know how long it will work. So first think 100 times before you buy..
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By sulabh Srivastava
after 5 days using my experience, this is mainly good for game response (not FPS increase), program install, and copy pest. Not for booting time too much good, windows updates, or opening multiple programmers. I recommend You can upgrade from 5400 to 7200 RPM, but don't expected for SSD. Good HDD for laptop. Thanks for amazon.
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By Subhankar M.
I wish if the size was 2TB otherwise, i will rate it a 9 on 10. but surely much better than other products. only thing which hurt me, the packaging. it was horror to see the way it was packed and delivered.
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product price
4.0 | 37 customer reviews
30 of the 37 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
My first hard drive was WD and I was looking for an add on to my cabinet whether it would be WD or Seagate. Since I got this around Rs 5000 for a 2TB Barracuda edition. The original price in the market is around Rs 600 more.
The read and write speed is good compared with by blue WD.
Go ahead and buy it without a second thought.
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By Sourav Mondal
Received in sealed condition without any damage. Hence, must appreciate the packaging of seller. This SATA III hard disk is no doubt good, thinner and faster among available brands. Barracuda series is actually intended for daily use as primary hard disk hence optimized by Seagate accordingly, yet I'm using it as secondary storage device. This 2TB capacity actually gives about 1.86GB which is quite normal in industry standard. Overall it is a good purchase.
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By Saugata Halder
It got corrupted in 1 month (no virus , no missuse, it was in personal computer) , and I lost my 600 GB data. Data recovery company is asking 12000 RS to recover,

I strongly recommend to use any other HDD like wd or else.
This HDD is not at all realiable.
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By Armaghan Akram
product price
4.2 | 20 customer reviews
16 of the 20 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is the 4th Black Drive I am buying. Haven:t faced any issue with the WD Black drives. Very well built and with awesome speed and worth every penny.
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By Menang Jamir
Happy with amazon service and the hard disk is really good.

The copy speed have been increased from 60 mb/s upto 115 mb/s when copying big files.

And with 5 year warranty this is the best you can get without worrying about future problems.Western Digital WD2003FZEX 2 TB SATA III Desktop Hard Drive (Black)
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By Dragon1291
First of all these drives are shipped with almost no packaging or cushioning by cloudtail. The drive had damaged sectors and all file read/write operations slowed down to a crawl. All this happened just 2 days outside the return/replace window. So Amazon refused to help out. At this point I have nothing good to say about their return policy, especially with regards to a high end product like this. The windows are too rigid, especially since this is an item that you would just install in your desktop PC and forget. So the chance that the item got damaged by user handling is very low, and it is more likely that the piece was defective to begin with.

For anyone considering buying this, I'll say this:

1. Think twice.
2. Once bought do put it through performance checks and benchmark it within the return window.

At this point I'm trying to get in touch
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By Keshav C.
3.8 | 150 customer reviews
112 of the 150 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Outstanding performance! I purchased it as a backup HDD for use in an external USB 3.0 casing (Quantum Zero). Originally I had planned to buy the WD 2TB Black variant, but since I did not need extreme speed, I ordered this Blue variant and saved some money. Imagine my surprise when I saw the Real Life performance. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw 125 - 130 MB/sec nearly constant copying speed from my Samsung 850 Pro SATA III 256 GB SSD to this WD Blue HDD (equivalent to writing speed on this HDD) for 3 video files 1.5 to 2.5 GB each! Just to see what would be the equivalent writing speed of this HDD, I reversed the process, i.e., copied the same three video file from this HDD to a new folder on my Samsung 850 Pro. You may not believe me, but that speed held all
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By Amazon Customer
This drive is 5400 RPM drive. So don't expect extreme speeds. It's good for basic computing (Not ideal for games, media editing, audio recording etc.). It is always recommended to install Windows 10 on a 7200 RPM HDD. However, if you combine this with a faster drive or a SSD then it can be used as a good backup drive.
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By Krishanu J.
Drive came in an excellent packaging. Properly covered in 2 inch thick foam, and then wrapped in a cardboard packaging. However, the drive was not working properly. System detected the drive and I created 3 partitions, but the drive stopped automatically and disappeared from disk management screen. After restating the system, I could see the drive listed in explorer, but it again disappeared in a few minutes. I have created RMA for WD. Awaiting the drive pick up
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By Sameer G.