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4.6 | 684 customer reviews
624 of the 684 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Received in very good condition, package Box doesn't have any dent or scratches, printer, cartridge, usb cable, power cord and driver cd all original and sealed condition under the Canon card Box, all items working smoothly without any issues and till running... high quality cost effective printing by Canon... Just go for it
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By Amazon Customer
The Installation driver CD received with the printer in the box was physically damaged/ broken. so I had to download the driver from the printer company's website to setup the printer on my laptop.
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By Captain Nimo
Beware. This printer has no scanning & photo copy facility. It's not compatible with Apple operating system
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By Sav
4.5 | 1,388 customer reviews
1,258 of the 1,388 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Bought 4 years back for my dad at around Rs. 6100/- and it is still working smooth. Do heats up when printing but i think this is the most cost effective printer i have came across. Has a lot of third party companies making this printers cartridge. Even the original cartridge can be refilled locally. Doesnt support duplex.
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By Arman Khan
As a Printer i mean single function printer it is best.

Note: Duplex printing not available (Means dono side print lena hai to aapko khudko ek side print lekar page ghumaa ke wapis se daalna padega.)
black and white printer. overall good. Expecting good age.

overall satisfactory.
and for amazon:
packing was good, delivery on time.
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By Saluja Sales, Rajasthan
Cost is more, that is the only factor , I paid Rs 10,690/- for it It was available earlier for Rs 8500/- during promotion. Quality is great accepts the 12A cartridge which is the widest selling Cartridge in the world. its similar to the AK-47 durable tough accurate and yes value for money (In the long run). It is the only printer which sells above MRP in markets
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By Surajit Chatterjee
4.4 | 1,876 customer reviews
1,613 of the 1,876 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very nice product from hp . Easy to install. Working very nice . Print quality is very nice .
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By Maulik Raval
Hi Friends it's most popular hp multifunction laser printer because,.

1)it's packed with 12A Universal Toner which gives more print,s than any other printer
2)No more maintenance compare to other printer
3)best in quality printing
4) low cost of printing page
5)cost of Toner refil is low cost and it's easy
6) it's towers type design and build qulity is excellent .
7) U will start u r small Xerox business withe this printer.

1) it's price so high..
2) no wireless printing
3) no duplex printing
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By Burkule Gajanan
Delivery was well but I haven't received any warranty card with if there happens to b any problem in the future..than how do I get it sorted out
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By Shopaholic
4.4 | 758 customer reviews
670 of the 758 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I got this one at ₹ 6850 , which was great in worth for these type of printer ...
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This is an efficient and reliable single function monochrome printer! I was looking for a good laser duplex printer. After a lot of search, I found this printer to be the most appropriate. In fact, I wanted to get a colour laser printer but found them to be very expensive and unnecessary as colour prints are rarely needed. The toner costs are astronomical! If a single original black toner cartridge costs half the cost of this printer, imagine the cost of coloured toners! Besides the initial cost of a laser colour printer is outrageously high. So unless you really need one, don’t waste your time looking for one. Inkjet colour printers are cheaper so you can opt for them. But be advised that they aren’t easy to maintain. Unlike inkjet printers, ink leaks won't occur even if the laser printer isn’t used for a long time.

Setting up this printer was
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I am writhing this review after using it a month. I purchased it for Rs. 8999.

1. Fast printing
2. Duplex


1. High printing cost
2. 1 cartridge yield maximum 1500 pages only
3. Monochro

Since if you want very fast printing and duplex then go with it. But cost for this you have to pay approximately Rs 2.5 per page.

And if time is not your concern then go with epson printer in the same price segment you will get all in one printer (print+copy+scan) and page yield is about 7000 page for colour and 6000 page of black. And even one refill cost around Rs.400.

I am using both printer thats why I am able to compare both.
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By Ashish Singh
4.4 | 430 customer reviews
387 of the 430 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
has been using from last one month ... very comfortable .we can also print A5 pages ..almost i have taken around 250 A5 pages .. not seen a jam till now .. i brought print share licence from android play store and using usb direct printing..for some reason the default hp plugin didnt print usb print to printer ...
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Good value for money, easy to use. Toner capacity is little less but otherwise good. Print speed is good. Overall very good for home + small offices. Workmenship is good.
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By Amazon Customer
no dual side printing automatically although there's an option to print both sides and there's an option given while giving print command but by changing the side of the papers manually after it prints one side of paper. Otherwise it seems to be good with decent quality prints.
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4.2 | 1,812 customer reviews
1,466 of the 1,812 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I opted to buy this printer over Epson or Brother or any other company becuase of 2 reason. 1. Price (same features model with wireless costed 3k more for Epson) and 2. this Supports Borderless printing from 4x6 size upto A4 size. meaning you don't need to cut of edges after printing as her wont be any borders, The Utility software along with the package is quite good. i used it to scan and print wirelessly and it worked like a charm. wireless connection is very stable. i bought this for 8500 for Great Indian Sale. it comes with 2 extra black and white ink bottles so its 18k black and prints out of the box! so if you compare it with printing cost outside it straightaway negates the printer costs. overall a great buy! printed some color photos in glossy papers and it was fairly good. exceeded my
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By chandu m.
The printer was easy to set up and use the Wifi direct paired to my phone. The app needs to be installed which isnt the best in UI but does the job.
One odd thing i found (check pics) is that color inks werent upto the top arrow mark like the black ink. I'm not sure why bcoz i emptied the entire bottle into the tank. The color prints have not come out bright and they look a bit dull. Was expecting better print quality on white 75gsm paper. Black prints are quite good.

The photo print quality on 200gsm kodak 6x4 is quite good. Higher quality paper would also give good results. The speed of printing is impressive and no washout or anything observed. After printing 4 pics, the ink level is the same.
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By ZabbiE
Amazon delivered on time. I booked the installation by calling Canon. They guy who visited doesn't just rushed through the installation and after completing every thing he said, "we will explain for free only for the first time and from next time onwards we will charge". First of all he didn't uttered single word till he completed everything and he says this to me at the end. what a crap guy. And on top of that he took 5 print outs for his use, took them and went away.

I am wondering how these guys will handle in case of any service needed.

I felt I should have bought EPSON or HP. Hoping that nothing breaks and I don't need to call these guys home.
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4.2 | 1,445 customer reviews
1,170 of the 1,445 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Used this for almost one year, the cartridge that comes with it last only for 500 papers , after that you have to buy an another cartridge ,otherwise the printer is great quality is fine
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By Karthik
It is good priter , hp help center is also too good,
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By Rishi
It needs the firmware and drivers to be installed from the CD that comes with the printer. Updated firmware and software is available online, but the printer refused to work with those until I installed the ones from the CD first. Since I had a laptop that didn’t have a CD/DVD Drive, I had to buy a separate portable Drive to install from the CD first.

Once installed, it’s printing and copying works fine. Getting the scanner to work took more fiddling with software.

Not really plug and play if you don’t have a CD drive
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By Anil P.
4.3 | 229 customer reviews
181 of the 229 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Wasn't sure how good the photo printing would be and very pleasantly surprised as it is very good. The two extra inks does make a great difference in the quality of photo prints.

Ink tank is sufficiently large so that we don't have to worry about frequent refills. Have printed about 50 numbers of 4x6 photos already along with 100 A4 documents and the ink level has hardly gone down a millimetre till now.

Loving this printer more and more!
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By Novin
Use the "installnavi" setup tool (either from CD or from website download) for smooth wifi connection. Not knowing this, I wasted some 2 hours getting it connection through wifi.

Quality is good.

After 6 months usage:
Got printing problem, called Epson customer care and they technician appeared in a couple of days and resolved the issue. Important note here is this printer can't be kept idle (without taking prints) for long time. The technician suggested to take at least one print daily. Also he suggested not to power off, to avoid air bubble formation, which was the problem with my case.
He used simple syrenge to remove the air bubbles. Cheers.
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Print give some error.. sensor not working properly
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1 Offer from product price
4.2 | 439 customer reviews
361 of the 439 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Bought during the sale, if you own or plan to buy macOS product, stay AWAY from this model. The ridiculous strategy of Canon to NOT offer macOS support for a new model is why you shouldn't buy this model.
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By shadez
Total prints done :
black: 472
color: 93
ink levels decrease by :
black :10% of 135ml
cyan: 13.33% of 75ml
yellow: 17.77% "
magenta: 15.55% "

canon claims :
full black tank yield is 6000 pages
full color tanks combine yield is 7000 pages

from my usage the claims by companies are always garbage.
Color yield is bad.

The above tests were done with 25% ink saving enabled in Acrobat reader.
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By dr.m@d
Now what do I do with this piece of trash? Buy a PC to make this work???
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By Amazon Customer
product price
4.2 | 363 customer reviews
300 of the 363 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The machine has more RAM than comparable models. Hence it is able to print faster.
The scan functionality is supported by a good software.
It has a cover for the feed paper so that as to protect the paper in the tray against dust.
The machine also turns on fast. I have used models from another popular brand and find hat this one performs much better.
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By Deeps
I got this before 9 months i am using it form my small office business. Trust me this printer is perfect in every way. We take every day 3 to 4 copies. 8 to 10 prints and 3 to 4 scanning in a moths. very clears prints. i refilled 1 time
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By Customer
the printer is a bit heavy
Doesn’t need much space to place the printer
Print quality relatively very good
Fast printing

Easy installation
Need to down the user software from canon website

Easy only
Got it a bang on deal for almost 10.7K
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4.2 | 356 customer reviews
283 of the 356 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is an amazing all in one printing-scanning-copying machine. Offers more than other models like HP. Opted for this as it has an auto feeder, which makes copying/scanning of multiple pages much easy. In the HP machine, you had to insert and scan one page at a time. In this, you just load the pages on the feeder and it does it all automatically.

The only downside was the default setup this machine comes with. I would say its very user unfriendly. After spending few hours and browsing through all the forums and international Amazon site, I learnt how to set up this machine for best use. My printer was setup correctly, however on the wireless printing mode, it used to go to sleep mode after a few minutes, and none of my devices were able to detect the printer there after. This was a pain, as I had
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By Sriharsha
First about price - >During Great Indian Festival Sale, I was able to get it at an unbelievable price of just Rs. 11600/- and considering its MRP is beyond 18000, its was just amazing. (10% bank discount+2k discount during lighting sale+1k cash back)

Now About Delivery Experience -> Horrible. Order got lost during transit and after much request and followup Amazon ordered a new product for me at no additional cost. When the product did come after about 12 days, the delivery people were dropping the product box (which was again entirely sub-standard packing without any amazon boxing) as if it was a bag of cement.

About the product ->
1. A True All-in-One Laser Printer. If you do research before buying, its really hard to get every feature in a same printer. This is one such rare printer where you will get almost every feature which any average user can think of.
2. The most useful feature among all is ofcourse the - Wifi
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By Amazon Customer
I strongly recommended you all dont buy very poor service from brother i purchase it before a month & i only 33 page print problem comes and 1 time motherboard changed but again problem come and no one listen even i call customer care but only delay delay delay from there sides
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By Shivam chouksey
4.2 | 342 customer reviews
262 of the 342 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Purchased this printer after a lot of searching and comparing all the aspects with other biggies in the industry. Was very skeptical while ordering, but that lasted only till I received the product. I was totally impressed with the build & print quality of this machine.

Setup was super easy!! I tried all kinds of prints and must say a big "Thumbs-up" to the performance. Documents, both typed & scanned, Photo copy feature and especially photos, all printed with brilliance!! Prints were made from both computer and an iPhone, works seamless. Has Air-print capability, good for Apple products!! Duplex printing is missing though, you need to manually handle 2 sided printing!!

I think, Brother is not very aggressively promoting themselves like others do, but you will immediately notice that they make and have world class products, the moment you touch, feel and use one of their products. After all, they are one
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By Kiran
Too soon to review the product but it seems really good. WiFi is not slow at all. I read in so many WiFi product reviews that it was very slow. This is quick. Can also print legal papers which tend to be longer in size. The tray has clutches designed to accommodate multiple sizes.
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By Slynok
The colours of the printer even in the best mode is looking washed out please see the image attached. The printer was easy to install. But the print quality is terrible.Plan to return this printer. The amazon delivery was fantastic. I would recommend everybody to stay away from this printer. Saw the good reviews and picked up this printer
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By Krishna
4.2 | 300 customer reviews
237 of the 300 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Purchased this printer on prime day at an unbelievable deal - 10,360/- ......Icing on cake, No Cost EMI. :-)

I had researched many ADF printers earlier and none were below 15K. Even this printer was 14.5K.

I compared all parameters and zeroed down on Epson and Brother.
Epson with ADF feature was working out to 18K !!

I eventually realised that the Brother printer offered all which that i needed.

The only thing holding me were the -ve reviews about the print quality.
I looked up a few you tube videos and realised the prints were pretty good if not the best.

When i saw the pricing on prime day, wasted no time in purchasing the machine!

Setting up the printer was absolutely simple and went on pretty smooth. However the installation guy did comeover to give a demo and explained some fine points which were helpful.

I tried printing and scanning using the brother app from android, from
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By Koolstar
Got it for 12,499/- , and also got free installation in 24 hours . I have updated the review after 5 months of use
1.Looks good and good built quality . The scanner cover is adjustable so it becomes easy when you scan thick books :)
2.Good print quality only when you select the setting at "Best quaility" and it takes a lot of time when printing at best quality setting . For Normal settings print quality is mediocre which is a big letdown :(
3.The ADF feature is best ;) ( Just put upto 20 pages in top tray and it will automatically scan and photocopy .No need to photocopy individual pages) . But sometimes it tear my pages ,sometimes the ADF gets jammed
4. WiFi works through brother app through playstore or appstore . Also you can use WiFi when both mobile and printer are connected to same WiFi network
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By Vikrant
Print quality is decent. I would have liked this printer at my home with lots of functionality. However my purpose was cheque printing where it didn’t fit the purpose. Amazon has refused to take the machine back despite calling them the next day of delivery. Why do u have a return policy in the first place.
Called brother support got an automated message saying they don’t work on Friday. Is the support team in Saudi Arabia?
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By Vijay Gopi
4.1 | 1,033 customer reviews
802 of the 1,033 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
REVIEW AFTER 6 MONTHS OF USE: Oh this printer is stupendous!!! It deserves an 8 star!!!

I printed a photo last week (on Epson gloss paper) and it came 100% studio quality. Well, thats enough for me! I can now make posters at home, without spending extra bucks in a studio. Love it. buy it!!
Let me first say, that the 5-star rating I have given is not because L130 is the best feature-packed printer in the market, but rather it was the “exact” printer I wanted per my technical requirement, specification, and budget---after a 2 month research.

I am going to give a very detailed review, with some myth-busters. Yes, I see a lot of wrong Q&As and reviews that I would like to bust with my honest review on day-3 of my purchase.

Home use, not for bulk or fast printing–This printer is a pure home or small business/shop use. Do not
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Have been using this for almost 1 year now. Compared to my previous HP printer, this has been running well. Printing speed is normal. The print quality is good for home printing purposes. The ink has been lasting more time that it used to in the HP cartridge printer. Simple to setup and use. The only draw back I felt is, the only mechanism to check ink level is to raise the tank and see.
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By John T
The printing is good, but only those who use often only go for it. If there is time gap, most of the time we had to clean the head or nozzle lest the print was coming in pale yellow., Which uses some % of ink.
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