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Best Rated in Pressure Cookers

Compare the most helpful customer reviews of the best rated products in our Pressure Cookers store. These products are shortlisted based on the overall star rating and the number of customer reviews received by each product in the store, and are refreshed regularly.

Top rated products in Pressure Cookers

4.5 | 330 customer reviews
295 of the 330 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Excellent cooker, my mom has couple of hawkins cookers been using it for many years without any problems so i purchased the same brand and as expected its strong super heavy and good looking pressure cooker the brand name you can blindly trust. (I have tried almost all my favorite recipes in this cooker and all
were awesome so no issues with the cooking results from making biryani to hot gravies). Its very heavy with full load so be careful using it on induction though im not going to try it on my induction at all. Otherwise i guess the best one.

Tip: i bought 5ltr size just pay extra 150 and get the 6ltr one but i didn't return mine as i dont need any bigger than this for my use.
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By Suroan
There is nothing that I don’t like about this pressure cooker.
It’s heavy.
It’s 100% stainless steel which is the biggest plus.
The backlite handles are sturdy . I hope they gonna last as long as the cooker lasts ( wishful
My mother is so happy with it.
Cooking & cleaning is all very easy.
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By ★★★★★Jáçkîë★★★★★
Very good
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By Akhilesh Rai
4.8 | 96 customer reviews
93 of the 96 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is an amazing product. Have been using an electric pressure cooker for more than 4 years, but the earlier brands came with a very thin coated inner pot, which got dented and scratched in no time at all. Nice dealer, who is honest enough to post his phone no. and answered all queries before i placed the order. The cooker is as described and a lot more for the price. Very happy and totally satisfied with this exceptionally good quality, both of service and the product.
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By shiraz n. merchant
A high end product, equal to instant pot.
It has a stainless steel inner pot, the steamer tray is stainless steel as well. Which is important for me.
It comes at a fair price and it works on 220 Volts. Well built, good accessories, easy to use. A good manual and I tried some recipes from the booklet, they where tasty.
There are some electric pressure cookers around, I was looking to buy one for some time... I almost bought one from Preethi
I hesitated apart from a coated inner pot, its buttons are named differently. For me it doesn't work, if I want to follow recipes from the internet, I would have had no clue which buttons to press.....
If you are used to the instant pot in the US and are looking for an instant pot that works here, go for this one, you will not regret it.
Support from Mealthy is
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By customer ab
All reviews posted here are influenced. They are offering free glass lid after providing good star ratings and positive feedback. Price of product is double than other similar products available. Only positive thing I found it in is it comes with stainless steel inner pot with special base for uniform heat distribution. Other available options are providing either aluminium or non stick coated inner pots which are harmful to health after prolonged storage. Photo of complimentary glass lid is enclosed.
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By Fatima
4.4 | 229 customer reviews
204 of the 229 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The best in India. Topmost quality. Better than Prestige in every way.. Have both so I can comment.. Thicker ss material used.. 5.8 mm base, can be used for frying with lid open for less than 20*min safely officially.. Recommend to use at 700 watt in induction cooktop.. Lifetime warranty..
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By Moon
I had purchased this steel pressure cooker on 12th of July 2018 for 2242 Indian rupees sold by Cloudtail India. The box contents are warranty card, guide book, pressure regulator, cooker body, and outer lid. The packaging will definitely reveal the contents, they will just wrap plastic around the pressure cooker manufactured box and send it. But the packaging was good despite they just wrapped plastic sheet. Coming to the pressure cooker, the cooker body's built quality is very good. It is made up of some good quality stainless steel. It has a flat base which support induction stove and it also works well with our normal gas stoves. But I feel that the lid handle bar quality is not up to the mark, the lid handle bar is loose, and does not fit rigidly to the main lid body. Also the main lid body should have been made up
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By Harsh
A very good quality pressure cooker, It takes less time to cook and the cooked food comes out nice as expected.
I observed Little leaks near the whistle, and one more handle oppsite to the main handle, would have been more helpful.
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By vicky
4.5 | 117 customer reviews
103 of the 117 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have bought this hawkins cooker before 3months, its working preperly and the quality of the product is also very nice.. Looks nice
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By Ratiranjan S.
Hawkins are always the best in kitchen appliances. worth buying. Go for 5 litres and 4 litres for daily purpose for a nuclear family.it looks small compared for other normal cookers for same capacity.I liked the curved design as well.It is easy to wash as well.
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By Nitesh Chaurasiya
Cooker is nice well packaged I have to start using it will write another review after few months
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By Ashish Pandita
4.7 | 49 customer reviews
44 of the 49 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very nice product from trusted Hawkins. Heavy cooker with lot of steel. We wanted to go for steel cooker as aluminium/ hindolium has adverse health effects.. And this Hawkins cooker is of such good quality that we loved it..
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By Akhilesh Singh
I have been switching to stainless steel after buying a dishwasher. This cooker is in the shape of a pot with a narrower mouth, which makes cooking anything in it splatter free. The bottom is very thick, which means for a newbie cook like me, I have more time to react before my food starts burning.
I have had no issues washing it in the dishwasher ( i wash the lid and gasket separately). Quite happy with this purchase.
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By BrownEyedGirl
Product is good but compare to market price is slightly higher here.
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By Amazon Customer
4.3 | 132 customer reviews
118 of the 132 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
From childhood I have been seeing Hawkins aluminum products are the king of kitchen. This company is maintaining their superiority in the market without much advertisement because of their trustworthy quality.
As usual this product is also no different. Robust in quality and fantastic in finish. Does its job very well. Price is little on the higher side but let assured you, if spend a bit little on this product it will give you life time support. That’s Hawkins. Recommended product.
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By santanu das
It's working perfectly on both gas stove and induction cooktop. Hawkins says this hevi base cooker won't bulge. This only time will tell. But they made a change to design of steam vent tube.

It has fixed pivot which prevents the problem of losing pivot when handle breaks. In the old days, the pivot of the cookers were not fixed and when cooker handle breaks, pivot bit falls out and we may lose it, and the new spare may not fit properly, causing problem of lid not closing properly. This is my personal experience.

The best recent innovation of Hawkins pressure cooker is the change of design of steam vent tube. It is now much slimmer (see attached pics for comparison) and easy to fit/remove pressure regulator weight. We don't have to struggle to remove the weight like with old models.

If you have induction cooktop, i strongly recommend that you go for
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By Thubten
Cooker is sturdy. The inner lid model is difficult to use than the outer lid ones. The real trouble with it is that the whistles come one after the other in quick succession making it very difficult to decide the doneness of the food based on the number of whistles. It takes a little more time to heat up because of the heavy base
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By Sherry
4.1 | 984 customer reviews
800 of the 984 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
No need to review for Hawkins product, it simply awesome, very nice colour feel like non stick durable, strong riveting on joints, best cooker in 3l if you have to purchase in Aluminium material
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Hawkins this cooker is very nice. I cook tuvar dal directly placed in cooker with water and on medium flame 3 whistle never spoil my kitchen. It cooks fast is other benefits. After so many cooker tryed for tuver dal this one is now using as my problem of cleaning kitchen is solved and daily using it as in gujrati family arhar dal is day to day required food item. The shape is beautiful ,it is easy to wash. I have other Hawkins aluminium big cooker which is long back purchased is also working in full capacity. The brand is excellent.
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By Renuka P.
Really good cooker. Cooks dals v fast. But try to use a wooden ladle for stirring dishes inside it. Also wash it with a soft green sponge. Don't give ur maid a steel scrub to wash it. Use it carefully and it will last u for a long time.
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By Poo
4.2 | 202 customer reviews
178 of the 202 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very good service by Amazon. Received very well packed.
Nothing to comment about Hawkins quality. One of best. Much better then all flimsy looking new generation pressure cooker available in market.
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By ankur Vithalani
Ordered on Saturday and received on Monday. Fast delivery then expected. Package is fine.
Coming to Product:
Product finishing is good. Easy to handle. Easy to use. Cooked some vegetables on the first day on induction. NO LEAKAGES. NO EXTRA TIME(I though Heavy base would take more time to cook). After some time it got finished, we taken out and vegetables were cooked nicely.

Warranty: I saw a notice in the package, we need to post the Warranty card to the Hawkins Office within 15 days of delivery. Din't get clear info about it yet. When I found something about it. I'll give details on Warranty.
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By Ilamaran
Black Black bottom appears after every time use when you cook in seperater.You can not cook any thing directly in a good hygienic condition and it will be contaminated metallurgically
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By Chandra Bhan Jain
4.1 | 351 customer reviews
265 of the 351 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I am a bachelor. I need not have to worry about the outlooks of a pressure cooker- if it's fancy or normal looking. Was looking for a 'cheap and best quality' one. And this is it! It really does efficient cooking with the trust of Hawkins. Also, it contains a 5-year Guarantee card. If you are also looking with the same priorities, this one 's yours!
Thank you Amazon, it was well packed, arrived before the estimated delivery time and IT is genuine.
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By Aman R.
I bought it because my mother asked me to order one.
However, it is cheap in looks. Quality is average.

Cheap here doesn't means waste. It just means below quality product or modern day product.

So if you don't want to get embarrassed like I was then you can spend some more bucks and get a good one.

But if you're not worried about looks and just want to cook you can go for it.

The amount at which it is priced is good as per the product.

In short, if you've budget don't buy this.
If you don't have budget buy this.
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By Abdul Hadi Aamir
Quality is not like Hawkins which we expected and thought of.. It's a bit of lower quality product.. I don't know how the brand name Hawkins is given in such thin and poor product.. Please go for real Hawkins or is it a duplicate product.. I have a very big Doubt... I still believe in Hawkins but not Miss Mary... Sorry I give you only one star...
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By Amazon Customer
12 Offers from product price
4.3 | 96 customer reviews
81 of the 96 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very nice cooker
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By Harendra Choudhary
Nice products
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By lakshman
Received the item with broken handle have complained but didn^t receive a new pair of pressure cooker handle which shows that the concerned is not interested in consumer redress.
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By Amazon Customer
4.1 | 292 customer reviews
230 of the 292 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought it in lightning deal @1.5k, usually stainless steel cooker of this brand are available over 2000rs in market, finally we said good bye to aluminium cooker as it is harmful for health, thanks amazon. Its original prestige 3.3L fully stainless steel body. Includes whistle & ring. Cooks faster with less interval between whitsles. Good product to buy.
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By Parth K
I chose this product wisely for three reasons
1. Brand name Prestige
2. Stainless steel, better than aluminum
3. Suitable on gas stove and induction

Product is sturdy and comes with pressure regulator and gasket as well. Really happy with the choice.
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By Nandhakumar S
The first thing which put me off was seeing the plastic cap in the whistle. Any one who is conscious to move from aluminum to stainless steel will not like it specially the quality of plastic is also not good . Their new mechanisms of checking the pressure is basically a hole with plastic sealing caps on both sides ( this would in time need constant replacing )but then again plastic in the internal environment where the food is cooked
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By Durga
4.2 | 130 customer reviews
110 of the 130 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It's been over a week and we're fully satisfied with what we got. The quality is exemplary. Hard anodized aluminium coating doesn't seem to wear off anytime soon.
Easy to stir and wash.
Go for it without any second thoughts.
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By Rama Pandey
Actually the cooker will be good. But, we have received a defective one. The pivot is not properly fitted to the centre of the handle in the middle part. Due to the, lid is not closed properly. If the lid is closed properly, the handle is not able to lock. Images can explain clearly.
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Non anodized and non induction coocker was delivered
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By shivashish sahu
15 Offers from product price
4.1 | 235 customer reviews
193 of the 235 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It's really nice product i like
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By Purvi
Hawkins pressure cookers are the best as the quality has been consistent over the years. Although I've tried some of the other brands, I prefer the Hawkins range . Hawkins contura is a lot like the classic in terms of build but not in shape. The packaging was good and it comes in its own carton along with a recipe book. One can count on its reliability and performance. A great product !
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By Vivek Rai
I suggest the online customer not to purchase this product online as you will be charged more price than it is available in the market. after my inquiry I find that Rs.90/- has been charged more from. secondly, few sellers of AMAZON particularity dealing with dress material, books, kid's items are very dishonest and selling defective articles. one will discoverer it after regular use of the product after few days.In my case the pressure cooker and the kids laptop is the example.
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By Ganeswar Majhi
4.1 | 225 customer reviews
171 of the 225 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
At first I received a defective piece where Westle and other accessories was missing. It was promptly replaced with a fresh product without scratch. The food got cooked well. I gifted my mom for independence day. She was very pleased with the product. Well built.
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By Wilson Patil
Good coocker we are 2 person but i cook both my dal and chawal in this with 2 dabbas i pirchased seperately so it serves the purpose can help coocking for such 2 items for 4 5 people atleast.... other wise you can coock single item for 8 10 persons.... also in starting i had issue that it was not closing properly but now it fits perfectly so good coocker to buy for durability i am not sure as its been only 3 months but i think they are good enf and durable as per experience i had with this brand
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By Shopoholic
I bought this for my daughter who lives abroad. She has opened it today after she has come to Delhi and the lid is not fitting. I had never expected such a problem from a standard brand like Prestige, as we have bought many before.
Now the return window is closed as it was only 10 days and this dealer has obviously sent us a bad piece which had been returned by somebody else. He is lucky that we trusted the brand and did not check. This is probably his method to off-load bad pieces by sending them to customers who will trust the brand and get stuck. It is obvious looking at the lid that somebody else has tried to fit it before us, as it has marks of wear and tear because it is badly shaped and getting stuck instead of fitting. The dealer should be black listed for
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By Vinod Kumar
4.1 | 197 customer reviews
168 of the 197 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Awesome cooker! Quick steam built up with longer steam retention helping faster cooking and save time/gas. Rigorously using 3lt model for past 14 months (₹1,565/- Aug'17) on both stove and induction for daily cooking. No change in quality of material or performance. Ideal for boiling dal for 6-7 people or for cooking chicken curry for 3-4 people. Needs less water comparatively. My mom loved it so much that bought the same one for her too (₹1,590/- Oct'18).
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By A Verma
The pressure cooker is very good in daily use terms. Food doesnt get burned. Giving 4 stars coz for washing part. Washing the lid is not much convenient when the curry gets dried in areas below handle stick where our fingers cant reach. It could have been improvised by the company thinking about the cleaning mechanism.
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By Ashish Rawlani
I had gifted this to my mother but when she opened the cooker, it had water stains inside which clearly shows that cooker is used by some one else. There was black layer formation due to it's usage, (oxidation) I was upset about it because i paid the price for new product.
I am not happy with the purchase and will not purchase any utensils from Amazon.
Cloudtail India team - a request, you need to check the product status before dispatching it to end user.
Very Unhappy as my mother got a used pressure cooker.
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By Hawk
4.0 | 641 customer reviews
494 of the 641 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Bought from AMAZON fulfilled store Olympia Industries Ltd. for Rs 825 and free delivery.


-The pressure cooker is of 3 L capacity
-with flat bottom for even distribution of flame.
-The rubber seal in inner-closing lid lasts longer than the one in outer-lid pressure cookers.
Amazon service is excellent.
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By rdgreat
Whenever i decide to shop online I always become sceptical after coming across all the negative comments.but honestly I tell you just ignore them & simply buy as you wish.if your luck is bad even the fan at your home can fall overhead due to law of gravitation.
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I bought this cooker during the sale. I gifted this to my mother. She did not like this pressure cooker at all. Firstly it looks really cheap and duplicate. Secondly, my mom told that this cooker is so lightweight from the bottom that food burns and sticks to its bottom. We are not satisfied with the product quality.
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By Jai Sabharwal
4.2 | 95 customer reviews
80 of the 95 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
We bought this from Amazon and was delivered promptly and in perfect condition.
This 6.5 litre stainless steel cooker quality is very good, having sandwich/induction ready bottom, it cooks food very nicely and properly - No complaints at all and would recommend surely.
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By Amazon Customer
The brand "prestige" it self means quality in kitchen ware. Bought it for a price of 2482/- which is quite reasonable. The quantity of the product is good and the whistle looks quite different and attractive. Just faced a minor issue i.e when closing the lid for the initial time was tough. Had to press it and this problem dose not seem to be solving as after using it about 4-5 times the problem persists. Just this reason for reducing the one 🌟.

Hope you found the review helpful.
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By Samyak
The opening and closing remains a tough ask even after using a few times ... trust me I have used cookers for years and prestige has really degraded recently ... this is however better than the previous one I got from prestige ... still a long way to go to be anywhere near Hawkins! For the price ... it is OK .... expected more from TTK and surprised they let their name slide down big time recently ...
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By Sherin
4.1 | 158 customer reviews
121 of the 158 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Good product but screw is not fit correctly.
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By Subham sahu
Bought this for my mother and she loved it. the bulge shape gives a good aesthetic look and serving both as a handi and a pressure cooker. you can use as a handi by using a lid on top of it and can cover the pressure lid and use it as a pressure cooker. the material looks good and heavy strong plastic handle to support he weight
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By Mohammed Yusuf
It's good but I will still prefer Hawking's .
But after researching a lot I found it's better to use stainless steel pots than aluminum due to some health constraints. Never mind we indians are using aluminum pressure cooker since long time and for almost everything including me 😜
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By kumar vivek
4.6 | 35 customer reviews
33 of the 35 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Amazon is good and the package is very good.
The cooker is very good.
It has all components without any damage or flaw. It looks durable.
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By Raj
Very good product
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By jasdeep
Very easy to use
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By K.vasudeva Baipadithaya
4.2 | 82 customer reviews
64 of the 82 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
- Very Good product finish and physical appearance
- Build quality is good, feels strong steel and sound crisp metal
- Easy to use and cooks almost everything as mentioned on the ad
- ISI marked and all safety features available as per industry standards
- Overall build, looks, price range and usage are very good and we are happy with this purchase
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By Zahid A.
I am a big fan of Butterfly products. I have been using butterfly induction stove for the past 7 years. No complaints occured.. I have been using 3 lrs steel cooker for the past 6 years.. thank you butterfly.. thank u Amazon😚😚😚😚
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By Chitrakannan
Quality is good but it's weight is too much to carry and after 10days of use its stared leaking, wisely is not working. I tried to keep gascut in deep freeze and used still wisely not working, not sure what to do to make work
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