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4.6 | 708 customer reviews
639 of the 708 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
An excellent product with good engineering techniques. It helped me a lot for my pregnant cat, whose pregnancy was failed and gone for major operation. I used it as a cat cage for keeping my cat safe for nearly 30 days. Now, it is recovering and will be alright soon. I thank you very much personally for this good product. I recommend it to every one to keep their pets safe and its worth is more than its cost. I cannot handle my cat without this item. So, don't think for money and it surely helpful to you in emergency cases. it can be carried pets to anywhere easily. Check the video to see my experience with this item.
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By Amazon Customer
Excellent quality and very convenient. Used it to safely transport a hyper active kitten and a big 8 year old tabby. Can be assembled in 5 minutes and is perfectly designed with both top opening and front opening with provision to install for left handed or right handed use. cats feel safe inside and do not struggle to get out. Handle is strong enough to lift a full grown cat once it is properly locked with the spring loaded latches.Bought the bigger 23 inch one which has lots of space for cats.
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By AvG
The quality of product is sort of alright. it is not very sturdy on the top door portion. the plastic feels like it may give way. the opening mechanism on top makes the opening smaller than the cage itself making it difficult to place pet inside. The crate itself is decent in build quality. the front door looks very sturdy, made from metal. There could have been more holes or openings, pet may feel the space too enclosed. 19inch size was "unavailable" or ordered 23 inch and received 19th inch. replaced it and got 19inch again. Kept the replaced small crate only because I got in lightning deal and wanted a secondary "emergency" crate, not meant for primary use. For main use I would recommend to invest in a proper sturdy cage. There is absolutely NO PACKAGING for this item, doesn't
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By Jack D
4.5 | 1,639 customer reviews
1,439 of the 1,639 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I began feeding this to a friendly stray who was then pregnant and now a proud mother of 8 adorable pups who is otherwise very fussy about food. She would routinely avoid biscuits (all of them from Parle G to Marie to dog biscuits) and strictly eat only rice with milk (and eggs, if added). Owing to her pregnancy I wanted to bulk her up and bought this pouch (along with the puppy variant) with great trepidation.

I mixed the contents of an entire pouch with half a cup of rice and she licked off every single drop and morsel laid out to her with gusto! I could see she loved it! Now she's a nursing mom and I continue to give her 1 pouch every day. I can see her regaining her past strength and it really makes me happy that she's eating this without being her usual fussy self.
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By Art
I have 2 dogs, one GSD and one golden retriever and they both love this product!
I use it in the following manner
* Mix a very small portion of it( just for the flavour) to their lunch which is homemade rice/ roti and chicken.
* I mix a little more quantity to their dinner which is Royal Canin
Now they are so used to it , they refuse to have their food without it!!
I buy it regularly but only at a discount.
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By Amazon Customer
Please don't feed small and medium breeds! Any kind of chicken chunks or liver chunks or any kind of this type packed food! Doctor advised me only pedigree designated for particular breeds that too in small quantities!
My pug suffered so please take a advise from doctor
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By Venky
product price
4.6 | 552 customer reviews
510 of the 552 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great Product. My cat is now about 2 feet long head to tail end so this may be small for long journeys but for short transfers This is what I had thought. But if u check out the last 2 pictures apparently she loves being in it... Small size what small size..... Length wise 19 inches might look small for a mackerel Tabby, 6 months old but there's enough space for another....
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By rohit george
This is a great quality pet carrier. Its adequate for two seven month cats. I also have a larger cat that weighs 6.5 kgs and he fits comfortably in it which was the main purpose of buying it. Plastic is not at all cheap, I dont know why some reviews mentioned that. It's durable and sturdy. Presently I am using these carriers to house two Nursing Queens. It has ample space and is comfortably secure.
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By Crazybeans
Functionally the 19-inch carrier seems really great. Have put it together, not used it yet. It, however, arrived with cosmetic defects. I'm assuming these discoloration spots and minor surface flaws in its body are the reason for the lowered sale price, so not returning it for a different piece (probably all the ones on sale are similar.) If there are flawless ones, would prefer to exchange.
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By Namaste
4.5 | 1,135 customer reviews
1,012 of the 1,135 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I began feeding this to a friendly stray who was then pregnant and now a proud mother of 8 adorable pups who is otherwise very fussy about food. She would routinely avoid biscuits (all of them from Parle G to Marie to dog biscuits) and strictly eat only rice with milk (and eggs, if added). Owing to her pregnancy I wanted to bulk her up and bought this pouch (along with the adult variant) with great trepidation.

I mixed the contents of an entire pouch with half a cup of rice and she licked off every single drop and morsel laid out to her with gusto! I could see she loved it! Now she's a nursing mom and I continue to give her 1 pouch every day. I can see her regaining her past strength and it really makes me happy that she's eating this without being her usual fussy self.
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By Art
Mix with dry food of any brand and the pup/dog will love it.
I feed this mixed with dry food of drools and my dog loves it(once a day). And is good for the immunity and health.
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By deepak chopra
Product is good. My lab puppy loves this quite a lot. Pour the gravy on any food that he's reluctant to eat, and the smell itself makes him hungry. He leaves his bowl spotless. :)

I've a complaint regarding its internal packaging (not the outer Amazon packaging). Previously, the pouches came packed in a hard cover carton, but this time, individual pouches were stuffed in a mesh bag. Moreover, the pouches were sticky from outside, as if they had been kept with other greasy stuff. It was quite gross. We had to wash each pouch clean before we could even store them.
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By Vaibhav Lonkar
4.6 | 329 customer reviews
307 of the 329 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I am a first time owner who shakes in fear before doing this kind of stuffs 😂 I was so nervous that after I cut the first nail my exact feeling was, like I defused a bomb safely 🤣
I was observing his expression, body language for any discomfort.
Fortunately he was licking my arm while doing this so it means he was comfortable.
But I needed to do this, else Bloomy (4 months old Lab) would continue to tear and draw bloody line on my bare skin 😟
About the Product⤵️

I received the product loose. They Pin the outer cover with a Stapler. I didn't like it 😒

Any way It has a safety plate. Which protects from deep cut.

Each time you cut the nail the Cutter locks automatically. (First time it got locked I was like, What is it? What I have done? I am always anxious 😂 lol)

The filer with it is
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By 🍁Pallabi🍁
Clipper is too good with affordable budget. I m fully satisfied but the filler need to more sharper to can buffing easily. It takes too much time to file the nails. Clipper is too good .
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By Joy
These kind of nail clippers aren't new to me. I've used similar kinds before and they worked fine. Medium dog, cat clippers are used to clip reptile nails as well. Remember that these clippers loose there sharpness after 6 months (of regular use) and instead of sharpening the blades it is always better to buy a new one.
Coming to the clippers, these were brand new and does the job done perfectly.
If you're a first time user, remember to only cut a 'little' of the tip. DO NOT attempt a lot at one go. Even a little every week, (or two, if you're lazy) helps. The nail file is pretty good if you ask me. Pet's nails aren't similar to human nails, because of their claws the file shouldn't be too fine and grind away, rather it just needs to polish a bit. Let's face it, you aren't looking for aesthetics
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By Shiv Shankar Ash
4.6 | 304 customer reviews
288 of the 304 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The bowls are really lovely and easy to use.
Perfect for cats as the size is optimum.
It’s better than the steel bowls I used before as my kitty would topple everything n then start licking the floor.
These bowls have a good grip but yet do not stick to the floor hence easy to lift.
They can be a little slippery to carry though for clumsy people like me especially if we r transporting water, so would be better to hold from the bottom just to be careful.
All in all it’s a wonderful product and very good value for money. Thank you Naaz pet 👍🏼 😻🍮🐈
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By Amazon Customer
good product, usable, can buy, cats cant tumble it immediately, cat likes it
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By Alex
Perfect for the 2 kittens we currently have and this should be good enough for quite a while. I think the size might also work for puppies. I'd rate it 4.5 on 5, the half removed since the anti-ant feature doesn't seem to work for the type of ants we sometimes get: the larger ones. The anti-ant feature should work for the tiny ants however which i think is the more common variety of ants.

The rubberised base keeps the bowls firmly in place. The shiny steel is easy to clean and is non-sticky. I think it is good deal for the price it is being offered at.

[Tip/Quick-fix: For those who have ant issues(larger ants) like we sometimes have and avoiding ants is an important requirement, here are some tips that go along with the product:
- this product can be used in tandem with a bowl holder/tray. The smaller surface
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By Arun Menon
4.4 | 746 customer reviews
637 of the 746 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is worries!!! For this price..this is awesome! I bought it and delivered by 3,4 days in kerala, this is super awesome!! The product have super quality..its enough hard to sustain any dog bite and 100% perfect and value for money!!and for this price we recieve two bowls!! Go for it!!
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By saikiran
Bowls are good and worth the money
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By Amazon Customer
I assumed that these bowls would be medium sized with a capacity of 700ml but the bowls were much smaller than medium with about half the stated capacity> Would not contain the food required for my medium-sized Springer Spaniel so had to return. Product quality is good but actual product belies the description provided. Hence 2 stars. Amazon did a splendid job of picking up the return.
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By Rameses
4.4 | 585 customer reviews
510 of the 585 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
We all know as the kittens grow the 85 gram packet wont last, so the best you can do is add some rice to the packet and let it soak the juice so that when you feed your kitten/cat they'll feel full in one feeding. This saves a hell lot of money.

Note: its best not to use too much of rice, add a moderate amount so that your feline can get equal protein in his Diet.✌🏾
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By Regina Naidu
I'm feeding foods from this brand (Dry and Wet) for my kitty (Named Bagheera) since 6 months and she always likes it. At first she had trouble eating dry food because it is little hard for small kittens to chew so I have mixed it with little milk for few days. She had no issues with wet food though.

Now my Bagheera is nearly 8 months old and healthy. However, using only commercial foods regularly will be expensive and not good for health so I have always given different foods for my Bagheera so she wouldn't feel bore of same food.
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Good stuff, cats love it. Only issue, it almost always comes solified as a single semisolid gelatinous block. This gets me concerned about all the chemicals probably in it. No such issue with the salmon pack.
I usually give a good mix by pressing with fingers before I open the pack. Thats the least messy way to homogenise it.
Cats love Whiskas wet food, major con is they are bit too pricey.

My ratings on Whiskas produce :
Tuna wet : 3*
Salmon wet : 3.5*
Ocean fish dry : 4* (cats prefer kitten one over adult)
Tuna dry : 3*

Pls vote helpful +++
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By Sarah tonin
4.3 | 2,068 customer reviews
1,732 of the 2,068 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Purchased it for some streetdogs. They love it and I can see them gradually putting on some weight and they look healthier. Will continue repurchasing from Amazon.
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By Anna
1. i dont know about 5 signs of good health but this contains many of the micro and macro nutrients which is essential for a dog. supplementing this with some milk, and raw eggs cooked ragi.
2. i bought this mainly because we had to cook ragi too often. this helps extend the frequency by which we cook ragi.
3. its good enough. i like the smell. i can confidently say that if i were a dog i would be all over this.
4. i ordered a 10kg pack. its particularly difficult to preserve the freshness for more than a month. pedigree should reinvent the way we use this. maybe give it an airtight flap in the bottom from which the food can be removed.
5. feeding the dog only this would be a costly affair. hence we use half pedigree and half home made food like ragi.

its a good product. i would recommend
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By Ighishi
Packet swarming with maggot like worms.
Never seen anything like this before.
Rs 1650 07/04/18
Best before 12 months from packing.
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By Amazon Customer
4.3 | 1,960 customer reviews
1,603 of the 1,960 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Packing was good, Product freshness was punctures to the packet and delevered at correct time.
I have tried royal canine and drools focus previously. Even the Royal canine is good, it was expensive and out of my budget so used it only till 3 months.
Drools focus dosent show much results even at its premium price than a drools normal or pedigree. My rottie had skin allergies when using drools focus. I had only buy that seeing <30% meat in it and no grain or fillers. But turned out to be no good.
So when shifted to pedigree allergies were gone slowly and my rottie looks wonderful now. Dont believe in "corn as filler" rumers, corn is actually beneficial for dogs as per recent studies.
And if you want to feed your dog a raw meat diet then do it but opting a kibble which got a high meat content is actually useless
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By Ravi Shekar
My dog do not like it's taste
He doesn't eat this
We have to mix pedigree gravy
So that he can eat this
Results are pretty good
Nice product
But with pedigree gravy .
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By Manju Sharma
I subscribe Pedigree Puppy Food (15kg) every month, but this time the sack was in very poor condition, even the manufacturing details were not legible, it looks like an old stock, after stressing a lot I could make out it had manufacturing date of January 2018 (9 months old), but I had no other option than to accept it since I was running out of food for my puppies. I din't have the time to cancel it and buy another one coz it might take another 10 days to arrive. So I had to take the risk this time. But I'm not going to subscribe again. Doesn't the package go through any quality check before it is sent out to the customer ?
Very irresponsible.
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By oscar
4.4 | 417 customer reviews
361 of the 417 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I brought this pet leash while it was on lightning deal which cost me little less than usual discount price. I've received this order within 2 days and pretty impressed with the quality of the leash, it is completely made of SS which is protected by plastic material. It is very durable and the tensile strength of the leash is very high there is no chance of breakage, built quality is great apart from this it is very long you need to comeup with alternatives to use it effectively, peace out ✌️.
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By Sai
This is exactly what you need if you want to let you pet play out in the an open garden. Its long enough to allow him/her to move around, play and look for those strange places they keep sniffing. The cable is strong, very strong, very very strong atleast for my beagle who finally gave up on breaking it and chewing it.
Verdict - Must buy.
Philosophy - “we all are tied to some invisible tie-out cable like this, but unlike this one, we can break it and move farther, only if we want to”
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By Rahul Mandal
Its so strong that it could prove to be harmful or even fatal if not supervised !

Therefore, supervision is required at all times and caution is strongly advised !

(edit: removed 1 star)

The reason:
The clip-on hooks at the end of the cable have started to rust after being exposed to just 3 rains in the past few days.

Disappointed to know that the hooks are not rust-proof, considering this is a "Tie-Out" cable, that is intended to be used outdoors, and it has been just one week since i have bought this product.

These hooks totally contradict the amazing quality of the cable, therefore if i had to suggest, i would ask of amazon to replace these cheap quality hooks with rust proofed ones.

Meanwhile, ill just try to find a way to remove them and replace them with some heavy duty rust proof carabiner hooks.
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By TheManWhoKnewInfinity
product price
4.6 | 166 customer reviews
154 of the 166 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Size was as I expected,quality was very good. On time delivery and I received a cute keychain....
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By Vasikaran
The color is very nice. Literally very very cute for puppy. My puppy is enjoying a lot.
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By Souradeep
It is exactly d same as u shown in the picture...lightweight..but wat made me crazy is that the so called seller has send me d defective piece...this is not much appreciated ....dun dope pple....or else stop selling On-line products if u can't fulfil customers wish....
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By Amazon Customer
product price
4.3 | 598 customer reviews
486 of the 598 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have used many shampoos and soaps for my Labrador retriever. I found this one to be the best. I have been using Himalaya Erina EP but now I have shifted to this. It smells fantastic. It is highly recommended for regular use. But if you are looking for anti-ticks and anti-flea options I would say go for Vivaldis Exsite. My dog was suffering from regular tick infestation and I changed many shampoos as I wanted to avoid harsh treatments (harmful chemical sprays and creams). I used Vivaldis for 2 months and it worked superb. I hope it helps.Vivaldis Exsite : Shampoo for Control of Fleas, Ticks, Lice & Mite in Dogs - 200 ml
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By Navneet
One of the best coat cleansers for my fur baby. Natural sheen and 100% result in every wash.
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By Amita Satur
I clean pup and my dog first with soap then use this because this one has extremely good smell and I don't want it to get finished off fast. Kudos to Himalaya for providing such wonderful smelling product for pups and dogs and Yes it does work well. Now after Himalaya EP powder and shampoo my dogs dont scratch much or have any parasite till now. Thanks amazon and seller
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By Anup Viswanathan Thampi
4.4 | 298 customer reviews
257 of the 298 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Got it for Rs1428 in a good deal. I am happy with this product. I feed Stray cats and as an additional treat, I give them this. Each and every one of them likes it without exception. They lick up the whole dish clean! I usually mix it with some dry feed to make it economical. The dry feed absorbs the gravy and the kitties like to eat this as well. I am not sure of the quality of the products and how healthy it is for the cats. But the vet did not tell me anything otherwise.
4 packs of 12 pouches are shipped. The packing, delivery was good. I will order this again.
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By Kiran
Cut open one of these horizontally at top , add small portion of Whiskas dry feed leaving sufficient gap on top & mix by pressing externally to let it soak the excess gravy. Now, pour entire content into a bowl & you have perfect meal portion for your furry friend. Otherwise one pack is too little for & the gravy is much more than bits.

Another tip : if you are buying Whiskas wet feed, buy salmon over the tuna pack as the tuna almost always gets solified into one giant jelly mush. (the label reads tuna in jelly ). The salmon gravy is useful incase you would like to mix something more.
Pls Vote helpful++ T H A N K Y O U
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By Sarah tonin
I used to subscribe it but recently most sellers are sending near expiry packets. As such I used to get subscribed packets at 300 for 12 packets but they have made it 342. I get better product at my local pet shops and at 280-310 range. It's relatively cheap and easy for cats. But always add fresh meat or fish or chicken to their diet. Packet foods are all slaughter wastes topped to make it tasty
It's like feeding your kids fast food daily.
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By Hoimee Dey
4.4 | 289 customer reviews
246 of the 289 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Most cats love it. Wish there was a bulk purchasing option at a cheaper price.
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By Old School
Used along with boiled rice for adult cat - 2 yrs old. One sachet can serve up-to six meals - as the amount required to be added to rice is very little. Hence it is economic, hygienic and fast way to feed your cat. An opened sachet can be used up to 5 -7 days, if properly sealed and refrigerated. The cat eats all the rice without leaving a trace, when this is added. This is applicable with other flavors of this brand also.
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By Joe
I used to subscribe it but recently most sellers are sending near expiry packets. As such I used to get subscribed packets at 300 for 12 packets but they have made it 342. I get better product at my local pet shops and at 280-310 range. It's relatively cheap and easy for cats. But always add fresh meat or fish or chicken to their diet. Packet foods are all slaughter wastes topped to make it tasty
It's like feeding your kids fast food daily.
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By Hoimee Dey
4.2 | 1,766 customer reviews
1,397 of the 1,766 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have six dogs. One Lhas Apso and five Pomeranians. So, when the tick and flea infestation started, I was terrified.

I tried to hand pick them and destroy using kerosene. Nothing worked. It only increased with every day. (Advanced stage).Then I did some research and stumpled on this product.

What I did is showered the dogs using Himalaya Erina-EP Tick and Flea Control Shampoo, 200 ml -

While using this shampoo, after five minutes of massaging, the ticks and fleas kind off come off in an intoxicated state. I didn't want them falling off and later, once again they find my dogs. So, I picked them one by one and put it in kerosene, burning the liquid aftermath. That way ensuring they'll never escape.

After that, when the dogs are dry I applied Vivaldis Single Pipette Treatment Of Fleas, Ticks And Chewing Lice Infestation For Dogs Upt 0 - 10Kg -

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By Catherine Edward
Good product for them.My dog love to use it.I'm using it for dandruff it's really reduce it,also u can use it for tick and flea.
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By Poulami
I have used it on my dog, it gives an awesome results. As soon as the shampoo is applied, all tiny insects, if present on the coat, comes out.
Moreover a small amount of the shampoo gives enough foam to wash off the dirt.
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By Amazon Customer
product price
4.3 | 418 customer reviews
353 of the 418 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I used this on a street dog in my area. It had a deep cut (about half inch wide & 3 inch long) on its neck - and puss was coming out of it. Looked quite horrible initially. I sprayed this 3 times over a week (whenever i could spot that dog) - and a few days later - i saw that the wound was healing nicely (there was a dry layer formation on the wound). I would highly recommend this product.

One thing i noticed - while running around the street - trying to apply this spray on that street dog trying to get away from me (but luckily it was a bit calm & didn't growl when i got closer) : The spray jet from the can will come out with pressure only when the can is held upward (like in standing position). If the can is held
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By Harsha
I sprayed it on the stray dogs with wounds having maggots on the neck & ears, & it got cured.
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By Sourav Ghosh
Very handy if you are a animal lover. one must have it in his/her car/scooty always to help stray animals with wounds. keeps away flies and stops infection. Great product
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By Utpal Khot
product price
4.5 | 160 customer reviews
141 of the 160 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Absolutely fantastic buy. I have used this for the past two days to potty train my GSD, and it worked after the very first instance. Now he wants to go outside every time for potty, and once done, looks expectantly for the chip chop. Of course I don't disappoint and give him his reward. 100% worth it
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By Mystique
My Kira the Akita loves it! If you want to get your dog's utmost attention then it's Chip-Chops!
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By OneTruthPrevails
I can understand from my dog’s reaction.. this must be very testy, he loves it ... but this chip chop is ridiculously expensive... as this is only 70 gms ...
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By Bristi
4.2 | 730 customer reviews
596 of the 730 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Awesome Value for money product !

I earlier ordered a ball from another seller. But he sent a fake cheap plastic ball. Thanks to Amazon support. They intitated the return of that and suggested me to order from this seller- "Goofy Tails".

I really appreciate them for sending this genuine product.
-Build quality is awesome.
-Fragrance is quite good.
-Wonderful for playing fetch, Bounces a lot.
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By Amit Mathur
The product arrived well-packed and undamaged. The spikes on the ball are surprisingly rough -- I understand that these spikes have beneficial properties, but it was a little too jagged for any of my three dogs to take a liking to, and one of them is used to rough play and hide bones. The ball was also much bigger than expected, so I wouldn't really recommend it for a small or small-medium breed like beagles or spaniels. Each of my dogs has unique tastes, so it was a bit surprising that all of them rejected this product. Nevertheless, I received what I paid for, and am happy with that.
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By tm
Received this inferior quality ball that my pup would rip apart in a minute. Its made of very thin plastic, has a whistle and a light inside too, which a small puppy would choke on. The seller (Tanvi Manocha) is openly cheating customers here and Amazon must make note of it.
You can clearly see a ball that was bought a few months ago from another seller (goofy tales) and it is of very good quality. This ball is the kind you would get in a village sale in 20 Rs.
The icing on the cake is a "No return" policy.
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By C G M
4.5 | 145 customer reviews
130 of the 145 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The product is very good. My puppy really liked it. I'm giving one bone every day. As pointed by other reviewers

- Packing is good.
- They don't smell bad.

It would be a great help if they can include how often we can give the bones to dog/puppy based on the age and breed factor in the product description.
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By Sai Kiran
My doggy loved it and literally follows me demanding to give it everyday

This is my second review after a year.
My doggy is 5 years old and still eats only these. I tried a number of products but he refused. So I stills prefer it to be the best. Please give just 1 or 2 pieces in a week . Too much of anything is bad for the doggy
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By Anusha Alexander
My puppy really liked it! He started barking (asking for more bones) But after few hours he puked! These bones are tiny so he bitten the bones into three pieces and swallowed I think It might have chopped him in throat! It would have been better if it was somewhat bigger and not easily breakable (chewable)! It should be more of chewable bone! My puppy puked for the first time ever! It terribly feel bad that he puked!
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By Amazon Customer