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4.5 | 202 customer reviews
179 of the 202 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
These are very high quality stickers. Well worth the extra price.

I was a bit skeptical when I had ordered these for a recently purchases keyboard for my daughter. I thought it is pretty expensive for just a few stickers but it was a pleasant surprise. These are multi-color well made stickers.

Since my daughter is just a beginner, these are absolutely useful for her to practice her chords and learn to recognize and remember the keys as mentioned in the various sheet music and online learning programs.

Just imagine our normal typing keyboard. If all the alphabets were not labeled, imagine how difficult it would be to learn to type. Its the same way with these stickers for a piano keyboard. They make learning so much easier and much more fun.

They stick perfectly and seem permanent. Each key is clearly and colorfully marked. There are complete instructions on how to use them
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By amit sharma
Very good quality product. Fits at top of white keys hence no disturbance while playing, you do not loose the natural touch of keys.
Looks elegant, feels like notes are dancing with your key strokes.
Easy to remove and No stains on keys.
Infact keyboard manufacturers should prefix this while manufacturing.
Keep inventing such innovative products.
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By Dhruv Vaidya
The product is of excellent quality. It might seem overpriced to some but the stickers are so well cut out and instructions are on point. I couldn't find a single product in the market that can match this product. The stickers are really helpful for beginners like me. Initially it's hard to pin-point which notes to play in a scale.

The product comes with an instruction manual on which a video link is also printed. It also comes with an applicator for some application of the stickers . The seller sends you some useful notes on the piano learning as soon as the product is dispatched.
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By Taran Sikka
4.4 | 519 customer reviews
442 of the 519 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
My daughter loved it... awesome product...
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By Amazon Customer
Best budget keyboard in this price range specifically for learners.... Got it for 9,600
On special offers.
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By Tasnim Raza
Firstly, I did not like the packaging. It was delivered in an old box. It already had an Amazon tag(invoice) sticked and removed, so I could partially see it. It seemed like someone had returned the product and the same was delivered to me.
So I thought, maybe the insides will be good. I plugged it in and started pressing keys and if I pressed the keys a little harder, unpleasant crackling noises were coming. This is not why I ordered the keyboard. So I returned the product. I am very unhappy with my experience.
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By satya
product price
4.4 | 384 customer reviews
331 of the 384 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Best for the beginners..
You can do riyaz with tabla rhythms..(especially Teen Taal, Daadra, Kehrva)
A nice keyboard with Indian Tones & rhythms.

Received the instrument along with the adapter (power supply unit).
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By Raviraja Shetty
I liked the keyboard and the build quality, it's light weight and easy to carry. Sound quality is good enough for self listening. If you need higher volume then need to attach external speakers or AMP.

Good quality build, keys are well balanced and responsive.
Good sound quality
Fair number of built in melodies
Recommended for beginners

--AUX cable was not included
--Power adapter is a local brand and doesn't seem to be working for long terms. (will update soon after some use).
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By Asif Hussain
Adptor LAD -6 not received with received package
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By Prashant Mehta
product price
4.4 | 278 customer reviews
233 of the 278 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Product is super but packing is waste
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By teja
Great synthesizer.. I mean it's cost effective.. great indian sounds and other normal sounds as well.. definitely great music style quality.. live effect is certainly good.. I am somehow not getting accustomed to the buttons .. they are different form other versions.. I guess it will take time.. and yess.. there is no 'Touch' option outside.. you have to go through functions and select the touch category .. it's quite troublesome I mean it was present in other versions.. also the first voice is harmonium.. it takes almost 3 seconds for the synthesizer to start processing and to change the voice to piano or some other... It's nothing much of a concern however I prefer piano or something soothing voice at the starting if you want to start playing as soon as you switch on the device..
Great device whatsoever.. if you are considering of buying it.. it's good .. it's
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By Piyush Gupta must resolve these issues:
1)Warranty card should be there in the box but not available.
2)Yamaha gives 3 year warranty and hence Amazon should pass on this 3 years warranty with warranty card to the customer.
3)Since the item is costlier, the box must contain suitable carry bag for Yamaha PSR I455 instrument - the same is must for the sfety of the instrument.
4)Nowadays , it is not easier to make a phone call to amazon - in absence of which queries of customers remain ananswered and unresolved. This reduces the reliability and trustworthiness onto
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By Mani
4.5 | 100 customer reviews
88 of the 100 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very good one for Beginners and even intermediate level.
+ Value for Money
+ 15w RMS speaker no need seperate amp for studio monitory headphone (upto 75 ohms)
+ MIC input with separate volume control (which does not exist in Yamaha PSR S 670 )
+ Tone Editor
+ built up quality
+ Very good acoustics sounds

- steep learning curve
- Not able to find compatible tone/ rhythm files on internet. You should simply edit and save as new one within the Keyboard itself. You can't create new ones from scratch. Casio should release some software for creating new ton/ rhythms
- Product serial number not mentioned in Bill.You have to find that in backside which is little bit hard.
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By sathish
I purchased this keyboard in the month of October 18. Earlier I had CTK2400 keyboard of the same company. The tonal quality of CTX9000IN is really very good. Tonal quality is really improved a lot as compared to earlier version CTK7300IN. Especially Santoor, Sitar and String tones are really awesome and may be similar to professional keyboards. I registered this product on Casio website and three years warranty was granted for this product by Casio. Overall it is a best keyboard for intermediate and also for advanced learners. Go for it.
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By Deepak Bhope
I purchased CTX9000IN couple of days back.delivered on Oct 28th. Original factory seal and box was opened but was re taped. If you go to a retail shop, they will not open the box to see the product. .Amazon Packaging for this expensive item is very poor .There is no additional packing done by amazon. just like product from factory. Keyboard is awesome piece. better than Yamaha 463 or i455 and better price than anything in the similar range. Semi professional keyboard loud/powerful enough for a small hall without amp. has good functions for home and professional playing. still exploring the features. 2 stars less for bad packing otherwise give 5.
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By Biju Jacob
4.4 | 162 customer reviews
134 of the 162 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
it is good for bigginers
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By Shankar Tudu
Product delivered in time as usual. The Yamaha E263 keyboard is so amazing and as an amateur, I am very much enthralled in using the keyboard and its various functions. The sounds and the stereo system are great. It would have been better if the power adapter was also provided along with the product. Not to mention, 6 batteries will help it play seamlessly. It's actually my dream come true.

Extremely happy and satisfied in purchasing this keyboard. Thanks Yamaha and Thanks Amazon.
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By Karthik
Yamaha quality speaks for itself. If you are a beginner then it is perfect for you. I ordered it for my father and he is very happy with over all quality and features it offers
But one drawback is that you won't get warranty at all so if it breaks you are on your own...
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By Abhishek Chauhan
product price
4.5 | 84 customer reviews
76 of the 84 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Well psr e463 being a 2018 model compared to psr i455 which was a 2012 model, has a lot more features & overall better sound quality (e463 has two 6 watt speakers compared to i455's 2.5 watt Tweeters). Now if you're focused on playing Indian music then pick i455 as it has more Indian sounds. This keyboard is tuned more towards western music but still there are some indian sounds.

Following indian sounds are present in both i455 and e463 :

Harmonium 1 - Single Reed (216)
Harmonium 2 - Double Reed (217)
Harmonium 3 - Triple Reed (218)
Shehnai (223)
Sitar 1 (220)
Sitar 2 (222)
Santur (211)
Tanpura (219)
Tabla (226)
Pungi (224)

Following indian sounds are present in i455
but not in e463:

Sarangi 1 (005)
Sarangi 2 (006)
Sarod (011)
Bansuri (008)

Following sounds are present in e463 but not in i455:

Sweet! Harmonica (037)
Multi Saw Bass (059)
Deep Sub (060)
Sweet! Trombone (110)
Sweet! Classical Flute (135)
Gemini (143)

Plus many more sounds unique to this keyboard
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By AsishJ
A worthy upgrade from my Casio CTK-5000. 👍
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By Akshay Soy
Amazing product...
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By Vansh
1 Offer from product price
4.4 | 132 customer reviews
117 of the 132 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
A truly awesome Keyboard to have. Though I am a beginner in this instrument, still I would like to recommend others to go with this keyboard for following reason:

1. Grand Piano sound is really Genuine. I have heard some of the other Piano sound like CASIO CTK 7300IN, KORG, YAMAHA PSR i425 & PSR i455. Undoubtedly PSR e453 sounds more realistic than others.
2. PSR e453 contains 758 voices which includes the quality sound of Strings,Brass,Flute,Harmonica,Trumpet,Sax and many others. You will experience that the sounds are quite real to a great extent within this range.
3. There are enormous styles & patterns available in this keyboard to accompany with your own tunes.
4. You will get a good number of options to record your tunes/songs along with your chords & other patterns as this keyboard provides 10 User track sections and each section can be recorded with 6 different banks.
5. Speaker are great
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By S. Chakravorty
I got the product in time. The product looks very attractive and so attractive its functions. one can easily learn the functions of all the buttons going through the manual. received intact alongwith the power adapter. very thankful to amazon.
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By durga prasad rao
There is no warranty on this product. Realized after buying it. Unfortunately, I cannot return this. It can only be replaced. I emailed Yamaha and they replied that any keyboard sold by or cloudtail will not be covered under warranty! Same is confirmed by customer care.

Really bad experience.
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By Nitin Soni
4.5 | 73 customer reviews
66 of the 73 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This keyboard is just superb .
I was confused between this one and Yamaha Per F51,but I chose this one ( more cost saving also) this one is just perfect for the beginners
just go ahead n get this one if u r really interested in learning
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By Ramesh V.
Perfect for beginners.
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By Joseph Jacob
Amazing product to buy .Delivery was on time.The product looks amazing and sound quality plus the buttons of the piano is also good .
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By Solmin
product price
4.3 | 229 customer reviews
207 of the 229 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It is good product and serves it's purpose of Sustaining. It is very robust unlike some other pedals and feels more Piano like. Just to clear one more point weirdly in the detailed description it suggests the requirement of batteries in Amazon page, this is a simple pedal and has nothing to do with any batteries. So it's just a Amazon page describing wrong specification.
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By Suby Abraham
When u keep the pedal pressed down with foot it will sustain the echo of the recently pressed keys. As soom as you release the pedal sound will become flat and no echo will be there. The sound will become absolutely flat. Benefit - u can clean up the sounds and echo of previous line or stanza just by quickly picking up the foot and pressing it back again. Sounds easy here, but it requires a lot of practice and pro piano/keyboard player may not find this one very amusing because - it is sort of flat. U can not adjust the level of echo be pressing half way down or increase it by pressing it all the way down. Its just a switch for turning on / off the reverbrating effect. My expectation was levels of the effect will increase with increasing pressure on foot pedal but i was
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By adi sharma
@ It has Quarter inch plug, which most of the digital keyboard has for sustain pedal slot.
@ If your keyboard supports damper, then this pedal can be used as damper also.
@ Also it can be used as Sostenuto pedal, if keyboard supports it.
@ Its compatible with all Casio Keyboards.

I am using it since last 2 years and following are the observations,
1) Product is Exactly as shown in the description.
2) Material used is ABS plastic and pedal is of Metal.
3) Pedal has enough dead weight to hold the position.
4) Has 4 silicon pads for grip.
5) Spring action is good.
6) Has Polarity changing switch.
7) Also has Continuous pedal switch.
8) Finally its Affordable.

ONLY con is my pedal after 20 months, is NOT working properly.
I also did Maintenance, but the Pedal DOES NOT holds ON, so I had to switch it on Continuous Pedal mode. ( Which is NOT pleasing always )

For the
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By Sameer Patil
product price
4.3 | 197 customer reviews
162 of the 197 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I am a rookie & wanted to learn to play keyboard. I researched a lot before buying this one so...

Casio Vs Yamaha
If you are a beginner & care more about functions than sound quality , go with Casio.
If you want a keyboard with louder & good quality speakers for performance , go with Yamaha.

Note : Please don't buy Yamaha keyboards from on-line retailers as there is some sort of warranty issue.
In case of Casio , you can buy online but there is an issue of not receiving adapters for many customers so choose your seller carefully. I would recommend Crystalarc Lifestyle as they are authorized Casio sellers & I received an official Casio adapter with my keyboard.

Buy CTK 3500 if
1. You want touch response
2. You want USB-B port
to connect your pc
3. You want Chordana Play connectivity
4. You want a pitch control wheel

Now about the keyboard
Speakers : I found them really
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By Sushrut Phutane
This is the best in class for beginners. I have owned both Yamaha and Casio is past.

- Cheapest Keyboard with Touch sensitivity and MIDI.
- Good build quality.
- Great Piano sounds.
- Can run on AA batteries.

- Low volume speakers (Yamaha equivalent as same low volume speaker so nothing to complaint to be true but still everyone should be aware)
- Power adapter sent along with the box was not original, but nothing to complain as the market price with original adapter is 1000k expensive that this.
- No light on keyboard display. Someone living in remote areas where is problem of electricity for long hours, this won't be the right choice as you will run this most of the time on AA batteries. Opt for Yamaha PSR - e363 then.
- Does not have Indian instruments, most of the other Models are prefixed with "IN" in their model number stating those are Indian edition
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By Shashi Shekhar
First of all the two best features you need for long time vision, you'll need Touch response keys and pitch bend !
So this one is the best model for such price around 8k
Best for the beginners and advance level players
You will get extra dance bits aswell for future studio production it will help aswell. Tho it'll lack tone bank option but you'll probably have to throw double of money for that feature

At the end it's the best product in this price range, js go for it ( :
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By Dr Harshal
4.3 | 149 customer reviews
118 of the 149 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Good adaptor good sound nicer than the other
like sa 77, 78,79
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By Amazon Customer
First of all Genuine product! So far as quality is concerned it is top notch. This is basically for kids, has got 44 keys, so if you are planning to teach your child playing keyboard, this can be a exteremely good product in the price range. It has option to connect to external sound boxes hence can also be used for stage performaces and parties. 5 durm pad options including tabla, 50 different sound patterns, and you can switch between piano and harmonium (Indian). Overall its a very good product for your kids. Quality of inbuilt sound is also very good. Two power options available -- DC and 6nos. AA Batteries (not sure about the life of batteries it will last). Regarding the adapter its free but not inside the box. will have to buy from specific buyer (Cloudtail in my case) and add both the keyboard and adapter in
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By Debadutta Saha
I talked to customer service for following queries I asked for, to him
1) GST invoice bill for warranty claim of 3 years from manufacturers.
2) the Serial number printed on bill supplied by amazon along with product ,not matching with any number printed on Product.
For first he replied that you can get when you change to business account.I have no GST number and I am not busennesing,I am only end customer then How and Why I register for business account.customer should get original tax paid bill too.
For second he replied that online product do not have product serial number and your bill is original and warranty claim with it.he may not assist me getting product serial number.i know bill is original BUT it is orignal for which product.product serial number and that number should be on bill Only then chain will complete.when I go to service center in future ,service centre
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By Dr M.
product price
4.4 | 74 customer reviews
67 of the 74 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
To start with,
the package was properly and neatly delivered with no such dents and marks. I was impressed with the perfect packing by the manufacturer and the product is sturdy and very neatly established. Now coming further,

I've been playing piano since at least 15 years with Yamaha 550 Most E Series boards, Yamaha PSR S 710, Korg PA 50, 500 and Casio keyboards starting from CTK 3000 since long back at live sessions, Churches, functions etc and obviously was looking for the best utilizable, proper functional board for my sessions and that too light weight. I'm currently having Yamaha PSR I425 since 2011 and I'd like to say the reason why would i opt for something like this right away.
For the price you pay, here comes the Bigger, Better, Best deal. As i mentioned,
Consider Yamaha; for a beginner its a superb deal cos he / she doesn't know what's so
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By Paul CS
Great keyboard in great price.. a lot of features in it in Indian rythem and Western also.. good for biginers.. enjoyable.
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By B.P.Singh
Best keyboard, good sound quality...
But the keys are a bit shaky after some use...
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By Lan_C.
4.2 | 327 customer reviews
266 of the 327 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very good product
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By pankaj patel
There are 44 keys as mentioned in the description and they are very smooth and stylish and easy to use and the tones are also very useful. There is a free adapter so I can practice anytime and anywhere. All I have to say is that I am well satisfied with the quality and the functions of this keyboard
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By Anirudh
Purchased the SA-77 model, seller: MITA Retail. After receiving the product, tried to search for the serial number. It was not found at any place Casio expects it to be on their musical instruments. It was not there on the product box, not on the product base and also not inside the battery compartment. Contacted the seller and he told that it might have got removed so I can get it replaced through Return and Refund option. I found only refund option available hence placed return request.
Valid serial number is the MUST for any genuine product. Every one must verify and register their device on Casio site for warranty and support.
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By Amazon Customer
4.7 | 25 customer reviews
25 of the 25 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Good product
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By Ayush Verma
Very good sustain pedal. Build quality is good. I am using it for my Casio ctk 6300in. It also as polarity switch so it will work with most of the keyboards.
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By Amazon Customer
4.2 | 97 customer reviews
77 of the 97 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Build quality of akai mpk mini is very good.key is very smooth to press ,it doesn't make much sound while pressing it.hardware is very good to use both key and pad.better than nektra because I have nektra midi keyboard.
But but software include is very bad.i download it from akai official website after registration was done,but when I install hybrid ,source was from unknown both hybrid and wooble. I manage to install hybrid but Wooble can't be install due to some security issue with windows and wooble installer is not smooth for my laptop (configuration of my laptop corei7 , windows 8.164bit,1tb internal ,8 gb ram ),it will create lots of problem for laptop lower these configuration that's for sure.
Now ,about AKAI MPC,I install it but problem arise when I want to add plugin on it.i didn't able to find out the hybrid plugin,even I know the
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By DJ Nong
Not bad but there is no play pause and record buttons so everytime i need to use spacebar on laptop keyboard
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By Tj
Don't even think of buying... The keys are of cheap quality... It will get broken off after few months use... I was using it regularly and now it is broken.. when I enquired so many others also has the same problem.. I please don't buy it.. I got cheated.
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By Amazon Customer
4.4 | 41 customer reviews
36 of the 41 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Nice product, the touch pad just awesome, keys are a bit hard but will be soft during use day by day, velocity just like real. Perfect product for studios.
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By Debasish Roy (Tabbu)
Simply great. The controller arrived without any extra packaging with minor dents on the box, but the controller was safe inside. The build quality feels great and it functions perfectly. The backlight feature is also good. The pitch blend and modulation buttons are also pressure sensitive which is really good. The mini keys are also easy to use and as a whole the controller is small and easy to carry around.
If you are buying this, prepare to have fun. Happy shopping.
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By PrtKid
Yeah it is value for money but the keys of this are a bit less sensitive, its difficult to find high and low tone in it otherwise this is a great product. I got it for 8,400. Might be lil. Expensive as compared to carbon49 and kadience 49 but this thing is great in terms of quality wise.
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By Johny singh
4.1 | 280 customer reviews
232 of the 280 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
5 star product. My Niece is playing very nicely and she loves it a lot. Music quality is also good and use of keys are easily distinguishable. Moreover, Casio gives 3 years of warranty...!!! Must buy product if you are looking for something to gift your littleone.
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By Mihirkumar Kotak
Good quality product. Excellent sound. Three stars for not providing adaptor along. Should be mentioned clearly in product info. At the time of placing order, I didn’t even realise that adaptor is not supplied and as an outcome, my daughter had to wait for another week or so before she could use it as I had to place a separate Oder for adaptor subsequently.
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By Roopam Gupta
With Geometry Box Price 2,295.00 and Without Geometry Box Price 1,795.00 So the Casio Geometry box MRP must be 500/- worth But the actual Price of CASIO on the box showing as MRP 104 only, This shows they are cheating the customers. If we buy with box they are taking INR 396 extra.. why should we pay extra when the MRP is not matching with the actual price...

Request Do not buy with Geometry box.. Product is ok.. they should include the adapter along with product but they are not including (of course they mentioned the same as not included, but it is required one for kids). When i check in the market i don't get exact volts so i bought 9 votes charger and it is working / compatible.

Checkout my photo for the box MRP issue..
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By P-a-d-d-y
product price
4.3 | 48 customer reviews
40 of the 48 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It is a good one.Good for upper than beginners and lower than professionals.As a customer I can say it is better than every keyboard under 20k infact from CTX 9000 .You will really enjoy it since it has 128 note polyphony which means more clear sound.Awesome delivery.Nice product.Recomendable.
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By Lovely Jha
Not a single helpful piece of review from our fellow countrymen. Anyways, I m gonna write down some to help others out, which I was seeking during pre purchasing phase.

1. Packaging: As Expected. Well packed. Whats in the box: Keyboard, Music Stand, Manual, Adapter. At first you might not notice where the adapter is. Its glued in the above corner of the left side thermocal. Dont panic. No Bag included.

2. Sounds: SO the most important factor for me was sounds. For the price you pay, you get few decent sounds. The Grand Piano sound is good at this price point. We can ramp it up by applying the Hall reverb, or adding the DSP effect. Its nothing comparable to VST pianos, Or Roland FP 30, or Motif. It has only 3 velocity samples, so not much dynamic level. Anyways at this price point you can not expect that. Acoustic Pianos
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By roy
I have purchased this item at last month.
And I have used this board rarely.
Today when I was play this keyboard there was 3 keys are not working.
It's a cheapest one.
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By Bala Benjamin
1 Offer from product price
4.1 | 135 customer reviews
103 of the 135 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
You get a complete set (meaning - keyboard, stand, music sheet holder, cushioned stool and headphone). It is great that you also get note stickers for the keys.
Key board performance is great. Feel of the keyboard keys are excellent. Nice stereo effect. Built-in speakers are excellent.
Headphone is too good but one channel does have contact issue.
Original company packing is too good.
Assembling of stand is easy. All components are neatly packed with instructions.
Ultimately it has a great performance. Worth the price. I will definitely recommend to my friends.

Dislike: So many options for tones but tone synthesis is not good. Flute, violin, accordion, saxophone, etc do not produce the right tone.
I wanted to reduce one star. But I am so satisfied with the product and hence gave 5 stars. I don't want to add photo because it does not make any difference from the pictures posted by the seller.
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By TechGeek
Overall product is just okay.coz for that price range no body gives all the stand and other stuff.but con is the board is completely made with cheap quality plastic.its okay to give a gift to your children.and coming to sounds and tones I felt all I hear are having same.i donno whether my ear defect :p.but good for beginners
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By PalliBhai
Even after connecting to power line it would take 5-10 mins to power up
Switching between tunes takes time

Sometime in power off mode

Speaker comes with noise

Not recommended
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By Deepak Prabhu