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4.5 | 4,852 customer reviews
4,311 of the 4,852 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Original Product with good packaging, longer expiry date and less price than usual MRP. A must buy product for every household. Got it at 151/- Rs.
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By Ayan Saha
Dettol's quality is the best. However, in value, it is available on Amazon only on MRP. But in general the 1.5 liter refill pack is not available in the market. So if you are a Amazon Prime member then you can buy it
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By Amit Goyal
First i thought its a Great value in such low price,but after using it i realised it a fake one guys. The product is diluted. Better to give some more money and buy the real product rather than saving money and getting a fake one!
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By Pallavi
4.4 | 1,029 customer reviews
898 of the 1,029 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Bought it for ₹188.
Cant get any cheaper than this. Already the company has discounted it by ₹110’ after which the final MRP IS ₹209. So totally satisfied with the deal
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By A S H
Completely satisfied with the purchase and get it cheaper on Amazon than the local market on lightning deals.
Have been using this for quite a while now and I always re-order it when the pack is about to finish. It doesn't seem to harm the skin or make it dry. The skin feels natural after every wash with no feel of moisture loss.
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By Amit Sareen
It’s a good quality with mild flower fragrance
Though the quantity when transferred in a 1.5 bottle seemed very less ,may be 1.4ltr quantity.

But over still a great deal for people who re-use and still better price than the 900ml bottle that costs ₹194
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By Amazon Customer
4.4 | 881 customer reviews
784 of the 881 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
product description
It is a white colored liquid hand wash which ensures 100% protection against germs.
It is a ph balanced formula and is really good for sensitive skin types.
It moisturize the skin after every use.
Very good fragrance
Gives good foam
Convenient bottle shape to refill in soap dispenser
Mild on skin leaving it smooth after use
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By shweta
This is a good buy. I hope value for money. If you don't want a specific flavour better go for below links to save more
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The item was delivered on time by Amazon delivery person. Service from Amazon is excellent, 5*. Dettol liquid earlier I used was viscous, concentrated and a fraction of a mL was sufficient to clean the hands. But the product that I received now is very diluted, less viscous and I need about 2-3 mL to clean hands. The price is as high as Rs 99 for a 200 mL bottle. Dettol liquid quality is deteriorated far below the expectations and it is not worth for the money that I paid. I suggest people to try for other products.
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By Dr m v. ramana
4.3 | 2,274 customer reviews
1,937 of the 2,274 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Brilliant for the price!! I ordered it because I needed cool shot, I see many reviews saying cool shot is warm but I checked it myself, it’s a slight warm when you keep your hand close but try blowing it from a normal distance to your face or hair, you will feel it is purely normal air, no heat at all, so trust me and go for it. 2nd thing many dryers at cool shot have low speed but this one has same speed for all heat settings and its pretty powerful. Go for it for sure!!
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By Tarini Das
A good budget, handy and supercool product.Impressive performance.Go for it. 💯
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By Hrishika Anand
There are three types of control of air. First switch for blowing normal fan mode. Though it’s fan mode when you use it very close to the mouth of air dryer it gives a little hot air. While it blows a little far it gives normal air. Second and third switch to increase the hotness of air. The neck of air blower can fold it on the same direction of its handle so it’s easy to carry while traveling. Good for daily use and value for money.
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4.3 | 2,080 customer reviews
1,746 of the 2,080 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I am using it for a week now, had doubts while ordering weather it may be original or not, considering the price at which amazon is selling. But had my doubts cleared once it arrived. Looks pretty original as the tin and the plastic cap where unscratched and nicely printed as it would be in original. It has mild fragrance not at all overpowering with rich lather for smooth shave.
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By Hitesh Vora
I am editing my review and increasing star rating as actual review A m a z o n did not publish. I will edit this for sure. Try to sense what I want to say:

This is not original product hats off to the manufacturer for making it exactly look like the original coupled with non-returnable policy.

Bought the original from Supermarket in 2017 at MRP 230. In 2019, the MRP is 199?
Also, Gillette Classic Regular Pre Shave Foam (red colour) which is original, coming in MRP 185 of 196 gm.

Comparison with Original:
Image 1:
Colour/Material the top body below the hole.

Image 2:
MRP with manufacturing date Comparison

Image 3:
Joints in between

Fragrance. I can tell confidently that not original has very little fragrance in comparison to the original.

However, since the product is non-returnable and I couldn't find this on any offline stores (maybe because the company has stopped production of this), I have to search the
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By Nitin
Bought this Gillette Sensitive Foam.It started off well,with good foam,but very soon,the foam became waterish,more liquid foam like.It was still heavy,and not empty, and there was still a lot of foam inside,but unfortunately,it has become liquid foam.I don't know what the problem was,but it did not last it's full course.
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By Amazon Customer
2 Offers from product price
4.4 | 765 customer reviews
663 of the 765 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I've only used Colgate Plax for a very long time and just out of curiosity and boredom I decided to switch to Listerine. My experience as compared to Colgate Plax -
1. Listerine is much stronger than Colgate, so much so that rinsing the mouth with it for 30 seconds pinches in the mouth a lot. Even after many rinses, I'm just not able to keep thins in the mouth for 30 seconds (as recommended) although I'm getting used to it.
2. Listerine effect lasts much longer than Colgate. Colgate used to last some 7-10 hours which was alright, but this has an effect even after 12 hours. I use it only once in 24 hours. I use it at night after brushing my teeth and the effect lasts through the next day.
3. The flavor is great, I really like it.
4. Got this pack for 3 for a very good lightning
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By Amit Sareen
I haven’t used this brand but used mouth wash before. I never feel like mouth washes will work, even I don’t believe about mouth washes I had a gums surgery last month and want to take more care and ordered this. I got some good deal of buy two get one free for some good price. I used it yesterday night and very concentrated and couldn’t keep it longer in mouth but I can feel the power of it and smells great and works perfect. Thanks much to all who sold and delivered and worked for this product reach me. 😊😊
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By manasa reddy
Contains Alcohol and other strong chemicals(see attached images of ingredients) and hence not recommended. Might prove harmful rather than good for your mouth. See attached images for list of ingredients and precautions (not to swollen) Would rather recommend Colgate Plax non alcoholic mouth wash. Also found that MRP was manipulated, same month manufactured Listerine was locally available on which MRP mentioned was 109/-, but in these MRP mentioned is 125. So in a way buy 2 get 1 offer is little confusing as for 3rd bottle they are already including some cost of it. Anyway would recommend rather to buy and try a small bottle for local market, then if suits you, you can go for such 2+1 offers.
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By V D M
product price
4.3 | 1,818 customer reviews
1,515 of the 1,818 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I love this razor! It is extremely easy to use. Even if you are not careful, you can use this easily without cutting yourself. So there is no risk even if used in a clumsy way. It does a great job and gives smooth results. Very easy to use even for first time users.

I also own a trimmer which costs around Rs. 1500, but I like this so much more. It gives the same results in much lesser time and effort. For the price, it is a steal.

TIP - You need to use a very creamy product with this to get smooth results. Those who are complaining that they didn't get good results or that they cut themselves, it is probably due to this reason. I have used it with soap but then the results were not that satisfactory. So using a thick creamy product is key
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By Archi
Superb and worth the money 👍 👍. Thanks Amazon for fastest delivery as usual ❣️..

About the product it is as per the description.. I used it immediately it was delivered to me (very curious to use it😎) anyway, it ease down my job of removing hairs. The blades r veryyyyyy sharp n slim build(see pic), Girls u need to be very cautious while using otherwise u will end up being cuts..
How it use=my take is I used it with a very very very light hand. Trust me when I m saying light hand means actually light hand just like a baby (n m not kidding😁).
It removed my arms n legs hair at a one swipe. Needn't to use over n over(thas my experience though) well that also depends on the hair growth too. I have less hair on body so might be the reason one swipe was good enough for
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By Divi Divine
By seeing all the reviews and ratings , I thought this product will be much useful and bought it for myself. But very disappointed after the first use itself because , the very next day after usage, I started feeling rashes and itchiness. Not suitable for all types of skins. Especially for sensitive skin. Don't look after the reviews and blindly go for this product. Analyse your skin type and then decide to purchase this product. Otherwise you well regret it later
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By Amazon Customer
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4.3 | 1,806 customer reviews
1,513 of the 1,806 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Okay, so you can't order a single piece but after receiving the product I was happy to get two, it's been a month I am still using this product I loved it, it smells really nice, not too strong not too light, it has kind of a nice soapy smell to it. It really is useful and odour and sweatproof but also depends on your activities. I use it regularly after taking a bath, you should apply it after taking a bath and let it dry for 5 minutes and then change into your clothes, after drying if you touch it, it gives a sticky feeling to your fingers and it leaves a white residue which I guess is the anti-presipitant thing which makes us sweatproof, it also sticks to your clothes where your under arms touch but I don't mind because it gets washed off easily and isn't really
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By Snigdha Saharan
I've been using this product for a couple of years now.
It definitely does a good job as a deodorant.
However it doesn't cause any kind of skin whitening at all.

Due to regular use of deo sprays, during my college days, my under-arms had become dark. ( & since I have a slightly fair complexion, the dark under-arms were seen prominently)
A couple of years ago I found that deo roll-ons are better than deo sprays and do not cause skin darkening.
And since this product from Nivea claims to whiten dark under-arms I started using it.
However, I have seen no significant difference in skin colour at all.
It hasn't made my skin colour better or worse.

So if you are looking for a good deo, this is a good choice.
It does keep you smelling fresh through the day.
But if you're looking for skin whitening, then this is not recommended.
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This is a duplicate product which I received because I can feel the difference between the original one and this product. I have the original product but this is not like that. I'm very disappointed with the quality.
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product price
4.3 | 1,412 customer reviews
1,212 of the 1,412 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Best toothpaste
I purchase only 171 rs
other paste more than 240
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By Chirag
I love it, using since last 20 years. Value of money.
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By Thoudam Shyamananda Singh
No doubt it's a good product,my mother is using this since years,Let me clear it's definitely not a pure aurvedic product it has few chemical components in it,
But the problem main problem is with the quality of the product on Amazon ,I bought this from Amazon and it's taste is different from the local store, quality is down side .I think seller or company are manufacturing low quality product for online customers to increase volume of sale at low price
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By A srivastava
16 Offers from product price
4.5 | 314 customer reviews
274 of the 314 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I Developed rash when I use other sanitary pads, thanks to sofy antibacterials...I dont have rash anymore...moreover this pad smell is so good...thanks to amazon for making it available for online purchase at discounted price
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By cee dwati
best ever pad no smell no leakage thank u sofy
like other pad they give rash over time cheap material use but sofy is not like that its so soft good absorbency give u a comfort no itchiness
and value for money
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By adeeba
(Feedback as received from sister)
This is my 2nd purchase and yet haven't found any cons of it. Super comfortable, absorbency is excellent, no foul odor. Most importantly value for money and worth buying.
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By Sahil
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4.2 | 2,143 customer reviews
1,667 of the 2,143 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The best lip balm I have used so far. Apply once and wipe it off after a minute or two. Leaves a nice peachy colour. Apply again and wipe off after a minute or two. The colour deepens. Do this 4-5 times. The colour gets deeper and looks so natural. A deep tint without looking balm-y or glossy. It doesn’t look like you have applied any lip product and makes your lips look naturally deep peach in colour. Moisturizing. The colour stays put for 6-8 hours.
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By MK112
Its so good. Keeps my lips hydrated whole day. I got 'peach bloom' for me as I think it goes well with my slightly dark skin tone.
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By Poulami
Original product. Deliverd soon then expected.
After applying one coat, lips look very nice light red colored.... After applying more coats.... It turns red.....
After removing.... Lips look very nicely red coloured.... As if original colour of lips is red only.....
Loved it...
Moisture atleast for 2 hours.
Note: maintains moisture, doesn't heal lips.
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By Amazon Customer
4.6 | 236 customer reviews
219 of the 236 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Earlier in the morning, I find my bedsheet and clothes dirty due to back leakage. Then my friend suggested me to use Whisper Ultra Nights Sanitary Pads. They provide more absorbency. Every morning, now I found my clothes stainless as the pad is longer and it provides wide back for protection against back leaks.
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By Ankita Garg
This is a heavy duty pad for high flow nights while feeling ultra light. Whisper pads have different sizing so you can pick depending upon your requirements. This is the longest pad with wings, apt for nights and even for long travel. Highly recommend.
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By Nisha Malik
This is the only pad in india which leaves u tension free about the bad smell and stains. As a girl i must reccommend this to all girl. Go for it once and this will become the most favourite pad for every girl..
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By Amaira Rastogi
4.6 | 224 customer reviews
210 of the 224 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
You wanna beat bleedy gums. Try this out. Period. Had been using other brands for years. Prior to Dabur, I'd use Pep, Gate, Up for years. After countless visits to the dentist and various medications. I had to conduct my own research. And Dabur Red paste excelled. It tastes weird but it does the job it's intended for.
Bleedy gums vanished in just two weeks, just don't expect TAR or cavities to disappear.
For that dental hygiene is a must.
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By Nixson Fernandes
It's a paste version of Dabur Lal dant manjan. it has all the benefits of that Lal dant manjan which our grandparents had used and this taste good ,not too sweet not too salty or spicy but just perfect. I had used this Dabur Lal dant manjan in my childhood but in adult Life moved to Colgate and other normal regular toothpastes ,but again after using this red paste I will continue using it in lifetime.
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By Amazon Customer
I have been using Dabur Red for the past 10 years or so - was recommended to use it by a relative. I find it the best among the ones available in the market - relieves me of minor tooth aches/sensitivity when I use it exclusively for 4-5 days. I use Colgate as well (Dabur and Colgate alternatively in the morning/night) but use Dabur exclusively in the above situation. Of course, no tooth paste can solve larger teeth problems.
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product price
4.4 | 389 customer reviews
333 of the 389 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
As we heard before gillette razer is the best a man can get, is undoubtly true. Before i got this razor i used to shave my beard with disposable razors, and everytime i shave with that razor i usually get more than 2 cuts also some irritation but when i shaved with mach 3 turbo it gave me the smoothest shave ever no itches,no cuts just a smooth shave.
Honestly speaking no one simply get any better than this.
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By Pranjal
I have been using gillette since really long... i haven’t feel bad. Perfect product daily essentials for men, in turbo mach 3 i have been facing some problem it gets hard over the time when you use it And you need to change the blade so switch gets hard. I dont know only have been facing this problem or others too but i tried to buy new turbo mach 3 as well switch was hard in new mach 3 turbo also. I hope somebody from gillette read my review and solve this problem asap. Still product is beautifully cut your beard hairs easily no pain no redness or any fear of cuts. It runs smoothly accordingly to your skin type dont be harsh on your skin.
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By Myreviews
1) Affordable razor
2) Replacement cartridges are much cheaper than the Fusion series

1) Too light - doesn't give the weighted heavy feel of more premium razors.
2) Not a very close shave
3) Blades don't last as long as Fusion
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By SwiftDeath
6 Offers from product price
4.4 | 384 customer reviews
328 of the 384 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Really good for initial 5-7 days. Used with pad fixator after my c-section. Recommend to all females who are close to baby birth. Keep in your hospital bag. U will never regret.
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By diptee
This pad is huge in size(Like diaper) and having good absorbency. Provide better comfort after delivery (especially in first 5 days of delivery) since large size required for heavy blood flow.
Use it with fixator for better comfort.
Only disadvantages is it does not stick well because of small strip of tape. Need more length of strip.
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By NayanaGM
The pad though large has only a single narrow strip of glue which is totally inadequate to hold it in place. Even when coupled with the pad fixator of same company it's not stable. The quality is also nothing great. The top sheet is not dry like the ones we are used to in our regular sanitary pads. So what u finally get is an uncomfortably bunched up really wet feeling.
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By Ashwini
4.2 | 1,329 customer reviews
1,099 of the 1,329 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Edit :after using it , it shut off suddenly. I was quite taken aback and wanted to apply for return/ replacement immediately. After looking into the warranty process and what all they cover , still checked the dryer again. And it worked. That is when I realized ,it has an auto cut-off. Amazing. I am pretty happy that the product is not good at it's function but is equally safe .

Really happy with it's functions. It has 3settings. The first is almost a cool one, 2nd and 3rd being warmer and hotter subsequently. Also has a long wire so that I don't end up being pulled towards the switches all the time. Works like a charm. Very quick service by Amazon.
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By medha
Build quality is awesome, there's cold air single speed option and for hot 2 speed option, the hair dryer is silent and blows efficiently, it is bulky but folds so you can tuck in your bag easily, the wire is long and of good quality, packs a २ year warranty, you can use cold air for daily use since it doesn't damage your hair as much as hot air so. Definitely better than Philips hair dryer.
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By deepak
The product was good when I just started to use on day one, as I used it and packed it up I saw the shape around the knob was up and down. Then I noticed the joining part of knob with the dryer and it was melted and I could smell the plastic. I read the review about the product and ordered this, never expected this that too on first use.
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By Prathika
4.4 | 368 customer reviews
313 of the 368 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
U will never go back to sanitary napkin once u will start using this....its removal depends upon ur blood flow...but make sure u will remove it after 5-6 hrs...these are super cool....loved it...if u r still doubtful about whether to use it or me go for it ❤👍
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By Shraddha Sandhansive
The package came well packed, properly sealed and on time.

I started using Tampoons for the first time. Therefore I went for this one to be on the safe side as it is a Johnson & Johnson product. I read that for first-timers average flow one should be used. The tampoon was covered in a plastic wrap with a reliable string.
It did not work for me for the initial 2 days when the flow was heavier. It had to be changed every 2 hours or it leaked. But worked just fine for the remaining days. The thing about Tampoon is you should have all the 3 variety
Super for initial days when the flow is heavier.
Average flow for the later days.
Light for very light bleeding.

If you try and use average one for the latter period it will irritate you by rubbing against your body. For it to work properly you
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By Luckystar
I am using ob pro comfort regular flow tampons since 1year and I always buy as and when required from our local drugstore. The quality I get from there is nice and I loved the product so far. But this time I had a bright idea to order online a massive pack of these. The tampons I received are of substandard quality. The serrations in tampons have to be regular so they expand uniformly as they soak up your flow. These tampons (40 effin pieces mind you) have irregular serrations which makes them super low absorbent, and thus I have to change these literally every 1-2 hours. It's a nightmare. Ununiform expansion of tampons as it soaks blood leads to leakage, which is aweful as we all know.

Take my advice and stick to your local aunty to buy these.. Amazon ones are a rip-off and completely useless.
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By Dr Avani Padhye
4.5 | 270 customer reviews
247 of the 270 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I disliked the packing to the core .. There was so much of extra packing that was beyond necessity . Please optimise usage of packing items .. For tooth paste there is no requirement of 300x300x300mm box . why so many plastic airbags used for item like tooth paste . Let us not get overwhelmed! Save environment! Don’t overuse plastic !
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By Navin
it leaves you with fresh feeling after brushing. the flavour is better than in white pastes. color is pleasing. effective tooth gel. recommended
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By Sand
Using for 3 years. Previously every 2 to 3 months interval suffered for gum problem. But for last three years no problem. Strongly recommend.
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By Amazon Customer
4.2 | 1,090 customer reviews
896 of the 1,090 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It is 100% genuine and not duplicate. It is my pain reliever of those days, without whisper ultra I can not even imagine my periods.
Thank you amazon
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By Ilene
Properly packed. 30 pads xl+.
Average quality , very thin pads
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By Ankita
Received completely duplicate product. Whisper never sells such a duplicate product. Product doesnt match product of whisper pad. Highly disappointing.
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By Sweeti
4.3 | 510 customer reviews
441 of the 510 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Awesome toothpaste! Great value for the cost and great results.I purchase this on subscribe and save and have yet to be disappointed. The toothpaste leaves my teeth smooth and free of debris and plaque. One tube will last my family of 2 a little over two months with twice a day brushing from each member.

Best of all dental care products.
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By Sandeep Patil 🌟
I had got this filling done a while back and the filling was taking a long time to get adjusted to cold & hot food items. I was using Sensodyne coz I assumed that Sensodyne would aid in reducing the sharp sensation when the filling came in contact with cold or hot foods. I was wrong. Sensodyne is quite useless. Then I shifted to Colgate Total and the sharp sensation gradually reduced till it was completely gone. A million times better than Sensodyne.
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By DennisBergkamp
Of all toothpastes available in the market including those from colgate stable, this is the best.
No toothpaste can ever beat total in preventing cavities & Dental hygiene.
My only concern is that, mega money saver packs of this toothpaste should be made available in Amazon.
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By Amazon Customer