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Compare the most helpful customer reviews of the best rated products in our Personal Care & Health Appliances store. These products are shortlisted based on the overall star rating and the number of customer reviews received by each product in the store, and are refreshed regularly.

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Top rated products in Personal Care & Health Appliances

4.4 | 1,758 customer reviews
1,560 of the 1,758 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Got the Product on 22/03/18 based on the ratings given previously. Used it on the same i feel comfortable on my knee and spinal after the massage.

use always the protective cover and do the same.I recommend it on this cost a good massager
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By Veera Saravana
If you have muscle aches, this will eliminate them completely. It works quietly and efficiently. Would work way better if the cord was a bit longer. But do not hesitate, it is a great buy.
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Puchased for Rs 830. Product qulaity is good. but unable to change heads. they did not give any guide for this. Bulky item. Masage is good only on mussles and hurts on bones.

They ask customers for better rating. bribing them additional 6 months warranty. if you give good rating ans send screen shot, you will get addional warranty.

May be we all are seeing good ratings for all Life Long Products because of this reason.
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By Kiran Datti
4.3 | 25,716 customer reviews
22,416 of the 25,716 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Excellent Product! I was looking for a clipper to trip body hair. However the option i was getting were for unknown brands or very expensive brands. Then i thought if this trimmer can cut beard hair, then it can also cut body hair also. So i took the chance and bought the product. I am happy with my decision now . Yes guys this can be used for body manscaping aswell. Did it work superbly on chest, underarm , even on pubic hair. However dont use it on the balls :)
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By Rawat
Excellent product. I have been using other china brands so far as expensive as 700 to 800 rupees. Finally bought this when a friend of mine recommended. I could notice the difference almost readily when using it. The major advantage is the battery. We can just charge for 60 minutes and use it for more than 100 minutes. Blade quality is excellent. It glides very smooth on the skin without any irritation. This is the best I have used so far.

People who want to buy QT4005, please note that the charge for it is 10 hours and it gives around 40 to 60 minutes usage max.

On the contrary, QT4011 charge time is just 1 hour and you can use it for more than 1.5 to 2 hours. The price difference is just 500 approximately is guess. I would recommended to
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By GameMax4ever
I have been using this trimmer for more than 2 years now. Since I broke the head comb of my last one, I had to order it again. While reordering I thought of switching to some other trimmer, went through a lot of products but ultimately came back to this. This works well, is affordable and definitely performs exceedingly well. The only problem I feel is that the zero mark trim doesn't really do the job when it comes to trimming to nothing. Overall this is a great product for a reasonable price!
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By Irfan Haider
4.4 | 1,024 customer reviews
919 of the 1,024 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very good product. Excellent quality material and touch and feel is smooth. Heavy front so its easy to massage and puts right pressure on body. The variable speed knob works well too. The extra net would have been better rather than the thermometer though because i am afraid it will ear out and then i wont get exact similar net again.
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By Amol Arun More
Firstly the product is awesome.
I actually purchased this for one of my family members and they say that this product is great and provides good pain relief
If you are looking to buy this or not. I suggest blindly go for this as it is one of the best available in its category at a reasonable price
Thanks Amazon.
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By Tarun
Nice product. Working nice. But Not Happy with power button /speed control design. The vibrator head remooval is not easy for normal people. and the mesh getting dusty very fast. so should usable without mesh(net). Good Build quality but should be redesigned.
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By Anil United Kerala
product price
4.4 | 688 customer reviews
631 of the 688 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have been using this stethoscope for around 10 days now,auscultated many patients in the wards.
1.very comfortable ear piece,no pain.
2.quality of heart/breath sounds heard are excellent,could easily pick up murmurs and added respiratory sounds.
3.better than other popular stethoscopes available which I have used earlier
4.chest piece is heavy and sturdy which probably makes this product excellent. friends too used it and found it very good.

Recent update-
I thought that the bell wasn't working initially... But a few days ago ,I got to auscultate a Mid diastolic Murmur of mitral stenosis... I used the bell and was surprised to hear it so clearly through the bell with adequate loudness too,could easily appreciate the opening snap too...Basically the bell is well designed and picks up only the low pitch sounds...

Awesome product,must buy for a medical student or others seeking for a good one.
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By Amazon Customer
Nice Stethoscope.I haven't used LittMann till now but in my graduation I have used a premium quality stethoscope which was good.But with this Stethoscope I am very much satisfied.Price wise little Costly.Builtwise good.Soft earpiece.The most Important thing of a stethoscope is auscultation power.In this aspect it is superb.And one more thing it has 5years warranty.So go for it.
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By Arijit
For those doctors who work in a relatively noisy OPD and see more than 10 patients in an hour, this is an ideal steth. Most indian steths have rubber or plastic ear pieces that will leave your external ear canal sore after use. Like the venerated Littmans, this one by Indosurgicals comes with siliconized rubber ear pieces which are soft and do not irritate your ears. Acoustic quality is comparable with the costlier steths and built quality is excellent. What some buyers may not like is that the spare diaphragm appears to be made from a different material compared to the one already installed in the Steth. The seller may clarify on this. All in all , worth spending 1300 Rs.
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By Rajesh J.
product price
4.3 | 655 customer reviews
545 of the 655 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Bought in March 17 with Exp date of May 18.
I suggest the seller to display Exp date with product details for buyers' convenience as almost everyone is asking about it.
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By VK T.
Excellent. Expiry date is 2019 April. 50strips sealed pack....working fine. code is 333 with chip

great packing

I only provide non available information from seller/other reviews to avoid repetition of common reviews.
If any doubt / need more information, please don't hesitate to contact me at I am happy to help you

Thanks and be loyal&helpful
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By Loyal&Helpful
The product I received have only 5 months remaining for expiry. I have requested a replacement. Please arrange to send me a package having one year validity. I want take blood test for my grand mom for every week, so 50pieces will be consumed in 50 weeks that's almost a year.
Will rewrite the review after getting a replacement.

got a replacement with more shelf life. thank you.
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By Amazon Customer
product price
4.2 | 1,715 customer reviews
1,416 of the 1,715 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Small and convenient. Easily packs into small bags and can be taken anywhere. Not for very high-end styling. Good for drying and handling quick jobs.
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By rstaken
There doesnt seem to be any way to use the dryer without heat being on.

good price
2 speeds settings

No cool option
Air speed is low even on the fast/high setting
air is not focused

All in all - spend some more money and get a different one with better features if you are going to use it regularly. We use it once in a while so its ok for us.
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By PK3
The product seems to be a great deal as it was on sale for 500.As soon as plugged in,it heated up to the extent good enough to burn your hair.Also there was a burning smell every time it was plugged in...returned
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By Amazon Customer
4.4 | 366 customer reviews
331 of the 366 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
According to my reqirement now i got perfect massager. I m 66 yrs old and my wife is 61 yrs old and both working.So muscular pain and other old age related pains disturb. Pain killers ineffective so many side effects. I tried some other product but no any give us satisfaction.Today I got this product and in trial I hope it will be suitable for our problems solution.
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By Subhash Dubey
I was bit skeptical for buying the body massager or not. But once I went to mall and took demo and I found these body massagers quite well. Then I ordered couple of body massagers from Amazon and finally stick to this one as it does it job very well. It is cheaper than others but build quality and overall performance is great. You can buy it if you are seeking a body massager within Rs 1500. Overall satisfied with the product taking into consideration the price it comes with. Bought it for Rs 721 under promotional deal.
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By Mrinali Gupta
🌞 4 attachments provide a customizable massage for the body.
🌞 Handheld massager for home use
🌞 Speed settings for gentle to an intense massage, uninterrupted.
🌞 Plugs into a standard outlet for convenience.
🌞 Safe for skin
🌞 Helps in blood circulation.
🌞 Red light benefits skin cells with its anti-aging properties.
🌞 Helps in easy absorption of the oil
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By Hëéñâ ♛
4.2 | 1,223 customer reviews
1,037 of the 1,223 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I was dubious about trying a new brand especially when it comes to electronics. Plus there were no sound reviews to help me decide on this product. So thought will write this down to help the buyers make that choice easy. Decided to buy this nebuliser for my 3yr old after having paid 70/- six times at a nearby hospital using omron nebulizer for nebulization. To my surprise the bestest nebulizer is far better with better vapour and speed control. My son hates wearing mask. This one has special attachments with which its easy to direct the vapours even with out the mask. Also compared to philips which uses diaphram tech this one uses lasts longer. Been using for over 3 months. So far no problem. Will update the review if i face any issue. Bottom line a good buy considering the features and performance..

*****Update after 6 months usage
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By darshan prasad
I loved the product.It is easy to use and hassle free. I would recommend this to everyone who wishes to buy Nebulizer.
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By Umar
Medicine chamber is broken 😒 the machine is not working after 3 days of use. No one respond to mail regarding replacement/return 😭😭
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By Tushar Ranjan Choudhury
product price
4.2 | 1,008 customer reviews
836 of the 1,008 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Product was delivered within 24 house after placing the order.. Product is very nice as shown and is very easy to use.. I bought this after checking in medical shop where they give you for 2200/- .... You get this at 50% less price...Must buy only online if you need it..
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By phanisankar
very useful product. bought for my grandmother n used it for months. no complains still..
delivery n packaging was great.
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By Amazon Customer
In 2 months, the button has stopped working. Something wrong with the piece delivered
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By Manoj Acharya
product price
4.4 | 321 customer reviews
271 of the 321 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great product and comes very handy when you have diabetic or people on the borderline of diabetes, at home. The product arrived in good condition and works as expected.
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By Karthik
The delivery was good , and has a reasonably good long expiry ,,, customers please purchase the long-expiry product only as there are some agencies who deliver short expiry products ...
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By Amazon Customer
Excellent product. If you really want to buy accu chek blood sugar monitor strips online you should buy from this seller.I bought this on great indian sale . The manufacture date is 3/8/17 and expiry is 9/18 which is really great and the best ever.
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By james
product price
4.1 | 18,362 customer reviews
15,055 of the 18,362 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Awesome Product Loved It
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By Neeraj V
This is good but the battery back up is not great, which is the only drawback i found. And these products are not like you can drop it any where as some of it's part are delicate and which may got brake. For a decent trimming and daily job it's fine .
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By Ajit Singh
Please don't buy this product, my gifted this to my husband and he had just used it for 2 times and it's not working, he didhused it with atmost care still it's gone, this product is worthless, waste of money, also charger and other spare parts seems to be way too costly and not affordable...sounds like an use and throw material, highly frustrated..
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By Ponni
4.1 | 2,033 customer reviews
1,605 of the 2,033 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This straightener is easy to use..I used any straighner for the first time on my hairs..Hair remain straight until u wash them..It gives shine to hair.I didn't see any hair damage in using it occasionally.
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By Amazon Customer
As expected..... Love the product

Thank you amazon.... Delivered on time...
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By Nikki😘
Plates are very thin. Its good for less volume hair. Don't go for it if u have heavy and thick hair.
Kerashine would still be the best choice.
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By rishika
4.2 | 617 customer reviews
517 of the 617 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I am physician. I had a previous pulse oximeter which I bought locally 5 years ago for Rs. 2500/-. Apparently, they are not certified. So, I as very happy when I could get this USFDA certified product for half the price and it is working even better.
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Body light but strong. Accurate tested it with nellcor oximeter. Sound loud enough. High & Alarm can be changed. Spo2 from 30 to 100. Pulse from 30 to 250.Excellent product for the price Rs.1299 . comes with a free digital thermometer. No oximeter with beep and adjustable alarm available at this price. However If your looking for a sturdy oximeter buy nellcor for RS 40,000.Really i would prefer to buy 40 of these finger ones and use continuously on a patient.
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By Avitus
I use this device in high altitude treks, and its very accurate in its readings. Good to carry it along.
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By Arshi
4.3 | 365 customer reviews
318 of the 365 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Best prouduct in its category, i have used many other massager but no one has performance like this one considering its price range. And it is very strang that when i were searching for massager; it was not showing in the list. I found it from the Google search and from there i followed the link to reach Amazon, it should be on top in the list.
Though this product has one issue which is its built quality, some time it creates extra noice because of space between parts so company shuold resolve this to make it best massager at this price.
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By shishir
Its Best Product in market for massage, But the product I receive didn't had good build quality. There was some gum coming out from many places. It's working awesome right now, But I know it wont last more then 3-6 months. The body will open.
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By Ujagar Singh
This is not a company, it's just stupid to keep the name of the product doctor physio The machine inside it is the dolphin masajar The same quality has the same quality in it, it also has the same quality.
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By Mohammed aamer ali
4.2 | 603 customer reviews
505 of the 603 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Excellent product. Purchased for my parents and very much satisfied
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This is a good B.P instrument. The price is most competitive, and you get a digital thermometer complimentary. The cell provided with the instrument is of inferior quality. This instrument can be used on AC power supply with the given AC adapter. However the cells can not be charged with this adapter, as there is no provision for charging cells.
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By Ajeet Kumar Singh
it gives erronius readings which keep on changing it is so risky to have it for b p readings , teh programming function does not work it is covered under warranty so request the company to attend to my very urgent and serious complaint
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By Ashish Nagpal
4.2 | 556 customer reviews
478 of the 556 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
First piece was defective and has been replaced pretty fast. Good machine and gives results fast. The change in dial colours indicate the degree of hypertension which is an added value. Soundless inflation. But while deflating, promised sound does not be audible, which is not a deterrent. Quality of outer back cover does not speak well you of Dr. Trust.
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By K.Laxman Rao
The Product was delivered as intimated to me by the local delivery office on time. It was very properly packed and all the items mentioned in the product purchase interface was exactly there and as said. The Machine was in a bubble bag pouch which was in turn in a stylish synthetic slip knot pouch. The DC charger, 4 Alkaline batteries, Cuff and the Free item- A digital Thermometer -also were all of superb quality products. I have shopped in Amazon since 4 years and - touchwood- till date all the items were of top quality and condition. Checked my BP and the machine worked like a charm. Being a doctor i need this when iam moving around. The Back light is an absolute essential factor and the color coding in the final result screen makes it easier for laymen also to understand and operate the monitor for what it
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By Madanmohan
Purchased at Rs 100 higher price from cloudtail than their competitor but the product recieved with manufacturer packing highly distorted and does not appear as new. Further minor scratch or particle inside the display. Registration does not need the serial no of machine. Hence it cannot be ascertained as new or used but definitely it is not the manufacturer sealed piece based on cello tapes used for sealing, if the seller cloudtail can do like this whom to believe.

I will check for accuracy and if not accurate it will be returned.

Edit1: checked at hospital , it is at -5 most of the times when compared conventional mercury bp machine, however the mercury machine also has variation 10 within 7 minutes hence appears to be ok X2 was more inaccurate,
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By KNReddy
4.2 | 497 customer reviews
411 of the 497 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Product appears to be good. However the instruction sheet accompanying the product ( a one page a xerox white A4 sheet without any Company logo etc. which clearly can be contested by the Company as not being supplied by it with the product ) is full of mistakes including web site address to register for warranty !!!!!!. I had to find the actual web site address from the Product packet (box) to register. Lets hope the product lasts
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By Ramkrishna Sinha Roy
The purpose of the purchase was to ease the discomfort of family members suffering from cervical pain.
Yes, it met and solved the purpose, and my family members and myself are happy with the purchase. Recommended to all with or without the cervical pain.
Inclusion of remote would have made usage more friendly.
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By Amazon Customer
While the massaging delivered by the product is good, it does not provide heat as stated in the description. Got a prompt replacement, yet the heating capability is missing. 5 stars for the massage. 3 for the product since it does not live upto all its committed features.
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By Sanngeeta Kkrishnamachari
product price
4.1 | 1,134 customer reviews
945 of the 1,134 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It's a decent product. It has a very compact and handy design, smaller in size than the professional ones, which kinda helps beginners like me, easy to handle. The fan speed is quite good. The best features are that it has cool mode and detachable nozzle, no other good brand is offering these features in this price range. Cool mode is very helpful, you can use it without the fear of hair damage, or can use it to dry your pets after giving them baths :D .

My experience:
I have very thick, curly, medium length hair. It did a good job drying up my wet hair, but failed a little when I tried to blow-dry or style it. Maybe if the nozzle was leaner, it would have given the desired effect.
I tried it on my father's hair too, who has thick straight hair, did good job on his hair, so
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By Srabandhara
Efficient is the word that i would describe this product to be. This gives Phillips a serious competition i must say. However it manages to get a better spot than phillips by a little margin and i would say why.

Build: quality is good, satisfactory. Its made of plastic but doesnt seems like it would melt. The sliding switch has a good feedback while shifting the position. Concentrator nozzle is detachable and can get little hot while being used at the maximum heat setting. Wire length is 6ft, quite sufficient. Weight is just average. Not foldable which can be disadvantage however not enough to reject.

Usage: gave satisfactory results. However i felt the blow speed was not upto the mark might take longer to dry if a person has dense long hair, but is splendid for short hair. Less blow speed is also kind of its own advantage as reducing the heat
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By Sooraj
I love this dryer so much! It's light, pretty, cheap and works fine.

It smells like burnt paper sometimes. Also the wires are very non flexible
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By jobooklove
4.2 | 464 customer reviews
403 of the 464 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Excellent product, works perfectly fine for my father. Alternate option available for use either by nose mask or pump type by use with mouth. Product simple and user-friendly. Sincerely recommend others in buying this item as well as products from Omron.
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Bought this in an emergency. Product was delivered within 12 hrs. Also it is worth the money. Was very helpful in controlling cough. Also it can be cleaned easily. Product was received as shown. I have using it for 2 months. So far, so good!
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By Raees Ruksana
The pipe attachment is not good and have to hold it to properly form mist, never expected this from omron product however this didn't do its job well. My kiddo needed nebulizer and I got this however, wish I had never opted for this. Twenty two hundreds for a product like this which doesn't work as designed is not worth.
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4.3 | 282 customer reviews
243 of the 282 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I've had this hai rdryer for about a year now, and have consistently used it 2-3 times a week. Whenever any friends come to my place to get ready they are impressed with the quality of the dryer. It works especially well for my friends with thick curly hair.

It has the heat settings as well as speed settings which make it easy to versatile for different hair types. The only downside is that it is a heavy hair dryer so its easy for your arms to get tired. I often part my hair in many sections so it allows me to rest between parts. Additionally its on the larger side so not very travel friendly like the ones that fold but it will make your hair look great travelling.
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By Esther Fell
I never needed a hairdryer before and wanted one with a cool shot, so I got this plus looked at a ceramic/ tourmaline coating. I have fine, wavy hair and probably need a more delicate hair dryer. This is good for people with thick hair and need a heavy duty hair dryer. It performs well on all the features, the quality of the product is good. The weight is not good. The hair dryer is heavy, so please consider that before making a purchase. I bought it because I needed this to dry my hair in winter, otherwise barely use it.
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By nyx
I bought the product. The box was completely damaged. And the product inside was not even Wahl Hair dryer. It was completely damaged product with a wire with no plugs. I think someone may have tempered with it but this is not acceptable.
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By Dewangi Pinto