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4.6 | 83 customer reviews
77 of the 83 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Voice quality is rich and crystal clear like.. Nice pickup pattern.
It can make a big difference in your videos. Easy to use. Material quality is very good. and unmatched in this price range.

The wire is too long that you can stand at a distance of about 15 meters and still use this mic. But for short-distance use, it sometimes becomes a mess.

It works best with a a smartphone. What I was extremely needed
It is a bit expensive but worth its price because of the very good voice quality and good material used.
The mic can be used wthe the ith DSLR cameras. The mic has a control panel attached to the cable which is powered by an LR series cell. You can switch between the camera and mobile by a button. Overall the mic is great in terms of value for money and voice recording quality

The foam covering the mic
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By Kashif khan

Inspired by the sound quality and value for money of my previous purchase of a maono AU U3 portable bluetooth speaker, Got it for a friend for studio recording puposes & here are my observations of the product.

โ˜๏ธ Packaging is quite simple with no attractive styrofoam cutouts or fancy colors.Even the outer pack is with minimal colors.
Never mind , as far as the product quality is good, outer appearances dont matter much to me.

๐Ÿ‘ The pack contains :
1.) a lavalier microphone with 6 meters of cable.
2.) 2 button batteries where 1 battery is extra.
3.) A 3.5 mm gold plated adapter for laptops & smartphones and a 6.5 mm adaptor for dslr cameras.
4.) A metal clip to fix the condensor.
5.) A wind muff .
6.) A user instruction manual.
7.) A small pouch to store the device.

๐Ÿ‘ The overall construction of the mic is very sturdy yet very light.The
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By Neeraj Vishwakarma
This is the best lav mic in this price range. Awesome sound quality. Bassy audio output. Nice pickup pattern. Overall great product. Packaging is quite simple with no attractive styrofoam cutouts or fancy colors.Even the outer pack is with minimal colors.
Never mind , as far as the product quality is good, outer appearances dont matter much to me.

๐Ÿ‘ The pack contains :
1.) a lavalier microphone with 6 meters of cable.
2.) 2 button batteries where 1 battery is extra.
3.) A 3.5 mm gold plated adapter for laptops & smartphones and a 6.5 mm adaptor for dslr cameras.
4.) A metal clip to fix the condensor.
5.) A wind muff .
6.) A user instruction manual.
7.) A small pouch to store the device.
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By Siddhi P
5.0 | 17 customer reviews
17 of the 17 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
My kids are absolutely loving this handheld wireless microphone. They're both fond of singing the latest English songs and keep practicing all the time. All the functions are working on the device and I'm happy that my kids are spending so much time using it. Volume is good from the speakers and the microphone are uni-directional so need to be kept right in from of mouth to get best output. The functionality and the quality provided by this product is awesome and I really feel that I've made a good choice purchasing this.
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By Binita Shah
The mike is very good , it's speakers are very clear and loud. We can change increase and decrease volume and also switch to remix in different tone and the mike is attachable with Bluetooth . Also useful for recording, this device is a must buy for young ones.easy grip to hold the microphone and many options like recorder, usb port, Bluetooth. It amplifies the sound well. Worth to buy.he is loving this product , the battery backup is also good and sound quality is fine
Till now no issues found in it , good product in the budget.Its a beautiful and compact design.the microplhone is attract and durable and not too heavy and can be handled by a child.operation is simple as pressing a button.the speaker is loud.
Great for small kirtan at home, recording.easy to handle.comes eid charges & aux worth buying. Loved it
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By Pankaj jain
My 4 year old is enjoying it very much and it has various voice tones which adds further excitement to the device. It is with radio, Bluetooth. Recommend it for everyone. Its really superb for music lovers..i loved it..๐Ÿ˜Š. A must buy.
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By Pawan
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4.3 | 337 customer reviews
292 of the 337 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars

Very good product..
Recording clarity is awsm...( if we set gain in pc at low. )





SET AUDIO SOURCE .. external mic. If available.. u will get awsm sound quality in recording :)

Cons :

packaging is too bad. :(
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By singerketan
The box arrived crushed from one end, being held together by tape (inside the usual courier bag), it's the tape that Leads me to believe that this damage wasn't done during shipping, but the box was shipped like this to begin with. fortunately the inner housing was still mostly intact saving the mic.

As for the mic itself, it had a few scratches on it, not a big deal. And worked just fine after plugging in. Quality is great. By far the best USB microphone at this price, no question.

Seller: cloudtail India private limited
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By Sanidhya
It will do the job for aspiring singers and instrumentalists. To get the desired effect one needs to know the way around audacity or other similar recording softwares.
Download 'virtual audio cable' & 'voice meter' to enhance and get studio quality of mic.
Lastly , the mic will work excellent if the user is awesome. Don't expect a Nightingale's voice output if you are a crow.
This is by the way 'best in budget' for YouTube voice cover. Simple plug and play.
If anyone wants to hear quality sample of this , let me know. I will put a link of ' shape of you ' song cover .
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By Amazon Customer
4.6 | 27 customer reviews
25 of the 27 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I got this microphone which doesn't need an Audio Interface, it directly connects to your Laptop or Desktop
I got this just for travel and scratch recording purposes but shockingly it sounded better than my Scarlett Studio bundle microphones with audio interfaces and better than my Rode nt1a
now I'm using this as my daily driver and I've recorded 3 songs already with this and my clients are extremely satisfied with the output and the vocals have come out clean and the mix is really good and easy

In love with this mic
and for 3499 bucks you can never go wrong
I strongly suggest you to get this mic
Take my word for it you'll never regret
and keep in mind even if you dont like you can return it in 14 days
so just take my word for it and thank me later
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By Kiranraj.R
If you're setting up a home studio then this is perfect for you. If you don't have budget constraint then go ahead and buy 12k+ ones, otherwise if your budget is less than 12k then you can blindly purchase this and save a lot of money.

This is a really good mic that can actually record musical instruments crisp and clear.
Noise cancelling is above average but if you're recording in a closed soundproof room it will work like charm.
Otherwise you can use audacity to remove unnecessary minor background noises from the recording.

Highly recommended for singers and musicians.
I recorded acoustic guitar, electric guitar (connected through Marshall), violin etc.

Sound quality is really really good.
Check out few reviews on YouTube, you'll know if it's meant for you.
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By Shibashis
Its Perfect for the price and eliminates the hassle and price for a audio interface ,great for me
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By Pranjal
product price
4.6 | 26 customer reviews
23 of the 26 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Excellent Product...
Very high quality item..the microphone gives such a nice response...headphone is giving nearly flat response...and the interface is the works very well....i did not expect that good in this price range...but trust does what it says...go for it if you are finding a good recording bundle for home...
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By Swar Mehta
It supports 192khz /24 bit audio recording. It have tested this for recording from various sources from Vinyl records, Audio Cassettes. The results were very much impressing. Though the device comes with free licencing software for composing and recording it is easy to use with any kind of recording software like audacity, wave editor etc., It has MIDI in and out ports but I haven't tried so far. Comes with Yamaha 1 year warranty. I like this product very much.
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By Ganesh Kumar Ponnuswamy
I'm a professional musician and bought this guy because of my frequent travelling and also to run additional pair of studio monitors at home.
After having used them for about half a year, I must say I'm quite impressed.
ยฐThe quality of audio output is good, not great. But at this price, it's unbeatable.
ยฐThe pre-amps are industry standard and the hardware monitoring is turning out to be way more valuable than it seems at first.
ยฐWorks great with all my DAWs and standalone audio applications with minimal latency issues. I'd recommend gaining good knowledge regarding sample rate settings for various mixing and recording purposes for optimal usage.
ยฐAs mentioned by others, the headphones out doesn't seem to churn out enough gain, but it won't be a concern if you don't mind turning the knob into higher registers for the required volume.
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By Amazon Customer
4.2 | 652 customer reviews
520 of the 652 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I used to wonder with so many recording technicians and enthusiasts around why no company has attempted to make a metal ring with some stockings stretched over it. I was pleasantly surprised to see this product on amazon.

The size is BIG and covers the entire area (a little too much if you ask me). I can say that the mids are a little bit muffled when compared to my Samson filter but that's not a big cause for concern if you ask me. The neck looks a little bit flimsy, but is able to carry the weight, The red logo would look cool on videos though.

A very happy customer. I shall come back to this review if something goes wrong. Totally worth the money when compared to imported brands.
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By Maheswaran M
Really working nice. Removes P's and B's sound and gives more crystal clear voice. I am using it on my Blue snowball ice for voiceovers.
Price is little bit high as compared to others bit quality is best.
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By !!! Reviewer $ingh !!!
This simple pop filter is one of the most frequently bought filters. Just get it without thinking much of how it will work. Even the net used is multicoated to add more quality to the recorded sound. The clamping rod it is attached to is quite flexible as well. However, it may sometimes bend after getting loose from the rod part. So it may not always stay in a stationary position.
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By Jai Sabharwal
5.0 | 11 customer reviews
11 of the 11 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This was an excellent Mike that I had ever seen. I really loved it. It has metallic body that was too good. It can be connected to mobile or tablet through Bluetooth. output of voice was brilliant as it eliminates helps during party or any special ocassions .I definitely recommend to my friends. Thanks Amazon
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By Korvi akhil
Best use could be in family function or birthday parties, its wireless so it can be easily portable, range is 10mtrs, but its fine.
Its worth Buying it!!
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By Deviprasad
Rylan wireless Bluetooth combo mean bluetooth speaker and bluetooth mic is a great product with better sound and better is a cordless product so we can say it is a easily portable product. I am really happy with rylan wireless Bluetooth mic and speaker...
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By Ayush Gupta
product price
4.1 | 224 customer reviews
188 of the 224 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Bought this after checking out the reviews - It's a budget pocket monster. Serves its purpose so well.
Check the video attached.
I recorded a phone-played audio and recorded on Laptop mic and on Samson Go mic.
Check the quality and decide for yourself.
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By Sumanth
Super Mic. After hunting for months and roaming around Richie street even, I finally zeroed in on this. Order from Amazon and get this bad boy if you want great audio quality.

My research taught me three ways to get great audio:
1. Lavalier mic and Recorder(TASCAM/ZOOM)
2. Condenser Mic and Audio interface/Sound card
3. USB Mic

You will anyway need a PC for audio editing.

Whichever way you look at it, you have to invest decent money for great audio. There are no real shortcuts for amateurs. So I placed my bet on the Samson Go Mic and I am more than happy. Only gripe is, the Indian price much higher than the US price.

I use it for Youtube videos and audio commentary. It is great for video calls as well. Outstanding output really.
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By Vijay B
Lets start with the build quality, It offers metallic and plastic build. Top portion of the device is mode out of metal which seems well build but the lower half is made out of plastic which is not up to mark, so you have of be careful as it get cracked with normal usage. So I was expecting a slight better build but we are not here for the build, its all about the sound recording.
So to start with the sound quality it offers 3 modes and all of them work perfectly. -10db option a great to do voice over and the sound comes out awesome. Yes, it captures little bit of noise but that's not a concern as it can be removed in post processing. So for the price it offers great recording options and good sound quality. Other two options are also great to record unidirectional or all
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By Ankush Tyagi
5.0 | 8 customer reviews
8 of the 8 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Really this a awesome product , easy to use or operate and also carry to anywhere easily. Many features inbuilt in this product . So that we have utulized it in different area's. Just like tuition classes, listening the song, recording, Bluetooth. Pan drive and memory card . My son and wife is happy to purchased this product. Nice product......
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By Chandra Shekhar Singh
It's gud quality Bluetooth Mike.. color is also beautiful.. sound quality is good.. bought it for my son.. would recommend others to buy this ..
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By Garima
Excellent product. Received well on time. quality is genuine and value for money. Easy to record. Must buy.
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By jayashree Mehta
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4.1 | 88 customer reviews
71 of the 88 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Previously I have used three Microphones (Generic Dynamic, AKG, Sound KIng Beta) They were just ok type to me as I am an You Tuber "Android Mechanics". But when I got the Blue Snowball Ice, It really changed my mind. When I used for the first time, The Recorded Voice quality was so good that I myself didn't believed that it was recorded by me! It was really mind blowing for me and the best thing which I like about this is the Clarity of its recording that too without any Editing. If you are looking for a good mic for Recording Karaoke Songs or If you are an You Tuber like me then this Recorder will surely surprise you.

The Blue Snowball iCE will give the best performance If you are using the Audacity Software which is a free software for PC.
And If you want to sound more professional, you
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By Priyankar Dz โ˜‘๏ธ
I was in a dilemma about which mic to get for my YouTube & Twitch Streams and after a good research and trying out few other SLR & mod mics, I went on with Blue Snowball Ice and boy was I right to do so as this mic is phenomenal for the price!

โ–บ Blue is among top brands for microphones and this is a condenser microphone.
โ–บ Does the same job as Blue Yeti and AT2020 for a minimal price.
โ–บ It's USB so easy Plug N Play, no requirement for messing around with a bunch of software.
โ–บ It's a cardioid pattern and not unidirectional which is perfect as it won't pick up background noises like your mechanical keyboard.
โ–บ Great Price to Performance ratio.

โ–บ The only thing I'd think is most people don't like the round ball shape of it but it gets the job done.

Sound and clarity can be further improved
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By Sid
What should i even say about this thing? Its freaking amazing! The ease of use, and great voice quality just makes it irresistable, be it your computer, laptop, iPhone, iPad or whatever, it works with everything! Sturdy build quality and brilliantly designed, the Snowball iCE is just a marvellous microphone especially for voiceovers & podcasts. I usd almost every other kind of mic before buying this one & tryst me no one even gets closer to it. Got this under a lightening deal on amazon, so saved me some cash too, so yeah it was a great deal. If you are an audio enthusiast just like me, also on a budget (well, just like me) please be assured this is going to be a really worthy purchase, so please go ahead with it!
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By Agam Bhasin
4 Offers from product price
4.1 | 84 customer reviews
69 of the 84 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I got this equipment to record my Saxophone practice sessions. So first of all i'd like to clarify to anyone who has a doubt that condenser mics can't record loud instruments's not true. This is a very well built mic and gives you a studio like recording under normal circumstances and with normal room noise. Best is it's so easy to install, just plug and play! Love it!
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By Amazon Customer
In this price range i feel samson c01u pro is the best microphone you can get and moreover it is bit easy to use(plug and play) :)
I bought this microphone to setup my home studio, initially i got the microphone which was not that responsive then after replacement
i got a better one.
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By Amazon Customer
I've needed a microphone for a long time and got this one for doing voice-overs in my videos. I didn't have a huge variety of knowledge when it came to these things. So I hit the internet and found out about this particular one which was said to be the best within this price point.

At first impressions, the build-quality felt pretty good and had the weight to it everyone was talking about. Then putting into the real-world test, the recordings it dumped sounded pretty decent (All I do is voice-overs). And after using it for a few days, here's a summary I wanna mention:
Pros, (not in particular order)
1. From what I've seen with microphones, this one is pretty good within its price point
2. This thing is through USB-B to USB-A, and is plug-and-play.
3. The frequency response spectrum is good enough and doesn't pick up the high pitch
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5.0 | 7 customer reviews
7 of the 7 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
One of the very best microphones out there. Period. I was confused at first between this one and Audio Technica but finally went for this one because I was looking for mic with a stand which can be placed on the table. Great for gaming, streaming, interviewing, podcasting.

Pros -
1. Solid build quality, the best I have seen so far.
2. Very nice color, it's not that much bright red as shown in the picture but a deep and rich red which simply awesome looking.
3. Excellent capture capability.
4. Simple to setup and use. Just plug and use. No need for any software or driver.
5. Switch to different mode is very easy thanks to dedicated mode selector knob.
6. Included 3.5 mm is powerful enough to drive high impedance headphones. I have tested with my 80 ohm Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro and it delivers excellent sound.
7. Seperate microphone mute button is a great addition.
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By MNDTrix
Bang for the buck, records voice exactly as intended, plug and play for windows 10 and does a great job of ambient noise cancellation when the knob is set to cardioid.
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By Rรฉv O'Conner
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By Naresh Kumar
4.2 | 22 customer reviews
19 of the 22 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I am uploading a video which I recorded using this product. You can yourself listen to the audio quality. I loved the quality very much. You will also hear some faint noises in background but that is due to the fact that I recorded this clip at 00:01 pm when traffic around my house is at prime. Those sounds will be absent when recorded at the stillness of night or a closed room. I personally loved the product and am giving it 5โ˜†.
I also want to mention here that the customer care team of this Amputive company is really customer friendly. I had few doubts and was well received by them.
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I usually don't write reviews but I am so impressed by this product that I am doing this.

It has provided some extra thing also.

1. TRRS to TRS adapter( if your phone has TRS, simply if your phone headphone support is 2 pin earphone, costs 250 to 400rupees)

2. OMTP to CTIA (which cost 300-500 rupees if you buy separately)

3. An extra cable( which is very important, may cost you up to 200-1000rupees)

4. Wind protector

(((A little advice for the seller also..
Provide a printed guide what each pin do and where to use them, I needed to search about them separately it took me whole 2hrs to read all the articles about them and to understand them..)))

About the audio quality, it's awesome and with the added accessories it's irresistible.

About the noise cancellation, it's great. I have tested it with OPEN CAMERA app.

Yet to try with the stock camera.(I think it will not work
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By Bhaskar Jyoti Chetiya
Nice product. The voice quality of the microphone is awesome. Helps me cater my needs to make online teaching tutorials. It Connected to my phone easily, I just needed to download one app. Anyone looking for a microphone with good audio quality at a decent price this is it!!!
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By Ismeet Singh Saluja
3.9 | 63 customer reviews
50 of the 63 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
One of the most best collar mic I have used by now, great for connect creators and youtubers.
Last noise Destruction observed in this price range. If you are beginner go for it really very great and gives decent sound quality.

Done great features are like:
1. Sound are crisp and clear recorded.
2. Last noise experience.
3. Has good capacity to to catch various sound frequencies.
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By Himanshu Verma
Perfect choice for a youtuber... I ordered this Microphone for making YouTube videos...and my selection was perfect... It helped me to record videos with good sound quality... Clip in that Mike helps to fix it properly... Product came in a nice packaging which really hlps us to keep it safe from the reach of children... Recommending to all...
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The perfect mic for everyone who wants to start career in YouTube

I basically use this to record podcast episode. Where I need perfect quality of audio recording.
Thia mic come with variety you can use it for camera, smartphone etc.

You can connect both headphones and mic to one port that's awesome things about it. While having Skype call it it necessary to have both connection.

Talking about noice it able to cancel all the noice and get you perfect quality of audio for recording.
The sound quality is absolutely perfect

Definitely recommend for everyone who ia in video recording field.
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By ronak shah
3.9 | 46 customer reviews
32 of the 46 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
There are two models with similar features: UCA202 and UCA222. Even on their site, the difference is not clearly specified. Researched a lot and finally found there is negligible difference.
If you're confused whether to go for this interface or other interfaces or mixer:
1. This has RCA input - go for this if you want to RECORD audio from a mixer, amplifier or any other AV device that has AV output. This can work to record cassette / cd player audio to your computer. Cheapest option with reasonable quality.
2. Few audio interfaces have both mic and line inputs. These are good for recording from AV source and mic input particularly for recording live music performance with instruments. Costlier than 1 above and the cost increases as you look for more inputs sources.
3. You need a mixer, if you've multiple input sources. Do not go for audio interface with many inputs -
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By Ajay KS
Ok so I was finding an audio interface within a low cost and I found this product UCA 222. Though it is not a typical audio interface but it does the job done very well. The audio quality is very good as the sample rate is 48khz. You can simply connect it to your computer via USB and with your mixing console via RCA cable and start recording instantly. The UCA-222 doesn't need external power supply as it is automatically get powered on when you connect it to your computer. The latency is very low that you can't notice it. You also get the facility of monitoring without almost no latency(you can't notice the latency).
Anyway the product is very useful and the quality is very good also.
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By Writendra7
Amazing quality.. didn't expect the product to be this smooth for this price.. it has become an integral part of my mobile recording studio.. good work Behringer..

Lets say if at all i want to complain would be that it would be great if the product supported 24bit 96khz.. unfortunately it is only 24bit 48khz.. which i think is ok for the price
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By Amazon Customer
3.8 | 542 customer reviews
373 of the 542 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Stay tuned for a comparative review with and without Phantom power.

First impressions - Awesome mic. Beginners can go without any doubt.
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By priyank pitrubhakta
I have a home studio where I make most of my professional works. I already own a behringer C3 condenser microphone but I was looking for a new condenser. The behringer C3 serves the purpose well but I took a chance on this Wright condenser and I have been testing it out since it arrived this morning at 1100 hours.
The arrival was 2 days prior to delivery date and packaging was brilliant to ensure to damage has been imposed while in transit.
Having said that, the quality is crisp and clear.
Make sure to use a good noiseless xlr cable.
I have M-Audio soundcard which comes with phamtom power (+48v) and it works great. For people who do not have phantom power, you get an USB adapter whih enables you to use the product. I haven't checked it through the adapter provided but a manual is included within the box where it shows
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By Alex Bose
If you use phantom power supply it gives nice output with out it also i can use it but you need to speak directly in the mic where logo printed and keep closer to your mouth with filter but if you use power supply you can speak or sing from long distance and need to reduce background noices later on any editor
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By naveen reddy
4.0 | 14 customer reviews
12 of the 14 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very nice & good product and sound quality Awesome ...๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ
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By Imran
Awsm's really gives studio like feeling.
Moreover below are the awsm thing you can find in this product
- Awsm bluetooth connectivity
- Good Battary life
- It has 3.5mm jack interface
- More settings.
- Good sound quality
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By pritiranjan behera
The microphone is so cheap andd it cannot be even used in small parties, get togethers and even for shooting. The design and colour is also very very cheap like footpath and not worth of money. Even return is not possible as seller ships through 3rd party courier services.
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By jivesh_bansal
4.2 | 6 customer reviews
5 of the 6 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have try many microphone for YouTube screen recording videos , but do not get best results , after buy this mic I have get best voice quality in videos. best voice quality is important thing in youtube videos. Thanks seller , I am satisfied with this product.
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By Imran K.
Good build quality, the sound is clear, works as expected.
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By Amazon Customer
Awesome for in gaming talks and discord
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By kakz
4.3 | 5 customer reviews
4 of the 5 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Value for money
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By rituraj nagar
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By Deblina L.
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By Sofiyan Momin