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Compare the most helpful customer reviews of the best rated products in our Pest Control store. These products are shortlisted based on the overall star rating and the number of customer reviews received by each product in the store, and are refreshed regularly.

Top rated products in Pest Control

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4.6 | 540 customer reviews
476 of the 540 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought this product on 13th Dec 2017. Since buying we have caught about 8 rats with 6 of them being large ones and two small ones. We had success every time we placed it. The product is sturdy. Some users have commented that there may be blood and broken rat heads around, etc. I did not find any of that. The steel ring just comes down hard on the rat's neck and it's instant death and there is absolutely no mess, broken heads or blood or any of that. Disposing is very easy. You simply lift the ring and the rat falls down (you can collect it in a plastic bag and dispose it off). Placing the bait is very easy. You place it at the centre under a small lever; you then have to lift the semi-circular steel ring and lock it into position at the top. This
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Superb design and does the job well
However the force with which it releases the claw is dangerous and can even brake theough fingers.
Should be used wisely and away from kids & pets.
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By Rohan Ashta
I bought this product as we have quite a few Bandicoots in our garden. These use to dig holes and create a mess. Tried using the rat poison cakes like hit, mortein etc but these use to keep returning. I feel the poison was not good enough. I tried this trap will dry coconut and it works like magic. The effectiveness is 100% and you are sure to catch one if your house has rats/ Bandicoots. Excellent product and go for it.
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By Vikram
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4.7 | 120 customer reviews
115 of the 120 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Nice thing about the selling is that he is very sensitive about the customer feedback. he called me and explained the rationale behind the cost and the quality behind it. He assured me of any support in case any deficiency is found. which is a great comfort feel. I want to mention something special here which I felt really good about it. The seller, in fact supplied all small (yet essential) good quality accessories such as border rope, tying rope, clips with nails which helped me to fix the net all by myself. and these things were never mentioned in the product description. He claims ( which I believe) that the net is UV proof. That is really good. Over all I find the seller genuine based on the product and my interaction with him over phone. I will certainly recommend it to friends/neighbours who might need it.
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By Mihir K Tunga
Writing the review after 5 months of use!

It lived my expectation.
Main purpose was to keep away pigeons. It lived to the expectation . Covered my wash area balcony in the apartment ,efforlessly.
Infact it is bigger than a general balcony.
The Nylon used has strength and the net definitely doesn't have thin/weak strings.
Would have preferred to have colors, but I am okay with white. Got it when it was much needed
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By Satya V
I ordered 6x10 feet net.

1.Net quality is OK. I think it should serve an year.
2.Prompt delivery
3.Inbuilt nylon thread on all 4 sides of net is a blessing. I did not have to buy nylon thread separately. I was able to install the net easily on my own in my balcony because of the inbuilt nylon thread.

1.I ordered 6x10 feet net. But I got 4x12 feet net. Initially I thought of returning it. But I managed it on my balcony grill.

I would have given 5 star had they delivered size which I ordered. Overall happy with the purchase.
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By Vijaya Chandar
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4.3 | 644 customer reviews
538 of the 644 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Excellent product. Bought @ Rs.73 in lightening deal☺ Happy ..It protects us from mosquitoes. There are two modes one is NORMAL mode and other is ACTIVE mode. The normal mode is for everyday use and Active mode is when there are many mosquitoes which are just disturbing you. The active mode saved me when accidentally I left a window open and the room was full with mosquitoes. So, at such times you can't think of anything which will protect you and your family but then good knight will be your protective night to fight away mosquitoes.
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By Diya D'Cruz
Godrej is the brand you can rely upon. I got it@82 indian rupees. After 4 days of use i am quite happy to announce that this product is good. I'm already used all out. There is nothing so many difference between all out and godrej. This God rej brand is the only brand which gives us new innovative product first. First repellant in the market offered from this brand. First re1 foil and even first gell repelent we take from this brand which other follows. This brand is leading innovative mosquito product maker in this segment.
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By Mr. Dutta
This does a decent job, I found all out a little better than this. Although none of these can completely get rid of mosquitoes, somehow I find all out a little more effective than this. I have literally seen mosquitoes sitting on this when this was on, but not on all out - that's the only difference I see.
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By Amit Sareen
4.4 | 164 customer reviews
145 of the 164 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
📦 Box Contents:
625ml Plastic Crawling Insect Killer Spray

👍 The Good:
1. Comes with the long plastic nozzle.
2. Instantly flushes out cockroaches and kills them.
3. Can be used for other insects too.
4. The new smell is better than the older one.
5. You get 2 years to use the product before the expiry.

👎 The Bad:
1. No cockroaches for 6 weeks thing is the only marketing strategy.
2. Kids and people with breathing issue should keep themselves away when it is sprayed.

👉 Additional Info:
Can be used for other insects too like lizards, ants etc.

Wanna get rid of cockroaches? get it. ;) This spray really works well no doubt but to get the best results you can try it with the HIT Anti Roach Gel. It's a deadly combination.

I am providing some pictures of the product for better understanding as "A picture is worth a thousand words".

Thanks for reading my review, I hope it
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By Divaksh
One shot spray is enough to kill several cocroaches. Very much effective. Fragrance is also good. Amazon offers lesser price than local market. Subscribe and save offer is available in amazon. I am happy to fight with the crawling insects with it. Definitely go for it.
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By Dr.Dipankar Parui
Happy with my purchase. Good product. Good packaging. Takes care of the red ants in my kitchen, that keep coming from nowhere. Original and genuine product. Buy it.
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4.1 | 600 customer reviews
456 of the 600 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I may be going too far to say that this is the best mosquito repellant available in the market - But that's the fact !

1. Brand reputation- Good knight is the market leader and is still in the pole position and in the business doing this for more than 20+ years. I still remember in those days they had a blue color mat and not liquid!
2. Active + machine comes with 2 settings which allows full dose or mild dose.
3. Unlike other repellants this has a mild odour and does not bother people like me who are very sensitive to any form of smell or even fragrance for that matter
4. Am told and I have read it in some online blogs that active+ manages to even keep mosquitoes causing malaria, dengue away. Do google.
5. Depending on the settings on your machine, the liquid lasts for almost 2 weeks, with machine
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By Blur
Godrej is always provide great product and it's is the no 1 liqued mosquito refill at all but I received today and the both of the refill I received in polythene packing when I open the box of the pack is broken and the refills nob is broken and leakeg
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By Moazzam khan
Product is good because I am using the same thing previously but seal/ product information labal was not there for one refill.. am uploading the same here. Due to that am in confusion that is it original or not.
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By sri
4.1 | 491 customer reviews
371 of the 491 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It is an amazing product. Unbelievable. I spent thousands of rupees on Pest control agencies with no results.But this product is magical. It's safe,odourless. No bed bugs at all. Hats off to this excellent product.
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By Harish K Bangera
I wanted to buy again, but when we open the pack, the containers were totally wet out side. So U should write on the pack TOP not to make
it ulta or make sure the lid should be fully tight. If u assure I am ready to take one more set. So much solution was waste.
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By Nirmala
Never killed them all, just kept them at bay while we tried chemical pest control treatments. But it was after all the chemical stuff that this stuff when sprayed made them disappear completely.
So might use it as an add-on, but i wouldn't advise it for heavy infestations like ours.
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By ILoveBigBooks
product price
4.1 | 423 customer reviews
339 of the 423 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is really a great product to get rid of Ants, My place is thick of green and had ant platoons occupied my home. Tried all possible natural remedies to avoid them rather than to kill them. Tried most of the anti ant essential oils, vinegar, lime, talcum powder - perfume/non-perfume, this/that but I lost the war against the ants. Worried about my kid, made my mind to kill them - tried again few options but didn't help much and realized that I will be doing more bad than good.

Finally, while browsing the net found this product in Amazon - looked the reviews which were good and thought to give a try, the try was worthy, didn't disappoint me. In-fact very impressive - no odor, no stains - no ants. Thanks for the Jothi Chemical Lab and Amazon for making this product available.

Few things
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By Hari Krishna
Obviously no ant.
Use it and see the difference.
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By Iqbal Afzal
I was literally fed up of ants at my home. They were every where. In my kitchen, in front of my home. I tried white vinegar and all those DIYs. But there was no use.

Later I decide to check in amazon. I saw this product and bought 4bottles.
First I just sprayed once,I was really disappointed to see no result. Later I sprayed 4 to 5 pumps at night. To my surprise all the ants are gone.
Not even a single one is left.
Will definitely buy this again and will stock it.
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By Ragi Ramesh
4.1 | 333 customer reviews
250 of the 333 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
If you are planning to buy it for washing your bike then it's very good option to consiDer. But if you are going to buy this for your car then dont.
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By Sourav De
First time I'm using such a sprayer and I find it a great convenience to be able to press the lever and get a continuous spray. The spray is very fine and spreads all around so it is easy to spray the underside of leaves to apply the pesticide without having to bend and direct the spray upwards (doesn't work with the ordinary sprayer if the bottle is not filled a fair amount). Let's see if it lasts - though it seems sturdy
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By Gautam
What I thought to be a great product turned out to be useless. And unfortunately, just two days before the Amazon return window has closed too. Now I am stuck with this useless product, which surprisingly looks sturdy but leaking pressure no matter what I do. I have tried to tighten the bottle properly, double checked all joints, piston, everything.

But the moment I pump, there is a hissing noise and the pressure is gone. Utter disappointment.
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By A Kar
4.2 | 158 customer reviews
127 of the 158 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great product its kills any insect in seconds, cockroach problem in my home is a PAST for was now
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By vijay
This product is the DEADSHOT (Batman Villian)
Kills all the cocky cockroaches.
Spray on them, round them, inside the holes, etc.
It will kill them.
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By Mohd Shahid Deshnoor
Very good Product and It kills Cockroaches in just one spray. If you are looking to stop flying insects then the black one is the best for you. The product will not stop breeding but it can kill the Cockroaches. The product meet my expectation levels and don't use the product while cooking, it is a poisonous spray it may contaminate the food so use it after the kitchen hours and use it safely too. Some users complaint of fake products kindly check before use.

Thank you
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By Anohar
4.1 | 258 customer reviews
197 of the 258 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Just loved the product from the very first use. It did exactly what it promised.The smell is also good than many other alternatives available out in the market. I doubt no other product can clean my house from various insects as effectively as it did within a few moments.
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By Nishanta_
Damn good. very effective from getting rid of cockroaches....go 4 it.
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By Capital A
Worked for me. I killed on contact, basically I sprayed when a saw a cockroach. Got rid of 10 or 15 last night.
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By Hemali Tanna
product price
4.3 | 92 customer reviews
79 of the 92 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very good, more than 6 months after the first coat of this, still there's no sign of the pests or any termite, but too sad for the lizards which die after coming in contact with the woods.

Update after 1.5 years: Still no sign of termite, some appeared due to heavy monsoon here, but little spray of it in the affected area, they are gone, still effective.
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By Sath
I use syringe to pierce the top plastic seal and load it and apply it. This method is safe, and can direct the liquid even in minute crevices, and help the liquid to not spill outside so it's safe and avoids the chance of liquid to go waste.

Used it on a small area with termites, worked well. Although it has a strong odor, it is acceptable for the benefit it gives.

Wash your hands thoroughly after using it. Use gloves is possible.

Obviously it's poisonous. So hide it and keep out of reach of children or fickle minds. It's Fatal!
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By Sri
The smell is very long lasting.Precautions before use:
1. All members of house should leave home for at least 10 hours.
2.Buy a nozzle type of sprayer like in barber shop(ex: Buy some kitchen or glass cleaner and use its bottle) else use brush.
3.If u want then mix it with Oil(like kerosene or some oil available in Paint shop(not remembering the name)) else No Need to mix it.just use it without mixing with anything.
4. DOnt mix it with water as oil+ water doesnot dissolve.Oil will come in top.
5.Vantilation shud be there in home.
Result:Will update after 3 months.
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product price
4.0 | 1,041 customer reviews
785 of the 1,041 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I been facing problem with cockroaches ,at nights 100 s of cockroaches used to come through sink ,cardboard .Used hit spray many times they die but used to come again and again.

I got irritated and frustrated .Understood chemistry behind cockroaches,thought to use gel inspite of spray.No immediate result but ina week No problem or sign of cockroaches.

Use one drop in every corner,leave It .

Repeat after 30 days now & then

1.visibally looks little awkward or unpleasant
2.Dead cockroaches need to be cleaned initially.
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By Kalluru Siraz
Pros - After applying it overnight, as per directions given on the packet, the next morning the floor was littered with dead cockroaches. Over the next couple of days there was a very clear reduction in the number of cockroaches roaming my kitchen. The best part is that it is completely odourless. It appears to be a much better long term solution than the HIT spray. The HIT Anti Roach Gel clearly delivers what it promises.

Cons - the gel comes in an injection-like tube, which makes practical sense. However, the mechanism of this tube isn’t very smooth. One push is supposed to release one drop of the gel. But sometimes you have to press it a couple of times to get the gel out.

NONETHELESS an excellent product. And highly effective. A must buy if you are facing a cockroach infestation.
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By Amazon Customer
On day 2 of application cockroaches have started dying. Will keep applying for the next few days. Will review again after a few days and give my recommendation. 2nd review after about 2 weeks of use. I have applied the paste at different places in the kitchen and under the dining table a few times. The cockroaches have substantially reduced. Every morning I find a few dead. Although a few are still there. Maybe they are the smarter ones. I plan to continue to use it.
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By Sujit
product price
4.0 | 682 customer reviews
516 of the 682 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Fantastic product, after repeated professional treatments that turned out to be of little help. Thought of trying this product after reading the reviews.
There are a few negative review also, but they have not used the product right.
Used it first time, u need to spray everything literally everything from bedding, beds, wall cracks, curtains, curtain rods, curtain rod fittings, lofts, cupboards everything. Let the residue stay for a full day before you wipe the floor (wipe the floor only nothing else).
After a gap of three days repeat the same treatment.
Next by a week. (I have reached here have not spotted even one in the past week) They should be elemenated by now.
But just to be sure repeat it after 15 days.
And finally after a month for three months.
Since it does not have a strong odour u won’t even notice.
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By Harsh Nair
It really works!! After sleeping amongst those blood suckers for more than 2 years! this worked like a charm! More than a month now.. and there is no sight of the bugs anymore!
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By NeViLLe
Very much effective.just used 2 packs out of 5 and it really worked, never seen bed bugs or never experienced the bites from the next day of use.
Thanks for wonderful product and specially it is odourless.
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By Ganesh Gadadare
4.0 | 250 customer reviews
191 of the 250 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
good for cockraoches, mosquitoes and lizards to some only works as a temporary solution to faint them and then use something hard to kill them(cockraoches, mosquitoes and lizards).
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The lime fragrance is irritating. This is because the lime fragrance is mixed up with the original smell of the spray. So it gets messed up. The original product is better than this one.
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By Abhishek Verma
Does not work much effectively on mosquitoes. Even if you directly hit it on mosquitoes they do not get killed instantly.
Also the smell is not very soothing, very strange (not pleasant) and suffocating .
Black Hit is better than this.
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4.0 | 195 customer reviews
149 of the 195 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Product well-designed & handy. Read reviews about malfunction, leakage, but still purchased. Results are excellent.
Check all 4 grip knobs leading to extension pipes, tighten them & that's it. The nozzle at the end of the extension yellow pipe shaft needs to be rotated clockwise or anti-clockwise for jet spray or for atomisers based on individuals. The product does not have instruction manual, but it's simple to use. Sincerely recommend in buying this unit.
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Very nice, no air or water leakage. Works perfectly,
1- The pump-pipe combo needs to be properly tight in order for the air not to escape.
2- The pump-pipe combo has grease inside and O-ring, just like a bicycle pump. Just want to know, when it needs to be lubricated, and what type of lubricant would be used, e.. silicone based, petroleum based, oil based etc?
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By Aditya Bose
I have ordered this Kisan Kraft sprayer for garden use. Although seller sent me "Jawan Sprayer" instead of "Kisan Kraft" but still I am satisfied with the quality of the product. Here are some key points to notice:

1. Body is hard enough so that it can easily be pumped 20-30 times without blasting its tank.
2. Sprayer has a safety valve which can be used to release extra pressure... And it will prevent the blast of sprayer tank.
3. Easy to assemble. Also a Instruction page is provided along with the sprayer.
4. Extra set of rubber valves for future use.

1. For now I can notice only one con. The sprayer handle rod is made of iron or steel which will not lost longer. Although it is obvious that they cannot provide Brass rod at this price range...
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By Nipun Sharma
3.9 | 488 customer reviews
369 of the 488 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Best quality product in this price range. Pressure in the pump can be maintained and different spraying options make it more convenient. Also nozzle to spray the liquid is easy to operate. See video attached for furthur clarifications.
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By Abhineet katyayan
9th Jul: Writing review after 3 months of usage.. I use it to spray Neem oil mixture in my little balcony garden. The product is still going strong. The metal adjustable spray nozzle is very good and provides perfect fine spray, no clogging.. the build quality is way better than the plastic ones I used earlier.. the pressure last long enough and does not need frequent pumping..
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By Vinayak
Good Plastic Quality, I think it will last longer.
2 Ltr size is ideal for kitchen/terrace garden, even to just wash your plants to get rid of dusty leaves.
My only complaint is the Nozzle. Poor performance. What you want is the Fine Misty spray when it comes to spraying poisonous chemicals, but the droplet size formed is bigger and half the hazardous liquid end up in the Pot Soil and ground. Nozzle adjustment range is limited and design is very very average.
Packaging and delivery was satisfactory.
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By M@j Mahesh
product price
4.2 | 63 customer reviews
52 of the 63 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Did the job. Not a single pegion on my window sill. I poured white cement and placed the spikes and pushed them down. The cement hardened and they are permanent.
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By Desi Dost
Excellent product. 100% effective. Fitting with screws provided with the product is not always possibles or easy. It is better fixed with adhesive.
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By Arvind Kulkarni
The install mechanism is tedious; you will need to drill holes in the surface, which is not always possible. Instead a stick-on would have been much more helpful.
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By GurgaonBuyer
product price
4.3 | 40 customer reviews
34 of the 40 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
One of a kind, Odourless water soluble Solution for Termites Treatment :

No issues at all, this one of the best solution available for Termites. Packaging is convenient ( I purchased 5 bottles of 100ml ). A small measuring Cup along with a information leaflet is provided.

For some reasons only 3 measuring cups were provided with 5 bottles.

Let's remember that the solution can be extremely dangerous if it's accidentally ingested. Proper handling / precautionary measures have to be taken.

I have added detailed application procedure to give some idea of the actual application.

No issues at all, Bayer and Amazon have provided a excellent product.

Please do take all the precautionary steps while handling the product.

Hello, Strongly suggested " Do not try to use Bayer Agenda if you do not have any DIY ( do it yourself ) experience / hobby / if you havent undertaken any project ", better if someone does the
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By Sushil
Need not waste time in other solutions. The delayed action destroys the whole colony by contagion, effectively making use of the termites social behavior. Key is identifying the infestation areas. Except the worst. Take adundant care to protect yourself while using as the negative fallouts are not specified.
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By Rana
great product very effactive
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By Piyush Bajpai
3.9 | 137 customer reviews
103 of the 137 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Good product, got it for 820rs. Using to wash my nano car. You need to fill it twice to wash your car. First fill it with water + shampoo. Next time just fill it with water.
Cons: You need to pump it 3/4 times for each fill as water pressure goes down. Also the nob is not adjustable as mentioned on the box so given 4 stars.
Suggestion: For sedan cars go for more capacity 8 liter or more.
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By Shailesh
I bought it for cleaning my bike not for gardening purpose. It performed well with good pressure build up. Also the various adjustments work perfectly fine.
It could be better by making build quality slightly better.
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By Meet Mehta
Very Good build quality but totally defective both water outlet & pressure valves. Leaks air profusely. Unusable. Also, I did not get the extra set of rubber gaskets/ rings which is mentioned in the product description. So one star less
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By Amazon Customer
3.9 | 111 customer reviews
77 of the 111 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Works quite well as expected. Though the product is not as per the image shown on Amazon, but works pretty much as expected. I have tied it with steel wire and till date i see confused pigeons. My whole window is clean now which was a mess before putting these spikes. Happy with the product.
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By Harshal Magar
Best product. As we are living on 4th floor ,and pigons sit on 5th floors window. we were always face pigion problem in our terrece. Just because of their shit it was difficult us to sit their. I tried so many methods but all worked only 2 days again pegion started sitting on Windows. Finally I searched on Amazon. And I got this fantastic product. After using this we can enjoy our morning tea in terrece with clean atmosphere.
For me It's little bit difficult to stick on Windows . Just choose quick stick solution if windows has metal .
But now we are happy with this.
Thanks Amazon
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By customerp
Just super ! I used Feviqik to stick. Been several months, not a single pigeon after decades of trying different methods.

It is upto the User to see pattern to use to stick atop the AC - what one needs to do is just make sure that no pigeon can land/enter the space between two strips. After covering a 1.5 Ton AC, I still have 2 extra strips left - that can be used in case of wear and tear.
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By Amazon Customer