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Compare the most helpful customer reviews of the best rated products in our Power Tools store. These products are shortlisted based on the overall star rating and the number of customer reviews received by each product in the store, and are refreshed regularly.

Top rated products in Power Tools

4.4 | 2,491 customer reviews
2,179 of the 2,491 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
NOTE : This sells for 1.6k on Amazon lightning deal most of the times.Keep checking this page ,who knows you might get lucky.Anyway even for its current price tag ,this drill machine is worth it.

Hey everyone! I bought this Drill machine a long time back ,maybe an year I guess.Recently my friend asked me to order for him also.So, I bought another one. My review will be based on my 1 year experience with this product.As far as I believe , most of the guys are confused between this one from Black & decker and BOSCH. Well BOSCH is probably the most popular and surely the best tools and stuff manufacturing company.But their products are far more expensive.So is this black & decker drill machine worth for the asking price.? Read my review to find out.

● Drill Machine
● front Handle
● Depth Gauge
● Chuck Key
● 4 Drill Bits (5mm,
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By Abraham JOSEPH
Great Product from Black & Decker, I love the drill. It's very sturdy and heavy too. Awesome power drill. Get yourself ready for a heavily weighted drill and power drilling. You can feel the rotational speed. The trigger can control the speed of drilling. So, its very good for screwing too.

**Very very bad packaging. I didn't expected it from Amazon Prime Fulfilled order. The package was partially damaged. Luckly drill was fine. I have attacted some of the photos, as for reference to my statement.
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By Subhradip
I bought this excellent drilling machine at sale for 1699/- this is not a commercial driller. But still I does a great job on wood windows, sintex doors, brick walls, PVC pipes, vinyl boards etc.

We will get 4 drill bits with this drilling machine, it has hammer drilling options as well.

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By sathya
product price
4.4 | 1,012 customer reviews
902 of the 1,012 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Have been using it for more than 6 months. Good product. Not heavy. Easy to handle. Sufficiently powerful for drilling into cement, concrete, wood and metal (sheet). The speed control is very smooth and gives confidence to even amateurs.
Two recommendations: manufacturer should provide a more durable and thicker plastic carry-box instead of the cardboard packing-box: AND a better users' manual, with more details, good illustrations / photos, tips and tricks, safety, etc (there are better photos and descriptions on Amazon).
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By Amitabh Dasgupta
very dgood quality. working great on brick walls. its not meant for use on heavy concrete walls, as it struggles. will suggest for hammer mode for drilling on concrete. it is best for small diy, household works. accessories having bit set and screw sets are of good quality. definitely recommend for small works
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By Dr. nayak
It's good for drilling holes on wood but for tiles and concrete you need a heavier machine bcoz I was not able to drill on concrete and tiled bathrooms.
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By Nitin Jain
4.3 | 2,425 customer reviews
2,042 of the 2,425 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
very good product as it name is enough for its quality.
some of the review i have seen that they have written its leaks but actually its not true.
In my opinion it is good for Diy project and other creative work.
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By mukesh prasad
Gud product with reasonable price dont think twice go for it. I bought this for making hair clip and fabric deign.awesome performance
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By Dhivya selva
Are you in search of a good glue gun? Well I'm damn sure that you have seen so many ranging from Rs. 200(local with a fake brand name) to Rs. 2000(Dremel, Dewalt, Stanley fatmax etc..) having different wattage reading and temperature control.
And to choose from these various options is up to your budget and requirement.

I suggest this product to add your tools cart by revealing some of the pros and cons.

1) 40 watt heating coil
2) stylish and smooth handle leave no space bw your hand and handle
3) approximately 2cm of glue stick is pushed in to the heating segment in single trigger stroke.
4) Rubber cylinder(11mm) is placed inside hole that helps to hold the stick in position.
5) nice stand
6) 160cm cord wire (with .75sqmm wires inside)
7) metal tip covered with cone shaped rubber can withstand much temperature.

1) takes nearly 2 min to heat up to
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4.3 | 2,164 customer reviews
1,811 of the 2,164 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is my second purchase after the Bosch car washer. Bosch is always for quality and precision. One star less as the wrong description in the amazon product details pertaing to the udage of drill bits. Found that the silver color bits are for the wall and black ones for the metal and other one is for the wood. Initially tried and disappointed and thought of returning before my plumber found and corrected.
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By Anto
This package contains all the items shown in the image. It is quite okay if you dont want to do heavy duty drilling. This works fine with light drilling around your house on surfaces such as bricks, normal plaster, wood etc. But this does not work on solid concrete. If you are going to drill on solid concrete then go for some heavy duty drill. GSB 10RE is not for concrete
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By Arun
If you're worried about the product whether it's original or fake
Download TecIdentify or Neoreader APP on a smartphone, scan QR code, validate BOSCH 18 digit safety code automatically.
then you'll get the information.
The one which I got was not showing proper Info.
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By King
4.4 | 261 customer reviews
224 of the 261 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Ok, So i have a tonne of drills and this is the latest addition. Why did i buy it? Addition to our wood working factory, we always need more and more drills. The deal was awesome and I really liked the kit. Buying more bits? not a problem and we get them by dozens. Here are the goods and bads

Do remember that this is front-back hammer action drill, not rotary motion impact tool for screw driving applications. So do not get misguided by it's name. For that you will need a real impact driver.

1. excellent box, infact box is worth 500 alone
2. carbide wood bits (the one in black color) are alone worth another 300
3. good quality, very minimal spark, if you dont want sparks at all, go with battery brushless models. regular drills have regular sparks. (and we've used hundreds)
4. good grip and chord, kit gauge and handle is
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By Diy-er
I received the product today and used it extensively.

Usage: Personal use and mainly fo DIY. These days, the carpenters are super busy, so it is better we start doing our stuffs by ourself. Drilling for curtains or hanging pictures or fixing lights, it is very easy. Initially we do some mistakes but again it is kind of lessons learnt.

Likes: It is really superb and very easy to handle and super powerful. I used to have B&D and liked it very much, but after using Bosch, it is incomparable.

Dislikes: there is nothing that I can tell.

You will not be disappointed for buying this product.

I read the reviews and most of them mentioned the seal was broke in at the time of receiving, luckily mine was not.
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By Durgaprasad
I had purchased on lightening deal for Rs 2949/- . I don't know whether the product I had received is not aligned properly or all the Bosch machines are aligned badly.

Initially I had purchased Alpha drill machine from local market for Rs 650/- but that was not having reverse function however the alignment was perfect while rotating. I had tightened some screws but they will not come out with the same machine. So to remove some screws I had to purchase a machine which was having reverse function. At first I had shortlisted Black & Decker but someone had mentioned in the review that after using for 1 month reverse function was not working so I narrowed my search on either Bosch or Makita. Makita is no doubt excellent quality , made in Thailand & Japenese Company but the one which I had shortlisted was too expensive (Rs 4300)
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By Pankaj
product price
4.3 | 943 customer reviews
787 of the 943 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Excellent quality for home use, contents in the pack are very useful for minor fixes/repairs at home. Just one noticeable improvement, the measuring tape is only calibrated on a meter scale, does not have foot scale (generally they both exist on one)
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By Neeraj Parihar
It feels like a pro using this DIY home
Kit from bosch. Drill itself is very easy to use. And other items also are good if you consider it as a home kit. The number of jobs in a home are not that high so they all serve their purpose well. Have fixed several things such as towel stand, curtain rods with this kit without any difficulty.
If you need any help just go to youtube it will guide u how to drill in tiles,wood,concrete etc.
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By Bhavleen Singh
Here i am reviewing after 1 week of use. other goods in the kit are rough & tough to use.screw and other equipment's holding sockets getting loose after 5-6 time use.drill machine is ok not strong enough for making hole in concrete wall. measuring tap is only lowest quality Product. i brought it @ 2900rs. kit is damaged from outside ,
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By aman yele
4.3 | 681 customer reviews
570 of the 681 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very good and reliable product. Burning smell occurs only during the first few usage. Thereafter there isn't any. As per the instruction manual and servicing centres the product appears to be genuine. Dual mode heat and the lower one gives more than enough heat that there is not much requirement for higher heat mode. Helped me patch up my CGI sheets, cracked shoe soles by thoroughly heating glue stick, warmed my cold curry, and it is also helping me in warming the coconut hair oil during cold days.
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By Amazon Customer
Apart from the fact that it's build quality is not so solid and it smokes after using for a few minutes, its a gun that does the job! It's a cheap gun and is well worth the price. I bought it for general purpose usage and since I've bought it, I have heat shrunk a few wiring connections, packaged a few items in a plastic cover and sealed them and even fixed my car bumper dent.

Initially, when I used to use the gun even in the low setting for about 3 minutes or so and switch it off, it would release smoke from the back vents. It was unnerving at first because I thought that the cheap quality plastic was melting away. But this was not the case. I have used it for 2-3 minutes until the job was complete with 5 second breaks and it is totally fine.

Just ensure
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By Viveka
Good product in afordable price.
Material quality seems good.
Useful for removing stickers.
Heated so quicklY & very low noise.👍🏻
Handle with care, must use lether gloves during uses.

The product was already opened & taped again.
So I gave 3*, otherwise I wish to give 4*.
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By SagaR
product price
4.3 | 539 customer reviews
468 of the 539 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
product Is good but the packing is worst
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By Amazon Customer
One of the best drill machines, a must have, sturdy design, good quality drill machine. It is very useful for household tasks and quick fixes.
Comes with hammer action, reverse drill action.
Ideal for drilling into a variety of materials such as wood, metal, plastic and masonry
Hammered action making it suitable for Masonry.
I got it at a reasonable price
I will use it for a prolonged period and then post a review.
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By Surender S
Though it works well, the drill chuck has some eccentricity. First i thought the drill bit is not aligned properly, but then i tried with all bits and insert the bits very carefuly into the chuck. The eccentricity still continues and causes the machine to vibrate at high speeds.
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By M. Sharma
4.3 | 456 customer reviews
388 of the 456 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I was really excited when I bought the product. And when I recieved it, I was shocked as it is smaller in person. I thought it would break with my first use. But after I used it, I was amazed about how strong and durable the product is. I definitely recommend.
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By Adeesh
Precise review:

Purpose: Bike toolkit

1. Tool Quality: 4/5. Will last till rust. Precisely made.

2. Portability: 4/5. Compact and manageable weight. I carry it in my 25 lts saddle bag

3. Gear set option: 4/5. Has almost everything to serve in-case of motorcycle breakdown other than wrenches

4. Carry case: 2/5. Seal flaps are flimsy and will break away if pushed

Recommended: Yes
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By Sasank Pandey
This is simply one of the best product that I have purchased from Amazon so far.
Following are the points that I feel make this product so good:
- its size. It is very compact which makes it very handy and easy to carry.
- variety of tools. The array of tools that are bundled in this box are pretty good. My primary intension to purchase this box was to use it for my bike, but now I use it almost for 90% of my work.
I feel this product is a good value for money.
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By Shekhar Londhe
product price
4.3 | 262 customer reviews
218 of the 262 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Mixed feelings about this product....price is much will be getting seperate sturdy tools in this price...but great thing to show off...used for 3+ years...while using pilers or wire cutters for long time your palms will have two red lines which will be hurting...really bad design.... dont disassemble at will end up bad because lot of washers of diff thickness ...wont fit as original...frequent use leads to loosening bolts...finally I lost one bolt from between the wire cutter and handle but still works fine ...
Final thoughts-this is 80% show off and 20% handy (useful)...this is a copy of leatherman but not even stands near it...
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By mech's
I bought an year ago from Amazon for Rs.650. Now it is being sold for around Rs500. It is solidly built and durable tool.
The plier that comes with the multi tool is actually more comfortable than the regular combination pliers from Stanley.
The knife is very sharp and retains its sharpness for a long time.
The pouch too is durable and good looking.
The only problem is that tiny rust spots have started appearing on the outer shell (See the pictures). But it is not a very serious issue. It can be easily removed using WD-40.
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By Jose
A cheap multi-tool, better than most Chinese multi-tools but lot worse than leatherman or Victorinox.

1. Pliers are okay, there is no spring so it is not easy to operate with one hand.
2. Wire cutters are utterly lacking sharpness, I don't think they are sharpened at all tbh, so you will require to do it unless you want to cut wire with only tension force.
3. Blade is having 2" sharp edge, although it was also quite blunt, I had to sharpen it immediately to be usable at all.
4. File is okay, but you wont be able to use too many times as it lacks quality.
5. Small flat head and star head screwdrivers, neither of them really fit into screws, so not good for decent jobs which require some force.
6. Saw is decent enough but is also of only 2" edge length so you wont be cutting anything more than small twigs.
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By Pratik More
4.3 | 179 customer reviews
148 of the 179 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is a product with a lot of items so this review will be in parts
Ok first things first a lot of us know bosch is one of the leading tools manufacturers in the world now about the drill it works on a 600rpm reversible motor the reverse function is not as fast as the forward movement but is more than enough for any tasks you may undertake it is quite heavy but it's well balanced now about the sound it is quite loud but what do you expect it draws power from an 230v 5amp plug point pretty common for any household and reversible function is operated by a small push tab at the bottom near the trigger and you do get an additional handle for more grip and weight distribution I strongly suggest you use it
Health advisory: if the drill bits
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I just love this product, I have received well packed box along with all the tools mention in the list.
This tool make my life very easy , every once should have one at home.
If you are first time buyer buy this full box, once you start working you need all the accessories given in the box and it will make your work easy.
Very good machine , value for money .
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By Sonal
The description of this product is wrong. I received only Drilling machine with 3 parts. Please avoid buying it. You need to return with my own cost,
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By Akkala Naidu
4.2 | 422 customer reviews
346 of the 422 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Nice product , rather than steel plating it came under black or you can say greasy plating ,don't know the reason if you know let me know in comment section .
9 key set range
Nice packaging
Nice condition.
Thank you for reading review
Stay fit stay strong
Taparia KI10V Allen Key Set
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Quality is very good, it is very durable but edges are quite sharp not smooth(see the attached image), and my problem is I've ordered this set for my pulsarrs200 the size I'm ordered is not correct, I think my rs200 screws size is in 'mm' not in 'inches' totally waste of money, not useful for my needs...
1 star miss because for sharp edges
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By Mani G
These are really great quality . Even the case is heavy and goods but one star off just because the case is not totally the best and the smaller Keys do not remain anchored when moving the case. The key quality is still probably the best I have used which are made in India. It is worth spending the extra on the special steel used to make these
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By Karan Kapur
4.4 | 95 customer reviews
87 of the 95 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very good Tin sheet cutter from Taparia.
Spring is optional , you can chose whether to use it or not.
So far I'm using it for Sunboard, cardboard, tin, aluminium sheet etc and it has performed flawlessly.
Keep oiling or WD40 for longer life.

If you need cutter for thicker sheets then go for Aviation Snips by Stanley.
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By Kapil K
Quality unmatched.It is taparia .I am cutting metal sheets to my science project.
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By Suresha Maharshi
This is a Taparia product, another name for quality. This cutter is useful for cutting thin metal sheets both iron as well as aluminium and thick card boards. This is a must for every home. Superb quality.
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By prakash
38 Offers from product price
4.4 | 92 customer reviews
82 of the 92 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It holds charge for a long time, very useful , has necessary power for most screw-driving jobs, it does lack punch when used on walls , which is what it was not designed for . while drilling in wood , it has great power too
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By Amazon prime Customer
This tool is excellent to have, we need to purchase the drill bits and screw driver bits separately
It also has extra battery just in case your first one runs. It is able to drill metal and wood with ease.
I have not tried on masonry as description says its not meant for that. But I think, it could drill holes in brick walls, but not on concrete

Overall ,excellent cordless operation and very happy to have purchased it
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By Chennai Guy
Drilling is working fine on soft/medium wood. scewing is working fine on all woods. Good product on prize range.
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By Abraham
4.4 | 84 customer reviews
76 of the 84 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Nice built quality. Feels very solid. Speed control is very useful. Packs sufficient power to dry a car after wash even from tight spaces like bumper grills, side mirrors, wheel nuts etc where drying towels can't reach. Using it from past 4 months at my car detailing centre. No issues. I use it for nearly 2 hrs everyday.
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By Sid
This is an excellent product. Very handy to use, so much that I found my mom using it daily to clean hard to recharge areas.
The motor is very powerful and 6 speed settings are useful for multipurpose applications.
The suction part is the weak link and you should buy this product only for the awesomeness of the blowing power.
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By Ketan
I have tried other blowers too ( low cost about 500-700rs) but this is much better in all aspect. the built quality is good, feels sturdy and plastic does not feel cheap, even the nozzle feels like good quality material.
in terms of speed, the variable speed comes in handy ( min,1,2,3,4,5,max), I was able to clean my PC and also blow away the dust in Home.
Worth the extra cost.
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By Rahul
105 Offers from product price
4.3 | 121 customer reviews
103 of the 121 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
My local hardware shop said I can use this to cut plywood, and so did the company's website as well as the reviews and Q&A in Amazon. Just imagine how frustrating it was when after receiving the product today, the Users Manual read "not suitable for woodworking"! Yet I ignored all warnings and went ahead to try cut some plywoods to size. The result was wonderful. Just look at the pictures to judge for yourself how this product fared at the hands of someone holding a circular saw for the first time in his life! And notice that the plywoods were already laminated on both sides, and I did not even use masking tape. (I used Bosch Tungsten Carbide circular saw blade 4" 30 teeth rated @1100rpm, whereas the machine is rated @1200rpm).
Am happy with this product, and keeping it for my future DIY activities
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By Pushpal
Even though this is light weight, it got a solid feel. Finish is nice. i am mostly using it for wood work. Very easy to handle.Not very noisy. I really like this machine. Go for it.
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By Amazon Customer
Very happy with this product. You gotta buy the circular blades separately as they r job specific I.e. Wood, metal, tile. I cut wood clean and effortlessly with this mini beast, a must buy for every household! Great for repair work or tile work. Packs quite some power, so do remember to have a good meal before u set out to spend time with this machine!!
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By Fabian Gonsalves
4.6 | 44 customer reviews
40 of the 44 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Haven't used it in long term.
But seems good product.
1. Holder is firm and sturdy with nice grip.
2. The tips are magnetized.
3. Good build quality
4. The insulation on flat screw driver is awesome
5. The tester is of good quality as well.
6. 3 flat screw drivers, 1 tester, 1 insulated flat screw driver, 2 Philips screw drivers. Covers up most requirements.

Really Good decent quality for the price.

Note: In the product display, it seems small screw drivers. But they are quite large relatively.
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By baalu
Product is as mentioned in the amazon site and sturdy product from taparia. The only flaw is one of the +screwdriver is slightly bend which is manufacturing defect, otherwise everything fine. The package was good
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By Unnikrishnan
One screwdriver is looks like loose it's grip near it's handle may be a defective one but other screwdrivers are very nice in condition but I think the lengths of screwdrivers are about 6 inch smaller because I want some long screwdrivers but still they are good for using any heavy work
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By Meena Devi
product price
4.0 | 1,418 customer reviews
1,112 of the 1,418 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
* Packing - Top notch and secure. No damage there.

* Delivery - On time and prompt.

* Fit and Finish - Overall satisfactory. Quite expected from a brand as this.

* Usability - Good grip. Kind of bulky. The oval shape makes manual mode a little getting used to. Good number of stock bits that should suffice normal household repairs.

* Device as a Tool - Straight out of the box I was able to easily unscrew and screw back a 4 inch VESA mount screw that was never touched for a good 10 years - 5 stars right there. Motor has quite a torque. Disassembled and re-assmebled my PC no problem with stock heads. Pretty handy and slick.

* Cons - 1.5V batteries require frequent replacement if used heavily. I can live with that as I use rechargeable ones. So it's not much of a con for me but average users may find
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By VJ Salvi
for the money it is very good
you can remove hard screws with it
in manual mode it is better than normal screw drivers because of its size
battery life is good also
build quality i will give it a 6 out of 10
it is not a fancy item it works hard value for your money
it will save you a lot of time
i have to order one more because my friend borrowed it from me and he is not giving it back
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By Azif
Power and speed is rated as worst and as slow as a dying turtle. Its so slow speed that my child did a task with bare hands manually and repeated the task 5 times before I could do one round. Product body is good plastic but useless as a helpful tool even in small domestic works.
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By Amazon Customer
4.2 | 188 customer reviews
161 of the 188 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Over the years I have lost so many of these that it was just time for a new set.

And Taparia was a great option. I'm a fan of their products for decades and I was not disappointed with this piece either.

The box is not that hot. Its a relatively poor quality plastic that won't stand up to much use. But I didn't buy this for the box.

The Allen keys are superb and extremely well made. The metal feels good and tough in your hand and should last a long long time.

I love this product. Its perfect for my use and has all the variations of keys that I may need to use.

Economically priced, sturdy, heavy duty item from dependable brand Taparia. Highly recommended.
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By amit sharma
The quality of the metal is really good. Taparia is a trusted name in hardware tools. Value for money. There are nine keys which comes neatly arranged and packed in a small blue plastic box
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By Deb Sarker
It's original Taparia Allen Key Set having 9 sizes. I guess the small size keys may not be used ever as they are too small !!
It's an important tool if you are having bicycle with gears.
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By diggy
19 Offers from product price
4.1 | 713 customer reviews
570 of the 713 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have given 5 star coz no one one wants to see 3 or 2 star given to Bosch.
Plz dont get fooled by fancy packaging of the product coz you are paying much more in the name of so called "Bosh professional kit"

If you leave the boash drill machine aside from the package than every single tool in the kit is low quality.
Right from the measuring tape which is extremely cheap not peculiar of Bosh.
Claw hammer is of extremely low quality.
Knife is totally sadak chap which does not function smoothly.
The only quality thing which stands out in whole kit is Bosh drill machine which you are paying such hefty amount.

I would recommend to go for solo Bosh cordless drill or electric drill but dont spoil your money in the name of whole kit.

Rest is your choice and your need!
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By P D
Original machine. Can feel the quality. Although, carry case is of just passable plastic material.
The best part is that without bothering, you can keep the whole kit intact at one place.
With this, you can drill in wall, wood and metal as well. Has reverse function, lock function and of course trigger function. Has handle to hold. It is not too heavy and is manageable. You can fix the measuring tool with the machine to drill exact depth. Has leveler to mark exact horizontal line for the second hole position.
GSB 600 RE maybe an over kill for home use but that's the way I prefer not to get stuck ever.
User manual and instructions are so shabby. Wonder, why can't such a reputed company print a better manual. Strange.
Buying a second piece for my office.
Still I am giving 5 stars, as the product is good...........Blindly go for it.
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I con,t believe that Bosch product is like that, because we have use these Drill machine GSB 600 RE 13 MM only 30 minutes and had working stopped any movement . what can I do con,t understand
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